Anna Duritskaya

Putin critic's girlfriend 'under guard'

9:34 AM  She says she didn't see the slaying, so why is Anna Duritskaya not allowed out of Russia?

Key nab 'public service'

Robert Penman's wife confronts a tourist driver on High Cliff Rd, on the Otago Peninsula, who parked dangerously as he took photos with his wife. Penman eventually took the keys from the driver.

9:33 AM  Driver who snatched tourist's keys is unrepentant and says he's done it before. US driver takes out elderly pair

Netflix launch date revealed

9:12 AM  At last, New Zealand knows when it will be able to legitimately use Netflix.

Black Caps climb ICC rankings

They're a team on the rise, and individuals on the rise too in the latest ratings.

Michael Jordan in Forbes rich list

9:18 AM  Bill Gates still rules, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg rises, and Jordan gets some air.

'Half-tonne killer' loses 362kg

9:39 AM  Drastic weight loss for woman who falsely blamed her nephew's death on her weight.


Car flips after Auckland crash

FLIPPED: A two-car crash ended with one vehicle lying on it's roof.

9:14 AM  A minor car crash in Auckland's city centre has left a car upside down this morning.

Dry spell set to continue

8:28 AM  A northeasterly flow keeps the North Island warm and humid today, with temperatures lower in the South Island.

An Auckland couple’s 1939 Chevrolet Master Deluxe coupe was written off and they were seriously injured after a crash near Otorohanga on Sunday while driving home from Taranaki’s Americarna festival.

US driver takes out old couple

8:08 AM  Elderly couple on way home from car festival suffered horrific injuries in a crash caused by a tourist driver.


Putin critic's girlfriend 'under guard'

Boris Nemtsov's girlfriend breaks silence on the murder of Vladimir Putin's top critic.


Islamic State 'not very Islamic'

The reclusive leader of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, speaks at a mosque in Mosul, last July, declaring himself the worldwide leader of Muslims.

8:29 AM  The vast majority of Muslim clerics say the group cherry picks what it wants from Islam's holy book.

3 killed in Queensland shooting

A young boy, a middle-aged man and a woman in her 20s were killed in a small house near Toowoomba.

A screengrab of the threats apparently made by Isis or one of its supporters.

New Isis target: Twitter

8:28 AM  The Islamic State is angry at the microblogging site and founder Jack Dorsey for closing their accounts.


Migrant influx will be housed: Key

JOHN KEY: "The pipeline of building activity is very significant".

8:15 AM  PM says enough houses are "in the pipeline" in Auckland to meet demand from immigration.

Public sector pay at risk: Little

Public servants could be stymied in wage rises with MP pay bump set to match theirs, says Andrew Little.

Allegation: Petrol price gouging in rural areas.

Petrol prices rise again

18 min ago  Motorists will pay another 2c a litre, a week after MPs vote against a fuel probe.


Rate rises are starting to hurt

rate rise, mortgage

I have a sense of fury and powerlessness at the speed my rates have been rising.

Know the hardship rules?

A once-yearly review seems to indicate people don't understand the KiwiSaver "financial hardship" rules.

Smoothing the bumpy ride

Homehunters cross Tasman

small business

A business with an edge

HAVING A BALL: Dave Hannay in his Napier store King of Swords.

Dave Hannay went to the Port of Napier for a small parcel. Instead, he found a six-metre container full of swords.

Stop stress becoming toxic

Small disputes between staff can become hugely damaging in a small business.

Firm exports good vibrations

Sky's the limit for builder


Microsoft's new Lumia phone

Stephen Elop, executive vice president of Microsoft's Devices and Services business unit, unveils the Lumia 640.

9:19 AM  Microsoft launches two new affordable Windows phones and Windows 10.

HTC's One M9 better than M8

Taiwanese phone-maker adds some nice touches but drops one of the previous handset's best features.

Greg Hunt reportedly sent this message to someone messaging him.

iPhone fail: 'Sorry who is this?'

9:02 AM  It was a simple "hack" that led to an avalanche of spam for an Australian MP.

life & style

Hot Cricket World Cup WAGs gallery

Cricket World Cup WAGs

High percentage of wives and girlfriends working as models = very hard to narrow down.

