September 15 2014, updated 8:58pm

Pizza Hut's pet advert

Outrage over guinea pig offer

Pizza Hut Australia apologises for offering "free small animal" with 10 large pizzas.

US spy sensor 'in NZ'

Edward Snowden at Moment of Truth event 8:28pm Whistleblower Edward Snowden claims there is a US security facility in NZ. | Beehive Live

Man missing in lake

Search on for man who disappeared in Canterbury lake while trying to reach drifting boat.

A lonely death in wild

Tramper lay dead for almost eight weeks before private helicopter spotted his body.

Smalley's tears good enough

Rachel Smalley's swift apology for calling Kiwi women "a bunch of lardos" keeps the Broadcasting Standards Authority happy.

The Chills star dies

Record label pays tribute to "great talent" of Peter Gutteridge, a pioneer of the Dunedin sound.

Powerboat floods after hitting rocks

Gore Bay Powerboat helped by nearby fishermen after colliding with rocks and taking on water near Cheviot.

Spinal cord injury ignored

A man was discharged from hospital after a bicycle crash, without doctors realising he had received a spinal cord injury.

Cop attacker in court

Dotcom takes fight back to court


Deck collapse 'happened so fast'

Mele Maile's aunty will never celebrate her birthday again after her family dropped metres from a deck.

EPL Week 4: Top 5 goals

A wrap of the top five goals from this weekend's English Premier League action.

Is this Dotcom's truth?

dotcom key PM and Warner Bros reject claims of plot to bring Kim Dotcom here at behest of Hollywood bosses. | ’You’re being watched’

Spy scandal - what we know

NZ's spying scandal pre-dates the explosive disclosures by US whistleblower Edward Snowden. | Seven alternative truths | Claims stripped bare

Child poverty is solvable: Greens

'10,000 new homes a year'

Edward Snowden at Moment of Truth event

US spy sensor 'in NZ'

Whistleblower Edward Snowden claims there is a US security facility in NZ. | Beehive Live

Kiwi terrorists 'likely' - expert

There could be as many as two dozen New Zealanders involved with ISIS, an international law expert says.

Gamers fake police calls

Video game players are getting back at online opponents by sending police SWAT teams to their homes.

Thousands evacuated

Search for boy, 3, 'critical'

Venezuelans missing implants

Venezuela's chronic shortages have begun to encroach on a cultural cornerstone: the boob job.

Feltex appeal likely

Feltex Out-of-pocket investors will challenge the High Court dismissal of a claim against directors, owners and promoters of shares in the failed carpet maker.

Fulton Hogan botches sacking

Fulton Hogan unjustifiably sacked worker who claimed he inadvertently ate two hash cupcakes.

Trade Me buys online payment firm

National's $8m oil and gas plans

Scott Mirfin

Estate agent sued for negligence

An Auckland couple head back to court over the botched sale of their $6m luxury home.

There's always a way to save

piggy bank no money The cost of living may be high, but there are always little things you can do that add up in savings.

Game on for banking disruptors

Banks will surrender parts of their businesses to a new breed of competitors that match borrowers and lenders online.

Don't forget Struggle Street

Paying for pain at the dentist

Training business gone to the dogs

Hawke’s Bay dog trainer Alastair Needes Man's best friend is also Alastair Needes' business partner.

Take legal advice over copycat

A new rival has similar branding and products to yours, what are your rights?

Finding a window of investment

Spacecube fills pop-up niche

Oh no, not U2

All your Apple devices could be full of the sounds from U2's new album.

Gamers 'swatting' opponents

Emergency calls sending armed cops out to confront shocked gamers; welcome to world of revenge hoaxes.

Destiny turns at level 20

Smart cars talk to each other

Samsung accuses LG of sabotage

Korean company accuses senior executives from rival of vandalising its washing machines at stores in Germany.

Amy Poehler on marriage

amy poehler The amazing human's wise words on people's nostalgic yearning for the way marriage worked in 'simpler times'.

The 'apparently' kid is back

Well, that didn't take long! The boy who adorably hijacked a local TV news report is set to star in his first ad campaign.

My year of being bi-sexual

Unconventional model is a hit (spoiler)


The week in celeb Instagrams

A medley of Miley's tongue, a Beatle and a pop star, the ghost of Jay Z and much, much more.

Live chat with a sleep expert

sleep Dr Karyn O'Keeffe, one of NZ's foremost sleep researchers, answers all your shut-eye queries.

'Fat shaming' hinders weight loss

Think making someone who's overweight feel bad will spark them to do something about it? Think again.

WIN: Be stuffed no more

Have we hit 'peak gratitude'?


7 inspirational quotes to ignore

Pinterest has birthed an explosion of peppy quote sharing: here are some that are basically gibberish.

At home with Lynda Hallinan

Things are blooming down this green-finger guru's garden path – fruit, flowers, vegetables and two small sons.

The Block NZ is drowning

If there are any more shots of mud or rain on The Block NZ, my remote may be thrown at the TV.

