Sky High splash

The stalk that's touching the sky

Amid a NZ garden a succulent is growing more than a metre a week. The town is bewildered.

Fuel-soaked ride home

Ingrid Carson was doused in petrol from a faulty pump at a Z station in Paraparaumu.

15 min ago  Fire service stunned woman was left to drive herself home after faulty pump covered her in flammable fuel.

Dalton's life support turned off

8:20 PM  Former Silver Fern's family turn off her life support five days after brain aneurysm collapse.

Injured caver's nine hours in hole video

2 min ago  Canadian tourist, 25, winched out after falling 20m in NZ's deepest vertical shaft.

Urgent rescue as NZ river vanishes

8:06 PM  Waterway dries up around thousands of fish and eels as they try to swim to safety.

No power bills since 2010

8:30 PM  A DIY solar energy system has kept one NZ couple self-sufficient for six years.

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Fight to keep killers in prison

Shay Barry Webster (L) and Jason Barr are eligible to be considered for parole.

8:09 PM  When parole rolls round for two offenders, the family of Terry Smith are forced to relive a tragic past.

Hunters' actions technically legal

A year later and two hunters who caused a pig "unnecessary pain" would have been found guilty.

A motorcyclist died at the scene of a crash near Springvale in Central Otago.

Motorist killed in truck smash

A motorcyclist is dead after a collision with a truck in Central Otago.


Nelson caving emergency

She fell 20m down Harwoods Hole. Now, the 25-year-old Canadian tourist has been rescued.


Kim murder: Women charged

Doan Thi Huong of Vietnam, left, and Siti Aishah of Indonesia

7:51 PM  Two women accused of killing Kim Jong Nam will be sentenced to death if found guilty.

Mum killed son 'out of love'

An Australian woman killed her severely disabled son over his obsession with sexual violence and child sex.

Marine Le Pen, French National Front (FN) political party leader and candidate for French 2017 presidential election, ...

Farmers pin hope on Le Pen

6 min ago  Disillusioned French farmers will back the far-right leader – if they show up at voting booths at all.


Small town NZ to struggle

Small towns may face difficulties supporting infrastructure growth.

Big cities and popular areas will grow but the outlook's grim for some regions, report says.

Camilla kaftan sale arrest

She posed as security while pinching designer clothes from a Sydney sale of fashion label Camilla.

An advertisement for a sharemilker in Taranaki stated that "No co-habiting couples need apply."

Job ad: 'No co-habiting couples'

Taranaki man wants a married couple for sharemilker role to "set example" for daughters.


Why I want the Nokia 3310

The 3310 relaunch probably isn't about big sales. It's meant to draw attention to the company's first line of ...

There's plenty of reasons to embrace the dumb phone, especially as an antidote to these digitally toxic times.

Are tablets still relevant gadgets?

Tablets are struggling to find their place in the tech world, but that isn't stopping companies from releasing new models.

Halo Wars 2 isn’t very interested in telling a tale, but more interested in keeping up appearances.

Review: Halo Wars 2

Halo Wars 2 isn’t very interested in telling a tale, but more interested in keeping up appearances.

life & style

Selling? What buyers wants

Anecdotal information says that potential buyers base their purchasing decision on a home's kitchen and bathrooms. But a ...

It's not just about the kitchen and bathrooms - what buyers really want may just surprise you.

Exercise futile for weight loss

Surely we work harder, we burn more, we lose more weight, right? Not exactly.

Skylar Holt's admission to her teacher about her father's weed caused quite a stir.

My dad grows 'a lot of weed' video

Father gets pulled aside by teacher after child's innocent confession lands him in hot water.

well & good

Why is vinegar good at everything?

Apple cider vinegar is available from supermarkets and health stores

It literally seems to be the go-to for everything around the house.

Alzheimer's linked with lie-ins

Many can only dream of a regular lie-in, but research shows it may be an early sign of Alzheimer's.

Gisele's personal chef Allen Campbell made headlines when he revealed that the supermodel avoids all foods in the deadly ...

Anti-inflammatory diet is in

What does a healthy gut and Gisele Bundchen have in common? They are both fans of the anti-inflammatory diet.

home & property

House of the week: Mt Maunganui

Jodie is threatening to have the living room couches reupholstered after Dave chose fabric a shade or two brighter than ...

Ten homes in 16 years: these Mt Maunganui homeowners just can’t resist a challenge.

Architect's own '50s gem

It's hard to believe this Mid-century house was built in 1954 - it's so far ahead of its time.

Bright, clean colours add energy to a living area; cushions are from Corso De 'Fiori and May Time.

When patterns meet palettes

Being bold and bright doesn't have to be big and scary.

food & wine

Judging NZ's best BBQ video

There were plenty of people attending the innaugural Meatstock festival in Auckland over the weekend of Feb 25, 2017. ...

Ribs, brisket, pulled pork and lamb were all on the menu, but were they good?

Are rice crackers really healthy?

It is easy to be fooled into thinking rice crackers are a healthy snack.

Trump sandwich on the menu

Icing on the cake

nz farmer

Labelling crackdown on 'milk'

Which milk? A nuts question.

'You can't use corn syrup and call it honey': Australia's dairy farmers call for a crackdown on 'fake milk'.

Strong Golden Shears line-up

New Zealand shearing's big guns are coming to town, but there are some dark horses who could surprise.

It's a busy life down on the farm

Wetlands filter water on farm


Henry saves The Project

The Project launched last week with hosts Josh Thomson, Jesse Mulligan and Kanoa Lloyd.

9:22 PM  Ratings show people tuning out from The Project day after day, except for when Paul Henry's on.