Cricket has me in its grips

I may think I'm not really interested, but every now and again you show me I still care.

FEEL THE FORCE: This Luke Skywalker engagement ring is crafted from 18kt gold with contrasting elements, and a glittering 'laser' of emeralds.

Nerd romance at its best

Found your Princess Leia? Then you'll be needing this lightsaber engagement ring.

well & good

How to wake up refreshed

CATCH SOME ZZZs: An adult needs between seven and nine hours of sleep at night.

More of a groggy goose than an early bird? Here's how to wake up feeling good ...

HRT cancer link rejected video

Research published in Britain is unsettling many women, but menopause specialists say the study is flawed.

SKIN SOOTHER: Home-made calendula salve.

Make your own skin salve

9:08 AM  Here's how to combine everyday herbs with oil to create a soothing balm for sore or inflamed skin.

home & property

Keeping the water out and heat in

THE WALLS: They're on the up.

8:33 AM  The auction for our current home has been bought forward, and the new house is on the up.

Inside Bruce Willis' NY apartment gallery

The Die Hard movie star has purchased a new pad to call home in the Big Apple.

TREATS FOR YOUR STREET: Everybody loves a good ice cream.

Make your street cooler

Neighbourly and Tip Top want to make your street cooler on Neighbours Day.

food & wine

Long black is the new breakfast

MORNING CUPPA: Wellingtonians are more likely to prefer a caffeine fix over actual food in the morning.

There's nothing like a cup of coffee for breakfast - but that's all some of us are having.

Vege option: Mushroom pasta

15 min ago  This comforting pasta dish, bursting with garlic and sage notes, will help you ease into the week.

You can't define terroir

Food trends that need to stop

nz farmer

Tenth fruit fly found in Auckland

RESTRICTIONS: A sign in the Auckland suburb of Sandringham warns people to be on the lookout for fruit fly

But the Ministry of Primary Industries is still confident it's dealing with a localised population.

Grape plantings soar

The New Zealand area planted in wine grapes has increased by 100 per cent in the last 12 years.

Seeka sees PSA effect fade

8 things about the Dorset horn


R&B singer dies in freak accident

TRAGIC DEATH: Singer Charmayne "Maxee" Maxwell (left), pictured here with Monica "Mimi" Doby and Nichole "Nicci" Gilbert of Brownstone in 1994, has died.

9:12 AM  American R&B singer Charmayne Maxwell has died in a freak accident in her home after reportedly falling and cutting her neck on a wine glass.

X Factor: Swinging the axe

Willy and Mel swing the axe as they prune the groups and over 25s.

Felicity Huffman on American Crime.

Intense 'crime' leaves its mark video

Felicity Huffman spent eight years playing Lynette Scarvo on Desperate Housewives but she's happy to move on quickly from her last project.


Bad plane behaviour exposed

AIRLINE ETIQUETTE:  The world is full of idiots and it certainly feels like that when you're stuck in close confines with a few hundred of your fellow human beings for 14 hours.

8:50 AM  Revolting airline passengers can hide no longer – their antics are out there for the whole world to see.

Qantas bans man over walkout

8:21 AM  He had a problem with another passenger and left the flight, now he's been banned by Qantas.

Tourists walk on Chenang Beach in Malaysia's resort island of Langkawi.

Tourism thrives in Malaysia

9:35 AM  Two airplane catastrophes put Malaysia on the map in a bad way But they didn't hurt the country's tourism.

stuff nation

Cancer 'destroyed' us all stuff nation

MEMORIES: The family was 'destroyed' for the few months after Davey, pictured here with Ele, died.

Cancer is deadly. It doesn't just destroy the victim, but the spectators as well. I know from experience.

Minnows 'bring heart and soul' stuff nation

Who's boring? Some of the best moments of the World Cup have come from associate teams.

GROOM BOOM: In Aberdeenshire they take the Scottish 'foot washing' tradition next level.

Bridezillas, look away now stuff nation

9:25 AM  This pre-wedding tradition isn't for everyone, including those standing near the happy couple.


Lexus reveals Mini rival

2015 Lexus LF-SA concept

9:35 AM  Lexus plans to take on BMW's Mini unit at its own game with a little battler to be revealed at Geneva.

