'We're not murderers' video

Waikato farmer upset at footage of abuse to newborn calves and says it has "hit a nerve".

Workers fired over calf abuse

Deportee's sex charges

A 29-year-old deportee was arrested on sex charges when he arrived back in New Zealand from Australia.

A 29-year-old deported back to NZ was immediately arrested and charged with violating a girl in Hastings.

Dairy prices begin recovery

Dairy prices rose 3.6 per cent at the GlobalDairyTrade auction overnight.

How Santner silenced sledgers

Black Cap rookie had the perfect response for those confrontational Aussies.

Five injured by Istanbul bomb

13 min ago  Five injured after a pipe bomb explodes on an overpass near an Istanbul metro station.

Sacked over Facebook post

"He is responsible for the things he writes and the attitudes he holds."

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Young man dies unexpectedly

Police wait on post-mortem for further details about unexplained death in Henderson on Tuesday.

The death of a 19-year-old man in West Auckland is being treated as unexplained.

One blood-alcohol test, three results

Expert says Wellington dentist's quashed drink-driving conviction exposes a loophole.

Duncan Garner and Heather du Plessis-Allan. hosts of TV3's Story.

HDPA's nose for a story too good?

OPINION: Heather du Plessis-Allan is relentless in pursuit of a story.


Lights, candy floss, action!

Auckland's Franklin Road Christmas lights aren't the only bright thing on the street this silly season.


Crew blamed for AirAsia crash video

Indonesian search crews recover the tail of AirAsia QZ8501.

Indonesian investigators say Airbus A320 crew were unable to recover from a stall before the jet plunged into the sea.

Mayor of Alaska's capital dies

The newly-elected mayor of Alaska's capital city has been found dead.

Officials wave as Japanese whaling vessel Yushin Maru No.2 leaves from the port of Shimonoseki.

Japanese fleet departs for hunt

Japan's whaling fleet has set out for the Antarctic, with crew told it was a "happy day".


Beware risks of going guarantor

Guaranteeing part of your offspring's home loan can help them get onto the property ladder.

5:00 AM  Personal guarantees can lead to a place in the village of the insolvent.

Inside Facebook's offices

Take a look inside the company's massive new HQ, the largest open-office workspace in the world.

New property investment rules have been credited with taking heat out of the Auckland market and giving regional markets a boost.

Auckland house price rise slows

New Government rules curbing investors appear to have eased the rise in Auckland house prices.


Man sues Apple for lost photos

A UK judge has ordered Apple to pay a 68-year-old newlywed more than NZ$2700 after staff lost his honeymoon pics.

A Deric versus Goliath battle sees a UK pensioner successfully sue Apple.

What's the future of gaming?

Gamers are getting older and critics say games are too hard to attract new people.

No company is immune to the ravages of competition and the camera market is a ruthless one.

Camera war claims first victim

The camera market is one of the most competitive parts of the tech industry.

life & style

'Those dresses are real hoochie'

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay shared a sweet family pic on Facebook, and the stupid comments instantly rolled in.

Online trolls go after Gordon Ramsay after the celeb chef shares a pic of his teen daughters.

How to choose the right name

You can start by saying no to names like Quinoa or Whendhi and give the poor kid a chance.

There are certainly some benefits to finding that special someone to settle down with.

Five positive marriage truths

We've all read the negatives comments - nagging, criticism of everything, etc - but what about the up-sides to married life?


Lights, candy floss, action! video

Most of the 115 houses on the street will have festive displays up for thousands of onlookers to enjoy over the month.

6:05 AM  Auckland's Franklin Road Christmas lights aren't the only bright thing on the street this silly season.

Christmas about the day, not the word

For migrants to New Zealand, Christmas can be an important way of understanding Kiwi culture.

An elderly man's mad piano skills during a spontaneous performance of Jingle Bell Rock has wowed the internet.

Grandpa wows internet with mad piano skills video

A video of a grandpa giving an impromptu piano performance of Jingle Bell Rock has delighted the internet.

well & good

'Wellness' quest is making us sick

When does healthy eating become an obsession?

