'Slate the staff, you face the sack'

4:33 PM  Employees at George FM told to be positive about new show - hosted by Max Key.

Max Key's less-than-luxurious weekend

Offer 'doesn't gel'

Philanthropist Gareth Morgan says he'll help buy the beach but he wants to use it for his "own private benefit" before giving it to New Zealand.

4:23 PM  Gareth Morgan is helping buying a beach and New Zealand can have it once he "has finished enjoying it".

AOS search puts town in lockdown

19 min ago  Armed police search rural town for man described as "dangerous" and possibly armed.

Cheeky Elliott fired up keeper video

4:47 PM  Simple question prompted gloveman Matthew Wade's "coward" outburst.

Expect aftershocks after 5.7 quake

Aftershocks of up to 4.7 magnitude expected after 5.7 magnitude earthquake hits.

A Happy Meal - 6 years later

One woman kept this uneaten McDonald's meal on her desk for years to prove a point.

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PM plans 'tight rein on spending'

Back to the grindstone - MPs return for the opening of Parliament.

But the PM says the Government is committed to tax cuts as hostilities resume at Parliament.

Glider pilot named

4:09 PM  Police name Murray John Philpott as the pilot killed in a glider crash near Twizel on Saturday.

Students gather at Te Kopua footbridge to pay their respects to their classmate Richard Keremeta, 16, who died at Raglan beach on Monday.

Remembering their mate video

4:55 PM  Richard Keremeta's friends have gathered at the bridge where his life was cut short on Monday.


'We thought we were set for life'

A retired couple have walked from their home at a Christchurch campground to live in a bus due to a building code breach.


Bus driver 'killed by a meteorite'

The suspected meteorite impact killed a bus driver and injured three others.

As he washed his face during his lunch break, he became the first person in modern recorded history to be struck dead.

Trump: I'd turn Syria kids back

"I can look in their faces and say 'You can't come'. They may be Isis - It could be a Trojan horse."

Rioters throw bricks at police in Mong Kok district.

Riots erupt in Hong Kong

Dozens injured, arrested after celebrations erupt into worst violence since pro-democracy protests.


Surcharge sting over long weekend

A 15 per cent surcharge was issued by Astrolabe in Mt Maunganui for Saturday, Sunday and Monday of Waitangi long weekend.

5:06 PM  Hamilton woman annoyed with the surprise surcharge on the Saturday of Waitangi weekend.

Manning's gift to beer company video

Payton Manning's post game speech turned out to be beery good for Budweiser.

02122015. 123rf.
Stock Photo - Young couple shopping at supermarket

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Waste law rubbished

NZ supermarkets say they don't need regulation to stop them throwing away food waste.


Why India said no to Facebook

People in developing countries rely on Free Basics to access certain digital services, such as health, schooling and financial information, as well as job leads.

India has banned the social network from offering a controversial service known as Free Basics.

Internet advice site uses GIFs

Ask Cat feels different from a traditional advice column, and it's not just the tacky GIFs.

Digital etiquette is an evolving world so if you do use someone else's device, tread carefully.

With my laptop, it's personal

Digital etiquette is an evolving world so if you do use someone else's device, tread carefully.

life & style

Dangers of open-mouthed sleep

Sleeping with your mouth open can be as harmful to teeth as a fizzy drink, scientists say.

3:57 PM  Snorers beware - your sleeping habits may be doing damage to more than just the eardrums of your bedfellow.

Worker not 'model material'

When her boss said she was too big for the store's Instagram page, this student took a stand.

Laverne Cox glowed in Calvin Klein at last year's Emmys.

How the non-sample size dress

Getting ready for the red carpet sounds like a dream - if you can get a dress that fits, that is.

well & good

Trick could beat curse of jet lag

Scientists have discovered a biological "hack" they say could cure jet lag before you travel.

4:00 PM  It's now possible to prevent that sluggish feeling before you hit the road, scientists find.

Hugh's cancer warning

The Aussie star gets another skin cancer growth removed and urges people to wear sunscreen.

Sleeping with your mouth open can be as harmful to teeth as a fizzy drink, scientists say.

Danger of open-mouthed sleep

3:57 PM  Snorers beware - your sleeping habits may be doing damage to more than just the eardrums of your bedfellow.

home & property

Is this the home of the future? gallery

This 3-D-printed pod home, designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, features a shell made from solid polymer panels.

Is this blueprint for a portable 3D-printed pod home the shape of things to come?

Wherefore art thou Romeo?

Now you can buy your own luxury flat with Juliet's balcony - on the site where the play was first performed.

The pain of sunburn can be eased by mixing water and cornflour and rubbing it on the red area.

Amazing ways to use cornflour

3:37 PM  It's not just something used to thicken sauce - it turns out the powder has many hidden talents.

food & wine

How to make perfect pancakes video


Want to get those thin, French crepes just right? Follow these tips.

No meat please, we're Kiwis

More than 10 per cent of New Zealanders now identify as vegetarian - and the rate is higher in one island.

Avoiding V-Day food fails

Healthy chocolate brownies

nz farmer

Farmer happy with lamb prices

Waimatua farmer Roger Bell assesses his long grass which he thinks has contributed to his good lamb prices for the 2015/16 season.

You can almost hear Roger Bell's grass growing on his Waimatua sheep farm.

Can hobbits save farmers?

Never mind finding the one ring to rule them all, can hobbits compensate for lost milk income?

Field day's humble start video

Worst stock-wading offenders


From Shortland St to E! Online

Kimberly Crossman is making her mark in a brand new E! web series.

