What Nasa's found out there video

8:16 AM  Prospect of distant life as scientists find a nearby solar system with 7 Earth-sized planets.

Five shot in Whangarei

Police tape surrounds a property at the centre of a shooting on Clark Rd in Whangarei on Wednesday night.

12 min ago  Neighbours heard "yelling and whimpering" around the time of a shooting that left five people seriously injured.

Sky/Voda merger off video

2 min ago  Competition watchdog rejects the deal which aimed to head off rivals like Netflix.

To Dan Vickerman's sons

9:17 AM  OPINION: Boys, this is the man your father was. By Peter FizSimons.

Why isn't the pill free, already?

9:46 AM  OPINION: Men aren't coughing up to shove a daily dose of hormones in their face.

Church funded NZ abuser's fight

8:51 AM  Church paid for three-year court fight to stop child sex-accused being extradited to NZ.

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Powerlines down on truck

Emergency services are at the scene of the downed lines.

6 min ago  Rescuers working to free person trapped in truck with downed power lines on top in Hutt Valley.

Bus crash lucky save video

11 min ago  "A lot of fatalities" reportedly prevented by tree after tourist bus crashed into bush near Akaroa.

DOC's Roy Grose says the public had to accept there could be some mortality of seals in the SH1 rebuild.

Seals may die in SH1 rebuild

Electric fences trialled to keep seals away from quake roadworks - but they may not be enough.


Israel's strange flight to Australia

Benjamin Netanyahu's plane took 11 hours to fly from Singapore to Sydney. It wasn't by choice.


Israel's strange flight to Australia video

Benjamin Netanyahu's plane wasn't taking the scenic route by choice.

2 min ago  Benjamin Netanyahu's plane took 11 hours to fly from Singapore to Sydney. It wasn't by choice.

Financially motivated murder

Partner of British children's author convicted of killing her in a financially-motivated murder.

Some Jewish groups described the vandalism as the latest evidence that anti-Semitic groups have been emboldened by the ...

Muslims give $116k for graves video

9:36 AM  Muslims stand in solidarity with Jewish community in US after 170 headstones toppled in attack.


Sky won't fall after rejection

Sky TV's proposed merger with Vodafone NZ has been torpedoed by the country's competition watchdog.

9:21 AM  OPINION: Sky TV is likely to carry on as before after its merger with Vodafone got turned down.

Fonterra holds milk price

9:47 AM  Fonterra has kept its forecast payout to farmers at $6 per kilogram of milk solids.

Rivals put a dent in Air New Zealand's result.

Air NZ hit by competition

8:55 AM  NZ's flagship airline's profit is still healthy but it's been dented by competitors.


Why Apple TV failed to take off

Apple’s 4th generation TV device now features apps that let you stream movies and TV shows. For Kiwis, it has apps for ...

Time and again, engineers have been forced to compromise on Apple's vision of revolutionising the living room.

Apple's campus opens in April

9:03 AM  The company also announced the facility's main theatre will be named the Steve Jobs Theater.

For Honor is available now for PS4, XBox One and PC.

Review: For Honor

9:35 AM  How is a game about Knights, Vikings, and Samurai wailing on each other not perfect?

life & style

Building with the Drents video

Ido Drent guest stars in The Brokenwood Mysteries.

Actor Ido Drent is building a house and raising a young family all at once.

Exercises that could hurt you

9:07 AM  Some exercises and other things you're doing in your daily workouts could be hurting you.

This is the first time we've seen Lorde without shoulder-length locks.

Lorde's new look video

She's been styled by someone in the Kardashian camp - see the results.

well & good

Dangers of work-life merging

A new study shows that workers who are always 'on' are risking their health like never before.

A new study shows that workers who are always 'on' are risking their health like never before.

Life expectancy: who'll live longest?

Life expectancy is predicted to pass 90 by 2030 - but just where does New Zealand rank?

An unpalatable Strawberry

Can you eat mouldy food?

Toss out bread and soft fruit, but cheese is OK.

home & property

Deep-clean your kitchen like a pro

As the heart of the home, the kitchen needs constant care.

9:38 AM  There are plenty of ways to see your major kitchen appliances shining back at you, and we've found them.

Kiwi collection to fetch millions

17 min ago  Collector says selling 300 artworks will hurt - but not as much as losing his wife.

pink chair

10 home Instagrammers to love

8:53 AM  Key influencers from around the world who you should know about. Get ready to double tap.

food & wine

A beer just for drinking inflight

The first beer brewed just for flying high.

Betsy Beer is designed for drinking at 35,000 ft.

Pineapple on pizza: yay or nay?

But whether or not it could actually be banned is out of the question.

Lunches to make other jealous

Madam Woo opens in Chch

nz farmer

Enough space for grapes

Tanks on the ground at the Pernod Ricard tank farm, south of Blenheim.

The post-quake scramble to repair tanks in time for harvest seems to have paid off.

Waiting, with 'baited' breath video

There's been no sign of them yet but recreational fishing parks will still happen, Government says.

Bobby calf death rate halved

Tune up more than the tractor


Odds on Kiwi's story to be a winner

Filming on the set of Kiwi, a new Sunday Theatre drama about the New Zealand racehorse who won the 1983 Melbourne Cup.

14 min ago  The legendary Melbourne Cup winner gets his own film ... at a cost of $3m

First Sight: Dinner fallout

Tempers flare over the entrees and the knives come out as some contestants share their distaste for others' behaviour.

