April 17 2014, updated 6:32am

Chris Dancy

He's embraced a 'data-driven lifestyle'

Tapping into 700 gadgets, sensors and online services, is this man really happy?

Stoned at work

marijuana Many Kiwis are getting high before work - and employers are undertaking drug testing themselves.

Victim took in killer

Amy Farrall welcomed Aaron Rhys McDonald into her home because she felt sorry for him. | Killer's history of violence

Slips cause evacuation, road blockage

6:32am Overnight Wellington slips slam into Oriental Bay apartment block and close road in Karori.

Fatal crash blocks SH1

6:28am A person is dead after a crash between a truck and a car on State Highway 1 in north Otago.

Charges in stabbing death

Wellington man arrested and charged with murder in connection with death of Mei Fan.

Police officer attacked

Police A police officer is in hospital after being attacked while trying to break up a brawl in Auckland.

Garden centres snub Easter law

A rebellious garden centre company is once again preparing to flout the Government's "archaic" Easter trading laws.

Royals a treat

Tyre thieves 'gutless'

kakapo chick

A miracle of a kakapo chick

Kakapo chick from a crushed and mended egg beats the odds to boost endangered population.

Gifts and gushing fans

CAtherine in Wellington A modern Beatlemania gripped Wellington as William and Catherine greeted thousands of near-hysterical fans.

Royal tour: Winners and losers

Prince George's first foreign trip was always going to be a big deal. Some came out of the tour well and others less so

Royal tour: a capital sendoff

A moment for the mums


Royals a treat

Tour has made William and Kate into New Zealand's favourite family friends.

Hundreds missing from ferry

ferry strap Fears the death toll could jump dramatically following the sinking of a ferry off the coast of South Korea.

Pistorius murder trial to adjourn

The judge in the Oscar Pistorius murder trial ruled proceedings will adjourn for more than two weeks, resuming May 5.

Editor admits hearing hack

Separatists take armoured vehicles

nigeria strap

Dozens of schoolgirls abducted

An al Qaeda affiliate in Nigeria abducts between 100 to 200 schoolgirls, possibly to use as sex slaves.

Hot Genesis debut forecast

Genesis Shares in Genesis Energy could surge when it lists on the NZX today, fund managers predict.

'As-is' sales top $1m

A 20-year-old house considered uneconomic to repair with no insurance has sold at auction for over $1m.

World's largest curved TV revealed

Shock news: Greens favour privatisation

easter bun

Garden centres snub Easter law

A rebellious garden centre prepares to again flout the Government's "archaic" Easter trading laws.

High dollar keeps lid on inflation

Stock market NZX High kiwi keeps a lid on inflation, with widespread discounting in shops for imports like clothing, shoes and electronics.

Shoebox units 'good' for Auckland

Allowing 20sqm units would let cash-strapped buyers get apartments for $140,000, property expert says.

Track and reward driver app

Cheap as date-expired chips

merivale house

'As-is' sales top $1m

A 20-year-old house considered uneconomic to repair with no insurance has sold at auction for over $1m.

Something smells off

Dead Nation returns with flashy explosions and some nifty features, but it's not going to be for everyone.

Windows advances with 8.1 update

If you already have a Windows Phone or are thinking of getting one, 8.1's new features should please you.

Mt Gox founder won't appear

Guilty pleas in fake apps case

Vein scanning the next big thing?

Scanning veins in the hand could become the biometric measure of choice.

Worrying: Relationship trackers

carrie A colour-coded boyfriend log promises to save you from bad men - we think it sounds like the worst thing ever.

What Kate's wearing

We bring you all the details on the Duchess' clothes as she travels around Aotearoa.

That sext is probably a lie

Best & worst: Wgtn Fash Week

The truth about fitness scamsThe truth about fitness scams

The truth about fitness scams

The real story on ab machines, diet pills, protein shakes, magic contraptions and more.

Make your own Easter eggs

egg Ever wondered how to make marshmallow Easter eggs at home without any fancy kit? Here's how.

Six big food myths busted

Fructose is bad, coconut oil is good, potatoes are evil and sushi is a great lunch choice ... right?

Recipe: Greek Easter bread

What beer we'd serve Will & Kate

Staying alive over Easter

Tired driver There's plenty you can do to reduce the accident odds and keep yourself alive on the roads this Easter aside from just obeying the road rules.

