No second chances for ABs video

ABs need to find the next level as they head to quarterfinals. Past performance won't be enough.

Moody flies out to replace Woodcock

Alex's 'head trauma' video

A framed photo of Alex Fisher, 10, set out ahead of a family media standup at the Horowhenua District Council in Levin.

An autopsy shows 10-year-old Alex Fisher suffered head trauma, police reveal.

Many dead in blast in Turkey

Dozens of people injured after an explosion at a rally in the Turkish capital.

Young 'free spirit' farewelled

Parents of a boy killed on a busy highway extend their love and sympathy to the driver who hit him.

Shia LaBeouf gets arrested

Actor charged with public intoxication after an incident in Austin, Texas.

Cat from NZ lost in Aussie

Toffee the cat was found near death in Brisbane, but his home is in New Zealand.


Toxic blaze in Auckland

Nine firefighters needed decontaminating after a chemical fire in Auckland.

Firefighters decontaminated and will be monitored after tackling a toxic factory blaze in Auckland.

Woman dies in horse fall

A woman who died after falling from her horse has been named.

Four-week-old Tihoihoi was released into a custom-built burrow on Rotoroa Island in the Hauraki Gulf.

Zoo releases 300th kiwi gallery video

Talkative kiwi Tihoihoi is the 300th chick the zoo has reared and released into the wild.

Rugby World Cup

All Black defence passes test video

All Black halfback Aaron Smith has been a voice of reason at the breakdown.

Aaron Smith's barking voice again a feature of the All Blacks' play at the World Cup.

All Blacks sweep Tonga aside video

All Blacks move into their RWC quarterfinal with growing confidence after convincing win over Tonga.

Alesana Tuilagi of Samoa will play no more part of the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Tuilagi ban gets reduced

Giant Samoan winger will still miss final World Cup game with Scotland, however.


McLaughlin on front row for Bathurst

New Zealander Scott McLaughlin lines up second after qualifying for Bathurst 1000.


Differing stories in tourist bashing

A screen shot from the video posted on Facebook that appears to show Thai guards at a nightclub beating up tourists.

Security guards shown on video kicking and elbowing two Australian tourists will escape punishment.

Clashes in Guinea kills two

Two people were killed and at least 33 were wounded in Guinea in political clashes.

Bao Zhuoxuan went missing in Myanmar while attempting to flee China.

Zhuoxuan missing in Myanmar

The son of a detained human rights lawyer has gone missing in Myanmar.


Lambton Quay is hot property

The demise of Kirkcaldie & Stains may be mourned my some, but its replacement is driving interest in space on Lambton Quay from across the Tasman.

International retailers are battling for space on Wellington's premier shopping street.


Microsoft takes a swing at rivals

The Surface Book has a a 13.5-inch display with 267 pixels per inch.

Ever since the smartphone revolution, Microsoft has been on the back foot but this week it finally beat Google and Apple.

Make-or-break for Sony phones

Sony may consider other options for the phone business if it failed to turn profitable.

Analysts at Chipworks discovered Apple's A9 actually features one of two system-on-a-chip (SoC) circuits.

Difference in iPhone batteries

There are reports the new iPhones' performance and battery life varies depending on the chip powering it.

life & style

More guests, a happier couple?

"A marriage is about all the days you share, not just one."

Finding the right balance between a couple's values and traditions of the big day is terribly difficult.

Woman hits back at trolls video

"Everyone should feel beautiful", says student mocked for her skin.

Gigi Hadid says she doesn't think she needs to question her ability to do her job because of online comments.

Gigi stands up for herself

Model Gigi Hadid says publicly slamming people for criticising her body wasn't aggressive.

well & good

Stay fit while you travel

If you work your exercise plans into your day while you're travelling, you're more likely to stick to them.

It can be difficult to keep a routine up while you're out of town. Here's how.

Infrared yoga the next big thing

There's a hot new trend in the hot yoga space: infrared heating.

Wiremu Bayliss competes in the Sand to Surf race at Mt Maunganui in March.

'There's no tummy to pick up' 

Wiremu Bayliss managed to shed 150kg. Now he's lost an extra 7.5kg after having excess skin removal surgery.

home & property

Island on sale for $6m

Yeah, it looks ok to us. We'll consider it.

If you've ever had dreams of buying a private island, now's the time.

Surviving living at home

A growing number of young people are checking back in at Casa del Ma and Pa. Here are some tips to make life easier.

It doesn't take much to create a home workspace.

How to revive your spare room

If you've got an extra space, there are many things you could be doing rather than leave it empty.

food & wine

Eye fillet on toast

A small but substantial canapé from Ray McVinnie.

A small but substantial canapé from Ray McVinnie.

Shocking chapter in pav wars

The pavlova is not a Kiwi dessert. Nor does it belong to the Australians. Here's the real truth.

Strawberry & cream shortcakes

Healthy afternoon snacks

nz farmer

Alliance Group rewards farmers

Alliance Group's Lorneville plant has invested in a thermoform controlled atmosphere packaging machine as part of its efforts to enhance the shelf life of its products.

Farmers will get loyalty payments from Alliance Group, but they come with a catch.

Opposing Chinese deal 'risky'

Opponents of Shanghai Maling deal accused of "playing a very dangerous and irresponsible game" .

Farmers: grass needs to grow

Putting in own water systems


Jack Black a drug addict at 14

Jack Black has opened up about the drug addiction he suffered as a teenager.