Uma Thurman reveals she turned down a role in Lord of The Rings.

Thurman said no to Jackson video

Actress Uma Thurman says "it was a very long time ago" but considers it one of the worst decisions ever made.


What to pack for South America video

When visiting this amazing continent it's not about what to bring, but rather what to ditch.

When visiting this amazing continent it's not about what to bring, but rather what to ditch.

World's weird (but cute) species

Covered in light orange spots and dark rings, its beady eyes pop creepily from its circular form.

When the snow finally blankets the nearby hills, there is plenty of choice of slopes for tobogganing and snow fights.

Kiwi in France: Wintering over stuff nation

Behind closed shutters and boarded houses the Pyrenees' community hums with life.


Tesla mania hits NZ

Model S is the car that established Tesla as an 'it' brand. Still doing stirling work.

9:52 AM  OPINION: I think Tesla is the carmaking equivalent of Apple and I don't mean that in a nice way.

Range Rover hints at sports car

British brand looks to expand its portfolio beyond SUVs.

Infiniti Q50 is available with conventional powertrain or as a hybrid.

New entry in luxury car market

Nissan's luxury brand is being brought to NZ. But not by Nissan.

stuff nation

We're failing our dyslexic kids

12022015. Photo: 123rf.com
Backs of schoolkids with colorful rucksacks moving in the street

people; person; children; ...

Thinking outside of the box creates an opportunity for change but NZ's education system is letting our kids down.

The best way to train your dog

Positive reinforcement is the most effective way to teach dogs how to behave.

Pet of the day: Dot and Boss

Pet of the day: Pooch pals Boss and Dot 

Two buddies that make a lot of mischief together. So much fun, energy and personality.


Pre-test pitch 'divots' spied gallery

There was not a lot of green grass on the pitch ahead of the first test between Australia and India.

9:46 AM  Ominous signs for Australia in India: "I think it will take spin from ball one," captain Steve Smith says.

6yo beats pros, with one arm video

8:52 AM  Little Tommy teaches the golf pros a lesson in one-armed challenge.

Blues halfback Augustine Pulu could prove a valuable player this season.

Forget SBW, Pulu's the man

Livewire No 9 could be the circuit-breaker the Blues need as they begin Super Rugby 2017, tonight.

good reads

Chch quake memorial – a new era video

Deb Conley touched the name of her stepdaughter Rachel Conley who was killed in the earthquake.

The ceremony began as solemn as ever. This time, though, Christchurch's earthquake memorial was different.

Farewell the complicated Jane Roe

Norma McCorvey, right, was the anonymous plaintiff known as Jane Roe in the Supreme Court's landmark 1973 Roe vs Wade ...

OPINION: The champion of abortion rights who went full circle was a mass of contradictions, like all of us.

Cannibalism 'perfectly natural'

Cannibalism: It is more common than we realise and not black and white.

Siblings eat siblings, strangers eat strangers, children eat parents and mates eat mates. Science can explain it.

Reason: Cult of silence kills

Dan Vickerman, pictured in 2011, died on Saturday night.

OPINION: After the death of Dan Vickerman we need to talk about the problems that are killing our young men.

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More than "conventional antiques"

Ray says west Aucklanders are an imaginative people and it takes unique things to impress them.

Keeping it unique is the name of the game says antique shop owner Ray.

A succulent sight to behold

Gaye Mullin's agave geminiflora is so big it's difficult to photograph.

 This gardener got a bit of surprise when her plant started growing and didn't stop.

Closure for cat lover

Jane Chapman, with her kitten Artimus, was overwhelmed the council had her dead cat, Rupert's body so she could farewell it.

She got the chance to say goodbye to her moggy because the pound still had it in the freezer.

Astronomical poo problem solved

Hugh McCarroll was thrilled to have his design acknowledged.

The dark side of the moon walk needed a solution and Hugh McCarroll had one.


Motherhood isn't worth fuss?

Hey, they don't call her Queen Bey for nothing.

OPINION: Yes it is. Motherhood may be a common experience, but that doesn't make it any less extraordinary.

Clooney on becoming a dad video

It's twins for Amal Clooney and George Clooney.

The first-time father expects having twins - reportedly due in June - at age 56 will be "an adventure".

'I believe in fixing my body'

Sophie Cachia tells her followers she's focused on recovery and not on losing weight, following the birth of her ...

Sophie Cachia's refreshing words about her "little tummy" has other mums applauding her honesty.

I am a terrible mother

Charlie, Henry and Tommy in their red wagon.

OPINION: I bribe them with chocolate, don't make them wear a hat and always leave the TV on.

kiwi traveller

Men are better at packing suitcases video

The world is divided into premature packers and procrastinating packers with few practical packers in between.

They procrastinate and are unorganised. But then they don't bring as much junk. What's better?

What cabin crew know that you don't video

Veteran globetrotters reveal secrets to a more attentive service (or to avoid getting kicked off your flight).

Veteran globetrotters reveal secrets to a more attentive service (or to avoid getting kicked off your flight).

Seven wonders of travel world

The amazing Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park.

From train trips to a bubbling supervolcano, this is the modern-day ultimate travel experience.

Wanderluster: Kiwis' life in Scandinavia

Matthew and Chelsea are big fans of the nomadic lifestyle.

After 10 years on the road, an intrepid couple share their advice on travelling Northern Europe.

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