Boat splash

The 'boy racer' boat video

7:13 AM  A new boat in Christchurch is so loud it sounds like "40 Harleys bouncing off the hills".

Blood, twisted metal video

A New Jersey Transit train that derailed and crashed through the station in Hoboken, New Jersey.

9 min ago  A US train smashed into a station at rush hour, killing one and injuring over 100 other commuters in New Jersey.

Trump's shocking sex remarks video

7:27 AM  A female teacher was arrested for sex with a student, and Trump couldn't hold back.

Council staff turn on CEO

6 min ago  Napier council staff furious as boss gets 11% rise, and they're offered just 1.7%.

Mysterious bus shelter theft solved

Flogging off stolen property is a crime. But the case of Granity's bus shelter is different.

Further laser strikes on planes

6:47 AM  Laser strikes hit international flights into Auckland, following a Wellington strike.

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Fled after dramatic chase

Jahdai Brice Kennard at the Nelson Courthouse in 2014.

7:16 AM  He led police on a high-speed chase, then ran off leaving his mate - eventually shot by police - with his shotgun.

Racist comments spark debate

Heated debate erupts at university, in light of white-supremacist comments by the historic PM it's named for.

Kieran McAnulty ran down and tackled a thief who was trying to steal his car.

Labour young gun tackles car thief video

When Kieran McAnulty saw someone eyeing up his ute, he deployed skills learnt from playing with the parliamentary rugby team.


F-Pace is in your face

Jaguar could have blown it with the F-Pace SUV. It has in the 35t model, but only in a good (supercharged) way.


Ailing husband locked up

The woman locked up her husband in his bedroom for two years, feeding him only once a day and restricting him access to ...

For two years, an elderly US man was trapped in a bed of his own faeces after his wife locked him away in a bedroom.

Bun eater unfazed by storm

Not even a destructive typhoon could come between this Taiwanese woman and her pork bun.

Scientist Gunther​ Theischinger​ said he found the crane fly "by accident".

The fly with a weird penis video

Scientist who came across a crane fly with a double penis discovered it "by accident".


Feeling rich? Must be the house

The fashion retail sector was “doing okay” across New Zealand but not setting records.

An increase in home values has led to Kiwis spending on luxurious items.

'Runway will be different'

Wellington council boss says there was no need for its own study on a Singapore Airlines subsidy.

Onetai Station

Warning to Onetai farm buyers

Argentinian brothers who bought a Taranaki farm may have to sell if convicted of a pollution incident at home.


The death of anonymous apps

Yik Yak encouraged its users to share anonymous messages within a semi-gated group.

In the two years since the heyday of Yik Yak, Whisper and Secret, most apps have slowed down or closed.

No Man’s Sky ad investigation

The UK Advertising Standards Authority is looking at whether the game's advertising was misleading.

A lot of the iPhone's restrictions feel kind of mean after so long being in charge of my own stuff.

Android user tests iPhone 7

As ever, it's a case of convenience and consistency versus freedom and flexibility.

life & style

The only dating advice I needed

Liz Melchor went on over 100 first dates - and at first, hardly ever got an offer of a second date.

6 min ago  She was a one-date wonder. But then one simple question changed all of that.

What does being 'a lady' mean?

H&M's new ad has attracted both praise and criticism by redefining what it means to be "a lady".

The human brain works in mysterious ways...

How rude is your mind?

This optical illusion can tell you if you have a dirty mind or not.

well & good

Can eating fat help weight loss?

On the ketogenic diet, at least 70 percent of your daily calories come from fat.

It switches your body onto fat-burning mode, but is the ketogenic diet healthy?

10 things to know about iron

"If you drink a lot of tea or wine with food, it will inhibit the body's ability to absorb iron."

Personal trainers: Fit to guide you in nutrition?

Trainers dispense diet advice?

Are personal trainers really fit to guide you in nutrition?

home & property

A cabin for a bookworm

The interior of Hemmelig Rom is lined with bookshelves.

A tiny booklined library in the wood makes a perfect reading retreat

Low-cost kitchen cool gallery

Under $25k, this modern country kitchen cost less than the average, but look what you get.

Antique botanical prints are perfect for a nostalgic look.

Decorating with botanicals gallery

Pretty spring flowers are so last year - this season we're all about decorating with leafy botanicals.

food & wine

5 ways to spot a bad coffee

A clean steam wand is important if you want to avoid the taste of sour milk.

"A cafe can have a great barista, but if its coffee machine hygiene standards are slack, they're going to make bad coffee."

7 foods to avoid on a first date

Hoping for a second date? Then stay away from these sure-to-repel foods.

Find free fruit in your city

5 of the best cocktail bars

nz farmer

Pea weevil on the move?


Canterbury grower thinks he may have seen a pea weevil - a threat to the $160m industry - but the evidence has been buried.

Rural news: September 30 video

7:56 AM  A roundup of rural and farming news, wrapped up in one place.

Aquaculture's story to tell

Merino deal brings rival partner


City slickers and 150 first dates video

Nicole's dad isn't one to sugarcoat things.

"If she doesn't fancy me, I'll be crushed," said one heavily-tattooed brand new Aussie groom.

When computers take control video

You're just happily presenting the news on live tv, and then - hold on - the camera is filming your leg!

Pete Evans and Manu Feildel are all set to cross the ditch.