6:00 AM  Extreme "clean" diets and an obsession with physical perfection can actually ruin lives.

Bigger isn't better at the gym

Personal trainer Stephen Cheuk has been on a quest to find a style of training that is more that just image focused.

Children need good role models when it comes to healthy eating but try not to criticise their food choices.

Has your family ruined your diet?

Your relationship with food may have had more to do with your family than you think.

home & property

House of the week: Waiheke gallery

Built as a wedding present in 1896, Oakura Bay Villa is now the Waiheke Island home of Barbara Bollard-Breen, her husband Dan and children Cassie, 19, and Jack, 15; in a nod to the house’s origins, the arc of pebbles and sand within which it stands is nicknamed “Honeymoon Bay” ; the house has an older doppelganger in the next-door Wharetana Bay, built by Belgian settlers the de Wittes in the 1840s.

5:00 AM  This 120-year-old villa - once inhabited by the wealthy Rothschilds family - comes with its very own slice of beach.

The US ghost town for sale

An entire South Dakota ghost town, complete with its own watering hole, is on sale for US$250,000

01122015 News Photo: Jason Dorday/ Fairfax 753 Mt Eden Road Auckland

Grand Auckland dame for sale

One of Auckland's oldest homes, crafted out of Rangitoto stone in the 1800s, has been listed for sale.

food & wine

Dessert lovers, meet the 'piecaken'

Can't decide between pie or cake? Have both!

Layers of pie, stuffed in a cake and slathered in butter cream. What's not to like?

Recipe: Barbecue chicken salad

Delicious chook is the star of this substantial salad, complemented by homemade ranch dressing.

How to really cut a capsicum video

Is veg really too expensive?

nz farmer

Firm denies abuse knowledge

Two Waikato firms have been implicated in undercover video footage released by the Farmwatch organisation in the ill treatment of bobby calves.

Director says an employee filmed abusing calves at a slaughterhouse is no longer with the company.

Wairarapa irrigation research

A new wave of studies is being carried out on Wairarapa's irrigation proposal.

Key in Paris: $20m farm fix video

Lamb numbers down


Pitt, Clooney fight for the rights

Pals Brad Pitt and George Clooney have bid on many of the same projects over the years.

The stars of Ocean's 11 are frequently in fierce competition with each other.

Bindi home at Australia Zoo

The tiny dancer says she's happy to be back in her khakis after living the dancing dream.

Would you want Taylor Swift to point out the nearest exit on your plane?

Will TSwift star in Air NZ video?

Off the back of her much-hyped visit to NZ, Taylor Swift has been offered a role in the Air NZ's next safety video.


Will TSwift star in Air NZ video?

Would you want Taylor Swift to point out the nearest exit on your plane?

Off the back of her much-hyped visit to NZ, Taylor Swift has been offered a role in the Air NZ's next safety video.

Solo travel not always lonely

Traveling alone is more about adventure than loneliness according to these solo travellers.

Why planes arriving on time could be a myth.

 Flight time statistics 'worthless'

5:00 AM  Are airlines are allotting more time for each flight to make it easier to meet their arrival schedule?

stuff nation

Fletcher's found a playmate stuff nation

Fletcher the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Duncan the Gordon Setter.

5:00 AM  Fletcher Evans has finally found a puppy pal to rough and tumble with.

Top 5 clampdown comments  stuff nation

We've all got an opinion on driving, as evidenced by the response to a police crackdown on speeding.

It can take only one small thing to trigger depression, a reader says. Or it can be a cluster of things. Likewise, it can take one small thing to start a new chapter.

A suicide attempt rebooted me stuff nation

'I was in a deep, black hole. Family had tried to drag me out, but I didn't listen and couldn't hear. Sadness consumed me.'


Cars are so three years ago

Cars are a lot less popular in Wellington than they were three years ago.

Buses and trains are all the rage in Wellington as cars begin to lose their cool.

Noisy Ferraris rev up residents

Howl of engines from test-drive businesses is upsetting residents' tranquility in Ferrari's hometown.

Sytee Tacoma with the electric motorbike he built, which can reach 100kmh in four seconds.

