April 21 2014, updated 5:00am

Rose and Stephen Lennon

"We can't live like this''

Stephen and Rose Lennon ran out of time before being flooded for the seventh time.

Killer denied parole

Renee Kara O'Brien at the time of sentencing in the New Plymouth court for the murder of Kenneth Pigott. 5:00am A teenager who was 14 when she bashed a truck driver to death has been denied parole.

Louder electric cars sought

5:00am Safety campaigners are calling for all electric cars to mimic the sound of a petrol engine.

Haka to get legal protection

5:00am Companies looking to hijack the Ka Mate haka may run foul of the law.

Battle ends with $70m settlement

5:00am Ngati Toa's treaty settlement gives the iwi $70 million and the right to buy landmark properties.

Paraplegic forced to return records

5:00am A paraplegic says he had to drive for hours so ACC documents sent to him in error could be destroyed.

Shearer slates soaring power prices

electricity 300 Power prices are soaring "out of control", with some companies hiking prices up 9 per cent.

Port oil spill inquiry

Mobil's response to a Lyttelton Harbour fuel spill is being investigated.

Model surprised by success

Fraudster's appeal thrown out

Peter Coats and Michelle Kong

Language teaching 'archaic' - academic

New Zealanders are dropping well below global levels of bilingualism, the consequences of which could be significant, an academic warns.

Prince v bilby at Sydney zoo

Eight-month-old Prince George helps unveil a plaque at a bilby enclosure at Sydney's Taronga Zoo. Paul Chapman reports

Ferry toll soars to 58

ferry strap South Korean prosecutors investigating a ferry disaster are to extend the detention of the ship's captain.

No majority in Afghani election

Former foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah is leading the race to become Afghanistan's next president.

Dead pope's miracle cure

The world's funniest places

CELEBRATION: More than 100,000 people crammed into St Peter's Square to celebrate mass this Easter.

Pope remembers the hungry and poor

Pope Francis denounced ''immense wastefulness'' and called for peace in Syria in his Easter address.

Confidence swells, but bank wary

economy generic Consumer and business confidence is so high they suggest the economy could grow as much as 6 per cent

Traditional-style auctions going

Turners Auctions has told shareholders that first-quarter revenues are on track to meet its target of a 10 per cent rise in profits for the 2014 financial year.

Demo farm planned

KiwiSavers paying too much tax


New board game floats boats

A passion for Viking ships and the medieval age inspired Shem Phillips to launch a board game attracting an international market.

KiwiSavers paying too much tax

Kiwisaver Tax rates for KiwiSaver investors need to be lowered, a fund-management industry group says.

Pay me back whenever . . .

The World Bank says family and friends are a popular source of finance for youngsters starting out.

Don't be hooked by debt

Insurance: A cautionary tale

HAPPY STAFF: General manager  Jesse Chalmers, right, at the Chalmers Organics factory with worker Siusiu Pusi.

Living wage pays off

Chalmers Organics general manager Jesse Chalmers remembers the moment her factory staff heard the company would pay them the "living wage", giving them an instant 25 per cent pay rise.

Stop, iPhone thief!

Phones get stolen a lot, but victims aren't helpless. Here's what to do the moment your phone is missing.

Emmy nominee weighs app-ropriate attire

Nathan Martin has a big decision to make.

Online activists battle paedophiles

Playstation 4 sales top 7 million

Lego tie-in comes up short

A little hero, just got a li' bit littler. We review the latest Lego title to be set in Middle-Earth, The Hobbit.

Healthy Easter treats

Raw cross buns Just because you're into healthy eating doesn't mean you have to miss out on Easter treats.

Beauty cabinet covetables

Looking for the latest? Here's a round-up of new trends crossing the fashion desk.

My good friend failure

Social triumphs of a plus one


He's Beyonce's gym buddy?!

Sir Paul McCartney and the world's fiercest pop star are workout pals. Yes, we were as surprised as you are.

Recipe: Beef it up

beef rendang Unseasonably warm weather plays havoc with meal planning.

Paleo? You should be eating bugs

If you're really going to follow a paleo diet, you ought to be eating bugs, 'lots and lots of bugs'.