10 hot homeware picks for spring

Don't let a reno' ruin relationships


Renters feeling the chill

Renters feel the cold at home more than most, but those struggling with mortgages are not far behind.

How to: microwave mug cakes

Mug cake Is it really possible to bake yummy cakes in the office microwave? We put three variations to the test.

Simple rules for healthy eating

Before you know it, your week of eating well and exercising has become a distant memory.

Can you cook cheap eats?

Love rules for foodie cuties

Post mortems on cows

Cows graze on swedes Team of experts carrying out post mortems to get to the bottom of a mystery illness that has killed as many as 300 cows.

Poachers fire on workers

Forestry workers are dodging bullets from poachers, says a forest manager.

Council bullying claim

Quad bike crash victim named

Shadows wins People's Choice

what we do in the shadows What We Do in the Shadows has won the People's Choice award in the Midnight Madness programme at TIFF.

Police Ten 7's new host

Bay of Plenty-based Detective Sergeant Rob Lemoto is the new host of Police Ten 7.

What the gossip mags say

Django actress 'detained'

anna kendrick

Kendrick pulled back in

Anna Kendrick is done with musicals. No really. She swears. After The Last 5 Years and Pitch Perfect.

Roar and snore

There's still a clutch of Sydney gems you've probably forgotten about, or never knew existed.

Ebola scare affects tourism

Gold Coast Tourism says sensational reporting of the Ebola scare has damaged the region's brand.

Falling in love

Open and shut case

A stay in St Tropez

This sexy siren has been luring men to the French Riviera long before Brigitte Bardot.

'Money-grabbing ethos' of NZ

Generic money New Zealand used to be a low cost, low wage economy. What happened? asks immigrant Nick Wall.

WIN: Be stuffed no more

Make a three-month pact for positive change and you could win a treadmill worth $3000.

Stars in their lens

Boks will make ABs better

Kim Dotcom

Top five reader comments

Kim Dot Com's proposed big reveal tonight has our readers weighing in on corruption, spying and spanking.

Top 5 modern Ferraris

Ferrari LaFerrari Five influential Ferraris created under the watch of Luca di Montezemolo.

Turbocharger v supercharger

Few car makers are using the supercharger but does that mean it is not as good as the turbocharger?

Smart cars talk to each other

Fastest roadies to 100kmh

speed cam

A speed camera, really?

There are claims a new speed camera has been hidden behind a tree to increase revenue.

The Eden Park effect

Bill Pulver Hit hard by slumping crowds, Australian Rugby Union boss admits Wallabies' Eden Park nightmare has taken the "wind out of our sails."

'Not sure life can be better'

Twelve consecutive rounds in the 60s nets American golfer prestigious title and massive US$10m pay day.

Palu blow for Wallabies

Kiwi prop avoids ban

Julian Savea

ABs 'worth a premium to see'

British press say high ticket costs to see All Blacks are justified if matches are like Saturday's test.

Virus hunter confronts Ebola

Joseph Fair hunts viruses. That's his thing. He's used to dominating his prey but Ebola is different.

57th annual Heading and Huntaway dog sales near Gore.

No time to be sheepish

Matt Porter - he's from away - went to see a few men in Gore about a few dogs.

Denzel Washington

Has TIFF eaten cinema?

Has Toronto International Film Festival become the middlebrow blob that ate cinema?

Kim Dotcom

Soaking in it

Voting early, surrounded by ads, is a dodgy exercise, writes Jane Bowron.

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What's your favourite 'Moment of Truth'?

It's all just the exciting conclusion of a James Bond film

Dotcom announces he will appear on Dancing with the Stars: On Ice

Mona's great escape

Dotcom's mansion is actually the New Zealand Neverland

Dotcom fashion designer tells all

Documents revealing the truth about Peter Dunne's hair

David Cunliffe is actually a cat

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child eating vegetables

Talking vegetarianism

At some point your kids might start to really think about where their food is coming from and want to exercise some choices in what they're eating.

couple talking

Rekindling a romance

My ex and I got married and divorced very young. We're starting to get close again. We have a daughter. Should we get back together?

teen sex

Don't want to hear it

Every time I try to talk to my kids about puberty or sex they run away and block their ears.

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The importance of grandparents

There is definitely potential to take advantage of what could be dubbed the Grandparental Babysitting Society.



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Adventurer peaks in Europe

A Kiwi adventurer with a thirst for peaks has completed his latest challenge.

Swiss family relocators

The Zipfel family moved to Switzerland to be closer to relatives and the opportunities of Europe.

The Kiwi wanderers

For 'perpetual travellers', occasional overseas trips just aren't enough.

Venezuelans missing implants

Venezuela's chronic shortages have begun to encroach on a cultural cornerstone: the boob job.

'Fiddly' op to remove fish tumour

George the goldfish gets to swim again after high-risk micro-surgery.

Man 'cooked' girlfriend's dog

US police have arrested a man for allegedly stealing and cooking his ex-girlfriend's pet dog.

Alexandra Emery with Angelo

Gladys left 600k to animals

Almost 30 years after her death, the final wishes of an elegant and formidable animal lover will be realised.

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