Does the punishment fit the crime?

Punishment versus the crime video

3:33 PM  Has the public shaming of a group who trashed a Perth pub bathroom gone too far?

Capital's CBD cordon gallery

A police officer has confirmed a suspicious package has been found in the Wellington CBD. 
A bomb disposal robot is used to approach the package.

6 min ago  Police bomb disposal robot called in to deal with suspicious package on Lambton Quay in central Wellington.

3 years after being kicked out

4:24 PM  Deported to NZ, Denny proves it's possible to not re-offend and create a better life.

The 8-year-old with breast cancer

3:13 PM  Chrissy Turner is the youngest known person to have the disease.

SOLD... to the weirdest bidder

14 min ago  Used sheets, half-eaten corn; the weird and wonderful Trade Me celebrity auctions.

51, and stuck in a resthome video

Kevin Williams is 230kg and lives in a rest home, for lack of a suitable HNZ home.

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2050: Droughts, fire, floods

In August 2050, Canterbury will be in the grips of a drought, MetService says.

MetService has revealed the outlook for the country in 35 years, and the forecast is grim.

Woman freed after car rolls video

3:53 PM  Emergency services freed a trapped driver after her car rolled in Dunedin.

A memorial cross was erected by family beside the culvert in Upper Hutt where Matthew James Hakes drowned.

Man drowns after wild night

Man had 5 shots, wine and 18 bourbon mixes, but mate believes magic mushroom killed him.


Girl, 8, walks away from this smash

A young girl escaped with just bruises after a dramatic face plant in a trolley derby crash.


Facebook killing case nears end

Derek Medina claims he suffered years of abuse.

4:25 PM  Derek Medina says he killed his wife after years of abuse, and posted a picture of her dead body on Facebook.

Jake the Peg, a lamb with 5 legs

18 min ago  He was born with an extra leg, a floppy ear and a misshapen head, but what now for this Australian lamb?

Laquan McDonald (R) walks on a road before he was shot 16 times by police officer Jason Van Dyke in Chicago, in this still image taken from a police vehicle dash camera video shot on October 20, 2014, and released by Chicago Police on November 24, 2015. Van Dyke, a white Chicago policeman was charged on Tuesday with murdering black teenager McDonald, a prosecution that was speeded up in hopes of staving off a fresh burst of the turmoil over race and police use of deadly force that has shaken the U.S. for more than a year. REUTERS/Chicago Police Department/Handout via Reuters       TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY     ATTENTION EDITORS - THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. IT IS DISTRIBUTED, EXACTLY AS RECEIVED BY REUTERS, AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS. FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS.

Video shows teen shot by cop video

A white Chicago officer has been charged with murdering a black teenager.


The house of madness

The Devonport ex-state house that reached $1.04 million at auction in September.

This $1m Auckland ex-state house is the poster child for global property insanity.

Food bar must pay $92,000

4:32 PM  Food company Taste of Egypt ordered to pay former workers $68,000 and incurred penalty of $20,000.

Fonterra chairman John Wilson thinks prices could lift in the first half of next year.

Fonterra: milk price conditional

3:14 PM  Chairman John Wilson says he supports the view that prices would lift in the first half of next year.


Tech divided over digital assistants

Chief executive Tim Cook talks about Siri during an Apple event.

As companies rush to dominate the digital assistant market, debate continues over whether they should be sassy a woman or a machine.

Is Halo 5 really a blockbuster?

There are conflicting accounts about the success of one of the biggest games of the year.

The Dead or Alive series has often come under fire for its sexualised female character designs and "boob physics" sliders.

Bikinis and tan lines rule out game

The Dead or Alive series has come under fire for its sexualised female character designs and "boob physics" sliders.

life & style

Nigella Lawson is coming to NZ

Nigella Lawson is coming to Invercargill.

Ccelebrity chef has picked Invercargill over other South Island hot spots for her New Zealand tour in the new year.

Presenters all wear same dress

TV meteorologists have pretty strict dress codes, and this NZ$35 number seems to fit the bill perfectly.

This is what Stavri's sourdough starter looked like after a day or two. It has since progressed to a larger bowl.

Breadmaking with her bacteria

"Watching the life that has sprung from my loins has finally made me understand why people want kids."


