'Better late than killing a child'

10:30 AM  A daily procession of red light runners near four schools has parents challenging drivers.

Wellington floods gallery video

Mud covers the parked cars from other vehicles passing down Wright St, Mt Cook.

9:41 AM  Accident and Urgent Medical Centre closes as 27 flooded buildings are flooded.

Child died with head injuries

10:54 AM  Police investigating the death of a 15-month-old boy look at several scenes.

Officials face corruption charges

10:41 AM  Three people connected to Auckland Transport appear in court over alleged bribery.

Playboy doctor to Isis poster boy video

10:42 AM  A former student in NZ morphed suddenly on a mysterious camping trip.

Flight over wrecked Kathmandu video

Startling aerial shots lay bare the destruction wrought by the Nepal quake. NZ searchers stood down Kiwi trekker dies


One Kiwi dead after Nepal quake video

Rescue team members search for bodies in the debris of a collapsed temple at Basantapur Durbar Square in Kathmandu, Nepal.

3 min ago  New Zealand trekker Greg Kay has died in the aftermath of Nepal's devastating earthquake.

New mum stresses scans video

A young mum who opted for a 4D ultrasound finds her unborn baby had a rare brain condition.

tramper generic

Tramper thought swept away

Searchers find pack and raincoat believed to belong to a tramper who may have been swept down a flooded river.


One Kiwi dead after Nepal quake

New Zealand trekker, Greg Kay, has died in the aftermath of Nepal's devastating earthquake.


Violence erupts after funeral

The riots broke out just a few blocks from the site of the funeral of 25-year-old Freddie Gray.

11:10 AM  Baltimore police officers were injured on Monday as rioters threw bricks, broke windows, and looted businesses.

Nepal quake-aid need acute video

10:05 AM  Thousands flee Kathmandu as officials scramble to get aid from country's main airport to homeless and hungry.

Rescue team members search for bodies in the debris of a collapsed temple at Basantapur Durbar Square in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Kiwi feared dead after quake video

0 min ago  One Kiwi is feared dead in the aftermath of the devastating Nepal earthquake.


PM 'needs to be tough on Saudis'

23012015 news Photo: David Unwin/ Fairfax NZ.
Ratana Celebrations.

Labour Leader Andrew Little.

9:52 AM  Labour leader calls on PM to take a harder stance on Saudi Arabia's atrocious human rights record during his trip to the country.

Orion stems red ink

18 min ago  NZ's second-largest software firm reports a healthier final quarter

Tony Richards is leaving his shop in Old Papatoetoe after a lack of communication from Auckland Council.

Shoe repair shop owner walks

10:45 AM  Tony Richards shuts up shop after 23 years, blaming Auckland Council 'lack of respect'.


Ruth, Roger and Me

Andrew Dean: The voice of a generation facing a bleak economic future

Andrew Dean may just turn out to be the voice young New Zealanders have been waiting for.

KiwiSaver options at 65

At 65, your nest egg is in your hands so use it wisely.

Don't wait to bring cash home

Cheaper Aussie goods ahead

small business

Country pub spreads wings

The new general manager of Greytown's White Swan hotel, Dale Keith, plans to capitalise on growing numbers of national and international tourists visiting Wairarapa.

The new manager of the landmark pub is aiming for a difficult balance.

Invercargill's 'lack of vision'

Invercargill leaders need to show vision for the city's central business district to survive, retailer says.

Insurance education targets SMEs

Can gamers save video stores?


Face-to-face with Facebook

Facebook's new video calling feature for mobile means you can start chatting in person with just one screen tap.

10:12 AM  Free video calling part of Facebook's efforts to give its app the same reach as its 1.4 billion user social network.

Three days with Apple Watch

It took me a good day to learn what all the buttons do, but now I'm used to it my favourite function is texting.

Guillermo Del Toro's highly-anticipated game Silent Hills - starring The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus - is no more.

Del Toro's Silent Hills cancelled

9:43 AM  Highly-anticipated game starring The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus is no more.

life & style

'It got so bad that I filmed it'

Wolf-whistling is no longer tolerated on New Zealand building sites, but in the UK police investigated a firm after a woman complained workers targeted her for a month.

0 min ago  British woman sparks police probe after reporting "intimidating" wolf whistles from a construction site.

How you treat servers says a lot

10:19 AM  Can't tell when you're being a boundary-crossing boor? You shouldn't be anywhere near global diplomacy.