Charge her up and go

"They had a big array of all these fluids for the bikes and I've got a charger and a plug, and that's it."


ICC says Llong got it wrong video

The ICC have admitted that third umpire Nigel Llong got it wrong in allowing Nathan Lyon to stay at the crease.

Cricket's governing body admits third umpire made "an incorrect judgment".

Vukona: We need to harden up

5:00 AM  The Breakers skipper is pledging to protect the paint against those aggressive Wildcats at the NSEC.

Football Ferns coach Tony Readings is determined his side will improve in the second and final match of their tour to Brazil.

Ferns vow to keep pushing on

5:00 AM  Coach says not to expect the NZ women's football team to sit back and wait for Brazil to come charging.

good reads

'My suicide attempt rebooted me' stuff nation

It can take only one small thing to trigger depression, a reader says. Or it can be a cluster of things. Likewise, it can take one small thing to start a new chapter.

'I was in a deep, black hole. Family had tried to drag me out, but I didn't listen and couldn't hear. Sadness consumed me.'

Why Cairns is a free man video

Chris Cairns could face more legal action despite being acquitted of perjury.

Did the jury take Chris Cairns' word over Brendon McCullum's? There's more to it than that.

The killer cancer doctors don't detect

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer in 2011.

Pancreatic cancer statistics are shocking, but would you know the symptoms?

Can she save the planet?

If the Paris talks are successful, Christiana Figueres will be entitled to the lion's share of the credit.

If the Paris climate change talks are a success, Christiana Figueres deserves most of the credit.

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dilbert mon

Dilbert, The Little Things and more.


Aussies rave inside 'doofnado' video

Australians rush headlong towards the "doofnado".

Partygoers at an Australia dance music festival were filmed charging into a powerful dust whirlwind.

Rooster attacks kids

The rooster and his girlfriend hen.

Swanky Auckland lifestyle block community terrorised by violent rooster who attacks children.

Wind too windy for Wellington wand

Wellington's wind wand was getting blown close to cars on Friday.

Watch out Wellington. The wind wand can now touch your car.

Jackson fuels Doctor Who rumours

Scottish actor Peter Capaldi, the current Doctor Who has made a video with Peter Jackson, fueling speculation Jackson will direct an episode of the cult BBC show.

Doctor Who star drops in on Sir Peter Jackson.


How to choose the right name

Sleeping baby.

You can start by saying no to names like Quinoa or Whendhi and give the poor kid a chance.

11-year-old helps to deliver baby sister

With the help of ambulance staff who gave detailed instructions, an 11-year-old schoolgirl calmly delivered her baby sister.

Schoolgirl delivers newest member of her family after mum suddenly goes into labour - and is back in class hours later.

Life with Angie as your mum

Angelina Jolie and her husband and co-star Brad Pitt pose at the premiere of "By the Sea".

They have a nomadic reputation, but what is it really like to be a child of this world-famous family?

A 9-hour surprise pregnancy video

Eamon Parkes said the surprise birth had been "the talk of the town".

Charlene Wells thought she had kidney stones. It turned out she was in labour.

kiwi traveller

Pedalling Prescotts are finally home

Katie and Steven Prescott are thrilled to be home, after their epic 15-month journey which has seen them cycle through 21 countries, before arriving in Waiuku. To their surprise, a large group of family and friends were awaiting their arrival.

As Steven Prescott and his wife Katie cycled into Waiuku on Friday after 15 months of pedalling around the world, a surprise gathering of friends and family were waiting to greet them.

Hawaii from beneath the sea stuff nation

We also saw a variety of different fish, although they didn't look as bright and tropical as their pictures due to the underwater colour spectrum.

I never expected to get seasick on a submarine.

Getting a visa in Cambodia

Tourists pose for pictures at Angkor Thom in Siem Reap.

Heading to Southeast Asia? Send us all of your travel questions.

The excitement of Edinburgh

Toni Jenkins and partner Peter dine out at Edinburgh's Thai Pad.

Toni Jenkins first moved to the UK in 1995 and has since made Scotland her home.