big mac cockroach

Thought bug was gristly meat video

4:37 PM  Woman says she will never eat a Big Mac again after chewing on a cockroach in her burger.

'Disgusting behaviour'

Three children in Blenheim attempted to steal an Anzac poppy donation bucket on Friday.

Teens tried to steal from the people who "defended their right to walk down the street in freedom", RSA says.

Killed pedestrian was near home

11 min ago  An Auckland woman who died after being hit by a car was going home from housie.

Monster Tajima in dramatic crash

4:22 PM  Japanese driver plunges 250 metres in crash on notorious fast turn at NZ rally.

Top Gear host told he had cancer

Two days before the fight that led to his dismissal, Jeremy Clarkson was told he was ill.

Driver did 180kmh in 50kmh zone

Drunk driver was going 'way too fast' before 'boom', crashing into a tree.


Airport scores $1.6m fire truck video

Christchurch Airport's fire service has acquired a Rosenbauer Panther, which has a high reach extendable turret and a spike that can penetrate aircraft fuselages and pump fire suppressant inside.

Christchurch Airport's fire brigade has added a state-of-the-art piece of machinary to its firefighting arsenal. 

Couple in the running to win

Super-fit couple hope to become the first couple to win one of New Zealand's most prestigious marathons.

The remains of the house at 192 Collingwood St, Hamilton

Arson or accident? 

Cause of fIre that claimed three young lives has stumped police and left families in the dark.


Keeper in tears after finals blunder

Rival managers unite in praise of goalie after botched save costs club a spot in the FA Cup final.


Clashes at ferry disaster protest

The Sewol was carrying 476 passengers when it started sinking in April 2014.

South Korean police clash with thousands of protesters who want an independent inquiry into a ferry disaster that claimed 300 lives.

Pools of blood a mystery

Police investigate after discovering pools of human blood near one of Australia's busiest highways.

An Iraqi forensics team unearths bodies from a mass grave in the palace compound of former President Saddam Hussein in Tikrit, Iraq.

Mass graves found in Iraq

Iraqi authorities uncover more than 160 bodies, most of them bound, shot and buried in mass graves.


Kiwi's battle over Sydney home

Josephina Smith, seen here with husband Les Young, has lost a battle to keep millions in property from Young's first wife, Joanne Young.

A legal battle over a Sydney property sees a Kiwi woman slammed by Aussie judge.

She's a jean genie

Glenys Shearer is a consummate seller of denim and the passionate chair of Postie Plus.

Performance isn't everything when it comes to getting ahead.

How to become the boss: 12 steps

It takes more than just technical skill or political prowess to achieve power and success.


KiwiSaver for bankrupts

Creditors struggle to get quick access to debtors' KiwiSaver money

What happens to my KiwiSaver, if I go bankrupt?

Help yourself to business

Potential investors should not be put off by the ups and downs of the stock market.

Entrepreneur not in KiwiSaver

KiwiSaver's first home boost

small business

Globetrotting design company 

Jo Pennycuick, managing director and founder of in-demand design company Redesign Group.

A lone design consultant in Christchurch now has offices in four international locations.

Be a business bookworm

To be good at business, you must be hungry for knowledge.

Innovate for global gains

Pineapple Heads raises $200K 


Could these change your life? gallery

The data-tracking market is now a multibillion dollar business.

Are these the must-have gadgets of the year - or a sign of technology gone mad?

Netflix not stopping VPN users

Sony Pictures has complained over Netflix's unwillingness to stop users sneaking into the US service.

Apple Watch.

Where does your data go?

Wearable fitness devices silently log every step taken, every calorie burned, hours asleep, and report the data back to their masters.

life & style

The rise of beauty budget brands gallery

ArtDeco's Cream Rouge for Cheek & Lips, $18 is a blendable, easywear blusher that adds a nice natural flush.

Want to know the difference between a cheap pencil eyeliner and an expensive one? Run both across the back of your hand. The one that drags and pulls at the skin is the cheap one.

