July 29 2014, updated 7:50am

Noel Wogan

Losing puppy too much to Bear

Boy's heartache over his mum's death is made worse by loss of a puppy - his last gift from her.

Mum's nightmare

Biddy Poole On a frosty morning, Biddy Poole thought her boy was dead and a mother's worst nightmare had come true.

Boyle bags Games silver medal

6:46am Kiwi second in a dramatic final of the women's 800m freestyle. | Live | Shooting gold | Shot put silver | Hammer silver | Squash bronze | Sevens SOS

Crushed between trucks

6:19am Man in critical condition in hospital after being crushed between two trucks near Auckland airport.

Lorde: Get out and vote

7:22am Lorde doesn't have a voice in this year's election but she's urging her peers to speak for her.

Good samaritan saves the day

Stranger tackled alleged thief who made off with a shop owner's bag, containing a day's earnings.

Girl wounded in home invasion

tapeST Teen girl hospitalised with gunshot wounds to her arm after home invasion by masked intruders in Thames.

'Riots' claim over flouride

Petone residents would "riot on the street" if fluoride were added to tap water, says chairman.

Goodbye to communist rule

One killed in fatal collision

virtual moa

Virtual moa on the move

A propotype project to create a roaming 3D digital moa is taking shape in Otorohanga.

John Key reveals electorate deals

Prime Minister John Key has confirmed electorate deals with ACT in Epsom and United Future in Ohariu.

Key refuses to gift Craig a seat

Colin Craig Winston Peters is the big winner after John Key announces which parties he could work with.

MP facing scrutiny over records

NZ First MP's under scrutiny in investigation into accessing criminal records.

Brain fade or abuse of power?

'Rebuild behind schedule'

John Key

Key coup de grace for Craig

With opinion polls placing National well clear of 50 per cent, Key judged he needn't risk having Colin Craig on board.

Mosul fights back against extremists

Fighting back against Islamic State In a rare show of defiance residents in an Iraqi city stood up to those wanting to erase their culture and heritage.

While you were sleeping

Major fire in Tripoli, the Gaza conflict rages on, a Hunger Games trailer is released and fist bumping gets the health tick.

MH17 mission thwarted

Marriage, not war, on agenda


'What is coming will be worse'

Israel's prime minister is warning the country faces a prolonged campaign against Hamas.

Judge queries 'living on super'

Court Ex-finance firm director tells a court he has no assets, despite having properties worth millions in trusts.

Cashed-up bidders for Acurity

A takeover offer is launched for Wellington-based listed company Acurity at $6.50 a share, with the bidders confident of success.

Fraudster's beach house sells

Fraud trial calls final witness

grapes for wine

Winery and council's secret deal

A long-running dispute between Napier City Council and Mission Estate Winery has been settled out of court.

Chasing a fair go

Mark Berry His job involves grappling with forces of corporate darkness yet Mark Berry is disarmingly twinkly.

How a banker manages his money

BNZ's tagline is to "be good with money" - does its new chief executive toe the line himself?

Managing your mortgage

Three-pronged retirement approach

Out with pinot, in with pints

Bethel Woods bar Wine is making way for ales, stouts and lagers as craft beer bars continue to spread throughout the capital.

Insurer grinds couple down

The owners of hair salon Ginger Meggs are exhausted and heartbroken after a three-year battle over their insurance.

Tying the knot down in the barn

Sainsbury's fund lamb R&D

BuzzFeed fires editor

Twitter users' analysis ends up with Buzzfeed confirming at least 41 instances of plagiarism.

Airing broadband grievances

Rural Dunedin communities, hot under the collar over being denied access to ultra-fast rural broadband, will air grievances at a public meeting in Outram tonight.

Teens adept at hiding online lives

Drones: more research needed

Bose sues Beats over patent

Headphone maker accuses Beats of infringing noise-cancellation patents.

This week we're obsessed with

Blake Lively's thoughts, dancing cops, Game of Thrones excellence and the weirdest photo we've ever seen. Blake Lively's thoughts, cops with attitude, Game of Thrones excellence and the weirdest photo we've ever seen.

Wife seeks gown for Emmys

Mandy Cordobes will be swapping her gumboots for the red carpet when she attends the Emmy awards in LA.

Senior flatties settle in

Best & worst: Comic Con


Meet the 11 hottest athletes ...

... representing their countries at the Commonwealth Games. Fine, fit and at the top of their game.

The home of a hip hop mogul

home Basically, it's like something from a music video.

How does Auckland compare?

With average asking prices in Auckland at $732,240, we look at what that will buy you in the rest of NZ.

Kiwis embrace high-rise living

What a classic

david ross

Fraudster's beach house sells

Beach house previously owned by fraudster David Ross sells for $138,000 over its rateable value, with money from the sale going to defrauded investors.

