The 'perfect' Aurora Australis

4:12 AM  Conditions "perfect" for viewing in the South Island as solar flare creates strong reaction.

Live: America's Cup

Team Japan skipper Dean Barker.

5:00 AM  Team NZ races Dean Barker and Team Japan before taking on the Brits on day two of qualifying.

Scott Dixon survives big crash video

1 min ago  Kiwi motorsport ace gets airborne in a terrifying high speed crash at the Indy 500.

Eight dead in US shootings

Suspect wanted police to shoot him after alleged killings at three different homes.

'Single Child Tax' penalises families

Nasty fish-hook in Government package may leave 20,000 families with one child worse off.

With Trump, camera never lies video

OPINION: When he tries to shake other leaders' hands off, it's no accident or sideshow.

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Case 'doesn't fit pattern'

Michael Craig McGrath went missing on about May 22.

Builder Michael McGrath vanished a week ago. Police have appealed for sightings of his car.

Predicting the unpredictable

If you're 55 to 65, watch out when you ride your quad bike: How data is stopping the accidents which seem random.

MetService says the loud bang was probably thunder, but not all locals are convinced.

Mystery bang jolts Tauranga

4:17 AM  Was it a thunderclap, or something else? Residents are divided over the loud noise that woke them at 3am on Sunday.


Schooling yourself to investment confidence

Self-directed investor Murray Salt laughed when he heard the Financial Markets Authority's annual survey showed investor confidence was up.


Police pelt men with apples video

A South African police officer lines up the alleged thieves and throws an apple at them.

They caught a group who'd allegedly stolen some fruit, so they lined them up and threw it at them.

Cleared of rape in 'unusual' case

5:13 AM  His marriage was already under strain when he discovered "sexts"on his wife's phone. Then, she accused him of rape.

The mother of one of the victims of an attack on a group of Coptic Christians that took place on Friday attends a ...

Bus attack survivors' horror video

Attackers told Christians they would be spared if they converted to Islam. They chose death.


We're mostly bad savers in NZ video

Hannah McQueen says Kiwis tend to be underachievers in the savings department.

'Money, like food, is emotional - just because you know what you should be doing, doesn't mean you'll actually do it.'

Kiwis stick with their banks

New system made it easier to switch, but hardly anyone does.

Kiwi by name, Aussie by nature

The Kiwi brand that's Aussie video

It has our national bird on the tin, but - unlike the pavlova or Russell Crowe - Kiwi shoe polish is truly Australian.


The great NZ data binge

The average Kiwi household's data usage is doubling almost every year watching shows like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

The online television revolution is driving a massive surge in household internet use.

What Zuckerberg told Harvard

Facebook founder tells millennials: "It's time for our generation-defining public works. Let's do big things."

Today, our internet selves are an extension - however curated - of our 'real' lives.

Leading Facebook faux pas

Facebook users are offended by things they didn't used to be.


Meet the maker: Nellie Ryan

The beauty is in the detail when it comes to Ryan's work.

5:00 AM  Fortune and fabulous skills combine in the back-story of this award-winning textile designer.

Funeral directors' colourful home

Megan and Clark Campbell run the local funeral directors' - and their home may not be what you'd expect.

Instead of flicking a switch, in future turning on lights and AV equipment could be as simple as touching a paint spot ...

How tech will change your home

From the solar skin on your house to internet via every surface, the humble abode is on the verge of major change.

life & style

How to spend $27m in Thames

All the windows look out on the sea from this multi-million dollar home in Whangamata.

You could buy a lot of property with that cash. But how about an air hangar, and a plane to put in it?

Model set for backyard wedding

Miranda Kerr and her internet mogul man have been papped preparing for a backyard wedding.

You're here for the beers, not to hit on staff, a bar in England says.

Handsy patrons told to back off

Being nice to customers is the bartender's job, this pub says - so stop hitting on her.

well & good

Which oats are the best?

Warming winter porridge - is it good for you?

Wholegrain, rolled or steel cut? We put them to the test.

