splash birthday hunt

Teen's unusual birthday video

It wasn't a party, cake and presents. But the mission showed teens "more of what's out there".

Flipping politicians video

Guess who? Your new PM.

How do you pick a PM? Set your board for prime ministerial Guess Who.

Boy raped at school camp

GRAPHIC: Mum says she had no help from school after horrific incident at a camp.

Collapse sinks flat Black Caps video

Chasing 265 to win the third ODI, the Black Caps never got close.

Dead couple's signal activated

An emergency locator beacon belonging to an Australian couple who died in Mt Cook has been mysteriously activated, almost a year on.

3000 hit by quake

Thousands in remote parts of Solomon Islands were affected by M7.8 earthquake.


Dealer sprung by police bugs

Hugh Robinson, left, and his son, Jamie, appearing in the Christchurch District Court.

A joke about prison on a police phone tap proved prophetic for a now-reformed drug dealer.

Boy airlifted after crash

He has suffered a head injury when his mini motorbike crashed into a tree.

House fire near Tokanui

A home has been gutted in a blaze in the Catlins, Southland.


Collapse sinks flat Black Caps

Chasing 265 to win the third ODI, the Black Caps never got close.


Man cleans bathroom, dies

White toilet bowl in a bathroom.

A woman claims her husband died of emotional stress after he was forced to clean a store's bathroom.

Bolivian airline boss to be jailed

CEO of the airline whose planed crashed, killing 71 people, will be jailed and could face 71 manslaughter charges.

The scientists suspect the tail belonged to a type of two-legged, bird-like dinosaur called a maniraptoran.

Dinosaur tail found preserved

Trapped in amber, a Chinese scientist made the discovery of a lifetime, that will help shed light on the evolution of feathers.


10 oldies, but goodies

A day trip without a thermos flask risks costing more than it should.

Here are some old-fashioned items that will save you money.

Tourist swarms worry Kiwis

Almost one in five Kiwis feel we are attracting too many overseas visitors.

Party pill entrepreneur Matt Bowden could be made bankrupt.

'Starboy' faces bankruptcy

Matt Bowden - a star player in New Zealand's legal high industry - could be made bankrupt.

NZ Earthquake

A fishy predicament

The Reading Cinema car parking building in Wellington will be pulled down with cars still trapped inside.

A "filthy mess" awaits one quake-evacuated family whose fish dinner is still on the bench.

Pop-up shop on a huge scale video

Supermarket closed by Queensgate quake risk is reformed as a massive 'pop up' shop.

Around 70 rentals are left stranded in Kaikoura, but all are expected to be out by the middle of next week.

Inland road may open next week

An end to the tight road restrictions on inland road to Kaikoura may be in sight.


Apple eyes early movie rentals

While the iTunes store helped Apple build a dominant role in music retailing, the company hasn't carved out a similar ...

You may be able to use iTunes to watch movies as early as two weeks after they come out in theatres.

Sony unveils games, controller

Sony announced 11 new mobile titles and unveiled Project Field, a device that connects to objects.

Pebble offered the first smartwatch that enabled users to receive phone notifications on their watch, send and receive ...

Smartwatch pioneer shuts down

Pebble will stop selling and promoting its line of smartwatches after the company was bought by Fitbit.

life & style

How celebs decorate for Xmas

The Royal Family got a Christmas makeover at Madame Tussauds London

Ever wondered how the rich and famous decorate for Xmas? Thanks to Instagram, we've got a fair idea.

2016's top celebrity bride

Eva Longoria has topped a new list of the year's most stunning celebrity brides.

Shop around to get the best deals.

10 ways to cut your grocery bill

If you keep overspending on your supermarket shop, here are 10 ways to cut down.

well & good

Flat stomach tips from celebs

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow turns to a citrus smoothie to de-puff.

6 tips and tricks celebs such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Adrianna Lima swear by.

7 common deodorant mistakes

Should you use deodorant or antiperspirant? And when should you apply it? We have the answers.

Since indecision often goes hand in hand with anxiety, we pay the price with our mental health.

How to cure decision fatigue

On average, we make 35,000 choices a day. Here's how you can make all those decisions a little easier.

home & property

Walt Disney home up for sale gallery

Walt Disney's former Palm Springs home features pops of bright colour.

Walt Disney's former home in Palm Springs is up for sale...and yes, the look is pure Disney.

Top 5 architecture trends

2016 was defined by a lot of concrete, glass, steel and timber - and some very cool screens.

Kylie Jenner has put this property on the market just five months after buying it.

Kylie Jenner, property tycoon?

After just five months, Kylie Jenner is looking to sell one of her homes - for a million-dollar profit.

food & wine

Adorable 3D latte art video

The 3D latte that is 'too adorable' to drink.

Meet the cup of coffee that is too adorable to drink.

Kiwi beer drinkers are lucky

OPINION: Having seen a bit of the world this year, I've realised something: we've really got it good here.

Best baked Christmas gifts video

Biggest food trends of 2016

nz farmer

Chinese pay premium for NZ milk

Fonterra is not the only company making inroads into China with dairy products. The country is proving a fertile ground ...

Fonterra is making a play for health-conscious Chinese consumers with its new line of premium milks.

New Tatua CEO

Tatua's new CEO is a local who grew up just down the road from the co-op's HQ.

Back country tales

Rustlers hit farmers


Fury over rape scene enjoyment video

"No, I persevered for the first series until the dragon came on and that's when I switched off," the 51-year-old replied.

Former Dancing with the Stars NZ judge claims he "likes" Game of Thrones rape scenes.

JT surprises Aussie students video

A few students at a Sydney school were sure glad they didn't cut classes that day.

