September 2 2014, updated 8:18pm

Live: Key v Cunliffe face off

key v cunliffe 5

It's been blow for blow so far as John Key and David Cunliffe argue, make digs and even agree at their second leaders debate.

Opening speeches So far, so even Nats v Labour PM's lost sense of humour Video: Debate 2011 The slick and the calm

Cop found guilty

Jenny McNee A police officer has been found guilty of racially abusing a taxi driver in Queenstown.

Too scared for school

Charles Harter Teacher with a 40-year career admits groping girls, and police are worried there will be more victims.

'She always had a smile'

Peg Noble One victim of Ashburton shooting "loved her job" while another was leaving Christchurch's quakes. | In court

CTV probe escalated

CTV building Professionals connected to CTV building collapse have moved closer to possible manslaughter charges.

Accused in court

John Tully An Ashburton man stood quietly in the dock as he faced charges of murdering Susan Cleveland and Peggy Noble.

Convicted Samoan allowed to stay

Samoan man jailed over an underage sexual offence wins right to stay in NZ because of devotion to severely autistic boy.

Threats to staff close offices

Key meets UN head

Trevor Smith

Police admit delay

Dementia sufferer Trevor Smith was likely to be already dead by the time police launched search.

Rugby World Cup advert snubs All Blacks

A new Rugby World Cup advert shows representatives from the heavyweight teams involved - minus one.

Collins inquiry 'weeks away'

Judtih Collins PM says probe into former justice minister won't be completed until after the election, as Labour calls for wider scope.

Beyer not sanctioned over criticism

Mana candidate Georgina Beyer continues to speak out while campaigning in Invercargill.

Greens demand $4 pay hike

Flag review backed by Labour

Winston Peters

Peters' bottom-line

PM won't rule out royal commission on Judith Collins after Winston Peters made it a bottom line in any post-election deal.

Fiji prays for peacekeepers

Hundreds light candles and pray for the release of 45 Fijian peacekeepers seized in Syria.

Airport bomb plot thwarted

Three men have been arrested after plotting to bomb Manila's international airport and a nearby mall.

Divided over Ferguson killing

Land grab provokes anger

Tumour boy case in court

Parents of British boy with a brain tumour and taken from a hospital without consent are fighting extradition from Spain.

Mighty River fraud prosecuted

mighty river power launch A former electrical engineer at the firm's Southdown power station has been charged with a $2 million fraud.

Kiwi house prices really bite

NZ's house prices among the most overvalued in the world and keep getting worse, report says.

Rates on hold in Australia

Former cop still out of a job

Lee Tamahori

Crowdfunding for 'Maori western'

The team behind Once Were Warriors targets the public to fund a new movie to be shot in Gisborne.

Beware of money leaks

bath Tracking your spending gives you a clear picture of where your money's flowing.

Going underground the DIY way

Funerals can be enormously costly, but one woman is on a crusade to change that.

The Paleo guide to budgeting

Watch your giga-costs

Cash is king in small business

NZ money You need to know what you're selling, and how much, to stay afloat. Whatever you do don't guess.

Bad employee but great boss

Entrepreneur Juliet Rosser reckons she was once a terrible employee.

Skiing addict sells after 38 years

Small business ups and downs

Apple fixes bug behind nudes leak

Bug that could have enabled hackers access to celebrity iCloud accounts reportedly corrected.

Growing up NZ: The Game

A Kiwi living in Japan has taken to Kickstarterfor a game project about growing up in Aotearoa.

Apple's new 'spaceship' HQ

PS4 revamp for Japan

Bypassing controversy

One of the men behind anti-geoblocking service Global Mode steps forward to defend his motivations.

Angelina's unique wedding dress

Angelina Brangelina's kids all had a hand in designing her classic-with-a-twist Versace wedding dress.

Should #thinspo be a crime?

An Italian bill that could result in hefty fines for pro-anorexia websites has set a new benchmark.

Tinder: all swipe and no action?

Gaga inspires fan to come out


Gluten-free beauty... say what?

There may be more to a gluten-free lifestyle than just cutting bread out of your diet.

Ten DIY home hacks for broke folk

strap No need to wait for payday to add a few cute pieces to your home, you'll just need to get a bit crafty.

