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-- Stafford Smith can finally get closure after his father, John Smith's remains were found in Wellington after missing for nearly 30 years......

Shock - and release - at find video

Son finally able to farewell his father who went missing nearly 30 years ago.

River crossing fatal

Sean Mcnabb and his girlfriend Yessica Asmin enjoy visiting the glow worm caves near Te Anau on the night before departing on their ill-fated tramp of the Milford Track.

Crossing a swollen river was the biggest factor in death of Sydney student in Milford Sound.

Campbell's final show

John Campbell will sign off from his TV3 show at the end of the week.

Saudis threatened to sue for $20m

Saudi businessmen who was thwarted in exporting live sheep wanted to sue the Government for compensation.

Victim thought she'd die

Invercargill woman attacked by masked man in own home thought she was going to die.

Hit with hammer video

Would-be hero who tried to stop jewellery heist was struck in the head with a hammer.


Agency seeks liquidation

Relationships Aotearoa is to seek liquidation.

8:23 PM  Five organisations will take on the counselling work of Relationships Aotearoa, which is to seek liquidation in the High Court.

How much is a teacher worth?

Being stressed about the next bill shouldn't be a concern for a working professional, says school teacher.

Green Bay High School student Patrick Meisel was one of the students who jumped out of a bus after the driver refused to stop.

Student 'shocked' by bus ride

Student describes actions of bus driver as "unexpected" and said he ignored their pleas to stop.


Getting a real soaking

Six-metre waves have forced a ferry cancellation, broken a Wellington Airport warning buoy loose, and drenched onlookers.


Zimbabweans go hungry

A woman fetches drinking water from a well along a dry Chemumvuri river near Gokwe, Zimbabwe.

A harsh life in southwest Zimbabwe has been made even more difficult by the worst regional drought in a decade.

Teen to face terror charges

8:27 PM  Austrian boy, 14, to face charges of preparing to join Syrian militants and researching how to build a bomb.

Al Shabaab fighters perform military exercises near Mogadishu, in Somalia.

25 Kenyan police die in attack

Al Shabaab gunmen killed around 25 Kenyan police in an ambush and with landmines.


Scott Technology axes 13 jobs

Chris Hopkins, chief executive of Scott Technology, says 13 redundancies are the result of less work for its Christchurch factory

8:26 PM  South Island manufacturer Scott Technology has laid off 13 employees in Christchurch.

Pike River widow wants Whittall in court

"Stick the money" is what I would have said, says Pike River widow

Property investors account for one in every three dollars borrowed in the housing market.

Investors borrow up large 

$1.8 billion borrowed before govt measures to tackle property speculators come into force in October.


Holiday drought ahead

It's a long time between long weekends after Queen's Birthday this week.

Work-life balance key to retaining workers, if not attracting them, survey finds.

The magic of Pricemaker

Pricemaker can't help you find a 60-inch TV for $50, but it will get you a brilliant deal. Here's how.

Three stages of retirement

Bid for homeowning victory

small business

Getting employers 'youth ready'

Tyler Bonnar (left) has been employed as an apprentice by NZ Electrical & Pumps owner Chris Savage (right).

Businesses who put themselves in the shoes of young workers will have more success with them.

Networking with heart

Networking is actually far more likely to land a dream job than just being matey.

Soda business is bubbling

Last orders at Quenched site


Freedive for dolphins video

William Trubridge Plunge Free Dive.

Wellington game studio teams with NZ's top free diver to help save endangered dolphins.

Perils of time running out video

REVIEW: Pixar-like art and time travel dilemmas make this game a welcome change of pace.

LG's OLED wallpaper-like television sticks to surfaces like a magnet.

LG's curvy, sticky wall-TV

Korean company wants to make mounting your TV just as easy as sticking a magnet to the fridge.

life & style

A bad time for a tantrum


The toddler banged the ground with her fists. She quickly ended up on the world news.

Perk up your sex life with coffee

It turns out a two-cup-a-day habit could lift your performance in the bedroom

Apparently a big bust is not so important to men after all.

