November 28 2014, updated 9:03pm

Nation mourns

Australian cricketer dies

Phil Hughes dies in hospital, two days after he was struck on head by ball while playing in Sydney.

'Devastated' NZ play cut In mourning

Murder charge laid

Man charged with murder and attempted murder after triple stabbing in Auckland.

Akld rate hike approved

Some householders in for a shock after cap which protected them from up to 40 per cent rate rises is voted down.

Speed limit cops it

If you go 1kmh or more over the speed limit this summer expect to be pulled over, police say.

Jockey in 'irregular' drug test

Kiwi jockey Lisa Cropp's comeback halted after an irregular test at the Waipa races.

Man's body pulled from lake

The body of missing man William Van der Voort has been recovered from Lake Rotorua.

It's all lies over WhaleOil: Labour

PM accused of failing to "tell a straight story" over his contact with blogger Cameron Slater.

Convictions quashed for trio

The remaining three men convicted for roles in the killing of Nelson man Troy Minto see their convictions quashed.

Dying inmate vomited blood

Dead motorcyclist named

Taylor teams up with Te Papa

Weta Workshop founder Sir Richard Taylor joins forces with Te Papa to create Gallipoli: The Scale Of Our War.

Hughes family: 'We are devastated'

Australia's cricket captain Michael Clarke reads a statement on behalf of the Hughes family following the death of Phillip on Thursday.

HK student leader banned

Hong Kong student leader Joshua Wong was banned from a large area in Mong Kok as a condition of bail.

Suicide bomber hits convoy

A suicide bomber on a motorcycle has attacked a convoy of foreign troops in Kabul.

Tibetan tapestry fetches record $75m

Russia's 'ambiguous' tactics

Kim Jong-Un's sister on rise

North Korea reveals that Kim Jong-Un's younger sister holds the title of a senior party official, confirming her rise through the ranks.

R18 shops banned

Christchurch restricts R18 shops to central city in a bid to control legal highs trade when temporary ban lifts.

Housing costs leap ahead

Despite rising housing costs outstripping a rise in income, most Kiwis are happy with life.

More blows aimed over turbines

Towns talk of upgrade

Tower mascot helps brand

Love him or hate him, Tower says its new lighthouse keeper has brought the insurer plenty of attention.

Should you buy or rent?

There are endless arguments about which makes most money sense and no easy answer.

Price claims fool shoppers

Kiwi retailers investigated for misleading sale pricing as Australian authorities launch crackdown on practice.

Auckland housing target beaten

Sleepless over swindle

Crowdfunding catches on for rooftop bar

A bar hopes to soon have revellers on its roof, basking in the sun but it needs $30,000 to do so.

Jetpack shares 'speculative'

Christchurch-based Martin Aircraft is trying to raise $27 million but one broker calls the IPO a "very high risk gamble".

Success on home ground

Five fab firms to watch

Metal Gear Online unveiling

World premiere for new Metal Gear Online at The Game Awards 2014 next weekend.

Revved up remastering

With a new coat of paint, is this the definitive version of critically acclaimed GTA V?

Surveillance app maker fined

Twitter tracking your apps

Sony planning e-paper watch

Watch made of electronic paper will emphasize style over the technological abilities of other smartwatches.

The 'female Viagra' debate

Low libido in women typically reflects a difference in desire, not a biological problem. That's the key issue.

Best & worst dressed: ARIAs

The big night in Aussie music was a mixed bag of a red carpet ...

The women who marry prisoners

Why no short-haired princesses?

The love of our life: bad idea?

Should we keep looking for the love of our lives, or is it time to evolve our ambitions?

9 steps to healthier habits

We all know how to live healthier. Here are some tips to help you actually do it.

Can running keep you young?

New research suggests running could slow down the ageing process, but you may want to proceed with caution.

All in our heads?

Heels, our arch nemesis?

The best and worst carbs

Not all carbs are created equal: here are a few tips.

A time to reflect on our reno'

The first part of our renovation is almost over and there are things I will miss, and things I definitely won't.

Five elements of a stylish home

If you knock on the door of an interior designer's home, chances are you'll find these features.

Britain's largest home for sale

House of the week: Nelson

11 historic homes for sale

Yes, New Zealand does have some awesome historic homes, and these ones are for sale!

Weird: Pardoning turkeys

It has to be one of America's oddest food traditions: the strange life of a pardoned bird.