How to avoid boozy work dos

It's not just women who are uncomfortable with the interminable late-night work functions.

4:20 PM  Women's careers are suffering because they put family before work dos - so what are their alternatives?

Christmas spending hopes high

3:37 PM  Will retailers get a bumper Christmas before New Zealanders put away their wallets again?

THAT GUY: Will you overdo it at the office Christmas party?

8 people at every Christmas party

4:09 PM  A spotter's guide to the people you'll likely meet on the Christmas party circuit.

well & good

'Superhero' mum ends chemo

Danielle Javernig, centre, as Wonder Woman.

Woman dressed as a superhero to celebrate end of treatment - a moment her family will remember forever.

Blind woman starts to see again

Doctors shocked as blind woman with identity disorder regains sight - but only in one of her 10 personalities.

Good news for coffee lovers - your daily cup (or five) could be extending your life span.

Coffee makes you live longer

New research from Harvard says your daily cup of java - even the decaf stuff - is promoting longevity.

home & property

Is this the best wardrobe ever?

This 17m-long dressing room designed by Canavan Interiors is a finalist in the SBID International Design Excellence Awards to be announced on Friday, November 27, 2015.

3:13 PM  This bespoke dressing room - the flagship room in a new UK house - is up for a big award.

DIY a butterfly-friendly garden

6 min ago  Butterflies and moths need two types of plants: nectar-rich flowers for the adults, and hosts for the caterpillars.

32 sapperton drive Harcourts smart technology 24/11/15

Smart house gives sales edge

Making your home a smart one won't just make your life easier - it can boost value when it's time to sell.

food & wine

Recipe: Barbecued spiced pork

Get grilling with this flavourful weeknight meal

4:00 PM  Get grilling with this flavourful weeknight meal, served with capsicum salad, crusty bread and aioli.

What to make for a hit of greens

Pre-empt the festive excesses with this white bean and vege dip, and a punchy silverbeet salad.

The best meals under $10 gallery

Three ways with... edible gifts

nz farmer

Agriculture not in review

Climate Change Issues Minister Tim Groser is calling for submissions on the review of the NZ emissions trading scheme.

Greens say agriculture can't be left out of a review of greenhouse gas emissions target.

Rural areas sit on 'powder keg' 

Farmers are warned the fire risk in rural areas remains high as temperatures rise.

Rare freshwater mussels found

Disease contracted at plant


Swift-watch: Is she in Paradise?

Taylor Swift performs live on stage during the 1989 World Tour Live at Mercedes-Benz Arena on November 10, 2015 in Shanghai, China.

4:27 PM  The latest site to be linked with Taylor Swift is the aptly named town near Queenstown.

Harvey Keitel relives his Youth

4:19 PM  Youth shows this Reservoir Dog's hunger still strong

Bindi Irwin puts her best foot forward during the first of this season's US Dancing With the Stars finals.

Steve dances finale with Bindi

Bindi Irwin has dad to thank for stepping closer to winning the US version of Dancing with the Stars.


Map shows safest place to travel

A map shows the only safe place in the world to travel for American's is America.

The US State department has published a map advising its citizens of the safest places to travel.

Top celeb travel pics gallery

Celebrities always seem to be on holiday. Check out some of their top travel pictures of the week.

Southern Decadence festival in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Gone With the Wind

3:28 PM  Alison Stewart explores the Deep South of America and gets caught up in the romance and history.

stuff nation

New flag is a 'waste of money' stuff nation

20112015 News Photo:David Walker/Fairfax NZ. The George Hotel in Park Avenue, Christchurch, is showing no bias for the flag referendum, by giving all five contenders equal 'air time'.

Surely this money needs to be spent on housing, clothing and feeding our nation.

'No-one spoke up for me' stuff nation

There were so many signs I was being abused. Nobody did anything. Everybody let me down.

Peaceful woman enjoying reading a book outdoors.

Five books every woman should read stuff nation

These are women’s stories, written by women, for women … and they might just change your life.


Older offenders causing crashes

Careless driving is the most common reason for elderly being apprehended by police.

3:13 PM  Careless driving the common offence among the country's older offenders.

NZ electric car myths busted

NZ's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority has been doing some mythbusting around electric vehicles.