What does it mean to be fit?

Physical appearance isn't everything, so how do you know if you're actually fit?

Dr Lucy Hone explains the practice of oscillation and how it can help us navigate life's difficulties, big and small.

The ebb and flow of grieving

It helps to face emotional pain front on, but sometimes we need to look away for a while.

food & wine

Good golly Miss Cauliflower

Cauliflower is the undisputed hero in this risotto dish that's the ultimate in comfort food.

Cauliflower – or the more poetic choux-fleur – has never tasted so good. Put aside any preconceptions and give this risotto a go.

New twist on classic PB&J

Classsic US sandwich combo peanut butter and jelly is given a Kiwi treatment – in a cake.

Best of the breakfast bowls

Shopping and leftovers

nz farmer

When the fert hits the fan

The large fertiliser co-ops maintain they act in the interests of farmers and the industry.

A new fertiliser seller is disrupting the industry and offering a different model.

Paralysed after work accident

Kiranjit Singh was always "hard-working and sporty". Now he's paralysed from the neck down. 

Council's 'Gypsy Day' u-turn

Agri-business startups not easy


Survivors win brown fluid video

Poor preparation: alleged chocolate melts in a snap-lock bag.

A cruel act of negligence left gleeful Survivor contestants scooping brown fluid from a snap-lock bag.

Dog interrupts news broadcast

Is he after her job? This black labrador has a real passion for the news.

Gregg Allman, a founding member of The Allman Brothers Band, has died at the age of 69.

Southern rock legend dies at 69 video

Gregg Allman, 69, of the influential Allman Brothers Band has passed away at his home.


Elvis' jet sells for $600k

The 1962 red Lockheed JetStar was owned by Elvis and his father, Vernon Presley.

A private jet once owned by Elvis - complete with red velvet seats and shag carpet - has a new owner.

The happiest place on Earth

Bhutan is beset with a major chilli shortage. How does this affect the land of happiness?

Virgin had to fly a another plane from Auckland to Rarotonga to ferry the passengers home.

'I'll never fly Virgin again'

After a night stuck outside Rarotonga's airport, passengers say there's no way the airline can win them back.


The desirable foil to luxury SUVs

Yes the 530d is on a beach. Yes it's all-wheel drive. No, it's not an SUV (it's better).

Adding an estate body shape and xDrive to the 5-series transforms both image and the driving experience.

Golf turbo drives Tiguan SUV video

Stick a hot hatch's turbocharged engine into an SUV and you get a rather invigorating drive.

Heritage in name... like all Softails this one has the same 19-litre fuel tank that H-D has made for 40 years.

Too much heritage in Harley

Classic-style bike aims to take us back to a more simple time. But it might be a bit too simple.

stuff nation

My memories of Manchester stuff nation

Manchester is vibrant, cool, artsy, and makes me proud to be Northern.

I spent my youth going to gigs in Manchester, and I'll never pass up the opportunity to go back.

Brother dogs united

5:00 AM  Geoffrey and Colin were part of the same litter, but it took a chance sighting to bring them back together.

At times the irritation we felt towards each other felt unbearable, and friendships were tested to the limit.

Flatting: A rite of passage stuff nation

Passive-aggressive notes, stacked dishes and a strict heater allowance - those were the days.


BAR ready for Team NZ

Team BAR suffered major damage to their hull on the opening day of the America's Cup.

5:34 AM  British and Japanese set to take on Team NZ after undergoing major repairs.

Where's the Origin hate gone?

Could the lack of hate between the two sides be the reason State of Origin has lost its fire?

Allan Saint-Maximin starred for France against New Zealand (File Photo).

U-20s advance to knockouts video

Two wonder goals from France see off NZ, but results elsewhere seal Kiwis' place in last 16 of World Cup.


Let's forget bomber's name

"Of all the dangerous situations your kids can put themselves in, a concert by a former Nickelodeon star where baby pink ...