Jack Black is opening up about his old demons before the release of 'Goosebumps'.

Bieber's dad proud of his nudes

Justin Bieber's dad's tweet after nude photos emerged was awkward at best.

Kanye West says children's gaming apps should not allow in-app purchases.

Kanye's odd new rant topic

Kanye West's wealth does not stop him from worrying about a common problem for parents.


Attendant's inspirational notes video

Taylor Tippett is the flight attendant making people smile.

Flight attendants are happy people, but this woman has taken it to a whole new level.

Egypt: 'Are you insane?'

When I told people I planned to visit Egypt, most replied, "Wow!". But their eyes said, "Are you insane?"

A Florida manatee swimming in a fresh water spring.

Beautiful creatures of the big blue

Leading National Geographic photographer Brian Skerry shares his underwater adventure stories.

stuff nation

Illness will not rule my life stuff nation


I wouldn't wish invisible illnesses on my worst enemies. Yet I wouldn't change it for the world.

Top comments on 'fencegate' stuff nation

The saga that is 'fencegate' continues, and you've all got an opinion on it.

The Red Peak flag, designed by Aaron Dustin.

The flag designs are rubbish stuff nation

I can't vote so I'm begging you please, vote for the current flag.


Most powerful muscle car ever

The Challenger Hellcat - the most powerful muscle car ever.

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is a devilishly bad machine. We try to tame it.

Five unnecessary features

Do we really need these outdated/redundant/just plain dumb vehicle features?

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VX Limited features crawl mode for off-road driving.

It's what's inside that counts

There's something really important about the new Prado. But you have to look deep to find it.


Woodcock's career cruelly ended

Tony Woodcock in action for the All Blacks against Tonga before limping off early in the second half with a hamstring injury.

5 min ago  ABs coach pays tribute to veteran prop as his career ends with hamstring injury.

US keep lead in Presidents Cup

Americans escape with a split of the foursomes matches on Saturday in the Presidents Cup.

Scott McLaughlin takes his Volvo around the Bathurst track at high speed on Saturday.

Kiwi on front row for Bathurst

New Zealander Scott McLaughlin lines up second after qualifying for Bathurst 1000.

good reads

Pregnant? Don't ask me for a drink

This isn't about judging women unnecessarily. This is about scientific facts.

OPINION: When expecting friends ask for wine, I feel like yelling at them. It's just nine months. That's it.

Egypt: 'Are you insane?'

The pyramids of Giza

When I told people I planned to visit Egypt, most replied, "Wow!" and "Amazing!" But their eyes said, "Are you insane?"

Graham's funnyman style remembered

Mainfreight founder Bruce Plested gave a eulogy to his Christchurch business partner, Neil Graham, who died on September 30, aged 71

Neil Graham used humour to build Mainfreight's income and craft its style, his longtime ally Bruce Plested says.

Battlelines drawn on Iraq trip

Prime Minister John Key was heavily guarded during a top secret visit to Kiwi troops at Camp Taji this week.

John Key's secret visit to Iraq has drawn fire from Labour.

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Is this your cat?

Tauranga cat Toffee has been found in Brisbane, but where are his owners?

Toffee the cat was found near death in Brisbane, but is registered to an address in Tauranga.

Frozen chook craze takes flight

Frozen chooks could soon be found on a highway near you.

Some may consider it to be fowl. Others may see it as poultry in motion. 

Lamb saved by mouth-to-nose video

Carol Martin shares her home - and her bed - with with Pooky the Wiltshire lamb.

Coming back from the dead isn't something many can claim, but Pooky the pet lamb did it twice in half an hour.

'Fake cop' woos women - police

South Auckland man allegedly caught out when his worried partner called the station.


Grandma meets adopted baby video

The face of a woman who's about to meet her granddaughter. Gorgeous.

Surprise! You're going to be a grandma. And the baby's already here...

Pregnant? Don't ask for wine

This isn't about judging women unnecessarily. This is about scientific facts.

OPINION: When expecting friends ask for alcohol, I feel like yelling at them. It's just nine months. That's it.

Stay-at-home parent 'isn't a job'

Forgoing paid work in order to raise a child can be deeply meaningful and valuable. But can you call it a 'job'?

Many life choices are meaningful and valuable and require hard work - but aren't 'jobs'.

Dying dad fulfills his final wish

At 47, doctors have advised Ken to stop treatment and enjoy his final days.

Ken McHugh doesn't have long to live, but he still got to walk his four children down the aisle in a moving ceremony.

kiwi traveller

Kiwi invents backpack

Design student Taylor Burn's "All Weather Day Pack", modelled by his friend Willem Van Buskirk, has been nominated for a national design award.

A New Zealander has created a revolutionary backpack jacket that could save you space while travelling.

Helping out on the trip of a lifetime

Marie Weavers and family are off to Latin America for a volunteering holiday. From left, Nelson, 10, Oscar, 5, Marie, Max, 7, and Ruby, 11.

Marie Weavers could have booked her family a trip to Disneyland.

Miss Universe finalist shares travel tips

Miss Universe NZ 2015 finalist and Eastern Hutt School teacher Nickie Slater visited the Philippines with fellow contestants earlier this year pictured here at the Maribojoc Organic Farm.

A Miss Universe NZ finalist shares her top seven experiences from an exotic retreat.

Kiwi plumber's '15 seconds of fame'

Logan Dodds is enjoying the crazy ride that is internet fame.

Max Key wishes his holiday video was as good as this Auckland plumber's.