United States comedian Tamale Rocks found a two-way mirror in a bar in Illinois; and the owner of the bar says he's keeping it there.

Two-way mirror in women's loo

10:56 AM  An American comedian has shared a creepy find she spotted while going to the loo in a bar.

well & good

Elle keeps what in her handbag?!

Elle Macpherson, 51, likes to be able to test the acidity of her urine while 'on the go'. As you do.

10:27 AM  La Mer? Sunnies? Paw paw ointment? No. A urine tester kit. What?!

How to get people to eat fruit

People will buy a whopping 35 per cent more fruit when the price is discounted by 20 per cent, study finds.

Whie sugar may help relieve stress, it is not an excuse to go all out.

Sugar cuts down on stress

The sweet stuff reduces levels of the stress hormone, researcher say - perhaps why it's is such a hard habit to quit.

home & property

When an inspector calls

The build as seen from across the valley offers a bit of perspective on Michele's new home.

The one certainty of inspections is that they're going to cost you money - so know what you're paying for.

Star ratings idea for rentals stuff nation

Kieran Steele thinks a rental Warrant of Fitness is too simplistic, so he came up with an alternative.

Don't let it get awkward - go and introduce yourself to your neighbours.

Know your neighbours

A reason Kiwis give for not knowing neighbours is that they've left introductions so long it becomes awkward.

food & wine

Restaurant reviews bad reviewer

Mt Eden's Molten restaurant is not taking a negative review lying down, offering a scathing "guest review" in response.

An Auckland eatery has hit back at disgruntled diners: "It did seem that you were intent on having a miserable time."

Cheddar tart with seeded crust

This delicious vegetarian tart is equally good for lunch or dinner

Pan-fried fish with pine nuts

Choc raspberry mousse

nz farmer

Sustainability from the heart

The de Jong family, winners of the supreme award at the Waikato Farm Environment Awards. From left, Talbert de Jong and partner Emily Meese Tineke, Simone and Frans de Jong.

Farming sustainably comes from the heart, award-winning farmer Frans de Jong says.

N leaching reductions possible

Nitrogen leaching can be reduced by 40-50 per cent if the cows are stood off on a feed pad at a reduced stocking rate.

Empty rates rising in Waikato

Difficult decisions ahead


GoT: Is is getting worse for Sansa? (spoiler)

Sansa Stark and Littlefinger.

10:14 AM  The best alliances are made through marriage, not fear. But what if marriage induces fear?

Why people love Kardashians

Strip away the reality show and tabloid headlines, and the Kardashians are just a family.

Movie star Salma Hayek poses in front of a billboard for her movie "The Prophet" in Beirut, Lebanon

Hayek hopes new film inspires

18 min ago  Salma Hayek hopes young viewers are inspired to think outside the box on ways to improve the world.


The street art of Buenos Aires gallery

A collaboration between Highraff and Roma under a bridge in Palermo, Buenos Aires.

11:09 AM  From political scribbles to large looming pieces of art - this busy, bustling city is a painted one.

Stopping the little monsters

Modern parenting means making sure every second of the trip is, "Awesome!"

Couple Drinking Champagne on Cruise Ship

Quiz: Do you know cruising?

10:07 AM  Do you know which side is starboard and which is port?

stuff nation

Walking in our soldiers' steps stuff nation

Gill and John Nicholson's wrist bracelets for Gallipoli 2015.

9:43 AM  Gill Nicholson describes the "emotional rollercoaster" of the 2015 Anzac commemorations in Gallipoli.

Star ratings idea for rentals stuff nation

Kieran Steele thinks a rental Warrant of Fitness is too simplistic, so he came up with an alternative.

Mother's Day competition. L-R: Lilli's late brother Robert, mum Linzi, Lilli Cornwell-Young and her brother Gabe.

'Mum is such an inspiration' stuff nation

10:40 AM  Mum has tried so hard and been dealt such a harsh hand in life, but she's kept on keeping on.


Touareg makes haste slowly

The Volkswagen Touareg, which features new headlights and other frontal cosmetic changes for a wider look.

It's comforting to know that the VW Touareg is moving at its own pace as it keeps up with the times.

New contracts nearly signed

Top Gear's three former presenters were "on the brink" on signing new contracts when Jeremy Clarkson was sacked.

A 2014 photo of Floyd Mayweather arriving at the Mayweather Boxing Club in a Rolls Royce limousine for a workout in Las Vegas.