4:40 PM  Former Shortland Street alum Kimberly Crossman stars in a brand new E! Online web series.

'I barely left the house'

Matt LeBlanc, Joey from Friends, suffered after the career void after the show ended.

Mattias Inwood has landed his big break.

Kiwi hunk's ye olde big break

Mattias Inwood is kicking it old school - really old school - as William Shakespeare's mate in a new show airing in the US.


An amazing Amazon adventure

The Napo River runs through the Amazon Rainforest, delivering its watery lifeblood to the villagers living along its banks.

No one will be able to hear you scream in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Meet the backpacking baby

At just 10 weeks old, Esme set off on her first overseas adventure.

Badlands Overlook at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Who goes to North Dakota?

Well not many, but Transformers actor Josh Duhamel is trying to change all that.

stuff nation

Culinary catastrophes stuff nation

"So turns out I can't make your custard square..."

16 min ago  Cooking is really difficult, particularly when you're trying to make it look Instagram-worthy.

Unreasonable landlord expectations stuff nation

4:15 PM  Dealing with unreasonable landlords can drive you out of your renting situation.

Earthquake damage in central christchurch after a 6.3-magnitude earthquake.

Share your Feb 22 thoughts stuff nation

4:54 PM  How are you feeling, five years on from the devastating February 2011 earthquake?


Don't mourn the Defender

Archaic Land Rover Defender stopped being useful as an actual vehicle ages ago. This is a pedal car, by the way.

OPINION: Some people just can't accept their favourite cars are obsolete. The internet is to blame.

Limited MX-5 maintains appeal

Mazda creates Limited MX-5 that has added more engine capacity, more equipment and an automatic option.

Wally Willmott (left) with Bruce McLaren and Patty McLaren in the early days.

Bruce McLaren's widow dies

NZ motor-racing great Bruce McLaren's widow Patty McLaren-Brickett has passed away.


Warne hits out at Waugh

Shane Warne

4:06 PM  Spin king Shane Warne launches a stinging attack on his former captain.

Maxwell slams Twitter troll video

Australian cricketer does what he couldn't do to the Black Caps – hits internet critic for six.

Brendon McCullum and Matt Henry ask the umpires to review the dismissal of Mitchell Marsh.

Reason: Rat cunning wins

When TV took control of the match, NZ had a chance to do right. They didn't take it.

good reads

Wall St crooks now stars

2013's "The Wolf of Wall Street" made nearly US$400 million at world box offices.

Audiences are loving stories about greed on Wall Street and the lives of the super wealthy.

'It's hard to thank the donor enough'

Norbert Herrmann and Suzanne Pattison with their 21-month-old daughter Elke.

Having a baby took a decade, A$200,000 and three separate countries.

Hannah wants to inspire

Hannah Moore, 15, is out to inspire other young women that girls can do anything.

 Hannah Moore was second runner in Miss Teen Taranaki, but there is a lot more to the story.

Why it’s so hard to cut sugar

Humans have an inborn preference for sweet.

It's as addictive as a drug - but you can give it up. Here's a few tips to help you manage your intake.

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Friday, February 4 2016

Dilbert, The Little Things and more.


Cheese blocks Australian highway

The cheese truck rollover closed the Princes Highway for 12 hours.

A truck carrying 20 tonnes of cheese has crashed, cutting off a section of a major Australian road.

Opened cheeseburger up for sale

The cheeseburger that was posted on Facebook for $3.

Online sale for a cheeseburger started as cheesy joke.

Underwater restaurant driven through New Plymouth

The multi-million dollar underwater restaurant which will be shipped to the Maldives in the Indian Ocean.

A 450 tonne underwater restaurant is leaving New Plymouth for a spot in the Indian Ocena.

Cockroaches inspire helpful robot

Cockroaches have inspired a new robot which could help find victims of natural disasters or bombings.

Inspired by the invincible insects, scientists built a machine to navigate through rubble to find survivors after natural disasters or bombings.


This Happy Meal is six years old

After six years, the Happy Meal "has not rotted, molded, or decomposed at all."

One woman has kept this uneaten McDonald's meal on her desk for years to prove a point.

Broken Fitbit - or pregnant?

It's a strange world we live in when your Fitbit knows you're pregnant before you do.

He thought his wife's fitness tracker was broken. It wasn't - it just knew something they didn't.

Gwyneth's selfie with Apple

Gwyneth Paltrow says her daughter Apple loves her unusual name.

Little Apple Martin is all grown up - and she sure looks a lot like her mother.

Mum v triplets and toddler

Corrie's kids, two-year-old toddler Emily, and 8-month-old triplets Olivia, Jackson and Levi.

Want a quick look at the insane juggling mums do on a daily basis? Watch this video.

kiwi traveller

UK hits NZ with health charge

Kiwis wanting to spend more than six months in the UK on their OE will soon have to pay up.

Kiwis wanting to spend more than six months in the UK on their OE will soon have to pay up.

Exploring the Great Wall

Wear layers when visiting the Great Wall - it can be chilly.

Heading off on an overseas adventure? Send your travel questions to us.

An endless Indian summer

The de Souza family made the move to Goa, India seeking a change of pace from their busy city lives.

Chloe and Francisco de Souza live in Goa, India, with their six-year-old twin daughters, Lily and Sabina.

Off the beaten track stuff nation

Dave and his family have enjoyed a unique Moroccan experience.

Travelling Kiwi family continue their epic journey, this stop, Morocco.