How to grow perfect pears

With its delicate blossom, dappled shade and delicious fruit, this easy-to-grow orchard classic is a year-round delight.
Large group of beautiful kids boys and girls running with kids in the park 
active, beautiful, boy, boys, casual, caucasian, child, childhood, children, color, colorful, cute, enjoy, field, friends, girl, girls, grass, green, group, happy, huge, joy, kid, kids, kite, large, large group, lawn, lifestyle, little, lot, many, meadow, motion, outdoor, park, people, portrait, run, running, schoolchild, sky, smile, smiling, stripped, summer, sunny, team, together

The end of the wild child?

Most of us rejoice in memories of our childhood freedoms - so why deny our own children the same experiences?

well & good

'It's taken everything but my hope'

Tahlia Smith had been accepted to study musical theatre in Sydney

Tahlia Smith had the world at her feet as a performing arts student - but then Lyme disease struck.

The six categories of obesity

Overweight should target weight loss differently depending on which group they belong to, study says.

Actor Kerry-Lee Dewing, 25, plays nurse Kylie Brown on television soap Shortland Street.

How to stop 'gymphobia'

Research shows two-fifths of women aren't exercising because they're scared of looking silly in front of others. 

home & property

Murdoch's selling NY penthouse

Rupert Murdoch's New York penthouse is spread over three floors of the luxury tower.

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch has listed his New York penthouse for an eye-watering $93.75 million.

How to breed your own roses

Fancy yourself as a budding breeder? Here's a beginner's guide to how the pros do it.

There are 4000 people on the waiting list to live inside the oldest mall in the US.

Mall gets new lease of life

Around 4000 hopeful tenants join waiting list for bargain apartments in USA's oldest shopping complex.

food & wine

Do Milk Bottles taste ... different?

Pascall has taken the milk out of their Milk Bottles - and customers aren't very happy.

Pascall's creamy lollies have a new dairy-free recipe - and no-one seems to like it.

Limes weren't enough to live on

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow lasts just four days on her much-mocked grocery shop using a food-stamp budget.

Famous faces and their beer

A wee Kiwi dram

nz farmer

Coming season "won't be pretty"

Stock Photo - glass of milk NZ Splash of milk from the glass on a blue background Image ID : 9074243 background, blue, closeup, crown, cup, dairy, drink, drop, flowing, food, fresh, glass, healthy, ingredient, lifestyle, milk, pouring, product, splash, yoghurt, yogurt generic dairy

But milk price fall has an upside because it limits European expansion, economist says.

Train wreck gets turned around

Chinese company Shanghai Pengxin has transformed a former Crafar dairy farm.

LIC partners with Lely Group

Call for more irrigation cash


Why Jon Stewart quit Daily Show

Comedian Jon Stewart has hosted The Daily Show since 1999.

Jon Stewart says he quit the "most perfect job in the world'  because he was depressed by being a "turd miner".

Affleck censored family's past

Ben Affleck asked producers of a TV show about his family to leave out details of a slave-owning ancestor, Sony leack reveals.

The cast of Girls: Hannah (Lena Dunham), Jessa (Jemima Kirke), Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) and Marnie (Allison Williams).

Girls cast join The Simpsons

Lena Dunham is bringing some friends along for her cameo in the 27th season premiere of The Simpsons.


Switching to island time in Fiji

Angelfish in Fiji waters.

Having visited Fiji 21 times, Sheriden Rhodes knows how to make the most of the island paradise.

5 things to do in Gore

Oh please. Of course there are five things to do in Gore, NZ's official home of country music!

Chris Page making friends at Wawa Dam.

Business is booming

Chris Page runs his own company in Manila, the Philippines.

stuff nation

Answer to inflation is 'simple' stuff nation

17-CHP-News/David Hallett/The Press
Generic, Money, New Zealand bank notes, dollars, finance

We need to be asking ourselves why we are one of the world's debt basket cases, says Ciaran Keogh.

Anzac a day to 'say sorry' stuff nation

We should see Anzac Day as a day of atonement, a day to say sorry to the Turkish nation.

Screen shot from timelapse video

It's time to celebrate the stars stuff nation

The wonder of the night sky is being threatened by the careless use of artificial light, says Amit Kamble.


Get ready for express excess

Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake – even the name sounds suitably flash.

Merc's new CLS 500 Shooting Brake is certainly not your average station wagon.

Stylish Lexus gives an 'F' video

Lexus' cool new sideways video proves brand has shed the beige.

The BMW 2-Series Active Tourer was awarded a 5-star rating in this EURO NCAP test, but only 4 stars in the ANCAP test.