A 2014 file photo shows a security guard standing by as boxer Floyd Mayweather arrives at his boxing club in a Rolls Royce limousine for a workout.

Floyd's miscellaneous cars

When you are earning over NZ$450m a year it's feasible that you have miscellaneous Rolls-Royces lying around.


Cairns trial: Jury retires

Former New Zealand cricketer Chris Cairns, left, and lawyer Andrew Fitch-Holland.

8 min ago  The evidence is over and now the wait begins for the jury to reach a decision.

Four-day tests on agenda

The idea of four-day tests is under discussion, and Black Caps coach Mike Hesson is lukewarm at the prospect.

Ana Ivanovic of Serbia will be one of the headline acts at the ASB Classic tennis tournament in January.

Ivanovic to play in Auckland video

3:14 PM  ASB Classic tennis tournament assembles its finest ever field with glamour girl confirmed for January.

good reads

Primary school formals out of hand?

High heels and tans, gifts and fuss. Is it excessive?

OPINION: Limousines, high heels, gifts ... Aren't all these things a little over the top for a primary school graduation?

Why do kids need sex ed?

Sex ed might be awkward, but it's important.

OPINION: We all remember cringing during classes at school. They might be awkward, but they're important.

Electric cars demand dirty power

Belchatow Power Station, Europe's largest coal-fired plant.

A filthy secret behind the green growth of electric cars in some markets is the need for more coal-fired power plants.

Blind woman's personality can see

B.T.'s strange case reveals a lot about the mind's extraordinary power — how it can control what we see and who we are.

Doctors shocked as blind woman with identity disorder regains sight - but only in one of her 10 personalities.

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dilbert mon

Dilbert, The Little Things and more.


Gone to the weirdest bidder

David Beckham's corn cob made the list.

David Beckam's corn cob, Natalia Kills' sheets, the PM's arm cast - Trade Me's weird and wonderful celebrity auction list goes on...

Jake the Peg - the lamb with 5 legs

Jake's extra front limb has no movement and just hangs from his body.

He was born with an extra leg, a floppy ear and misshapen head and jaw, but what now for this adorable Australian lamb?

Chance gas stop saves kitten's life

SPCA chief executive Ric Odom cradles the kitten he discovered wedged in the back wheel of his motorbike.

A tiny tabby kitten hitched a ride in the wheel of the SPCA boss' motorcycle.

Vilson the gibbon vanishes again

Wellington Zoo's male gibbon Vilson made a great escape from his enclosure on Tuesday morning.

Wellington Zoo's resident houdini has made another escape.


Primary school formals: OTT?

High heels and tans, gifts and fuss. Is it excessive?

OPINION: Limousines, high heels, gifts - Aren't all these things excessive for a primary school graduation?

How to avoid boozy work dos

It's not just women who are uncomfortable with the interminable late-night work functions.

Women's careers are suffering because they put family before work dos - so what are their alternatives?

Side effects of a traumatic birth

A birth doesn't have to go horribly wrong for one or both parents to be traumatised.

It's supposed to be one of the happiest days, but for some women childbirth can devastate their relationship.

How many eggs are left?

Among the most often quoted fertility statistic is that one out of three women over the age of 35 will not have conceived after a year of trying.

Why are so many having babies if the experts state fertility 'falls off a cliff edge' for women in that age bracket?

kiwi traveller

Kiwi expats a proud bunch

25072015. 123rf.
Stock Photo - a shot of Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand

background, beautiful, blue, famous, island, lake, landscape, mountains, nature, new zealand, outdoor, peaks, queenstown, road, scenery, scenic, sightseeing, sky, south, southern, tourism, tranquil, travel, view, wakatipu, water, winding

Kiwis living overseas are prouder and more positive about New Zealand than those living here.

'Hot plumber' takes on the USA

Logan said Yosemite National Park in California was one of the most beautiful places he had ever been.

The travelling tradie won't be returning to the building site anytime soon.

Christmas in Europe

Visitors admire ornaments at a Christmas market in Vienna, Austria.

Heading to Europe for Christmas? It's the most wonderful time of the year, our expert says.

Melbourne hits all the right notes

A view of the Melbourne CBD from the south bank of the Yarra River.

Rachel Trainor moved from Dunedin to Melbourne with her band in 2012 to check out the music scene.