September 24 2014, updated 4:20am


Zoo announces sad loss of foetus

Britain's only female giant panda has suffered a failed pregnancy, her second in two years.

Cunliffe still in charge

David Cunliffe Labour MPs emerge from a seven-hour crisis meeting - and David Cunliffe is still leader. | Live action

Good samaritan injured

Woman undergoes surgery after offender fractured her skull when she attempted to stop a bag-snatch.

Tiger kills man at zoo

A white tiger killed a young man who either fell or climbed into the animal’s enclosure at New Delhi zoo.

US attacks Islamic State

4:20am US and five Arab nations begin airstrikes on Islamic State militants in Syria, using jets, bombers and missiles.

Substation surge cuts power

A surge at an electrical substation left some Wellington CBD buildings in the dark tonight.

Pike River re-entry 'feasible'

Pike River mine Revelations that Pike River mine has been safe to enter for a year are gutting for families of lost men.

Dealer blows $12k

British backpacker squandered $12,000 of his inheritance while supplying cannabis in Queenstown.

ACC stabber denied parole

Ensoc students slated

Cookie thieves

Thief steals Guides' biscuit cache

Girl Guides group leader says whoever stole stock of fundraising biscuits stooped pretty low.

Cunliffe hounded by the media

Labour's David Cunliffe stands firm on his position as leader of the party.

Labour 'must own defeat'

Shearer and Cunliffe Labour's internal party polling on David Cunliffe's favourability should be released, says David Shearer.

Live: The waiting game

An unofficial 3pm deadline has been and gone, and still the Labour caucus continues. | Brutal briefing

Key opens door to NZ First

Small democracies' lessons


Labour's train wreck

David Cunliffe is now in an all-out battle with his caucus as he refuses to step aside. | Beehive Live

Likely drug law change in Mexico

A Mexican state could approve medicinal use of marijuana by the end of this year.

First strikes on Islamic State

US and five Arab nations begin attacks on Islamic State militants, using a mix of fighter jets, bombers and Tomahawk missiles.

John Key, political rock star

Abduction suspects slain

'Imminent attack' prompt strikes

Airstrikes against the militant Khorasan Group in Syria were prompted by plans for an "imminent" terror attack on US soil, the Pentagon said.

Gen Y are renters for life

generation y, gen y Generation of young people, known as ''property orphans'', has given up on home ownership.

Prime Auckland property for sale

A Commerce St site with links to former bankrupt developer Andrew Krukziener is on the market.

Health, safety behind NZ Refining strike

Serepisos faces bankruptcy fight


Kathmandu profit drops 4.5pc

The outdoor gear retailer boosted sales and opened new stores, but saw its annual result worsen.

Money complaints on the rise

house insurance Insurance and Savings Ombudsman resolves largest case load in in 16 years with almost $2m paid out to disgruntled customers.

Retirement is not a full-stop

It seems that nearly everywhere I go now, I am served by people in their 60s or even 70s.

Take advice on KiwiSaver

Bank helps families in debt

Time's up for general store

Bev Brady In a small rural town the walls of the general store echo.

Contract saved tired farmers

A farmer believes her family was targeted by a new employee trying to bait them into a summary dismissal.

Acoustic guitars sound like success

Old-school recipe for modern life

How many gadgets do you need?

Some people are getting frustrated with having to own multiple devices.

New Twitter app confuses

Users are unhappy the new Twitter app changes the location of draft tweets and lists.

10m iPhones sold in 3 days

UFB network set to expand

Women. Like men. Only cheaper

Aussie multimillionaire Evan Thornley says he 'stuffed up' with remarks at a tech conference about paying women less than men.

Why the need to be naked?

alicia Alicia Keys has done a lot for charity, and she's now stripped off for it. Powerful or a cop out?

Grecko channels Gaga

'I just want to look sexually empowered and tough,' said Geoffrey Edelsten's lover of her Gothic Barbie get-up.

Kerr goes geisha for Vogue

If guys worried like girls do


The world's sexiest crim?

Move over Jeremy Meeks, Ms Beaudoin now has the world's attention for being really, really good looking.

6 facts on fat - it's not all bad

fat Oh the countless hours we spend resisting it in our food, resenting it on our hips, and shaking it out of our system.

Beautiful MRIs of the body

Wonderful videos show the body like you've never seen it - swallowing, blowing a trumpet, kissing.

The three key aspects of fitness

7 tips to prevent kidney stones


Six reasons to be happy

A teething baby and an election put Moata in a funk this Sunday. But then she focused on the important things ...

Zuckerberg, neighbour from hell?

zuckerberg Billionaire Facebook boss is giving his neighbours a collective headache, in a big way.

Top 10 home cleaning tips

Despite the weather still feeling rather wintry, it is actually spring and the perfect time to give the house a good once-over.

Let's live in...Kaukapakapa

Stripper's pole an added plus


5 popular home trends explained

Yes... rattan has well and truly emerged from retirement, and it's looking pretty cool.

7 food tips from Yotam Ottolenghi

e's an author, TV host, and if you cook, you've tried one of his recipes. He is the culinary equivalent of Beyonce and the man who made us rethink vegetables: here's his kitchen wisdom.

