September 17 2014, updated 8:30pm

Fake death

College footballer plays dead

Arkansas State player Booker Mays acted dead on the field in an effort to distract the opposition.

Petrol fire burns boy

Fire fighters at the Dairy Flat, Rodney property A 14-year-old boy has serious burns after a lawn mower caught fire while he was filling its petrol tank.

Eminem sues over song

National Party rejects claims it violated copyright by using riff similar to Eminem song in advert.

'We've nailed it'

A night watching rugby on TV got a lot more exciting when couple realised they'd won millions.

US military deploys in Ebola fight

A US general will soon be in Liberia, commanding up to 3000 troops and 17 clinics.

'No NSA bases in NZ'

PM dismisses Edward Snowden's allegations the NSA is working out of New Zealand. | What we learnt | 'NZ needs answers'| ‘NZ spied on Pacific neighbours’

Record - and eardrum - beaten

A stunt performer has had a painful ending to a world record-breaking flip off a floating inflatable.

Hamilton streets in darkness

Street light Most Hamilton streets are in darkness after a signal plant fault meant street lights were not turned on.

Priest pleads guilty

Catholic priest admits charge of indecent assault ​on a male over 16.

It's a girl: Te Papa's colossal squid

Erratic driving on night of killing


'We've nailed it'

A night watching rugby on TV got a lot more exciting when couple realised they'd won millions.

Interview: Glenn Greenwald

Fairfax Media political reporter Andrea Vance sat down with American journalist Glenn Greenwald following the 'Moment of Truth' reveal.

No probe yet over Dotcom email

kim dotcom Complaint about email that Kim Dotcom says shows PM lied about knowing him shelved till after election.

Do believe the hype

When people say the "moment of truth" was an anti-climax, a nothing - don't believe them.

Greens offer new baby package

NZ 'spied on allies'

Flat Race web series

A political flat race

Wellington actor comes up with novel way to get young Kiwis interested in voting, by profiling political party leaders in a flat setting.

Sister of ex-NRL star charged

Driver charged over the death of a school girl at a Sydney bus stop is the sister of Kiwi ex-NRL player Joe Galuvao.

Mystery surrounds exec's death

Mystery surrounds the death of an Australian mining executive, who was found in Peru surrounded by drugs and with a plastic bag over his head.

Thai woman leaps to death

Thousands flee volcano

US military deploys in Ebola fight

A US general will soon be in Liberia, commanding up to 3000 troops and 17 clinics.

Ex-Fonterra CEO to chair Orion

andrew ferrier Andrew Ferrier's appointment as chairman will fuel speculation the healthcare software firm is eyeing a float.

Aussie dollar 'overvalued'

Internal RBA document suggests the currency may be too high even after a week-long tumble of four cents.

Council incomes rise

Election Q&A: Peter Neilson

retirement nest egg

Fund continues strong run

The NZ Superannuation Fund's returns over the past year have reached almost 20 per cent.

There's always a way to save

piggy bank no money The cost of living may be high, but there are always little things you can do that add up in savings.

Game on for banking disruptors

Banks will surrender parts of their businesses to a new breed of competitors that match borrowers and lenders online.

Don't forget Struggle Street

Paying for pain at the dentist

Training business gone to the dogs

Hawke’s Bay dog trainer Alastair Needes Man's best friend is also Alastair Needes' business partner.

Take legal advice over copycat

A new rival has similar branding and products to yours, what are your rights?

Finding a window of investment

Spacecube fills pop-up niche

iPhone pre-orders at record 4m

Some will need to wait for their iPhone 6 after first pre-orders double the number recieved for iPhone 5.

'Higher prices' from piracy push

Economists says Australians would pay more under government proposals to tackle online piracy.

Open Internet gains ground

Google's super cheap Android

Is Windows 9 upon us?

Microsoft has sent out invites to an event rumoured to be the reveal of the next major upgrade to Windows.

Best bachelorette party ever?

Best bachelorette party ever? Or perhaps even the worst? You decide.

Martha vs Blake and Gwyneth

It would seem the lifestyle queen is not so thrilled about actresses encroaching on her turf.

'Blood-stained' top causes a stir

Crazy moments from Miss America


Backstage at NYFW

We go behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week to check out the food, fabulous guests and more.

The cheapest masseuse ever

foam Shoulders achy? Calves tight? Foam rollers let you give yourself a deep-tissue massage

The power of fermented foods

Has the answer to our digestive woes been under our noses the whole time? It appears so.

7 inspirational quotes to ignore

Live chat with a sleep expert


Is the 5:2 diet the way to go?

Cut right back on calories two days a week and shed the kilos? Easy. But in reality it's not right for everyone.

The return of the feature wall

strap Yes, it's back, but it's new and improved. Here are seven different ways you can achieve one in your home.

Let's live in...Newtown

Ethnically diverse, creative and full of character, there is never a dull moment in this Wellington melting pot.

