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Queenstown's uncertain fate

7:41 PM  A town of unoccupied billionaire holiday homes and a two-hour commute for workers?

Missing for weeks

Have you seen Caitlyn Bird? Her family are desperately seeking her and have asked police to get involved in finding the ...

8:29 PM  20-year-old Caitlyn Bird was last seen in a Wellington park on May 9.

Man's slap deafens his wife

He smashed a wooden coffee table with his forehead, then turned to his wife.

Tinder rape accused's 'brain freeze'

8:28 PM  He allegedly told date she'd be in trouble with "traffic police" if she didn't drink fast enough.

Opening door was 'bloody scary' video

Six passengers were on a domestic flight when the door appeared to open.

Police 'failed' in search for Nicky video

7:51 PM  Nicky Stevens was found dead three days after he walked out of a mental health unit. What followed was a "black comedy of errors".

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Teens push the boundaries

This image features on the petition calling for Auckland school St Dominics Catholic College to amend its dress code. It ...

9 min ago  Social media has given rebellious teens the tools they need to buck the system, experts say.

A day later, her body was found

Security footage captured Renee Duckmanton in Christchurch's red light district, in one of the last moments she was seen alive.

Lightning strikes above Victoria University's Kelburn campus in Wellington overnight.

Watch out Auckland video

Put away the umbrella and pull up your hood, thunder and lightning are coming.


Fear Tara Brown could get off 'scot free'

Channel Nine staff fear some colleagues will be 'sacrificed' over 60 Minutes scandal - while the big stars are safe.


'He's agitated... tell police' video

Tori Johnson was killed by Man Haron Monis during the siege at Sydney's Lindt Cafe on December 15 and 16, 2014.

Half an hour before he was shot dead, Tori Johnson sent an ominous text to his loved ones.

Protests turn violent at Trump rally

Protesters disrupted Donald Trump's rally in New Mexico, forcing police to get involved.

US President Barack Obama talks with Anthony Bourdain after at a shopping area of Hanoi, Vietnam.

Obama has noodles with Bourdain

The US President surprised many in Vietnam by having dinner with celebrity food show host Anthony Bourdain.


Vodafone taken to court

Watchdog says Vodafone overcharged 15,000 customers though all but 2 per cent of them were refunded.

Commerce Commission says customers overcharged $90,000 by Vodafone.

Budget: Five things to expect

Finance Minister Bill English will likely have some key issues top of mind.

Dr John Mayhew, shortly after being made an officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit for his services to sports medicine.

What's your 'health age'?

On average people's bad health habits have them on track to die two years early, research shows.


Apple ruined my perfect name

Siri Bulusu finds people air their grievances against Apple to her. "They did a terrible job designing her! Why can't ...

"OMG, Siri like the iPhone," should be engraved on my tombstone.

Bendable smartphones coming

A little-known startup is gunning to be the first to sell bendable smartphones this year.

Elsa Godart says Kim Kardashian's high number of selfies shows she has an identity crisis.

The serious dangers of selfies

People have "critical blackouts" when taking selfies, leading to bad decisions and even death.

life & style

Time to go totally smoke free?

Do you still spark up outside?

Ashtrays are disappearing from both inside and outside New Zealand cafes and restaurants.

Max Key's new look

His latest trip to the hairdresser may have you doing a double take.

School balls are a rite of passage for many teens. This trio is from Marlborough Girls College, class of 2005.

Dress codes - who needs 'em?

OPINION: "If they can’t trust their students by this stage in their schooling, they have a much bigger problem than tulle and tiaras."

well & good

The problem with step counting

Walking challenges, while a good idea, are not getting inactive people to become active.

8:00 PM  Walking challenges aren't doing much good if you are swapping running for walking.

10 things that affect dreams

How do you explain those random dreams where all sorts of strange things happen?

There are plenty of ways to burn fat and stay in shape… even when we're deskbound.

How to burn fat at work

Stuck at a desk all day? That doesn't have to spell doom for your fitness goals.

home & property

New slant on sustainability

Designed to meet the needs of a small family, the ZEB pilot house also features two outdoor seating areas and a ...

Who said eco houses can't be cool? Kiwis to learn from this Norwegian prototype.

House of the week: Titirangi

Simple design and pre-nail framing kept the cost down, say the owners.

The latest spin off from the selfie: the shoefie.

Is the shoefie the next selfie?

Shoefies, self-feets, whatever you call them, it seems impossible to keep up with the ever changing selfie world.

food & wine

Star anise breakfast buns

Katrina Meynink's star anise breakfast buns.

Gobbling down one of these buns fresh from the oven is heaven on a chilly morning.

How fun is it to get drunk?

Does drinking make people happier, or does being happier make people drink?

Protest over pop-up Macca's

5 dishes Nigella says to master

nz farmer

Chilled meat to enter China slowly

Shanghai Maling head of investment Henry Wu talks to a group of Silver Ferns Farms farmer shareholders.

Chilled meat exports to China won't happen overnight.

Silver Fern Farm deal OK

NZ First objects to Financial Markets Authority inquiry into the Silver Fern Farms-Shanghai Maling deal.

Zespri grows sales, profit

Farmers quiz Fonterra 


Amy Schumer calls out 'trolls'

US comedian Amy Schumer.

9:00 PM  Things haven't always gone smoothly for the comedian and her fans.

