'Like a cup of cold sick'

Philanthropist turned aspiring politician Gareth Morgan talks the reality of tackling inequality.

'On fire before crash'

The wreckage of the Pakistan International Airlines flight that crashed in mountainous northern Pakistan.

6:11 AM  Bodies "burned beyond recognition", debris scattered after plane crash in mountains.

A desk to survive a quake with video

An office earthquake life-saver? A falling BMW can't crush this Wellington inventor's $200 desk.

The ugly side of Stuff comments stuff nation

OPINION: I have felt so threatened and worried that I have considered giving up writing altogether for the safety of my family.

Death at the Dubai Ladies

13 min ago  Caddie dies after collapsing on the 13th fairway in the first round of a pro golf event.

The mum of Prince's son?

6:53 AM  She says pop legend visited Invercargill when he was 17. And they had a son together.

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Three people saved from boat

The Coastguard and rescue crews responded to the stricken boat off the coast of Dargaville.

A rescue team saved three people on broken down boat off the coast of Dargaville.

Wicked day on roads

Multiple crashes on Wednesday leave one dead and scores injured.

Paul Justin Noble, 19, was sentenced to ten months home detention this week for a brutal assault on a smaller man.

Throwing it all away

6:50 AM  Paul Noble escaped a conviction, then bashed a man's head against a concrete poll. His mum is ashamed.


The mum of Prince's son?

Caren McCormack says the legendary pop star visited Invercargill when he was 17. And they had a son together.


Assange releases statement

Jennifer Robinson, the lawyer of  WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, reads a statement to media outside Ecuador's embassy ...

WikiLeaks founder asserts he did not commit any crimes when he had sex with a woman in Sweden.

Why did the salmon cross the road? video

A yearly salmon crossing is occurring near Seattle, and it's going swimmingly.

Relatives of Chapecoense football club head coach Caio Junior, who died in the plane crash in Colombia, participate in a ...

Three arrests over crash

Director and two employees of charter airline arrested following plane crash involving a Brazilian football team.


Half-billion revamp for Wellington

The development would be a joint venture between the Port Nicholson Block Development Trust and The Wellington Company.

7 min ago  Hotel, brewery and hundreds of new homes hinted at in new plans.

How to pay off a credit card video

Vicki had a $14,000 credit card debt 4 years ago. Now, she owns her own home.

Jobs in high-skilled labour will increase while more menial jobs will become scarcer.

Robo-retail a prescient sign video

Like your job? Enjoy it and upskill before the robots take it away.

NZ Earthquake

Uncertainty around building safety

Asteron Centre tenant Inland Revenue commissioned its own report on the building in the wake of the November 14 ...

Opinion: The rules and requirements for assessing the safety of a quake-hit building are confused and unclear.

Special quake powers for Wellington

Council can now force Wellington landlords to have buildings assessed and share the results.

Ford Brothers trucks ferrying debris away from the SH1 slips south of Kaikoura on Wednesday.

SH1 in Kaikoura won't open this week

 Kaikoura residents will have to wait a little longer for SH1 access to Christchurch.


Why 3D printing failed

​The 3D printing bubble has burst, with part of the blame placed on unrealistic expectations.

​The 3D printing bubble has burst, with part of the blame placed on unrealistic expectations.

Instagram takes on the trolls

Changes include the ability to turn off comments on posts and remove followers.

You can easily manage Google Wifi units from an app on your smartphone, even remotely.

Review: Google Wifi

Google has just released its new wi-fi system that's built around so-called "mesh" networking technology.

life & style

4 reasons for loss of sex drive

Four main factors can influence your sex drive: social, hormonal, physiological and psychological.

It happens to many people over the course of their lives, and science suggests there is no one clear reason for it.

Living next to a nudist colony

This couple list five things they have learned in their years living next door to the nudists.

Is it wrong to stay with him until you find someone new?

Is this better than nothing?

Our relationship wasn't terrible, but it wasn't good for me either. But isn't it better than being alone?

well & good

7 common deodorant mistakes

Should you use deodorant or antiperspirant? And what's the best time of day to apply it?

Should you use deodorant or antiperspirant? And when should you apply it? We have the answers.

How to avoid Xmas weight gain

Tis the season to indulge - but it's going to take a lot of work to burn off those festive treats later on.

Prompt use of good chest compressions can save a life.

Why you should know CPR

CPR can be performed in all sorts of medical emergencies and can undoubtedly saves lives.

home & property

Quiz: Real or fake Xmas tree?

Faux Christmas trees are upping their game - do you have the eye to distinguish a fake tree from real tree?

It can be hard to tell the difference... and we share some tricks to make your faux tree look even more realistic.

10 eye-catching kitchens gallery

Top Kiwi kitchen designer Mal Corboy has a celebrity client list and a penchant for pink.

Thought the kitchen counter was the dirtiest thing in your home? You'll be surprised.

5 dirtiest things in your home

Think the kitchen counter is the dirtiest thing in your home? You'll be surprised.

food & wine

NZ's best kids' menu revealed

New World's Little Garden pots have taken out Munch's supreme award.

Roasted pork belly, lamb rump and pan-fried fish of the day feature.

Best baked Christmas gifts video

Showing that you care should only take a few minutes in the kitchen.

Nadia Lim's pan-fried fish

Biggest food trends of 2016

nz farmer

Hello deer, you're rare

Danish White Red deer fawns normally look like these two on the left. Stardust, however, looks completely different.

Rare arrivals at Taranaki wildlife park stun experienced deer farmers with unusual colour pattern.