Brains over breast size?

Apparently, large breasts and long legs don't matter much to men after all.

well & good

He planked for how long?! video

Tom Hoel held the punishing plank for over four hours: our shaky core muscles are screaming with phantom sympathy pains.

Ouch. Our shaky core muscles are screaming with phantom sympathy pains.

7 most common sleep problems

Are you a binge sleeper, a vampire, a sofa snoozer or a dedicated napper?

Palmerston North man Nick Allen, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, is planning to climb two 6100-metre Himalayan mountains in September to raise awareness and money for MS.

Man with MS aims for Everest

The diagnosis was his lowest point, but now he's set to climb two mountains in the Himalayas.

home & property

House of scandal up for sale

Appuldurcombe House, which was at the centre of a scandalous divorce trial in 1782, is for sale for six million pounds.

An English manor that was at the centre of one of the world's first celebrity divorce trials is for sale for ₤6 million.

Townhouse gets Tetris touch

The ultimate sign of architectural geekery can now be proudly displayed on your house.

Can you achieve classic form with only New Zealand-born and bred plants? One Canterbury gardener has done just that.

English garden with NZ natives

Can you achieve English-style borders with only NZ-born and bred plants? The answer's yes.

food & wine

BLT - not all about the bacon

Avocado, basil or onions are all tasty additions to the classic BLT.

Think outside the bread box and give some new BLT fillings a try.

Time to give offal a go?

Tripe, brains, hake throats, scallop eyes - Jamie Bissonnette says Kiwis shouldn't shy away from offal.

Fruit & veg: How to store it

How to cook the perfect steak

nz farmer

Fonterra a large scale coal user

Giant dairy co-operative Fonterra is New Zealand's third largest coal user.

One of NZ's biggest coal burners could switch to biofuels - but at a cost.

Sheep bring high spirits

A farmer fed up with drought has been putting his sheep to good use, arranging them into roadside billboards to make people smile.

Roads sold to Fonterra

Positive spin among the gloom


Worst Bachelorette contestant ever

The Bachelorette contestant Ryan M has been kicked off the show for his drunken antics.

A drunk Bachelorette contestant made rape comments, groped women and displayed all around obnoxious behaviour.

Hollywood's new power couples gallery

There is a new crop of celebrity couples we've got our eyes on.

Buffy + Willow, together again.

Buffy and Willow reunited

Well, this sounds like some really weird Buffy fanfic written sometime around 1999.


Watch for 7 minutes of peace

Take a few minutes off and watch 'the world's most relaxing film'.

Need a break from a stressful day at work? Take 7 minutes off to watch "the world's most relaxing film.

Three dancing Queens 

Liverpool played host to three Queens when Cunard celebrated its 175th anniversary.

A flatback turtle digs a hold to lay its eggs in on the coast of the Timor Sea.

Survival of the slowest

A rare flatbacked turtle lays her eggs on the shores of the Timor Sea - under the eyes of a group of fascinated tourists.

stuff nation

LGBT need All Blacks 'allies' stuff nation

Mark Reason called for an All Black to come out, but Samuel White says straight All Blacks could make all the difference.

Having a gay All Black won't combat homophobia. But straight All Blacks can make change.

Christianity 'teaches morality' stuff nation

Removing Christianity from schools to keep a few atheists satisfied is a dangerous move.

North Canterbury Farmer Mike Bowler vents his frustrations with drought conditions by arranging his sheep into messages.

Top five baa-rilliant comments

Our commenters weren't sheepish about shearing their views on a Canterbury farmer's antics.


Self-parking demo goes wrong video

Things go wrong while testing a self-parking car's feature in the Dominican Republic.

Human error is being blamed for a nasty failure of a self-parking demonstration.

Snow tyres need addressing

Parents of Nelson woman who crashed in a car fitted with snow tyres want vehicles flagged and risks identified.

Snow is often associated with fun, but not after you've been stuck, or struck by its slippery, cold nature. Be well-prepared for it.