Kiwi house prices really bite

NZ's house prices among the most overvalued in the world and keep getting worse, report says.

Buyer 'not misled' lawyer says

Listed villa for sale


Let's live in...Roslyn

Roslyn is a charming, hillside suburb twinkling 150 metres above Dunedin’s city centre.

Iceberg lettuce: who needs it?

Lettuce Lettuces have come a long way since the 1950s, when it was iceberg, iceberg and iceberg.

Oliver causes kitchen boil over

Angry husbands whose wives expected more in the kitchen roughed up Jamie Oliver.

Spritzy, succulent Sangria

Fancy a burger, or 27?

Training lacks credibility

Farm training Agricultural industry training is under fire from farmers who claim qualifications lack value and credibility.

Livestock attacks 'cowardly'

Sheep rustlers using dogs and traps continue to target the flock in Auckland's Cornwall Park.

Sediment linked to sheep

Added-value dairy exports needed

Kim K to leave reality TV?

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian is reportedly under pressure from husband Kanye West to quit reality TV.

Pics 'promote rape culture'

Kiwis lash out at radio stations for publishing hacked intimate photos of Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence. | Hunt is on for hacker

Hunt on for nude pics hacker

Crowdfunding for 'Maori western'

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers 'brought out of coma'

Doctors are concerned Joan Rivers could be left a vegetable as her family considers lawsuit.

People vs pets

Signs on each room hint of the personalities within: separation anxiety, escape artist, poo eater.

Need more speed?

If getting online while you're on the road is important to you, slow Wi-Fi at hotels can be a pain.

'Scrap all other bucket lists'

'It's like smoking on a flight'

A rare underwater world

It's pitch dark, and I'm dangling from a rope beneath a boat. like bait on the end of a hook.

Struggling to make ends meet

quake damage The earthquakes have not affected us emotionally, but financially, we have hit the wall.

Top five reader comments

Love 'em, hate 'em or utterly bewildered by their behaviour, it's all about the people in today's top comments.

'I knew I had to change'

Get back to education basics

NZ money

Cash is king in small business

You need to know what you're selling, and how much, to stay afloat. Whatever you do don't guess.

Record fine for car sales

New cars Auckland company and its former director cop record fines totalling $250,000 for illegal vehicle sales.

Hamilton's personalised Pagani

F1 ace Lewis Hamilton has been out and about in his latest drive, a bespoke Pagani Zonda 760 LH.

Speed and weed worries

Rockers headlining MX-5 reveal

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse

Another exclusive Veyron

The "1 of 1" is the latest exclusive Veyron supercar from the Bugatti stable.

NZRU was not approached

Richie McCaw The New Zealand Rugby Union confirms the All Blacks were not asked to appear in a new Rugby World Cup advertisement.

Mateo recalled for key clash

The Warriors have made just one change to their team for a must-win match against the Panthers.

Haka has no history in hoops

Good news for Penrith

TJ Perenara

Perfect storm for All Blacks

The relentless rain in Napier may prove the perfect dress rehearsal for Saturday's Rugby Championship test.

A rare underwater world

It's pitch dark, and I'm dangling from a rope beneath a boat. like bait on the end of a hook.


Dancing in the dark

When was the last time you danced in a completely unselfconscious, unabashed way?

Texts out of favour

How many regular texts have you sent lately? Chances are, a lot less than you think.

Red devons produce beef that is marbled and ''melts in your mouth'', says Graeme Dyke.

Red devons catching on

Red devons may not be well-known in New Zealand but they have a well-deserved big reputation overseas.

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Frequent flyer indulged by geisha

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Rugby fans face price hikes

All Blacks and Wallabies fans cramming into hotels have caused price hikes on both sides of the ditch.

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Exterminating alien species can have unpredictable, harmful effects on local ecosystems.


Giant panda fakes pregnancy

Giant panda at research centre in China may have faked pregnancy to enjoy extra bamboo, air con.

Japan's toilet paper panic

Japanese told to stockpile loo roll so they aren't caught short during next natural disaster.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen almost locked out

The Queen lay her royal head to rest in Hamilton on December 30, 1953 but, unbeknown to Her Majesty, it was not without help from the local locksmith.

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