Give Cap a boyfriend - fans

Is it time for the Star Spangled Man with a Plan to swap the stars and stripes for the rainbow flag?

Would Donald Trump be so close to the Whitehouse if he wasn't a reality television star?

Trump owes The Apprentice?

8:00 PM  Did his time in the reality television boardroom help pave the way to the US elections?


Rome is in ruins and needs help

A part of Rome's ancient Colosseum is seen in downtown Rome.

Other countries and private companies are sponsoring the clean-up of famous landmarks.

Lions lick campers' tent video

What happens when all that's separating you and big cats is a veil of mesh?

Looking down on Vernazza, one of the five towns known as the Cinque Terre in northern Italy.

Tips for your trip to Italy

It may be beautiful but you have to pay to go to the beach and they don't eat spaghetti Bolognese.

stuff nation

More support for the vulnerable stuff nation

This year's Budget needs to better support the more needy Kiwis with better benefits, public transport and social housing.

This year's Budget needs to better support needy Kiwis with better benefits, transport and social housing.

Budget 2016: What do you need? stuff nation

What would really help you out in the Budget 2016?

mother, baby, mum, child, infant, newborn, son, daughter, boy, girl, hospital, birth, delivery, childbirth, maternity, ...

Being a teenage parent stuff nation

We want to hear about the challenges you faced and how you overcame them.


Top Gear ready to roar back video

Chris Evans on Top Gear.

Top Gear doesn't do understatement.

Feeling a little flat

The T8 is a clever, if expensive, take on the plug-in hybrid SUV. But does it go far enough on electric power?

A near miss on Timaru's Otipua Road.

Posting without the facts video

The video showed what appeared to be a shocking case of dangerous driving. What it didn't show was what happened next.


No Warriors fairytale for Hurrell

This is how Konrad Hurrell should be remembered - after a scoring a try for the Warriors against the Broncos in 2013.

8:21 PM  OPINION: Konrad Hurrell should have been one of the Warriors' all time greats, writes David Long.

Adams, Thunder closer to finals video

New Zealand sport's man of the moment was on fire again as he helped Oklahoma City to a big win in game four.

Corey Norman faces two charges - possessing a prohibited drug and possessing a prescribed restricted substance.

Drugs charges for NRL star

7:51 PM  Parramatta Eel Corey Norman was allegedly caught with MDMA capsules at Sydney's The Star casino.

good reads

Could a letter solve a mystery?

Bernard Ross' went missing 39 years ago, 18, and has not been seen since.

Bernard Ross vanished in 1977. An anonymous letter claims to know details about the case.

Everest's frozen graveyard video

Hundreds are eager to climb Mt Everest, but already three people have died on the mountain this year.

The climb to Mount Everest's peak is sign-posted by the marks of those who died trying to reach it.

Retirees fastest growing student group

Europe's mature student population is growing rapidly.

​Franz-Josef Mittnacht may be 86, but he likes to be considered an average student.

Behind the wheel of an ambo video

Wellington Free Ambulance driver educator Chris Pilkington says "there are hazards all over the place" when it comes to ...

What's it like to be behind the wheel of an ambulance?

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Friday, April 29 2015

Dilbert, The Little Things and more.


Public meeting for 'Marlborough City'

If not Marlborough City, how should Blenheim be marketed?

Both haters and supporters welcome the debate about how to market Blenheim.

Can you spot the gherkin?

Can you find the gherkin hidden in this drawing by Sally-Ann Heron?

This latest hidden object challenge is a real pickle.

Hungry? Try a 'sky prawn' video

Locusts, aka 'sky prawns', are now on the menu at a Duendin cafe.

Locusts are proving so popular they are flying off the menu at a Dunedin restaurant.

Two shakes of a donation

John Ingle picks out his favourite sets from his mum's salt and pepper shakers.

480 sets of collectible salt and pepper shakers seems like a lot.


Giving teen mums a chance stuff nation video

Trelise Aneho: I speak from experience when I say that I don't think these young women are irresponsible at all.

OPINION: Being a teenage mother is hard enough, without having to fight for a warm, safe home.

Picture reveals reality of IVF

"It only took 4 years, 3 miscarriages, depression, 107 hormone injections, one surgery, two procedures, over 100 ...

"It only took 4 years, 3 miscarriages, depression, 107 hormone injections... and several thousand dollars."

'Daddy's not coming home'

Baby Charles Austin with his late father's wedding ring on a chain.

A grieving wife gave birth to her son just four days after her husband died in a paragliding accident.

11 essential breastfeeding facts

Your baby will be just fine whether they are breastfed or not.

Basically nothing will go as planned.

kiwi traveller

Wanderluster of the week

Anita Dykstra snorkels on Bunaken Island in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Anita Dykstra's travel blog has taken her from the Wairarapa to the world.

Ask an expert: Group travel

Tourists enjoy a boat trip on the Seine river past the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Heading away on an overseas adventure? Send us your questions and we'll put them to the experts.

HK: 'A wealth of opportunities'

Liz Alam and her four daughters.

Liz Alam is able to balance a career and family life - while still fitting in plenty of adventures - in Hong Kong.

From the Netherlands to the North Shore

Martijn and Sarah Bakker love getting out and exploring the New Zealand outdoors.

Martijn Bakker is surprised at NZ's lack of central heating, among other things.