Pete and Manu to host MKR NZ

My Kitchen Rules judges Pete Evans and Manu Feildel will be hosting an entire season of MKR NZ.


Inside South America's best hotel

The view from Casa Gangotena's terrace over Quito.

It's easy to see how this hotel was ranked the best hotel in South America.

Aus reduces 'backpacker tax'

Some politicians fear paid holidaymakers will flock to NZ if it's not abolished completely.

Does anyone ever actually buy those perfumes, liquor and watches? Profits of $4 billion say yes, they do.

Why do airlines offer duty-free?

Does anyone ever actually buy those perfumes? $4 billion worth of sales say yes, they do.

stuff nation

Fishing at sunset in New Plymouth stuff nation

You can find beautiful sunsets like this from most beaches around Taranaki.

You can find beautiful sunsets like this from most beaches around Taranaki.

Tattoo times have changed stuff nation

Employers who are still discriminatory of tasteful and inoffensive tattoos need to catch up to the 21st century.

05/04/14 David White Fairfax Media. Former leader of the National Party, and the ACT Party, Don Brash

Brash offers only race baiting stuff nation

There is nothing diverse about Hobson’s Pledge, let alone any real heart for racial equity.


Merc's bombproof limo

Mercedes-Maybach's S 600 Pullman Guard is an armoured car that drives like an elegant limousine.

19 min ago  This is the car for folks who have real enemies. The kind of enemies that might have a rocket launcher.

VW turns up the heat

The old Tiguan wasn't exactly sexy. The new one has to be, to succeed. Here's how it's happening.

British policeman uses his patrol car to stop unconscious driver.

Hero cop stops runaway car video

When a driver fell into a coma on a busy motorway a police officer had just one chance to save her and her baby.


Joshua v Klitschko 'not done'

Eddie Hearn says a fight between Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko is not a formality yet.

7:23 AM  British boxing promoter plays down talk of Joshua v Klitschko as Kiwi fighter waits in the wings.

'Old bloke' Patel ready to lead video

7:54 AM  36-year-old recalled Black Caps spinner hopes to be a "go-to guy" for team's youngsters.

Phil Mickelson has apologised for his criticism of Hal Sutton's captaincy at the 2004 Ryder Cup.

'I am so, so sorry': Mickelson

7:05 AM  American golf star apologises for sparking spat with former captain over Ryder Cup 12 years ago.

good reads

Do they really want to hurt me?

Culture Club today, with Boy George second from left.

OPINION: Should we feel insulted by 80s bands like Culture Club only now making it to NZ? Yes!

Nothing can prepare you for this

St Mark's Basilica, Venice.

Beneath us lies a crypt full of bones, and saints stand bleeding in the gloom.

The jail where sleep comes in shifts video

Some of the 3562 Inmates sleep on any space they can find in a classroom in Quezon city jail, Philippines.

Prisoners curl up with barely room to turn over. One stands guard, to wake those screaming from nightmares.

Suffering doesn’t need translation stuff nation

MORIA, GREECE - MARCH 24:  A general view of the Moria Refugee Camp on Greek island of Lesbos on March 24, 2016 in ...

I was mere minutes into my first day volunteering at a refugee camp and I’d been briefed on death and human trafficking. This was my welcome.

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Anger over dumped mail video

NZ Post street post box, Auckland, New Zealand, Monday, March 23, 2009.  Credit: NZPA / David Rowland

First the bank statements never arrived, then other letters vanished - that's when Maupuia locals started asking questions.

Storm rages, but bun comes first

This woman ate a pork bun, now everybody loves her.

Not even a destructive typhoon could come between this Taiwanese woman and her pork bun.

No liberty for man named Liberty

A 17-year-old youth convicted of four burglaries this year has escaped a jail sentence.

Seventeen-year-old Temperance Liberty Bennett lost his freedom after being charged with his fourth burglary this year.

No filming please, we're councillors

Public speaker Chris Walker pleads his case to a police officer called to eject him from the Kapiti Coast District ...

Last meeting of the Kapiti council's term couldn't quite make it through without police being called.


'I'm pregnant, and I'm terrified'

"I am terrified that this thing growing inside me will never let me be alone."

"I am terrified that this thing growing inside me will never let me be alone."

Best time to have a second child

Are smaller gaps between children better?

Age spacing between kids: Parents open up about the pros and cons of common gaps.

3-month-old says 'I love you'?

Mark can be heard trying to reply "I love you" back.

Watch the sweet moment when a 13-week-old melts his astonished mum's heart.

I'm lazy. That's why I breastfeed

How you feed your baby and the reasons behind it doesn't matter.

"I don't want to do extra dishes, I don't want to spend extra time preparing bottles."

kiwi traveller

NZ: An airport survival guide

Visitors to Wellington Airport will find a giant Gollum.

Here is everything you need to know about New Zealand's five main airports.

Why must we tip the tour guide?

Why not build the cost of paying tour guides an adequate wage into the original price of the tour?

How much do you give? What if you don't have cash handy? Tipping is awkward for us all.

What if someone steals my luggage?

Theft from a carousel is more likely to happen from a domestic flight.

It certainly does happen, and perhaps it's miraculous that it doesn't happen more often.

5 things to do in the school holidays

All Blacks Beauden Barrett and Kieran Read take a virtual flight at Air New Zealand's 75th anniversary exhibition.

Looking for school holiday inspiration? These are our top picks from around the country.