August 23 2014, updated 6:13pm


Mars photo 'no proof of life'

Is this an alien thigh bone on Mars? Highly unlikely, says NASA.

Daylight sex attack

tapeST Police are investigating a violent daylight sexual attack at Waikato University this morning.

24-year-old dad baby-farming?

6 min ago Interpol is investigating a 24-year-old who has fathered 16 babies and wants to have 10 - 15 a year.

Flight cost outrage

Woman calls for more competition on regional flights after she forked out $1352 to fly to Dunedin.

Labour: We'll axe the tax

Labour announces it'll axe secondary tax for workers with two or more jobs - but National says it's already implementing the policy.

Taniwha embarrass Lions

4:49pm In record-breaking style, Northland notch their first NPC victory over Wellington in 14 years.

Shot fired in Thames

Police Police have arrested two men after a gun was fired in a residential area of Thames. 

Gas smell closes street

Suspected gas leak leads to busy Wellington street being cordoned off for more than an hour.

Seatbelts a factor

'I was duped'

Melrose House Cafe

Overwhelmed by generosity

Cafe operator overwhelmed by community's generosity in helping her raise $10,000 in just 48 hours.

Iraqi Yazidis flee violence, cross into Turkey

Fleeing the violence and instability in their homeland, Iraqi Yazidis trek a dusty mountain road on foot to seek refuge across the border in Turkey.

Clearing the chaos

Doctor Kiwis want MPs who have experience bringing order to chaos – such as doctors, poll says. | Poll results

Cunliffe apologises again

Labour leader David Cunliffe has apologised again – not for being a man, but for being a Cunliffe.  

A long week in politics

Key says 'ask me anything'

John Key

Littered with landmines

Hacked emails. Dirty politics. Burning effigies. Inquiries and investigations. Welcome to campaign 2014.

US protests intercept of Navy jet

us navy plane The US charged that a Chinese fighter pilot conducted a "dangerous intercept" of a Navy patrol plane in international air space

Russian 'invasion' accused

Ukraine declares Russian "invasion" after Moscow sends convoy of trucks across the borders.

Ancient Mayan cities found

Fighting back against naked tourists

Heather Mack stands at the police district headquarters after she was brought in for questioning in relation to the death of her mother, in Bali, Indonesia,

Witnesses speak out over murder

An woman whose body was found in a suitcase in Bali and her daughter were seen arguing in the lobby.

Profit Spark-ling

simon moutter Spark may be experiencing the first rays of light after years of seeing its earnings chipped away by falling revenues from fixed-line telecommunications.

Tower solvency margin reduced

Tower Insurance completes 82pc of its Canterbury quake residential claims and is now allowed to hold $30m less because its risks have reduced.

SMEs pull out election checklists

Hoverbike reaches new heights

Marsden Point refinery

Refinery sees profit potential

Refining NZ aims to bring in huge tankers carrying as much as 1 million barrels of oil to its Marsden Pt refinery.

What KiwiSaver fees pay for

piggy bank no money All KiwiSaver investors pay fees but many have no idea what they're paying for.

Broker's view: Fletcher Building

Broker Grant Davies looks at the pros and cons of our stock of the week.

'The money will come'

Eftpos online flaws to be fixed

Manly approach to getting creative

M3 Creative M3 Creative is three men, being creative.

SMEs pull out election checklists

BusinessNZ has identified five key election topics affecting small and medium-sized businesses.

'I'm not racist'

Fined for sacking son

Star Wars in your pocket

Now you can destroy the Empire - or crush the Rebel Alliance - on your mobile in a new Star Wars game.

Beervana app serves up brews

Beer and programming are seen as male-dominated industries, but two women are breaking the stereotype.

The train spotter express

Vine ripens and grows

Top 10 Friday picks from web

Distracted by the internet on a Friday afternoon? Here are 10 top ways to round off the week.

