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'It was just a freak accident'

5:26 PM  Jonathan Barker was waiting up for his brother, who said he'd head home. He never made it.

Dalton deserves win

Emirates Team New Zealand CEO Grant Dalton watches his team race against Oracle Team USA in the America's Cup match.

4:24 PM  OPINION: He's been strangely silent but the dogged Team NZ CEO remains the basis of bonanza in Bermuda.

Aus shopper slips on grape, sues

5:13 PM  Her right foot went backwards and she tripped forward onto her knees and elbows.

Gatland's ABs audition

The intriguing permutations of the Lions coach eventually becoming the All Blacks boss.

'All four engines have failed'

35 years ago, a jumbo carrying Kiwis plunged from the sky. This is their story.

Coles out for Lions tests video

4:58 PM  All Blacks hooker resumes training but won't play against Lions.

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Lifting weights and hopes

Temira Hetherington and Tai Mataroa with daughter Paris were in Hamilton to support the power-lifting event at Waikato ...

4:24 PM  Losing two young children to a mystery disease that has no cure is Temira Hetherington and Tai Mataroa's reality.

Hunt on for fruit poisoners

About $240K of kiwifruit dumped after hazardous chemical sprayed at orchard.

A school says kids can stay warm over winter without trousers. (File photo)

School defends trouser ban

Christchurch primary school says pupils can wear long socks and a jacket if their shorts aren't warm enough.


Oracle claim speed gain

Defenders talk up their tweaks while Team NZ look relaxed after final training for return to America's Cup action.


Why Arab leaders hate Al Jazeera

Rulers in places like Saudi Arabia and Egypt resent Al Jazeera's broad reach and its willingness to rile up opposition.

Al Jazeera's taboo-busting journalism has made it the most popular network in the Mideast. It's also attracted some powerful enemies.

Tower fire spread from fridge

Police say London tower fire was exacerbated by outside cladding as they consider manslaughter charges.

US President Donald Trump has talked privately about the possibility of firing special counsel Robert Mueller, something ...

Trump turns on investigator

US president suggests man leading Russia probe is biased, says "we'll have to see" if he should step down.


Horticultural firm fined $57,000

The authority said the horticultural company had to pay the hefty fine as a deterrent for other employers

4:47 PM  BBS failed to pay its workers properly, or give them employment contracts.

Fast-track housing policy

Hamilton City Council has drafted one, but wants to know what the people think.

Indian restaurant Urban Turban in Auckland's viaduct underpaid an employee who worked more than 60 hours per week

Worker paid almost $2 below minimum

An Auckland Indian restaurant will have to pay more than $40,000 to a former employee it underpaid.


Old rules that explain the internet

Three rules have managed to stay useful. Appropriately, they cover irony, Nazis and porn, writes Abby Ohlheiser.

OPINION: Three rules have managed to stay useful. Appropriately, they cover irony, Nazis and porn.

Review: Sony A6500 camera

This is camera to buy if you want it to last and not be overtaken by tech advances.

The Apple HomePod is due to go on sale later this year.

The round speaker revolution

Round is all the rage - cylinder-shaped sound-makers that fire off good vibrations in all directions.


Why renting is right for us stuff nation

How important is it to you that you own your home?

After decades of owning a home, I'm sick of being asked when we're buying a house and the look of shock when we say we're not.

Don't move, improve your home

Thinking of moving to something better? Try investing those moving costs into home improvement instead.

The awesome thing about building your own house is that you get to design it for how you like to live.

The Drents: Part 20

The awesome thing about building your own house is that you get to design it for how you like to live.

life & style

In defence of mince

Mince -- you can't beat it.

OPINION: We may be buying more and more chicken these days, but foodies still love their mince.

Best & worst dressed celebs gallery

This week, Katie Holmes keeps it fresh, Helen Mirren makes us happy and Iggy Azalea strikes a strategic pose.

Gwyneth Paltrow's website Goop has removed the claims that a product they were promoting contained material used by NASA.

Gwyneth Paltrow's latest goop

Jade eggs, vaginal steaming, conscious uncoupling and now space technology stickers...

well & good

When chemo takes your tastebuds

Myself and my leprechaun friend Larry. Chemo seems to have the same impact on him.