We try BK's black burger

Its distinctive onyx-coloured buns and tarry black cheese have people talking. So what does it taste like?

Ricotta gnocchi pasta bake

Retro pleasure on a plate

Confidence takes a hit

Dairy cows. Farmer confidence is shaky because of plunging dairy prices.

Demand boosts bull sales

Prices are up at most of the on-farm bulls sales occurring around the Waikato.

Free range egg fraud

RMA reform hailed

Video: Celebrity news roundup

celeb Stars gather in Las Vegas for the iHeartRadio festival and in Los Angeles for a designer's fundraiser.

Sheen plans to rise again

Actor wants back on the hit show Two and a Half Men. There's only one problem....

Movie gender gap persists

Lorde's song reveal


Top 20 episodes of Friends

Friends is celebrating 20 years since it first premiered on TV. Here are 20 of the best episodes.

5 extremes in 1 day

"Only in a country like ours, could you experience all five extreme sports in one day."

Stowaway scorpion in suitcase

Airport staff were at risk of a sting when they found a scorpion, alive and kicking, in a suitcase.

Taking tourists on a trot

Passengers behaving badly

Airbus to work on supersonic jet

Airbus and Aerion will collaborate on a new multi-million supersonic business jet.

Is home-owning dream over?

Generation Y Generation Y are seeing their hopes of home ownership slip away. Are you facing a lifetime of renting?

Luck helps Milky Way magic

It took a couple of years, but at last the stars aligned for Sebastian Krebs to get his dream Milky Way shot.

Sisters do it for themselves

The best of both for new flag

Young couple and finance

Top five reader comments

Bad drivers, bad flyers, and threats of revolution - today's top commenters had grudges to settle.

Bad habits driver's downfall

driving A woman was reduced to tears after failing her full licence test, despite driving for the past 14 years.

Police candid about speed camera

Police have explained the reason for Wainuiomata Hill speed camera, after the Hutt City mayor labelled it ''a bit extreme''.

Brand new supercar in smash

Gully clears last council hurdle

Peter Fonda's Easy Rider chopper is going to auction.

A chance to be 'Easy Rider'

Peter Fonda's Captain America chopper from Easy Rider has come to symbolise the counterculture of the 1960s. Now it's for sale.

Match-making woes for Hunt

Mark Hunt UFC boss struggling to find opponents for Kiwi fighter as he believes top 10 fighters trouble him.

Mini seen as weak link

Souths look set to target out-of-sorts Roosters fullback Anthony Minichiello in Friday's NRL preliminary final.

Smith's unforgettable ride

Could Hoffman be a Warrior?

Sam Burgess, Sonny Bill Williams

Code-hoppers in defining clash

Plenty to play for as rugby-bound duo Sam Burgess and SBW meet in Friday night's NRL preliminary final.

An Islamic State explainer

Islamic State has rapidly moved to control and destabilise Iraq. This visual Q&A explains who we're dealing with...

You're in ukulele country

Nothing sets the humiliation bar higher than learning how to play the ukulele.

Bigger is better

Another year, another two iPhones. Are they better than what came before? Absolutely.

John Key

A dramatic turn to blue

One of NZ's more bizarre and unsavoury election campaigns has been a personal triumph for John Key. l Labour faces huge challenge

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What do you make of the call to leave Aaron Cruden in NZ?

It's too harsh. He should have caught the next flight.

He should meet the ABs in South Africa.

It's a fitting punishment. The team comes first.

It doesn't go far enough in my opinion.

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Cindy Crawford

Hollywood homebirths

Check out which high-profile mums gave birth at home. You might be surprised.

pregnancy test

A different fertility worry

"You’re nowhere near menopausal," my doctor said, and my heart sank. I don't want to live with worry about pregnancy anymore.

baby food

'I will never do that with my kids...'

I haven't been a parent long, but it's been long enough to know that half the things I said I'd always or never do before kids were lies.

Milin and Jasmin

Returning to playgroup

A year ago Milin had a fall at playgroup while Kiran was settling baby Jasmin. It took Kiran a year to pluck up the courage to go back.



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Biker on ride of his life

The odometer ticked over 22,436 miles on Rhys Lawrey's Triumph Tiger 800XC motorbike as he rode into Nelson.

Exploring the Amazon Basin

With hundreds of birds, mammals, reptiles and more, this reserve is simply spectacular.

Where to spot a celeb

Who doesn't love seeing a famous face go about their daily business? Here's the top places to spot a celeb.

Adventurer peaks in Europe

A Kiwi adventurer with a thirst for peaks has completed his latest challenge.

siamang gibbon ape

Ape's baby days are over

A gynaecologist performed a sterilisation operation on an "unusual patient" - a 25-year-old ape.

Upper Hutt resident Hayat Abadeeah was mystified by the surprise new addition at Trentham Memorial Park.

An instrument of mystery

The baffling appearance - and sudden disappearance - of a candle-covered piano in an Upper Hutt park gets locals talking.

Build your own Macca's burger?

McDonald's build-your-own- burger experiment, underway in California, could be coming to many more locations.

Croc falls fowl of goose hunter

Hunter fights off a crocodile by wrestling it and poking it in the eyes, then drinks beer to recover.

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