July 14 2014, updated 9:16pm

Singapore anti-gambling advert

'Your dad bet on Germany!'

Singapore anti-gambling advert featuring forlorn child ridiculed after Germany wins World Cup.

CTV man: Career over

David Harding CTV designer has apologised to families of the 115 who died in his building, and says his career is 'all but over'.

$4.8m for Dotcom music service

Baboom on track to raise $4.8m from investors as Mega loses its chief executive just ahead of its backdoor NZX listing.

Stabbing ends truce

Fears of an all-out gang war in Opotiki escalate after a 21-year-old man was stabbed to death.

Funds for flooded Northland

Flood-hit Northland gets $100,000 from Civil Defence Ministry as it starts to recover from days of storms.

Store regrets shoplift shame

Countdown ''initially denied'' warning staff to track "Maori girls in aisle 1" over the intercom, mother says.

Doctor's sex advice 'inappropriate'

stethoscope A doctor's advice to a bulimic woman to self-pleasure ''breached sexual boundaries".

Woman found dead in car

Police are investigating the death of a woman found in a car in Whanganui today.

Mana candidates eye party vote

Hospitals failed elderly patient

Coffin in Hutt River

'People will be offended'

A hoax coffin and 'body' found in the Hutt River has been labelled an ill-conceived marketing stunt.

'Politics part of Maori life'

Maori Party logo Being new to national politics won't mean much to potential Maori Party leaders, one contender says.

Beehive Live: July 14

We watch the political fallout of the World Cup result, because really, what else is there?

Greens push river protection plan

How now Fonterra cow?


Royal tour no monarchy boost

When the royals came to town, they had little effect on support for the monarchy.

Two gored by bull at festival

fighting bull san fermin A fighting bull has gored two people and spread panic in a final running of the bulls at Spain's San Fermin festival.

Spain's Socialists elect new leader

Spain's opposition Socialists have chosen economist Pedro Sanchez to lead the party.

Disputes remain in nuclear talks

'Rascals and cowards'

Cage free hens

Fear of 'chlorine chicken'

Angela Merkel once said she wished "for nothing more than a free-trade agreement between the USA and the EU".

House sales continue slide

NZ house, real estate, property Mortgage restrictions and rising interest rates are being blamed for unusually weak winter house sales.

How the Kiwis fought off Qantas

Air New Zealand's focus on quirkiness and innovation has put it on top of its once feared rival.

UK push for double-decker buses

Cloud company taps ex-Dell VP

Ian Thorpe

ASB adds diversity clause

Ian Thorpe's tell-all interview has prompted ASB Bank into adding diversity clauses to all its sponsorship contracts.

Agents 'milking' tenants

Rent a room Rental agents in Christchurch's tight housing market charging up to $1000 just to renew leases.

Kill your mortgage faster

Want to repay your mortgage faster? Of course, you do.

Banking on KiwiSaver

Self-discipline key to money

Wine region welcomes brewer

Chris Barber Chris Barber is crafting beer in wine country to complement the full-bodied Hawke's Bay reds on offer.

'People will be offended'

A hoax coffin and 'body' found in the Hutt River has been labelled an ill-conceived marketing stunt.

Cloud company taps ex-Dell VP

Shotover Jet tops list


Two months after a European Court of Justice ruling, the "right to be forgotten" is not looking too wise.

Google boss urges less work

Ever ask yourself why we can't work just four days a week? Larry Page thinks maybe we can.

Battle for African gamemakers

Death to respawns

Rob Zombie's Assassin's Creed

Walking Dead co-creator and metal legend announce animated short inspired by Assassin's Creed Unity.

We love this makeup-free video

colbie This made us so happy we thought we'd share.

Six years of selfies

Rebecca Brown's photo project makes us like selfies and shows it's what's on the inside that counts.

More couples seek fertility help

Why his body is important


In what universe is she too fat?

The fashion orbit: beautiful Chrissy Teigen opens up about the time she was fired for being too heavy.

Don't regret buy-and-buy

As a professional organiser, I am constantly reminded of what happens when people buy too much stuff without first thinking through what they're buying.

Grow your own great NZ garlic

I am amazed that the price of New Zealand-grown garlic is at about $2 a bulb of cloves.

Beware high deposits

Five hot homeware picks

heidi klum

In pics: Heidi Klum's home

The mansion of this model and serial home remodeller is truly amazing: features include Napoleon's bookcase.

