SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 03:  A smashed window is pictured at the Lindt Cafe at Martin Place on June 3, 2015 in Sydney, Australia. Sydney's Lindt Cafe had its windows broken by vandals throwing rocks last night. The Lindt Cafe only recently re-opened in March after a fatal siege 17-hour in 2014 took the lives of two hostages and lone gunman, Man Haron Monis.  (Photo by Brett Hemmings/Getty Images)

Rocks thrown at Lindt cafe video

Former NZ professional basketball player charged over rock attack in Sydney.

Interpol in Fifa push

Suspended CONCACAF President Jack Warner speaks to the media.

Interpol added six men with ties to Fifa to its most wanted list on Wednesday.

Reporter tweets Queen's illness

BBC apologises after journalist erroneously tweeted Queen was in hospital.

Dunedin hit by deluge video

More than 400 emergency calls made during Dunedin's severe flooding, while sandbagging continues for some property owners.

Farmers' quad bike fines cut

Three Marlborough farmers get fines reduced on appeal for quad bike convictions

Coulson cleared of perjury

Ex-News of the World editor Andy Coulson is cleared of perjury after case collapsed.


Pensioner in car gets flat video

Mervyn "Jim" Cross, who lived in his car outside Christchurch Hospital, now lives in a council flat.

Mervyn "Jim" Cross has a new home in a city council flat after spending four months living in his car.

Family could soon be homeless

A mum and three children could be out on the street this weekend if help to get emergency housing doesn't come soon.

Safety helmets should be worn while riding quad bikes at work.

Farmers have quad bike fines reduced

Three Marlborough farmers have their fines reduced on appeal for quad bike convictions


China ship death toll rises

Hopes of finding more survivors were fading in what could be China's worst shipping disaster in almost 70 years.


BBC alarms royal fans

Queen Elizabeth II is not in hospital despite a tweet from the BBC saying she was.

The BBC apologised after a journalist erroneously posted a tweet saying Queen Elizabeth had been taken to hospital.

Prepare to have mind blown

Scientists are nearly doubling the amount of energy that will smash protons together in the Large Hadron Collider.

Convicted: Former News Corp editor and prime ministerial aide Andy Coulson.

Coulson cleared of perjury

Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson has been cleared of perjury after the case against him collapsed.


Investor fights to hide name

Fraudster David Ross was jailed for 10 years.

Ross Asset Management investor pursued for money by liquidators tries to keep his name secret.

Average car age hits 14 years

The average age of cars in NZ keeps getting older, in part because so many used cars are imported.

Safety helmets should be worn while riding quad bikes at work.

Farmers have quad bike fines reduced

Three Marlborough farmers have their fines reduced on appeal for quad bike convictions


Money words that should exist

Bags full of cool stuff, but what's in their savings account?

OPINION: There should be a word for emptying your bank account to buy junk.

There's a riot going on

OPINION: Auckland's housing market is behaving like a drunken crowd.

Oldie's premium pain

Bach owners are 'investors'

small business

Craft brewer to seek more funding

Renaissance Brewing is planning a second crowdfunding round in about one year.

A year after raising $700,000 through crowdfunding Renaissance Brewing is planning a second round to grow its export markets.

Xeroing in on better data

A trial involving Xero and Statistics NZ could mean less form-filling for business owners.

Stop, collaborate and listen

Home, neat home


Wearable tech in Marvel toys

Disney Playmotion's Repulsor Gear for kids.

Disney unveils wearable toys featuring built-in gadgets and "smart" action figures.

Web searches healthy for kids

New study shows teenagers actually make good use of the health information they Google.

Lingvist is one of the best language learning apps I've ever seen, but it's definitely still in beta.

Learn French in 200 hours

REVIEW: Language app Lingvist has algorithms by CERN and a method of learning that's like Tinder.

life & style

Jenner's fears over magazine cover

Bruce Jenner's female identity, Caitlyn Jenner, has been revealed on the cover of Vanity Fair.

"You never want to look like a guy in drag," says the Olympic star on debuting her transformation into Caitlyn.