Get ready for winter driving

Steps to improve the odds in case winter weather tries to ruin your driving day.


Chiefs' injury problems continue

HAMILTON, NEW ZEALAND - FEBRUARY 28:  Nathaniel Apa of the Crusaders is tackled by Mike Fitzgerald of the Chiefs during the round three Super Rugby match between the Chiefs and the Crusaders at Waikato Stadium on February 28, 2015 in Hamilton, New Zealand.  (Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images)

The Chiefs will have at least one of their specialist locks back from injury to take on the Highlanders.

No freebies for U20 World Cup

Organisers are not concerned about slow ticket sales and won't be giving out free tickets to fill stands.

The New Zealand Warriors league team is set to be owned by fans after Sir Owen Glenn gave his stake to a Trust.

Banks to join Glenn's trust video

John Banks to head trust set up by millionaire to hold his shares in the NZ Warriors on behalf of fans.

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Dutch families adopted WWII graves

Gennaro "Jerry" Palmento has a moment at his father Jerry Palmento's grave site at the Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial on Saturday.

Americans gave their lives to defeat the Nazis and liberate Holland. The Dutch have never forgotten.

Healing the mind and body

Spa Village Resort Tembok, a doof-doof free zone.

The shaman princess spoke to her first departed spirits when she was a child, or so she tells me.

Opening up on mental health

Admitting to a mental illness is still difficult for many - but keeping it hidden only adds to the stigma.

After years of trying to hide her mental health issues, one woman finally decided enough was enough.

YouTube's decade: sharing works

Tiffany of the musical group Girls' Generation poses with her Video of the Year award at the YouTube Music Awards in New York November 3, 2013. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT)

Ten-year-old site provides a stage for exhibitionists, narcissists and activists' opinions, talents and cats.

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Dilbert, The Little Things and more.


Sheep bring high spirits

Mike Bowler's sheep are saying what many North Canterbury farmers are thinking.

A North Canterbury farmer arranges his sheep into roadside billboards - for laughs.

Kiwi model inhales dog-sized burrito video

Nela Zisser - a model and a competitive eater (not a common combo) - has managed to scoff a 2.3kg burrito in under five minutes.

She wants to break stereotypes by becoming a competitive eating champion, one giant burrito at a time.

Banned from wearing onesies

Surprisingly, this isn't appropriate work attire.

Australian public servants are now banned from wearing onesies and ugg boots to work.

Top reader comments stuff nation

"I, for one, welcome our new blubbery overlords."

It's snowing! Seals are invading! Perhaps most excitingly, people are commenting on news stories!


Sperm donor demand high in NZ

Happy babies: The most common request for those seeking sperm donors? That the donor be kind.

Clinics are struggling to keep up with demand as increasing numbers of professional single women turn to them to have a child.

Finding out it's twins

Yep that's right.  There are two buns in the oven.

In one second we had gone from expecting minus one to plus two potential babies.

What makes my heart sing

I've been a bit stuck in a parenting rut lately and decided I had to remind myself of all the things my children do that make me burst with pride and joy.

Raising kids is a little like living in a real life Groundhog Day movie. Days roll into weeks at the blink of an eye.

Who owns the neighbourhood?

These incidents conveyed a clear message: children aren’t welcome on my neighbourhood roads.

Recently, while on a neighbourhood walk with my son, a woman in a red truck gave me the finger.

kiwi traveller

Readers' pics of the week


This week's travel photo entries take us from Ho Chi Minh City to New Caledonia.

Cruising currency conundrum

Think about how much local currency you'll need before you touring Asia, but there are always more options if you run out.

If your cruise stops at ports with different currencies, transactions can get confusing.

How to find the perfect travel companion

Frodo and Sam! The best travel companions! The guy in the middle... not so much.

With a little bit of foresight though you might find at least one Thelma to your Louise.

Pittsburgh: it's not the pits

Pittsburgh's bike lanes make cycling around the city easy.

There's plenty going on in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, says Heather McCracken.