OPINION: My mind might be watching Masterchef in 2017 in the chemo ward, but my mouth is basically re-living the 1970s.

Feeling high on a low-carb diet

There's a reason why people feel euphoric after cutting down on carbs.

A good doctor will welcome your questions and the chance to discuss your health with you.

10 questions to ask your doctor

Getting the most out of time with your doctor by asking these important question.

food & wine

Kiwi craft chocolate wins gold

Karl Hogarth of Hogarth Craft Chocolate holds a handful of cocoa nibs.

Nelson chocolatiers Hogarth won top prize at the global chocolate awards in London.

Irish people taste Kiwi snacks

"What is it?!" Tasting them for the first time, Kiwi iconic treats are "like a happy accident" - but leave the pineapples alone.

Sam Mannering's polenta chips

We're better than Jaffa Lumps

nz farmer

Teen's possum fur phone cover

Maggie Gibson with her possum fur phone cover.

Maggie Gibson made the most Kiwi smartphone accessory from a possum she shot at the family farm.

Lions led by donkeys: Peters

Winston Peters pushed all the right buttons in his play for the rural vote.

Future of farming pure fantasy

Dairy farm best in business


Cruise snapped in Queenstown

Mission: Impossible stars Tom Cruise and Ving Rhames have been photographed in Queenstown, NZ.

Tom Cruise has been seen rugged up in chilly Queenstown alongside Mission Impossible 6 co-star Ving Rhames.

50 Cent falls for Dame Helen

"I think I love her, man. I'm trying not to stare at her," US rapper admits after meeting Oscar-winner on the red carpet.

Actor Johnny Depp joked about assassinating a president at the UK's Glastonbury Festival.

Depp sorry for Trump joke video

Actor says he was "only trying to amuse" when he joked about assassinating US president.


Empty plane seats for sale

Etihad is offering a "neighbour-free seat" option for economy-class passengers, allowing them to bid for as many as ...

Can't bear competing for the armrest with the unfriendly stranger in 26F? Now you can pay to keep them away.

Real cost of a family ski holiday

Budget and ski holiday are not natural partners, Josh Martin tries to find a happy medium for the school holidays.

Fireworks over TSS Earnslaw during the annual Winter FestivaL on Friday night.

Exploding into winter

Fireworks explode over Queenstown as thousands celebrate Southern Hemisphere's biggest winter party.


Kawasaki parties like it's 1989

KLR650 has given US military and adventurers 30 years of service; new seat and revised suspension this year.

The KLR650 proves they really do make 'em like they used to.

McQueen loved his rare Jaguar video

The "King of Cool" made these rare Jaguars famous and now a $1.76m example is being delivered to NZ.

The car driver lost his cool and then his car after a motorcyclist kicked his side door.

Biker kick starts crash video

Camera captures US motorcyclist kicking a car into a chain-reaction smash.

stuff nation

My family fell through the cracks stuff nation

My mother wanted to get better, she wanted to be there for her five daughters - but in the end, alcohol won.

My mother wanted to get better, she wanted to be there for her five daughters - but in the end, alcohol won.

Maori prisons an oxymoron stuff nation

There is no mana in prisons. The idea of Maori-run prisons is neither creative nor tika.

The refugees I've met are hungry for an opportunity to give back to their new countries; they want to be seen as human ...

Kiwis friendly? Not to refugees stuff nation

Dennis from accounts sits behind his keyboard asking “Why don’t they stay in their countries and fight?”. Why don't you try being a refugee, Dennis?


Coles out for Lions tests video

Dane Coles has resumed training but won't play against the Lions.

4:58 PM  All Blacks hooker resumes training but won't play against Lions.

Deans predicts blackwash video

Kiwi who coached the Wallabies when they lost to the Lions in 2013 thinks the All Blacks will win this series 3-0.

Henry Seniloli was a key player in Fiji's win.

Fiji take down Scottish side

5:38 PM  Scotland tries to stage a comeback against Fiji, but the home side holds them off for the win.


Garner: It was Winston's week

There's only winner this week – the smiling travelling salesman, Winston Peters, writes Duncan Garner.

OPINION: There's only one winner this week – the smiling travelling salesman, Winston Peters.