Mitch James was signed by Sony Music after being discovered on YouTube.

From homeless to music deal video

Mitch James spent rough nights on the street to make his dream a reality. Now the Kiwi's got a record deal.


Find best seats in economy video

First class seats can be expensive, so use this guide to score the best economy class seats for free.

Ever spent 15 hours stuck in the middle seat in economy class? Then this guide's for you.

World's most festive pub

With 90 Christmas trees and 21,000 lights, this pub is the perfect place to get your merry on.

Kristin Addis is among the travel "influencers" making a living by seeing the world.

'I chose travel over a mortgage'

Kristin Addis is among the travel "influencers" making a living by seeing the world.


Our Top Luxury Car of 2016 video

Latest E-class is arguably the most hi-tech car on sale.

We count down the best cars of the year, culminating in our Top Car on December 16.

Slip-sliding in new Toyota 86 video

Toyota's enthusiastic little 86 sports coupe has had its first facelift, and all the revisions subtly change things for the better.

Simon Rowe's 2013 Subaru Impreza WRX Crouching Tiger limited edition.

NZ's top Subaru WRXs chosen

The votes have been counted and top 25 NZ versions of the iconic performance model have been chosen.

stuff nation

From the Centre of NZ

It was a stunning Sunday afternoon - there were almost no clouds in the sky.

It was a stunning Sunday afternoon - there were almost no clouds in the sky.

Ask Kylie your style questions

Grill model Kylie Bax on her beauty secrets and most recommended brands.

Pork Chop, or Porky, cannot wait for the kids to get home from school each day.

Our loyal Pork Chop

Pork Chop, or Porky, cannot wait for the kids to get home from school each day.


Seize the day, Parker told

Trainer Kevin Barry applies vaseline to New Zealand heavyweight boxer Joseph Parker versus Russia's Alexander ...

Kiwi who lost WBO title in controversial circumstances backs Parker to go all the way.

Ko must cut apron strings

OPINION: World No 1 golfer is making changes in the wrong places, writes Phil Hamilton.

New Zealand's Nikki Hamblin, left, assists an injured Abbey D'Agostino after they collided during the 5000m heats at the ...

Facebook puts spotlight on Kiwi

Kiwi runner Nikki Hamblin's famous act of goodwill is one of the lasting images of the year.

good reads

Helping the most vulnerable

Heather and James Tuhoro, both 73, say being foster parents keeps them young.

An elderly Hamilton couple have fostered over 500 vulnerable children - and show no sign of stopping.

The high cost to political families video

The families of prime ministers have become part of political life.

OPINION: Spare a thought for John Key's family: Was his eight years in power worth the sacrifice?

Does English work without Key?

Can Bill English find his X-factor? We'll soon find out.

John Key was the showman, Bill English the worker. If there's X factor there, he needs it now.

Kid vloggers & the new 'childhood'

Zane Nixon, 19, films Hope as Noah Nixon, 7, waits for his turn on camera. The Nixons created 'SuperHeroKids' as a ...

They have no interest in the 'perfect' child actors on TV. Today's kids want to watch each other on Youtube.

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Black on black on black

Briana Sullivan, 22, is the first New Zealander to be a spokesmodel for DarkestGoth, a US-based, online magazine.

This gothic girl embraces beauty in the darkness.

Free the Paekakariki 4000

About 80 community members gather on Sunday for the Free the Fish campaign, at the Wainui Stream, in Paekakariki.

Environmental group accuses NZ Transport Agency of imprisoning native fish.

Talent show contestant lets it rip video

Antton Puonti's act was a breath of fresh air for Finnish fans.

A contestant on Finland's Got Talent who made fart sounds with his hands has blown the competition away with his skill.

A price on her bum

Bailey Price is auctioning space on one of her buttocks on Trade Me. The winning bidder then gets to choose the tattoo.

Bailey Price hopes her cheeky tattoo auction will help clear her debts.


Boy fat-shamed by Santa

Anthony Mayse was left in tears after being fat-shamed by Santa.

One mall Santa is going straight to the naughty list after fat-shaming a 9-year-old during a photo shoot.

Kid vloggers & the new 'childhood'

Zane Nixon, 19, films Hope as Noah Nixon, 7, waits for his turn on camera. The Nixons created 'SuperHeroKids' as a ...

They have no interest in the 'perfect' child actors on TV. Today's kids want to watch each other on Youtube.

How to breastfeed in public

The more you do it, the more confident you'll be.

Knowing what to bring with you and how to politely keep strangers away when feeding can be daunting for any new mum.

Kids pick top toys for Xmas video

Toy experts Kyle Calubaquib, 7, and Ayla Maihi, 11, tell us their top picks for Christmas.

"It's cuddly, soft, and can do amazing things."

kiwi traveller

NZ's most delightful summer events

Competitors take part in a harbour swim for Whanga Week in Whangamata.

Cherry spitting champs, carnivals, sandcastle competitions... this is what Kiwi summers are all about.

Countries surprisingly easy to visit video

Kiwi freeride skier Sam Smoothy and film producer Will Lascelles recently visited North Korea to film a ski video at ...

If you've ever wanted to holiday in a brutal dictatorship, we've got good news…

Kiwi lives the dream in French village stuff nation

Quillan, ideally situated on the river Aude and in a magnificent amphitheatre of hills, appeals all year round, whatever ...

Why up sticks to a remote town... twice? It's a mixture of planning and fate.

Border officials say NZ is not a country

Chloe Phillips-Harris, pictured after a snowstorm in Kazakhstan, was almost denied entry to the country.

They thought New Zealand was a state of Australia, says Kiwi detained in Kazakhstan over passport.

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