Recipe: Hot cross bun pudding

Make your own Easter eggs

Ford unveils tribute Mustang

Special 50th anniversary Ford Mustang coupe pays tribute to 1964 original. Special Ford Mustang coupe pays tribute to 1964 original.

Making road trips with kids OK

How do you make your holiday road trip as safe, comfortable and kid-friendly as possible?

Focus provides Falcon hint

Mercedes drops Benz

Comedian's southern discomfort

Reginald D Hunter Reginald D Hunter says as long as NZ isn't full of sensitive white people, his show will go down a treat.

Invisible Woman a must-see

The Invisible Woman should not be allowed to slip away unseen.

Shame about the script

Cruel punishment

On the beat

Women on the beat

Even when she was knee high to a grasshopper, Sargent Caroline Martin wanted to be a policewoman.

The world's funniest places

Londonderry We travel to relax, or for thrills, or to be educated - but what if we just need some good cheer?

Son of a gun

When chef Peter Kuravita travelled across Mexico, he got more than he bargained for.

Get more of the mountain

Eat your way through Nashville

Dylan Thomas

Hike the Dylan Thomas trail

This year, the centenary of his birth, offers a perfect opportunity to hike the Dylan Thomas trail.

Shut shops for all four days

Retail I personally feel Easter could be one weekend that retail shops are closed for the four days.

Why I'll be voting National

It's working under National and the others have no clue where they would go if they won.

It's not all golden in Australia

Cycling from Bluff to Cape Reinga


Trimming my waistline

After noticing belly fat was accumulating suddenly, I tried giving up all foods with added sugar.

Demo farm planned

Cows wait to be milked at Limestone Downs’ dairy farm. A $26.5 million dairy and research hub is being planned for Southland.

Fruit fly restrictions lifted

There have been no further fruit fly discoveries in the Whangarei area.

Warning on pollen test

First time sale

Cunliffe goes to Samoan service

David Cunliffe Labour leader David Cunliffe attended a Samoan church service last night, as the party ramps up its efforts to woo the Pasifika vote.

New role for criticised diplomat

A diplomat criticised for fostering an environment of 'leaking' has a new role in the Ministry of Justice.

MP plans subcontractor help

Today in Politics: April 21

'Tougher edge' sharpens Slade

Colin Slade Not so long ago Colin Slade wasn't convinced the Crusaders had it in them to win all their away games against the Lions, Cheetahs and Chiefs.

Ko embarrassed by NZ Golf

Lydia Ko apparently feels uncomfortable about the debate swirling around her.

Confident Canes find A-Game

Tactix shooter impresses

Dominic Bird

Bird won't miss a match

Dominic Bird has copped a one-week suspension but won't miss a match because the Crusaders have the bye.


Dementia - it's all in the mind

Everyone forgets things, but those memory lapses do not necessarily presage the onset of dementia.


Five myths about Easter

When death and resurrection mix with magical bunnies and chocolate eggs, you get Easter — perhaps the most misunderstood holy day.

Stressed, anxious man

Stressed at work?

Bosses are legally required to look for stress, and workplace legislation is changing to underline this.

Retired Supreme Court Judge Bill Wilson

Spoiling for a fight

Top judge Bill Wilson quit after misconduct allegations.He tells Steve Kilgallon how he rebuilt his life.

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Carmen Baldwin

When should you pierce?

So what is it that shapes our opinions on what’s an appropriate age for our children to get their ears pierced?

Jessica Simpson

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My Two Heavens by Jo Crabb

Between two worlds

Kiwi couple Jo Crabb and Stephen Allwood live in rural France, and in Martinborough.


Auckland's best breweries

They say beer should be drunk within the shadow of the brewery.

Expat: Ecuador

In the middle of the world

True love took Wellingtonian Scotty Donaldson to Ecuador.


The Raro party kicks off

After having a blast there on a family holiday, I went back with a friend and it was even better.


Firefighting, China-style

A daring fireman in China has taken his job to a new level, perhaps unnecessarily.

bear claw

Tot found in Claw machine

Customers stunned when they find missing 3-year-old "having a heyday" in a Bear Claw game.

kim strap

Kim's bad hair day

Kim Jong Un's "bad hair day" riles North Korean officials.

Lada v tank

Lada v tank: Lada wins

Pro-Russian separatists are using any means necessary to fight Ukrainian forces - including a yellow Lada.

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