Party politics: Is that a draw?

Doh! Andrew Little and Bill English both had a Homer Simpson week

OPINION: A plague on all their houses is how voters might feel after a week from hell for both major party leaders.

Internet's three golden rules

Three rules have managed to stay useful. Appropriately, they cover irony, Nazis and porn, writes Abby Ohlheiser.

OPINION: Three rules have stayed useful since the dawn of the digital age. Appropriately, they cover irony, Nazis and porn.

Preventing the preventable

Christie Marceau's inquest concluded this week at the Auckland District Court.

OPINION: The one thing the Christie Marceau inquest never heard was the one thing which should be said - "sorry".

good reads

Oldest US prisoner freed at 100

John "Sonny" Franzese, centre, was sentenced to 50 years' prison in 1967 for bank robbery.

US man was serving a 50-year sentence and had been paroled at least six times before release.

US democracy on his shoulders

The US Supreme Court's swing vote, Justice Anthony Kennedy.

ANALYSIS: More than 320 million people live in the US, but democracy seems to rest with one man.

Murky politics in the deep south video

Tony Wilson, mechanic at Dipton Engineering, said many of the locals in the valley didn't bother themselves with ...

To most Kiwis, Southland's a mysterious, far-flung province. Even more obscure is its political system, which aided Todd Barclay's rise.

Behind sniper's 3.5km kill shot video

A member loyal to the Islamic State waves an ISIL flag in Raqqa, Syria, in 2014.

A Canadian sniper's record takedown caused ripples around the world. But was it really "stunning"?

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Sunday, February 12: Uh-oh

Dilbert, The Little Things and more.


ABs or Lions? Penguins predict video

A team of Gentoo penguins (or rugbius predictus in Latin) have picked the All Blacks as Saturday night's test winners. ...

Spoiler alert: These penguins, proud in their AB colours, may have been biased ahead of the Lions game.

A running mower on his chin video

Ashrita Furman attempts to set the Guinness World Record for the farthest distance walked while balancing a powered ...

Turn the lawnmower on, balance it on your chin and walk for 71 metres. If Ashrita Furman can, so can you.

Make your own fidget spinner video

Get crafty making your own spinning gadget for hours of fun.

Embrace the spinning craze by making your own.

Chapeau, Queen Elizabeth video

You can leave your hat on, ma'am.

Top trolling, ma'am. Queen opens UK parliament with hat resembling EU flag.


Mummy wars mask funding lack

A shocking lack of early childhood funding makes it harder for everyone.

OPINION: A shocking lack of early childhood funding makes it harder for everyone.

'You can breastfeed here'

Amie Durham was touched by the kindness a staffer at the Rolleston Warehouse showed her and her baby.

Worried she'd be hassled for breastfeeding in a store, a new mum was blown away by a worker's kindness.

When grown ups are naughty

Former All Blacks rugby player Alexander "Ali" Williams, a hero to many young people, was charged with purchasing ...

Todd Barclay tells porkies, Donald Trump bullies, Ali Williams is caught with cocaine... what kids make of high-profile bad behaviour.

More than a 'yummy mummy' video

Journalist Cat Rodie, with her children, says labels like yummy mummy and scummy mummy don't really tell you anything ...

OPINION: Whether "yummy" or "scummy", mums have had enough of being labelled.

kiwi traveller

Malaysia with the family

Take in a panoramic view of the city from the top of the Petronas Twin Towers.

Combining sightseeing, amusement parks and shopping on a stopover in Kuala Lumpur.

Why travel boosts your job prospects

Travel doesn't just expand your horizons, it also makes you more employable, according to a new study.

OPINION: It's hard to determine your place in the world and what you want to do with your time until you have seen a fair portion of it.

Tackling the Te Araroa trail video

Matt said the most emotional part of the journey was getting his first glimpse of Bluff and the ocean beyond on Bald Hill.

Matt Dowdle ditched a traditional OE to walk over 2800km of New Zealand.

Insider tip: Mongolia

Mongolia offers Kiwi travellers culture, beautiful landscapes and great food.

I was looking for rich culture, scenic beauty and something a little different. I managed to find that and more in Mongolia.

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