OPINION: I don't know whether suicide bombers have the same desire for infamy as mass shooters, but I'm not taking the chance.

Why I've got to keep the faith

Young fans show their support.

OPINION: Just as the Vanilla Ice days of hip-hop gave way to better times and tunes, so the Warriors are bound to be on song eventually.

Hijacking terror for retweets

Nadine Higgins: If the bombing itself didn't make you despair for humanity enough already, people actually used it to ...

OPINION: We are using one of our greatest communication tools to grizzle - and fabricate, writes Nadine Higgins.

How to conquer concussion

Blues midfielder Sonny Bill Williams sat out the recent game against the Cheetahs due to concussion.

OPINION: Rugby has dealt with welfare crises before, and it can again, writes Phil Gifford.

good reads

30 years she never expected to live gallery

L-R:  Melissa Burnett, Cherie Burnett, Kay Burnett, and former journalist Colin ...

When Kay Burnett received new lungs 30 years ago, she gave her heart away to another.

A place where bad things happen

Hayden Poulter pictured shortly after his arrest in 1996.

Vanishings and killings of beautiful women on K Rd cemented its seedy status - but was it a myth?

The magic of Star Wars in 1977 video

Unaltered <i>Star Wars</i> trilogy to be re-released

"Coming To Your Galaxy This Summer," blared the posters, as anticipation for the film began to grow.

The $8 lettuce and the cyclone

The long term impact on the lives of the people in this country, and other countries affected by climate change, isn't ...

OPINION: Bad weather means we get angry over the cost of salad. It means much more to people living in the Pacific.

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Sunday, February 12: Uh-oh

Dilbert, The Little Things and more.


Arms Fair a hit

Yvonne Clarke all kitted up at the annual Arms Fair 2017.

Guns, bullets, knives and antique gas masks are all being shown off in Palmerston North.

Fostering a love of books behind bars

About 70 per cent of prisoners in New Zealand have trouble with basic literacy and numeracy. (File Photo)

Forget fight clubs. It's prison book clubs which are getting inmates passionate about life again.

Shot theory no joke

Jim Morton lost his left eye, on the right of this photo as you look at it, in a shooting incident. A Fish and Game ...

All hunters should start wearing safety glasses, says man who claims shot can ricochet off ducks.

Asking to visit the Queen

Greg Agnew and Nicole DeSonier-Agnew on the lawn at Buckingham Palace.

He wanted to go to the Queen's garden party with Prince Philip, Prince William and Kate Middleton. So he asked - and was allowed in.


'Live in the moment an illusion'

Kids should start counting their coins from 6-years-old, says Hannah McQueen.

Following your dreams is not realistic, says finance expert Hannah McQueen.

Using a spud to stop a trantrum

A simple potato may be the answer to stopping a tantrum.

Dad's 3-year-old was on the verge of a tantrum, so he handed the child a potato. That's right, a potato.

Dads 'do a better job' video

We're all doing a much better job than our own fathers did McRoberts says.

"I think we're all doing a much better job than our own fathers did."

Follow your dreams? Nope

Hannah McQueen says too many university students don't have a clear plan on how to use their expensive degree.

The guidance from student career counsellors is all wrong, says one financial expert.

kiwi traveller

A traveller's guide to toilet etiquette

You'll find many a high-tech toilet in Japan. This one has a toilet roll for wiping smartphones, a bidet and a heated seat.

What do this button do? Oh, no. Cancel. Cancel. Cancel! Do not want.

Insider Tip: Botswana

If you make it to Botswana, floating down the Okavango Delta is a great experience.

Africa is the home of record breakers, breath takers and neck stretchers.

Readers' travel photos of the week gallery

A rough 45-minute ride in an ex-army Jeep followed by a short walk leads you to these falls deep in the tropical forest ...

Do you have a holiday snap that you'd like to share with the world? 

Bithday bash in Raro

Rarotonga is a fun, easy and relaxing choice for a family break.

A short flight from NZ, Rarotonga is a fun, easy and relaxing spot for a family celebration.

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