Grieving boy's tourist driver petition

Government to look at driving tests for tourists following a petition from a 9-year-old boy after his dad was killed in smash.

Unregistered sellers convicted

200 new speed cameras

A trip down memory lane

Jarred Christmas Jarred Christmas reminisces about those heady days when Georgie Pie still had its own stores and Michael J Fox was working in Lyttelton.

Lorde splits winning prize

More success for Lorde as she wins the Taite Music Prize for Pure Heroine - and splits winnings.

Young 'suffering dementia'

Family flock to ill Columbus


Lorde's 'wild experiences'

Lorde thinks her life is "so wild right now".

Is the journey worth it?

Guatemala Bus It's dark outside when the guy with the machine gun gets on board our bus.

Cut Americans some slack

Americans: loud, demanding and rude? Sometimes, but there's more to them.

Go north to Alaska

Garuda Indonesia business class

Taste of London

A taste of London

Don't forget to take your appetite for this culinary fest in London.

Learn to enjoy nice food

Vegetable garden, lettuce Enjoying good and healthy food starts from birth.

Our Tahitian dream holiday

Last week, my partner and I headed off for a luxury week of relaxation and sun in Tahiti.

Showman memories from the '80s

Thailand, it's paradise


Discovering my Anzac links

Until a year ago, Anzac Day, for me, was mostly just a day off work.

Plant up and running

Alliance group The Alliance Group has finished commissioning its $25 million rendering plant.

Mystery silo

A Taranaki family is keen to find out more about a silage silo built on their farm in 1931.

Big plans for farm

Fodder beet a likely option

Adviser defends Collins

Judith Collins A senior Beehive adviser has taken the unusual step of going public to back her minister, Judith Collins.

Hot Genesis debut forecast

Shares in Genesis Energy could surge when it lists on the NZX today, fund managers predict.

Shock news: Greens favour privatisation

PM rejects 'fat tax'

RWC driving force for Carter

Dan Carter All Blacks first-five Dan Carter has unfinished business at the Rugby World Cup.

Ko nervous about funding row

Golfer Lydia Ko dodged any curly questions about the controversial government funding request on her behalf.

Blues looking for 10 out of 10

Warriors' coach sorts out chaff

Victor Vito

Black jersey still fires Vito

Victor Vito knows he's running out of auditions, but the Canes No 8 insists he hasn't closed the door on All Blacks selection.


China's matchmaker

Sam Pearson has learned to take a backhanded approach when promoting tennis in China.

Guatemala Bus

Is the journey worth it?

It's dark outside when the guy with the machine gun gets on board our bus.

Time to stop hating Glass

Public reaction has gone from "that's amazing" to "if you wear them, you deserve to be assaulted".

Thomas Monckton

A career clown's opus

Although his careers advisers failed to suggest clowning as a career, Thomas Monckton knew otherwise.

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An overachieving child

My son's teacher was concerned about his obsession with marks. Yes, my son is driven to succeed. Unhealthily so.


In the blink of an eye

They say that your child's early years go by in the blink of an eye. This video shows just that, with 14 years flying by in 4 minutes.


Zoey and Jasper

Rescue dog Zoey and BFF Jasper star in an adorable picture series together.


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Our Tahitian dream holiday

Last week, my partner and I headed off for a luxury week of relaxation and sun in Tahiti.

Ben Blackwell

Thailand, it's paradise

No matter how poor, Thai people appear happy, making them great hosts for a holiday.


My 50th in Abel Tasman

I had to find an attraction to tempt an international array of relatives to help me celebrate my 50th.

Kayak Alaska

Kayaking in Alaska

It feels like no one is around for miles, with the exception of our guide of course.

bear claw

Tot found in Claw machine

Customers stunned when they find missing 3-year-old "having a heyday" in a Bear Claw game.

kim strap

Kim's bad hair day

Kim Jong Un's "bad hair day" riles North Korean officials.

Lada v tank

Lada v tank: Lada wins

Pro-Russian separatists are using any means necessary to fight Ukrainian forces - including a yellow Lada.

bully small

Ohio bully shamed

Man forced to wear sign calling him a bully for mistreating his neighbours.

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