August 30 2014, updated 8:33pm


Japan's toilet paper panic

Japanese told to stockpile loo roll so they aren't caught short during next natural disaster.

Man recorded rapes

video camera A ''high-risk'' Timaru paedophile has been sentenced to 18 years' jail.

Tall Blacks' steep slope

It's either pool of death or group of opportunity for the Tall Blacks at the World Cup in Spain.

Peters, Key and 'truth'

John Key says he doesn't believe him - but Winston Peters says the PM must know about the coup attempt. | Political bloodstock | Latest poll

Craig takes aim at Peters

Conservative Party leader Colin Craig uses immigration debate to take aim at Winston Peters.

Schapelle Corby's parole tightened

Schapelle Corby's parole supervision to be tightened after boyfriend arrested over drugs.

'Black Widow' killer files appeal

Helen Milner Helen Milner reaches out to Supreme Court after appeal to overturn convictions for murdering her husband is rejected.

Outrage 'won't stop calm classes'

Kiwis could soon be seeing more "mindful" classrooms, as the calming technique gains traction overseas, experts say.

Child severely burnt

Convicted doctor loses registration

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

Ban Ki Moon to visit

Secretary General of the UN will receive an honorary doctorate of the University of Auckland.

You're pregnant? What were you thinking?

Little boy's hilarious reaction to being told that his mum is pregnant again.

NZ First faces legal action

Andrew Williams NZ First NZ First MP Andrew Williams starts legal proceedings over being dumped from the party list.

National invests in forests

National plans to subsidise the growing of small forests on marginal land.

Beehive Live: Debate high

Foreign land sales hotly debated

John Key

Key and Nats slip

The gloss is wearing off John Key over the dirty politics saga, latest poll suggests.

Iceland raises alert level

Iceland raised its alert warning level to maximum after what it called a small eruption in Bardarbunga volcano system.

Separatists to let troops leave

Pro-Moscow rebels said they would allow the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops they have encircled.

North Korean official defects

Canada launches war of words

Australia seeks help for families

Australia urged Thailand to let Australian couples with babies born by Thai surrogate mothers to return home with their children.

ComCom won't probe Sky TV

sky tv "Competing priorities" mean the Commerce Commission won't ask Sky TV about its price increase.

Ferry woes hit KiwiRail

State-owned rail company launches a wide-ranging review after a year from hell that cost taxpayers $248 million.

Bridgecorp's Roest denied parole

Lower confidence a 'reality check'

Bathurst Resources escarpment mine

Mine delay costs Bathurst

Coalminer posts a $188.9 million annual loss after it slashed the value of its Buller project.

Sellers swap TradeMe

Charlotte Hurst Thousands of Aucklanders are ditching TradeMe in favour of social media sites to buy, sell and trade.

Still tough for the first-home buyer

The ability of first home buyers to get a mortgage has eased only slightly with banks holding volumes of low deposit lending steady.

Tax policy elusive

Division over KiwiSaver's future

Dad brews up a winner

Brewers Dale Booth brewed a raspberry beer for his baby girl. Now he's in the pink over a commercial contract.

It's not all about the rich list

It isn't easy, but here's how having your own business can unlock the wealth and freedom you dream of.

Cost of success was failure

Capital Gains Tax: Relief for SMEs

Cool on the net this week

Sitting at your desk and dreaming of the weekend? Here's 10 weird and addictive picks to keep you going.

Anticipation builds for Apple event

Apple's latest product launch will be in a setting that holds a special place in its history, signalling how big this event is for the company.

Samsung's new smartwatch

Gamers raided in 'swatting' prank

Google drones tested in Queensland

A farm is the unlikely testing ground of one Google's most technologically advanced projects.

Aussie model's Photoshop protest

Model A swimwear model has just taken a very public stand against Photoshopped pictures of her body.

My Down Syndrome baby

"Though they don't ask aloud, you can see the question in their eyes: ‘If you knew, why did you have him?’"

Butts are back in a big way

Dangerously cute pets

Barack Obama

Obama's suit does the talking

When Barack Obama fronted the press today, it was his outfit - not words - that really got people talking.

The good, bad, ugly ... The Block

strap Product placement, hotel challenges and some dodgy construction ... it's baaack!

The dos & don'ts of decorating

Add some style and personality to your home with these expert tips.

Your DIY questions answered

10 signs of a good builder


Solutions for the housing crisis

What does the next government need to do about our housing situation?

Is this NZ's worst baking?

Bad baking Do your cupcakes make children cry? Does your kitchen resemble a crime scene? You're not the only one...