For the love of a rare Ferrari

They paid $1454 for their 375MM Spider convertible, and have just turned down a $7.6m offer.

CLOGGED: Heavy traffic this morning on the northwestern motorway.

'March madness' in Auckland

If Aucklanders think the traffic has got worse in the last couple of weeks, they're right.


Taylor signs with French club

AU REVOIR: Crusaders back Tom Taylor has signed a three-year deal with Bayonne.

8:11 AM  Three-test All Blacks back joins the end of year exodus, signing a three-year deal with Bayonne.

Johnson under-age sex scandal

9:22 AM  England footballer arrested on suspicion of having sex with an under-age girl.

COME ON ENGLAND: Former England cricket captain Mike Atherton is disappointed by how bad his old team has been at the Cricket World Cup.

Atherton, shame of English loss

8:42 AM  Loss to Sri Lanka worse than 13-over thrashing by NZ as there was time to see how bad England is.

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Isis 'not very Islamic'

The reclusive leader of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, speaks at a mosque in Mosul, last July, declaring himself the worldwide leader of Muslims.

Most Muslim clerics say the group cherry picks what it wants from the Koran to justify its genocidal ambitions.

The benefits of rent-a-kakapo

Endangered animals can be big business.

OPINION: Wildlife is critical to the economies of nations.

Saudi prison is not what you imagine

A man walks past the headquarters of Saudi Basic Industries Corp (SABIC) in Riyadh October 27, 2013. Higher sales helped SABIC post a rise in third-quarter net profit on Sunday, in line with analyst forecasts, as its chief executive officer Mohamed al-Mady said the outlook for next year was improving. REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah (YEMEN - Tags: BUSINESS)

The al-Hair high-security prison looks remarkably like a hotel - especially the conjugal-visit wing.

On a higher plain

The 14th-century Jokhang temple in Lhasa.

Visitors to Tibet will discover a land of stunning scenery, deep spirituality and big-hearted people.

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Dilbert, Tom Scott and more


Remembering my own birthday

Anna Guy

With five kids in our house there's always someone celebrating a birthday, but this week, it's mine.

Six ways to bond with baby

Having trouble bonding with the bump?

Bonding with your baby can start much earlier than the birth - here are a few ways to start the process.

A change in routine

Matt Calman's daughter, Miss A.

Most days when we head off Miss A points in the opposite direction and says: "That way! That way, Daddy!"

Growing up without a lot 

Is having more money better for kids? I think not.

It's about time I did an analysis of my life so I can celebrate all that’s good - and often overlooked - about the lower middle class.

kiwi traveller

Incredible history in Paris

Patrick Whatman at Disneyland in Paris.

Patrick Whatman moved from Wellington all the way to Paris' 11th Arrondissement.

Adventure capital of the world video

Carmen Roberts

Kiwi Carmen Roberts is bringing the world back home with her, for a bit of adventure.

Kiwis are taking flight more often

INTREPID TRAVELLER: Kiwis are packing their bags and seeing the world more often than they did before.

New Zealanders took almost 134,000 overseas trips in January, up 5 per cent on the same month a year ago

Travel tips: How to access money

TRAVEL DILEMMA: Sometimes ATMs, carrying cash, and prepaid cards aren't enough. How do you ensure you're not fussing with money on your holiday?

There are so many different cards, and so many different fees. So where do you start?


Daughter dug grave for will


A US woman has admitted digging up her father's grave in search of his "real will". She found only vodka and cigarettes.

Thief as thick as his brick video

Ireland's Dumbest Criminal. Brick rebounds off car window and smashes the criminals face and knocks him out cold. The car owner returns seconds later to have him arrested.

Want to break into a car by throwing a brick through a window? Well knock yourself out. This guy did.

Missing blind dog survives

Ed Davis with his dog Madera.

A blind dog who was missing for two weeks during a cold snap in Alaska has been found.

Owl terrorises town

FOWL BIRD: An eagle owl sits under the roof of a building in Purmerend, Netherlands.

"Terror owl' swoops on Dutch residents, sinking its talons into them and gouging their flesh.