Move over kale

Acai bowl Hello camu camu: Introducing the new 'superfoods' on the block.

Jumbo a piece of cake

It was the elephant in the room that everyone wanted to talk about.

Can't always bake what you want

You're eating what?

Experience needed

Telford Farm students Ihaka Ngapera and Jordan Olsen sharpen up their shearing skills in the woolshed. New survey of farmers suggests a shortage of skilled workers affects all sectors of agriculture.

Payout cut expected

Fonterra farmers are bracing themselves for a $1 cut to the new season's forecast.

Judge's order stopped milking

Happy bull happy semen

Michael wants another go-go

George Michael George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley "talked about a Wham! reunion".

Fichtner enjoying his new Break

Actor William Fichtner says his latest show Crossing Lines isn't your typical 'crime of the week' police procedural.

Giving a voice to the river

Homer meets Peter Griffin

Debbie Newby-Ward

Bonus round offers closure

Ahead of the finale to Nothing Trivial, Debbie Newby-Ward reveals what she's learned from playing Emma.

Five airline fails

Kids on planes Flying with children is not fun. Not for kids, parents or other passengers. But it could be easier.

15 jaw-dropping waterfalls

There's something oddly mesmerising about watching water plunge off the top of a waterfall.

Qantas to keep flying over Iraq

A flight of faith


Beautiful and brutal

This extraordinary, breathtaking hike is in our backyard - and you can do it in a day.

Eight key future All Blacks

MALAKAI FEKITOA Who can fill the gaps in the All Blacks squad as we look to the World Cup? Cameron Chalmers makes his picks.

Chronic pain no 'cop-out'

Chronic pain is about being afraid. It's a fight you can't control. You may win, or you may lose badly.

Super Rugby a 'shambles'

A pilgrim in Wellington


Film review: Boyhood

I hid behind my hands watching the main character indulge in predictably stupid teenage stunts.

The last Aussie Territory

Ford has released this image of the final Australian-made Territory SUV. First look at Ford Australia's farewell SUV, plus another look at the final Falcon.

Beautiful racing sports cars

German powerhouses Audi, Porsche, BMW and Mercedes-Benz miss out on our top five most beautiful racing sports cars.

It's quite easy being green

Audi S3 due a medal?

Ford's 2015 Mustang F-35 Lightning II Edition

One-of-a-kind Mustang

Ford has unveiled its latest one-of-a-kind US Air Force-inspired Mustang.

Stunning throw sinks Walsh

Tom Walsh Kiwi shot-putter settles for silver after Jamaican thrower unleashes career-best 21.61m whooper.

Tietjens sends SOS to All Blacks

Rugby sevens guru Gordon Tietjens has already sent out his wish list of AB stars for the next Olympics.

'Cool' shooter wins gold

Live coverage from Glasgow

Lauren Boyle

Boyle bags Games silver medal

Kiwi swimmer second in a dramatic final of the women's 800m freestyle. | Live | Shooting gold | Shot put silver | Hammer silver | Squash bronze | Sevens SOS


Beautiful and brutal

This extraordinary, breathtaking hike is in our backyard - and you can do it in a day.

Orgeta and Murillo

Nicaragua's First Lady

Daniel Ortega might be president, but it's his bejewelled, mystic wife who calls the shots.

Voices from the River

Giving a voice to the river

Voices from the River tells the story of an iwi's quest to reclaim guardianship of a river.

A pilgrim in Wellington

Kaushiki Roy has travelled far, but a walk up Mt Victoria is its own kind of pilgrimage.

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Exercising while pregnant

I'm not fit at all, but recently joined a gym. I've just found out I'm pregnant. Is it safe to keep exercising?

mother daughter

Kids and world tragedy

As a parent, what should we do when kids see or hear the news and start asking questions?

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Life as a single mum

I bought my own tool kit when I was a solo mum - it was another step towards independence.

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Things are changing

When is it normal for a boy's voice to change?

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Reptile surprise in curry

Chefs serve up a special take on the traditional chicken curry to workers on Fiji's Malolo island.


The simple life for us

Running an eco lodge in the Andes is a great family lifestyle.

American flag

An alien in my homeland

I grew up in the US but it wasn't until I came to New Zealand that I finally felt at home.

Holidays starts tatt tradition

An elephant tattoo in Thailand marked the start of an inky holiday trend for Renee Morris.


Doggone it - it was a horse

For decades a council believed a dog was buried in a human grave - only it was a horse.

fart strap

Giant bum farts at France

An idiosyncratic British inventor has off a flatulent noise across the English channel.

Lizards courtesy tom_adams / Flickr

Lizard sex satellite adrift in space

Mission control has lost contact with a satellite full of geckos who may (or may not) be copulating.

LeBron James

LeBron's cupcake apology

NBA star sends community 800 cupcakes to apologise for a media circus.

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