Ramen 101: Need to know

ramen Here are the terms and ingredients every fan of the glorious noodle dish should know.

Chardonnay back on table

Despite its critics, it turns out we Kiwis love a chard'.

Strogg to warm your cockles

Dig in and earn a tasty crust

Meat being jolted tender

Electrical plug Red meat receiving electrical stimulation in an experiment to increase tenderness.

'As damaging as DDT'

Bees, butterflies, worms and birds among those at serious risk from neonics pesticides.

Residues in fruit, vegetables

How now Fonterra cow?

'Moving on is the only option'

Teuila Blakely Teuila Blakely's son was initially shocked by his mum's publicly aired sex video - but he got over it.

Emmys accused of 'category fraud'

The Emmy chief is forced to answer questions over the confusing categories for the awards coming up in August.

Lea Michele marks anniversary

10 TV storm-offs


Is this appropriate?

A Kiwi band has created a stir with its colourful new music video inspired by Japanese pop culture.

Off the beaten island track

Niue Experience a different side of the Pacific Islands - jump off the beaten track and onto an intrepid adventure.

'Felt like being arrested'

Couple with baby furious at being trapped on diverted jet for five hours.

Pilot three times over the limit

Diverted flight like real-life Lost

Air NZ

How the Kiwis fought off Qantas

Air New Zealand's focus on quirkiness and innovation has put it on top of its once feared rival.

'We've still got work to do'

Peter Hughes Secretary for Education Peter Hughes responds to one parent's call for the ministry to up its game.

Your supermoon shots

Did you snap a stunning shot of last night's supermoon? Share it with us on Stuff.

Feeling the fear in the fog

An unlikely pet couple

wentworth miller

Top five reader comments

"Moan moan moan Why is this news? Why am I commenting Life's mysteries". Classic comment fodder.

Muscle car bar lifted

Dodge ups bragging rights in the modern muscle car era with a Challenger SRT Hellcat blasting a ¼-mile run in 10.8 secs. Dodge ups bragging rights in the modern muscle car era with a Challenger SRT Hellcat blasting a ¼-mile run in 10.8 secs.

130 kmh supercar jump stunt

A Swedish daredevil has performed the classic "don't try this at home'' stunt.

No escaping hi-tech cameras

Alpine road drivers concern police


When riders come to blows

Is this Daft Punk's Oasis moment? Mixed motorsport-martial arts perhaps?

Stowers in doubt

Sherwin Stowers NZ rugby sevens rep Sherwin Stowers has a nervous wait to see if he’ll make it to Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games.

Sharks can negotiate Kiwis

Jake White believes Sharks have right attitude to beat Highlanders and Crusaders to make Super Rugby final.

Warriors are real contenders

Goetze glory makes top five

Lionel Messi

Messi meek amid German glory

Sombre and angry, player of the World Cup reflects on how all he wanted was the trophy for Argentina.


Deserting the Pacific

As the world wonders where to fit everyone, some Pacific islands wonder if there'll be anyone left.


Winding up sacred cow

Why should the Kiwi consumer, who must pay through the nose for dairy, stay loyal?

Sunni militant

Militants over al-Maliki

Sunni worshippers who visit the mosque in this affluent area of Baghdad are not extremists.

rottnest strap

Rough ride to the quokkas

A Rottnest Island trip takes a turn for the worse, but its rugged beauty makes it worthwhile.

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Dad films birth on GoPro

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Watching the World Cup

Argentine maestro Messi dribbles past a German defender Miss A dribbles her Weetbix down her chin from her high chair.


Fertility panic in your 30s

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I 'chose life' over NZ

If you've just returned home from an OE, and find yourself in a state of anguish - you are not alone.


NZ needs more than looks

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Life's one big holiday

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong's hidden magic

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Night sky, stars

Flaming object spotted in sky

A strange object has been spotted in the sky over north Auckland.

baby formula lizard

Lizard found in baby formula

A rotting smell and a gecko tail sticking up was not what one mother expected to encounter in a new tin of formula.


Chicken delays spaceflight plan

The mating habits of a threatened species of chicken have postponed a this US city's plans for spaceflight.

Frontier Airlines

Pilot's pizza pacifies passengers

Faced with potentially hungry - and grumpy - passengers, a pilot treated them to pizza when storms delayed a flight.

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