A chef's ultimate challenge

My Kitchen Rules' Robert Oliver says he certainly won't be cheating when he lives on $2.25 a day for five days.

No such thing as waste

The perfect on-the-go snack

Lochinver sale change denied

Lochinver Station near Taupo Labour appears to be warning it may not be able to block the sale of Lochinver station to Chinese investors.

Bid to improve quad safety

A South Canterbury man thinks the anti-roll bar he designed could reduce quad bike accidents.

Fonterra stink worries

Hawke's Bay grower wins

Prince Harry is off the market

Prince Harry Prince Harry has landed a young woman with "beauty and brains" - and seems really smitten.

Blake Lively attacked by bees

Gossip Girl star and new lifestyle blogger Blake Lively had a terrifying encounter with a swarm of bees.

Rivers 'resting comfortably'

Brangelina's secret wedding

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Q&A turns feral

Italian-American tweenie pop idol Ariana Grande has copped a roasting during a Twitter Q&A.

Ski field's first chair lift

Porters is on its way to becoming a ''major'' destination thanks to a four-seater chairlift.

Make music, and money

Russia's state-run airline Aeroflot is offering big bucks for a new English-language jingle.

Seat spat diverts another flight

Unruly pair force jet back

Pee here and be famous

A Czech hotel owner has taken an ingenious step to deterring tourists who relieve themselves in public.

No quick fix for constant pain

Chronic pain Living with chronic pain can make you vulnerable to pseudo-scientific remedies but trust me, they don't work.

My beef with uni Arts funding

Our unis are failing us by focusing on science and ignoring academia, languages and the Arts.

Forget Buck, bring back SBW

Proof that spring is here

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Top five reader comments

We're all about showbiz secrets, gadgets and the lighter things in life in today's top comments.

Sleek street beast

Custom-made, Custom-made, "coach-built" gull-wing US sports car boasts 1058 horsepower and costs a cool nearly NZ$1.2m.

New Vitara revealed

Japanese brand takes the covers off new compact SUV.

Fraudster's Rolls sells at auction

Portaloose: Trailer on the runs

Ford has begun building the new version of one of its two most highly anticipated new models, the 2015 Mustang.

Mustang is almost here

Ford has begun building the new version of one of its two most highly anticipated new models, the 2015 Mustang.

Vucinic relishing the underdog tag

Nenad Vucinic World Cup feels like the ''last battle'' for tough Tall Blacks coach and he's plotting furiously to find one more famous victory.

Turbos outpace Lions

Woeful is now the only word to describe Wellington's provincial rugby side after they lost 27-21 to Manawatu tonight.

Champions League draw out

Only catering can stop ABs

Jonathan Kaplan

'A bureaucratic time warp'

Former top rugby referee Jonathan Kaplan says innovations like a captain's challenge are needed.

Soprano Kitty

From Tony to Hello Kitty

The literary theory idea that explains how we talk about pop culture.

Mother and daughter row

Joy at being told off by child

We thought we could never have a conversation with our autistic daughter. Then I told her to 'shut up'.

Stephen Mulholland with some of his female alpacas.

Alpaca pack a punch

Couple tried every major NZ city before deciding on Wellington lifestyle and alpaca farming.

A winter escape

Sometimes winter's depths feel like an eternity away from the heady joys of summer.

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A day of mischief

Miss A It seemed to be trying for the world record of naughty acts in a single day. If there is such a record she's gone very close to setting a new one.

Simone Pavile

'I survived placenta percreta'

When writing her birth plan, Simone Pavil included an item most women wouldn’t even think about: what should happen if she was put on life support.

A looming legal deadline may spell the death of some people's only chance of having children.

Clock ticking on frozen 'assets'

A looming legal deadline may spell the death of some people's only chance of having children.


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Rugby fans face price hikes

All Blacks and Wallabies fans cramming into hotels have caused price hikes on both sides of the ditch.

Peru canyon

4 countries in 3 months

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Top 5 travel selfies

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Queen Elizabeth

Queen almost locked out

The Queen lay her royal head to rest in Hamilton on December 30, 1953 but, unbeknown to Her Majesty, it was not without help from the local locksmith.

Brazilian town's man drought

A Brazilian town suffering from a serious man drought has made an appeal for eligible bachelors.

29-year-old virgin outed

A 29-year-old virgin named Patrick has become an unwitting social media sensation.


Protecting cheese with DNA

Swiss cheesemakers' weapon against forgeries is housed at minus 80 degrees celsius in a Bern freezer.

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