Stop giving my kids junk food

Could we please agree to stop turning most kids' events into free-for-all sugar sprees?

'All the fixings'

Wine sales are coming up rose

Farm fails, $1.28m owing

Creditors more than $1 million out of pocket after a farm went under because of a lack of investment from its owners.

Could it be a flying spider invasion?

Flying spiders could pose another risk to our landscape as a dry summer increases the risk of fire.

Pizzles push deer exports up

Cherry crop light, but bigger fruit

BBC's Sherlock photo failure

The internet had a field day after a promotional picture from an upcoming Sherlock special was released with a massive editing blunder.

GoT teases season 5

HBO has launched a mysterious online viral campaign that promises a drip-feed of tantalising teasers for Game of Thrones season five.

Creed singer 'homeless and broke'

When Lorde met Taylor

X-Factor: The insults have started

New and old X-Factor judges have started dishing out insults to mediocre candidates as the auditions get rolling in Auckland.

Tourism goes green

North Queensland takes eco-tourism to heart - but is it working?

Cockpit view of foggy landing

Have you ever had the white-knuckled ride of a flight landing in heavy fog? It's not for the faint-hearted.

Passengers push frozen plane

Thailand's tricky tourism advert

What's so hot about NZ?

What is it that unites Hot List destinations from Chile's Atacama Desert to New Zealand?

Top five reader comments

Lydia Ko "This girl is just class, from her short irons to her infectious grin." Is Lydia Ko our new sporting heroine?

Sporting 'double standards'

Is it OK to use the "smashed 'em" dangers of sports like cricket as a promotional tool?

10 reasons to be single at 30

Learning to sail

Tackling speeding in NZ

Would a zero tolerance approach to speeding make us a nation of safer drivers?

New limits on licences

Members of the transport sector are calling for the introduction of probationary plates for restricted licence holders.

Hammond's hard times

Top Gear's Richard Hammond reveals the dark years of recovering from head injuries suffered in a high-speed crash.

Rat rod reflects personality

Electric van all powered up

How to save on your rego

Motorists are being advised against renewing their vehicle's registration for a full year over the coming months in order to save money.

Support for bowler Abbott

The cricket community has rallied to support the other person in the Phillip Hughes tragedy.

Hughes death rocks Clarke

Michael Clarke has endured a lot in his stellar career but nothing like this.

Hughes death was 'freakish'

Paddison fails to make it stick

Chance to make his legacy greater

Keep playing cricket but use some of the cash to help those affected by similar misfortune who, unlike Phillip Hughes, lived.

Revved up remastering

With a new coat of paint, is this the definitive version of critically acclaimed GTA V?

Learning to sail

Greetings, ahoy, or as the pirates might say - yarrr! I've decided to become a certified sailor!


Anorexia effects 'unbearable'

At 34kg it felt like a waiting game of how long would it be before someone saved me or I died.

10 years Battlestar Galactica

If fans of the sci-fi drama Battlestar Galactica are surprised to learn it's been ten fraking years since it premiered, they're not alone.

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Six commandments of healthy eating

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Babies swapped at birth

Two toddlers accidentally swapped on the day they were born should not be returned to their biological parents, a court-appointed expert has said.

His son's reaction isn't 'nonsense'

My new boyfriend's son can't stand that we're together and demands constant attention. We have no alone time and I can't handle it.

Couple's epic Alaskan adventure

A Nelson sailing couple has received a national award for an epic journey around Alaska that covered nearly 10,000 nautical miles.

Seeking something different

A 50km trek through Myanmar's hill country was hard but worth it, writes Petra Chappell.

Kiwis hate smelly tourists

Almost a third of Kiwi flyers think smelly passengers are more annoying than naughty kids, a survey finds.

NZers are loners: study

Despite our uber-friendly reputation with the rest of the world, we Kiwis wish we had more mates.

Stray dog joins epic trek

Arthur followed a Swedish adventure racing team on 40-km trek and found himself a new home.

Log Ness Monster?

After 18 months without a sighting, there's been a recent spate of reports of mysterious beasts emerging from the waters of Loch Ness.

'There's a dead dude in there!'

Open home goes horribly wrong when prospective buyers find something not on the listing - a body.

Thai leader 'pets' reporter

In the ever constant struggle to keep a press pack happy, politicians will try a whole host of tactics. Petting is a new one.

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