BMW questions test rating

BMW unhappy with four-star crash test rating for 2-Series Active Tourer and Mini Cooper.


Highlanders ready to hit the road

Highlanders prop Josh Hohneck celebrates after Saturday's win over the Blues in Dunedin.

They've been impressive at home, but now it's time for the Highlanders to pack their bags and hit the road for big test against the Brumbies.

Phelps storms home to win race

Olympic legend roars from last to first to win the 100-metre freestyle against rival Ryan Lochte in Arizona.

The Northern Mystics' Paula Griffin found herself under pressure at the hands of NSW Swifts' Sharni Layton in Sydney on Sunday.

Swifts fight off scrappy Mystics

4:20 PM  The Swifts maintain unbeaten run against NZ teams so far this season after beating the Mystics in Sydney.

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Healing thyself with puppy love

Don't judge me, my little furry friend. Just love me.

A little bichon-heading pup helped this bipolar sufferer get her life together.

At Anzac Cove

Newly arrived Otago reinforcements on duty in the trenches at Quinn's Post, June,1915. A spotter using a periscope directs the fire of a sniper at the Ottoman trench 20 metres away.

On a pilgrimage to the Gallipoli Peninsula, myths crumble to be replaced by awe.

Swimsuit pic 'was not brave'

"THIS WAS NOT BRAVE." says Jessica Kane of this photo. Her courage-denying post has since had over 600,000 likes on Facebook.

Jessica Kane says that her posing in a swimsuit isn't courageous, whatever her size.

Murder still a mystery, 45 years on

Arthur Allan Thomas at his parents' Pukekawa farm the day after he was freed from prison after being pardoned in December 1979.

He would be convicted twice of the Crewe murders, but Arthur Allan Thomas always insisted he was an innocent man.

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What do the stars have in store for you today?



Test your mind with our puzzles


Tom Scott Mike Hosking

Dilbert, The Little Things and more.


Give to a millionaire

Millionaire John Matthews is refusing to allow the council to build the pathway until power cables are buried at a cost of $300,000.

Len Houwers is offering to help out a struggling millionaire.

Hero 'had to go and he left'

An unidentified passer-by pulls the driver from a SUV to safety after the vehicle left Mayfair Drive, traveled downhill and was stopped by a chain link fence just short of a 30-foot vertical drop onto the Bryden Canyon Road.

He dramatically pulled a driver from an SUV dangling on the edge of a cliff. Then he vanished.

Bugman's brush with death video

Corban Read, 8, let The Bugman Ruud Kleinpaste put a weta on his chin so it could crawl up onto his face.

Bugman Ruud Kleinpaste still loves creepy crawlies despite almost being killed by a spider bite.

Secret behind knuckle-cracking

Researchers prepare a study participant's finger for joint cracking under the watch of an MRI video setup in this undated handout picture courtesy of the Peter S. Allen MR Research Centre.

Researchers said they have settled the issue of what causes knuckles to trigger the familiar popping sound.


Breastfeeding photos allowed

Woman breastfeeding

Instagram finally updates guidelines to let feeding mums and tots be seen - but female nipples are still a problem.

The mother of all dilemmas

Duncan Garner says his wife has helped their son, 4, move from a baby to a boy.

OPINION: My wife's three-month break from paid work ends on Monday – and she can't wait.

How children view privacy 

The majority of young people now share lots of things online that many adults question and feel uncomfortable about.

Children's fondness for online sharing is a global phenomenon, and is worrying for authorities. 

Cringe-worthy travel moments 

Not everything your kids say is cute. When you're travelling, they can be downright offensive.

Observations from the mouths of babes are not always cute and endearing.

kiwi traveller

Smugshots for the week


This week's travel photo entries range from the Angor Wat to the snowfields of Japan.

Mistakes first-time travellers make

First-time travellers will always make mistakes.

It's inevitable you'll make mistakes the first time you travel. Here are common ones you should avoid.

Business is booming

Chris Page making friends at Wawa Dam.

Chris Page runs his own company in Manila, the Philippines.

Stonehenge sunrise surprise stuff nation

At certain times of the year you're allowed to get a lot closer to the stone circle at Stonehenge.

A lot of people are disappointed having to view Britain's Stonehenge from afar, but there is another way.