On Anna Paquin's bisexuality

Anna Paquin She's married, but also claims her bisexuality 'isn't a past-tense thing' - so what does that even mean?

To wear or not to wear

Is sleeping in underwear bad for us? A definitive answer at last.

Can a man be romanced?

Fighting fit and helping others

Lillian Small

Young fear dementia too

Lillian Small fears she may start losing her mind, even before she turns 50.

One small way to reduce stress

strap Keeping on top of things around the home could be one small way to keep your stress in check too.

Inside scoop on The Block

We get some early goss from the new contestants. The verdict? It's been tough.

The dangers of DIY

Cloaked in greenery


Plants anyone can grow

Think you're cursed when it comes to greenery? Check out these low maintenance stars...

It's beer, but not as you know it

Beervana Fancy a barrel-aged feijoa beer, a two-pot flat white or a salty seaweed ale?

Wellington ladies who lunch

Keen to try a Welly on a Plate lunch? We tried five of the best so you can choose the lunch that will suit you.

Exports may see locals miss out

Gothic skull takes the cake

Meat price may disappoint

Lamb carcases. Sheep and beef farmers warming their hands in advance of better sheepmeat prices have been warned they might be disappointed.

Smart switch could save lives

The scientific smarts of a young Southlander could save lives on farms.

Rare herd for sale

Mild winter kick starting season

Heart to Hart

miranda hart Miranda Hart confesses a Call The Midwife secret.

Cash for art 'trash'

Te Papa spent taxpayers' cash on two artworks, one of which even its creator calls rubbish.

Taylor makes swift entrance

Light in the dark


Fave characters Simpson-ised

Ever wanted to know what Jon Snow looked like as a Simpson character? Wonder no more.

Magic in the mountains

An action-packed getaway to Ruapehu district doesn't depend on snow - but it does help.

Fear haunts travellers

Horrified, Eliza Strauss thought she could see a fiery missile speeding towards her plane.

How old is too old on a bus?

Where to get lucky at the snow

A walk on the wild side

There are a few things they tell you when you’re about to walk with lions.

Banda Aceh post tsunami

Banda Aceh Post-Tsunami I've had my share of horrific experiences but I couldn't imagine anything as terrifying as the 2011 tsunami.

Dirty Politics ignores privacy

Why is no-one addressing the issue of stealing and publishing private emails? Derrick Wales writes.

Top five reader comments

Scary space/time continuum

Foraging for Fiordland fungi

Hunting the upper reaches of Southland's Worsley Stream I found a fungi I'd never seen before.

Relocated and restored

Range Rover Number One The Range Rover is regarded as the original SUV, and this restored example built in 1969, will cost you more than a brand-new model.

'You are not untouchable'

Jeremy Clarkson doesn't see a problem with his racial outbursts but his bosses have a warning.

Fraudster's Rolls being auctioned

Commodore replacements?

Carroll Shelby and Tom Cruise

Shelby movie has potential

Tom Cruise as Carroll Shelby - you have to be kidding.

ABs pack intent on retribution

Richie McCaw After an average display in Sydney, Steve Hansen's men are tightening their focus to make amends at Eden Park tonight.

Kiwi takes first race honours

Shane van Gisbergen has won the opening race of the V8 Supercars Sydney Motorsport Park round.

Schmidt wins first NZ gold

Rusty Team NZ fail to fire

Jone Macilai

Taniwha embarrass Lions

In record-breaking style, Northland notch their first NPC victory over Wellington in 14 years.


The birth of Vic Uni

In 'crassly commercial' turn of the century Wellington, the birth of Victoria University seemed like a pipe dream.


Plants anyone can grow

Think you're cursed when it comes to greenery? Check out these low maintenance stars...

Fringe fest

Conquering Edinburgh

Kiwis are getting to grips with the challenges of taking a show to the largest arts festival in the world.

mike o'donnell MOD

Director rotation is an art

Examples like Xero might make other companies reflect on the talent at their top table.

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