Fonterra boilover unlikely

Last year's fireworks are unlikely to repeat at Fonterra's annual general meeting on Thursday.

Going nowhere fast in caravan

Finding Japan's sweet spot


Young Thug joins Laneway

Atlanta rapper Young Thug will play Laneway Festival in January 2017.

Young Thug will join Laneway Festival's lineup.

Goldenhorse reform just once

Goldenhorse are back for concert honouring legendary writer and poet. 

When Fleur Verhoeven was dumped by the Bachelor, Jordan Mauger, we were shocked to the core.

Let 2016 entertain you

From The Bachelor to Jenny-May to Hilary Barry to HDPA - these were the stories that rocked in 2016.


Romantic Caribbean getaway

The new overwater villas debuted in December at Sandals Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Jamaica's luxurious overwater villas have just opened, but are already booked through till 2018.

Tips for Airbnb virgins

Here's how to use the accommodation-sharing service that's taken the travel world by storm.

Drowning instances are common in the Caribbean.

Beautiful, but dangerous

A list of places that will take your breath away, but could also kill you in surprising ways.


Our Top Small SUV of 2016 video

Turbo version has added extra fizz to Vitara this year. But we like the standard model as well.

We count down the best cars of the year, culminating in our Top Car on December 16.

Rude, rugged and retro

Russian-made Ural Sahara looks like a beautifully preserved sidecar motorcycle barn find

Flagship version of NG Commodore will have 230kW/370Nm V6 with all-wheel drive.

This is the new Commodore

What do you think of the smooth-looking five-door liftback that is to be new Holden Commodore?

stuff nation

Jack Sparrow in a kava bowl

07122016 - Stuff Pet of the Day - Jack Sparrow

When he isn't chilling in the bath or his kava bowl, Jack lives up to his name by causing trouble.

How to find the perfect woman

The harder you try, the more unappealing you appear. Desperation never looks nice.

130113.sport.  Photograph Kent Blechynden/Dominion Post.   Football. Wellington Phoenix vs Western Sydney Wanderers. ...

No need to fix the Nix

They could almost do it with two players: Nikolai Topor-Stanley and Albert Riera.


Parker v Ruiz a 'perfect storm'

Joseph Parker.

World's leading matchmaker says WBO title fight has all the ingredients for a classic.

What went wrong for NZ?

OPINION: Five ways the Black Caps lost the Chappell-Hadlee Trophy to Australia.

Rugby, football and rugby league already have red cards. Could cricket be next?

Cricket red cards coming?

6:48 AM  Cricketers could be 'red-carded' by umpires and ejected for duration of a match from next October.

good reads

Where is Bana?

Bana al-Abed has more than 200,000 followers on Twitter.

It was a harrowing farewell message, and then there was silence from the Anne Frank of the Syrian Civil War.

Parents hope daughter abducted

Zuzu Verk, a 21-year-old student at university in Texas, went missing in October.

The mysterious disappearance of 21-year-old Zuzu Verk.

Fake news, false-flag conspiracies video

The Comet Ping Pong pizza restaurant in Washington DC where a shooting was sparked by fake news reports that it was ...

#Pizzagate: A theory behind the debunked story about a child-molestation ring run by Hillary Clinton.

Good poems don't date

William Shakespeare: aware of the passage of time, as are many poets.

OPINION:  The poetry of the ancients and the comparatively moderns muses on many of the same feelings and themes.

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Whale recorder found 185km away

A retrieved audio device from the South Taranaki Bight in a life ring.

A $7000 device used for recording whale song washed up off Kapiti Island after drifting all the way from Taranaki.

What's on the tracks?

There are on average 22 collisions a year between cars and trains and 31 between pedestrians and trains.

Been late to work lately after catching the train? There might be a few reasons why.

Route 66 - the road that hums a tune

On a desolate stretch of Route 66, between Albuquerque and Tijeras, the road plays 'America the Beautiful'.

But you need to be driving at 72kmh to hear it.

Whisky Way sign goes wandering

Prasika Reddy lives on Whisky Way and is frustrated that the road sign is frequently stolen.

The wandering Whisky Way sign is gone more than it's there.


My ex's new husband is a jerk

How do you handle her new stepdad when he's being unreasonable?

He badmouths me to our daughter and is trying to cut me out of her life. What can I do?

How To Dad's shopping hack video

Vlogger Jordan Watson demonstrates his technique for keeping track of his daughter in a shopping mall.

Some viewers saw a flaw in How to Dad's Christmas shopping advice - but he's got a clever workaround.

Handling kid's pester power

Do you give in to your child's incessant nagging?

Do you give in to your child's incessant nagging? How to take back the power.

'I'm a bit of a Christmas grinch'

Is celebrating Christmas good for our children?

Now that I have my own children I have to figure out what I want Christmas to be like in our family.

kiwi traveller

Border officials say NZ is not a country

Chloe Phillips-Harris, pictured after a snowstorm in Kazakhstan, was almost denied entry to the country.

They thought New Zealand was a state of Australia, says Kiwi detained in Kazakhstan over passport.

Why you lift the shade for take-off

With just seconds to evacuate an airplane, flight attendants need to assess the outside conditions.

With just seconds to evacuate an airplane, flight attendants need to assess the outside conditions.

Kiwi couple spend 10 years travelling

The Indie Travel Podcast founders Linda and Craig Martin.

Craig and Linda Martin embarked on their OE in 2006 and have been on the road ever since.

Living the Dunedin dream

Denise and her partner, Vince, both from England, have bought a section in Dunedin.

Denise Burnham quit England to build her dream home on a steep hill section in Dunedin overlooking the sea.

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