Renters feeling the chill

At home with Lynda Hallinan


Bidding war for unliveable property

This property in Melbourne sold for an astonishing sum ... and the decrepit house has to stay.

A beery political question

Beer and politics In the lead up to the election we ask party leaders some very important questions about beer.

Recipe: Sausage rolls

I can still remember the aroma wafting through the kitchen at Harvey Street every time mum made a batch of sausage rolls.

Wine risky for asthmatics

Brewers tap into Petone 'vibe'

Jury is still out

Dairy cow with bottle of raw milk Farmers who produce raw milk say it's good for you, but the jury is still out, say scientists.

Acupuncture trumps forestry

Farming study discovers acupuncture, music, sport and recreation rate above primary industry science as subjects among university students.

'Step in the right direction'

Farm effluent consent approved

Live blog: The Amazing Race

Amazing Race After the surprise elimination of Kiwi front-runners Johnny and Muzza, who will depart tonight?

Film fest closes with a whimper

The Toronto crowd crowned The Imitation Crowd king, but that film alone cannot overcome the current movie malaise.

Acting out the news

Mockingjay trailer excites

william shatner

Two kinds of Shatner

Did you know there are two kinds of William Shatner? "Shatner" - the brash Hollywood actor and "Bill".

Sydney's best pho

Food fads come and go, but these Vietnamese noodle soups are never out of fashion.

Beauty awaits

There are risks and rewards of travel in isolated places like the Escalante.

Plane's engine burns mid-air

Atlantis Resort's expansion

10 holidays that will change you

There are holidays that help you relax, then there are some that change your entire outlook on life.

Top five reader comments

Edward Snowden Moment of Truth It may not surprise you to discover that politics is a dominating force in today's top reader comments.

Beauty at Breaker Bay

Lots of patience and a decent tripod are key to getting a good shot of the night sky, says Bruce Mackay.

A furry source of happiness

People are NZ's biggest asset


Hi owners, I'm home

Jodie Clarke's cat Sam disappeared for four years, but came back and slotted in like he'd never been away.

Angry driver takes car back

Motorist incensed with a having his car towed jumps into it, reverses off a tow truck and drives it away. Motorist incensed with a having his car towed jumps into it, reverses off a tow truck and drives it away.

$1m parking spaces

New York property developer offering the uber-wealthy the opportunity to buy a condo parking spot for a cool US$1m.

Max-scooter, mini-price

Turbocharger v supercharger

The movie is still 18 months away but the teasing continues around what the new Batmobile will look like.

Batmobile tease

The movie is still 18 months away but the teasing continues around what the new Batmobile will look like.

Anyone's title as endgame looms

Jamie Soward With the fall of the Roosters and Manly the stage is set for the biggest premiership shock in NRL history.

Stephens to play Classic

America's brightest women's tennis prospect, Sloane Stephens, is to contest ASB Classic 2015.

Duo get NPC bans

Sister of ex-NRL star charged

New Zealand's sevens team

Sevens fails to sell out

The Sevens Wellington ticket launch avoided last year's disaster, but the event is far from selling out.

Beauty awaits

There are risks and rewards of travel in isolated places like the Escalante.

Moata Tamaira

Democracy for beginners

I always enjoy voting. For a second as felt tip hits paper I am democracy, and it feels great.

Daisy the calf has pride of place in Louise Giltrap's childhood scrapbook.

Milking her dream job

Rediscovering a memento of her childhood takes Louise Giltrap back to the calf that sparked a dream.

First came a fin

A dolphin slept with me. A whole pod, in fact. And it was bloody mind-blowing.

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10 pregnancy surprises

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Motherless Disney princesses

Why are so many heroines in Disney movies motherless? One theory is that Walt Disney was guilt-ridden over his mother's death.

Ada Nicodemou

TV star speaks about loss of son

Home and Away star Ada Nicoedemou has spoken out about the still birth of her son by sharing a touching poem.

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The trouble with teeth

With the kid's baby teeth now starting to fall out and their new sparkly adult teeth filling in the gaps, we seem to be hitting a rough patch.



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Adventurer peaks in Europe

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Swiss family relocators

The Zipfel family moved to Switzerland to be closer to relatives and the opportunities of Europe.

The Kiwi wanderers

For 'perpetual travellers', occasional overseas trips just aren't enough.

Venezuelans missing implants

Venezuela's chronic shortages have begun to encroach on a cultural cornerstone: the boob job.

'Fiddly' op to remove fish tumour

George the goldfish gets to swim again after high-risk micro-surgery.

Man 'cooked' girlfriend's dog

US police have arrested a man for allegedly stealing and cooking his ex-girlfriend's pet dog.

Alexandra Emery with Angelo

Gladys left 600k to animals

Almost 30 years after her death, the final wishes of an elegant and formidable animal lover will be realised.

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