Elemeno P queues? You bet

A second Auckland show has been announced for the band's reunion tour after the first sold out.

Digital painter Sarah de Schot was part of a team that won a Bafta award and an Oscar for their work on the 2014 movie ...

Masterton to a galaxy far, far away

When Forest Whitaker's Star Wars character needed to lose a foot, Sarah de Schot made it happen.


New flight route for Christchurch

Cathay Pacific's new Airbus A350 will fly direct between Hong Kong and Christchurch in December 2017.

South Islanders will soon be able to fly straight to Hong Kong on a new Cathay Pacific service.

How to be comfy in economy video

Being stuck in cattle class doesn't have to be a nightmare if you employ these savvy solutions.

What started out as an ambitious project 50 years ago, the temple on the sea quickly ran out of funding.

Abandoned temple stuff nation

What started out as an ambitious project 50 years ago, the temple on the sea quickly ran out of funding.


Campaigner calls for ABS brakes

Allan Kirk, of New Zealand Motorcycle Consultants, says motorcycles should have ABS brakes installed, such as on this ...

Former Superbike star not convinced ABS brakes would be a gamechanger in NZ.

Tupac's death car for sale video

Multi-million-dollar price tag on the car that rapper Tupac Shakur was murdered in.

It has taken three attempts but this "reasonably priced car" driven by stars on Top Gear has finally been sold.

Top Gear car finally sells video

Third time lucky for those selling a "reasonably priced car" dating back to the Jeremy Clarkson era of Top Gear.

stuff nation

How to fix freedom camping?

Freedom Campers at the Trafalgar Centre car-park at the end of Paru ...

Can freedom camping carry on as it is or should there be tighter restrictions?

My 10 days in silence

Some lessons can only be learnt from looking inward.


Mental health services are failing

"I feel like to be taken seriously I need to walk forwards instead of backwards when the bus comes."


Warriors stick with trial team video

Ken Maumalo gets to start on the wing in the first game of the new season.

Warriors coach has rewarded the players who performed well in the trial game against the Titans.

Tania Dalton privacy breach

A privacy breach relating to the medical care of Tania Dalton is being investigated.

Elliot Dixon in action for the Highlanders.

Dixon ready for another epic

Highlanders loose forward Elliot Dixon ready to be pushed to the limit in showdown with Crusaders in Dunedin.

good reads

Vintage year for Six Nations

Scotland's Stuart Hogg has been one of the stand-out players during the Six Nations.

OPINION: Italy's rope-a-dope tactics added to what could be the best ever 6 Nations, writes Mick Cleary.

Brilliance of Stern Vern

Vern Cotter has transformed Scotland, who have the chance to win the triple crown for the first time since 1983.

OPINION: Scotland's Kiwi coach has his team playing much bigger than they are, writes Mark Reason.

Holidays in Saudi Arabia a hard sell

Saudi visitors watch an aerial flying display over Mada'in Saleh, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in Mada'in Saleh.

Its alcohol ban and strict dress code are red flags... but curious travellers want to tick it off their lists.

Labour's future has one name

Younger blood - like new Mt Albert MP Jacinda Ardern - is needed for the top of the Labour party, Chris Trotter says.

OPINION: If Andrew Little doesn't promote Jacinda Arden to deputy-leader, then he's a fool, writes Chris Trotter.

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Deb to the rescue

Sensing Murder's Deb Webber says she is hurt when people accuse her of exploiting grieving families.

Sensing Murder's Deb Webber says she's hurt when skeptics get "nasty".

The 'modern day treasure hunt'

Cooper Hamilton, 4, centre, Bellah Doyle-Geddis, 4, rear and Tristan Phipps, 3, look for a place to hide their painted rocks.

If you come across a painted rock hidden around Timaru, it's likely you've stumbled upon an international craze.

Car fire tourists reassure mum

Tourist Rob, Charlie and Gwen reassure their mum they are okay after their car exploded in a ball of flames near ...

When a space-saver tyre caught fire, sending the whole car up, these tourists sent a message home.

Ikea shop where people go to sleep

Shoes off, pillows out: These customers are here to try before they buy.

The Chinese like to try before they buy, apparently, and hotels have caught on to this craze.


A box that every baby needs

BabyStart is a new New Zealand charity company based on a hugely successful Finnish model.

For every BabyStart box purchased, the new Kiwi company gives another to a New Zealand baby in need.

1756 questions a day

Frustrated mum Angela Cuming decided to count just how many questions her curious toddler asked her in one day.

OPINION: What's worse than waterboarding? A curious toddler who won't stop asking questions.

Wrong to teach kids to fear men

It's hard to be told that you've been classified as a potential predator – that, without knowing anything about you, ...

Our children need to know the world can be dangerous. And they need to know how to protect themselves.

Parents ban male babysitters

I am determined to do everything I can to make sure my daughter is not a victim of abuse.

OPINION: My husband and I made a rule: no man would ever babysit our children.

kiwi traveller

Truth about air quality, plane toilets

Cabin air is fresher than in offices and hospitals, but hygiene takes a holiday in the toilets.

Cabin air is fresher than in offices and hospitals, but hygiene takes a holiday in the toilets.

How to maximise your annual leave

With Easter and Anzac Day falling so close together, Kiwis can have 12 days off for just five days.

With Easter and Anzac Day falling so close together, Kiwis can have 12 days off for just five days.

Insider Tip: Japan

Japanese macaques warm themselves in the onsens.

It's a place where vending machines dispense everything from flowers to lobster.

5 days in San Francisco

Ten thousand people bike across the Golden Gate Bridge on a good summer's day.

Apart from the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, is there anything else to do?

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