We're not just 'glorified wombs'

If you haven't got a career, marriage, house and baby by 35, that doesn't mean you've failed as a woman.

When used correctly, the underwear is completely leak-proof.

Could these kill off the tampon?

That time of the month? Forget the granny pants. These leak-proof undies could be the future.

well & good

Living with enhanced empathy

Highly Sensitive people experience things in HD which sounds like fun, but the constant intensity can be overwhelming.

Does coffee rattle your nerves? Do you tear up at beautiful art or music? You may be Highly Sensitive.

Meditation can change brains

No, it's not just new-age hocus pocus - this mental exercise can cause positive physical alterations.

Popular Australian nutritionist Lola Berry has a holistic view on health and happiness, and is helping us put the puzzle together.

Eat your way to happiness

It's about sticking to tasty, vibrant foods rather than giving things up, says top nutritionist Lola Berry.

home & property

Clearing my hoarder dad's house

My father's hoarding had progressed to the meta-status constituting of a collection of collections (file photo).

Antique tools, postcards, spoons, bubble wrap, bird's nests, animal skulls ... is there anything he didn't collect?

Tips for growing winter mint

Like basil, mint is one of those herbs that has a tendency to play hard to get.

Michele painting the soffits - hot date night.

Decisions, decisions, decisions

The number of decisions you have to make when building a new home will get under your skin.

food & wine

He makes 10,000 sausages a week

Island Bay butchers making sausages at their Strathmore butchery.
Terry McKee, left, and Don Andrews making Veal, Truffle oil and Lindauer

Wellington butcher Terry McKee says there is an art to making quality snarlers by hand.

How to make crumpets

These savoury batter cakes are perfect on a cold winter's morning with Vegemite and grilled cheese.

Recipe: Salt & pepper tofu

Akl vs Welly beer battle video

nz farmer

Dairy auction prices fall again

A screenshot from the GlobalDairyTrade auction website shows recent trends and the latest drop in dairy prices.

Prices continue their downward spiral in another weak GlobalDairyTrade auction.

New meat company coming

A plan for a new export meat co-operative is to be unveiled this week by meat industry reform group MIE.

Final sprint to Fieldays

NZ's top hogget named


All cops, all the time on TV

Tuesday night viewing: Road Cops, All New Road Cops, and Gold Coast Cops...

Even the New Zealand Police are having a laugh at the suggestion that there are too many cop shows on TV.

Pharell saves Kim in dress fire

Kim Kardashian's dress caught fire - with none other than Pharrell and his wife coming to the rescue.

Hunky actor Channing Tatum went undercover as marketing executive 'Scott' for a Magic Mike XXL screening.

Women find this star creepy video

Magic Mike undercover in stunt that has fans feeling hot, and weird.


Get paid to travel the world

What if you could travel and not spend a dime? What if you could even get paid?

What if you could travel and not spend a dime? What if you could even get paid?

Notes from two small islands video

In the Yasawa Islands, even when the weather scowls, the people beam back at you.

On flights, space is limited and money must be made. Ditto for hotels and rental cars.

Obstinacy at the front desk

If you're thinking of taking "no" for an answer from a travel company, let Alan Schroeder talk you out of it.

stuff nation

Is Blatter just saving face? stuff nation

Sepp Blatter has stepped down as president of Fifa.

A change in Fifa is needed, and now it's coming, for better or for worse, Aaron Dahmen writes.

Share your best trick photos stuff nation

What are the best images you've created through apps, filters or editing in post production?

Kane Williamson celebrates a wicket against England.

Top five Black Caps test win comments stuff nation

Cricket fans didn't hold back in expressing their joy, their frustrations, and their styling tips.


Average car age hits 14 years

New Zealand is "importing somebody else' waste disposal problem," Motor Industry Association boss David Crawford said.

The average age of cars in New Zealand keeps getting older and older, in part because so many used cars are imported from Japan.

More respect for cyclists?

Are the majority of motorists treating cyclists with more consideration?

In May, the Ford Ranger was the top selling model overall at 511 vehicles.