Boxing champ likes cars

Boxing champ Floyd Mayweather lives up to one of his nicknames, "Money," when it comes to his car collection.


'Go for it' Guptill smashes 227

Martin Guptill has continued his fine form for Derbyshire in English county cricket.

9:39 AM  NZ batsman's aggressive approach pays handsome dividends in England with his highest first-class score.

Boult bowls over King's XI video

10:24 AM  NZ bowler delivers a match-winning double-strike after being thrown the ball with the match in the balance.

WBC/WBA welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Junior hits a heavy bag at the Mayweather Boxing Club, Las Vegas.

Hope Money 'walks' after fight

10:14 AM  Boxing a gambler's game so Mayweather ought to quit while he's ahead after Pacquiao fight, father says.

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Parents remember son 20 years on

A stone cairn stands as a memorial to 14 people who died at Cave Creek in April 1995.

Charles Anderson talks to a Nelson family who lost their son in the Cave Creek disaster 20 years ago today.

A long road to mental recovery

The length of the recovery should not be underestimated, says Caroline Bell, head of Otago University's Mental Health Clinical Research Unit in Christchurch.

After recovering, there is the recovering from the recovering. And it may take 10 years.

Giving birth in house of horrors

While in captivity, Amanda Berry gave birth to a baby girl named Jocelyn, who Berry believes was conceived that morning after her mother died.

Kidnapping victim Amanda Berry tells of giving birth to her rapist's daughter in captivity.

All that glitters isn't gold

Venice Beach, one of the few spots in car-choked Los Angeles with a vibrant street life, has been a cultural melting pot for more than half a century, welcoming everyone from hippies and homeless wanderers to the latest generation of tech executives. .

For some LA is a place of shattered dreams, broken promises and extreme poverty.

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Dilbert, The Little Things and more.


Two-way mirror in women's toilet

United States comedian Tamale Rocks found a two-way mirror in a bar in Illinois; and the owner of the bar says he's keeping it there.

An American comedian has shared a creepy find she spotted while going to the loo in a bar.

Man hits car during peak traffic


Possible broken wrist after man runs into the side of a car in Hamilton.

Homeless man gives money away video

Yousef Saleh Erakat posed as a homeless man and tried to give out money to passers-by.

Are you too good to accept money from a homeless person?

New Hot Wheels track loop record

A Ford employee and his son ran circles around the old Hot Wheels loop record with a 3.81m diameter circle in Michigan in the US.

Youngster helps his Ford employee dad break a world record for the largest Hot Wheels ramp.


'Hellish' impact of online porn

Mature women can generally make up their own minds about what they are prepared to do in bed. For inexperienced teenage girls it's a different matter.

We need to educate and embolden our daughters to fight back against pornography.

Royal baby may be induced

The Duchess of Cambridge is thought to be four days overdue.

The Duchess is up to four days overdue with her second child, raising the possibility that she may be induced.

Family 'adopts' dumped baby

Randwick Councillor Brendan Roberts laying flowers where the baby was found.

Couple arrange funeral for newborn baby whose body was found abandoned in Australian sand dunes.

YouTube stars all grown up

Charlie and Harry in the “biggest viral hit on YouTube".

Brothers from 56-second clip, viewed more than 800m times, turned home video into a lucrative career.

kiwi traveller

Readers' travel photos of the week gallery

After 16 months living in France, I made my way through the rest of Europe and eventually found myself in Slovenia. I spent 3 great days there and I had planned to move on to Milan, Italy via a 5am bus. After arriving in Venice as my stop over, there was a train strike, i missed 2 other trains and ended up spending 38euros more than I should have and eventually wound up in Verona in the evening. Upon arrival, I discovered this amazing sunset, I dumped my bags, threw my stuff in my locker and literally ran up the hill to this amazing spot and captured the photo of my trip, and here it is. Tramonto bello (beautiful sunset)!

Do you have a holiday snap that you'd like to share with the world?

Fiestas and siestas for Family Fernandez

An aerial view of Valencia in Spain with the City of Arts and Sciences building in the foreground.

The Fernandez family have made a home in Valencia, and are still learning from the locals even after 12 years.

Readers' pics of the week


This week's travel photo entries range from the Angor Wat to the snowfields of Japan.

Unraveling Uzbekistan stuff nation

The magnificent Registan, the finest achievement of the Timurid period.

It has cities that were as well known as Paris and London, yet Mike O'Connor finds tourism is still in its infancy in Uzbekistan.