'Love affair' with utes continues

Kiwis' love of utes is undimmed, despite a fall in commercial vehicle sales in May.


Interpol 'red notice' to Fifa six

Suspended CONCACAF President Jack Warner speaks to the media.

Interpol added six men with ties to Fifa to its most wanted list on Wednesday.

South Africa rejects allegations

South Africa have again denied a payment to former Fifa vice president Jack Warner was a bribe.

Serena Williams smashed 39 winners as she swiped aside Sara Errani in the French Open quarterfinals.

Serena blasts past Errani

2:17 AM  Serena Williams crushed Sara Errani in intimidating fashion to reach the French Open semifinals.

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DNA uncovers Kiwi history

Fairfax Media journalist Laura Walters has her genetics traced using's AncestryDNA to find out more about her family tree and

Laura Walters uses the newly launched AncestryDNA NZ site to discover her roots.

Notes from two small islands video

Visitors to the Yasawas' Barefoot Kuata resort can get up close and personal with the nearby reef sharks.

In the Yasawa Islands, even when the weather scowls, the people beam back at you.

The rules of car-buying

Cars are expensive to buy and run, and spending too much on motoring can seriously retard wealth accumulation.

By any measure, we are big into machines that guzzle petrol. But can we afford it?

Quick fix left web open to attack

The "three-napkins protocol," as its inventors jokingly dubbed it, revolutionised the internet.

The "three-napkins protocol," as its inventors jokingly dubbed it, revolutionised the internet.

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What do the stars have in store for you today?



Test your mind with our puzzles



Dilbert, The Little Things and more.


Another 'sea serpent'

Rare deep sea oarfish found floating off Los Angeles.

Rare deep sea oarfish, similar to the one discovered near Dunedin recently, found floating off LA.

Tank crushes learner driver's car

That's one way to learn to look before you pull out into traffic.

There's a lot to remember when you learn to drive - but they don't normally teach you to watch for tanks.

A true 'stick 'em up'

Stick 'em up: the would-be robber, brandishing a stick as if it were a gun.

Hunt on for would-be a thief who tried to rob a service station, with a stick.

'Armed mob' just the tip of the problem

White asparagus - it's weird looking yes, but it's delicious.

Police alerted to mob of up to 15 people armed with knives and sticks instead found asparagus pickers.


Working out at 35 weeks pregnant

The mum continued her training throughout pregnancy, and got back to it two months after welcoming her sons.

Remember being 35 weeks pregnant and feeling too exhausted to get off the couch? 

Almost strangled by sister's hair

Taleisha and her big sister Rhianna.

Mum warns of the dangers of babies or toddlers sharing beds with anyone with long hair after near-tragedy.

I don't know your unleashed dog

I don't know you or your dog, so I will protect my family if I need to.

If your dog runs towards my child and I've got doubt about its intentions, I'm going to take action.

Why I can’t throw out sperm

The fertility clinic needs permission to thaw and discard our donor’s sperm – so why am I delaying approval?

All it needs is for me to sign, giving the fertility clinic permission to thaw and discard our donor’s sperm.

kiwi traveller

Mongol Rally will test luck for Kiwi drivers

The 900cc 1991 Fiat Panda the trio will be driving across the world in. James Lovelock describes the vehicle as "completely unsuitable for the task".

Friends from the Rangitikei and Manawatu will tackle the world in the smallest car they can find.

Speechless in the desert

Di Richards with from left Shaka then Di (behind her is Yusef) and at right is Abu Sami.

The ethereal feeling of the Jordan desert awed Di Richards into silence as she sat atop a camel.

A traveller's guide to etiquette

There is a difference between navigating a rainstorm and a medieval jousting match.

In a perfect world, safety and good manners run a parallel course. Yet that is not today's reality.

Expat Tales: Hit 'em where it yurts

Hamish, Kanya and Harrison Williams on a family outing to visit the Genghis Khan statue in Terelj National Park.

Hamish Williams lives a laid back Kiwi life in Ulan Bator, Mongolia – favouring beers with the locals over hiking up the mountain surrounds.