house splash

For sale: a super skinny house

9:28 AM  You'll need to breathe in deep to squeeze into this 1860s house - and have deep pockets.

Teen full of zest

Seventeen-year-old Kiriana Morrison was killed in a car crash on Sunday morning.

10:17 AM  Kiriana Morrison, 17, will be laid to rest beside her grandfather, Sir Howard Morrison.

Quake swarm near Taupo

17 min ago  The tremors - almost 300 - are due to "stretching" of the Volcanic Zone, GNS believes.

Choc wars: Sam Neill v Cadbury

9:28 AM  Actor wants all Kiwis and Australians to boycott the chocolate-maker's products.

Pie-eating is a red card offence

8 min ago  OPINION: Goalie's actions hard to swallow in the face of match-fixing and gambling.

A dance with The Boss video

10:44 AM  Gill Cross's dreams came true when she got her Dancing In The Dark moment.

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Kayaker missing off Wellington

Police search for a missing kayaker off Wellington's south coast.

9 min ago  Maritime police search for kayaker missing off Wellington's south coast.

Truck crashes into house video

17 min ago  Two people in a rubbish truck escaped injury after the vehicle slammed into a Lower Hutt house.

Murray Noone, left, and Stephen Borlase appear in the High Court at Auckland for sentencing on fraud charges

Jailed for corruption

17 min ago  Cosy relationship between contractor and council employee in Auckland ends behind bars.


What ever happened to Nick Harrison?

Got a job? Karl Burnett's had about a million of 'em since leaving Shortland Street in 2005.


Bushfires lit on purpose

Ricky Kenneth Ballard-Lestrange has pleaded guilty to starting bushfires.

10:50 AM  Former Aussie firefighter started blaze because he was with children who "like fire trucks".

Father and son hit each other video

A dad on his way to work, a son on his way home and a tragic head-on collision.

"The Sweden episode was a perfect circle of misinformation", writes Margaret Sullivan.

How not to fall for fake news

10:26 AM  OPINION: Don't be like Donald Trump. Here's how you can distinguish rumour from fact and hoax from reality.


Vero makes play for Tower

Michael Stiassny is urging Tower shareholders to seek advice.

10:45 AM  Canadian company now has competition for New Zealand insurer.

Jailed for corruption

19 min ago  Cosy relationship between contractor and council employee in Auckland ends behind bars.

A tower section of a replacement Brooklyn wind turbine in Wellington being transported to the site.

Meridian pay special dividend

10:09 AM  Record generation sees partially privatised electricity giant return almost $200m to shareholders.


Samsung's reputation crashes

Samsung pulled its Note 7 smartphone off shelves last year after a series of reports about the devices bursting into flame.

A poll shows Samsung dropping to 49th from seventh, with Amazon topping the survey.

Six ways to take a phone break

The worst thing about leaving your phone behind is that you may miss an Instagrammable moment.

The Scorpion combines a motorcycle seat with quadcopter drone technology.

Hoverbike inspired by Star Wars

10:30 AM  If you crossed a motorcycle with a drone, you'd end up with something like the Scorpion.

life & style

'I believe in fixing my body'

Sophie Cachia tells her followers she's focused on recovery and not on losing weight, following the birth of her ...

9:55 AM  Sophie Cachia's refreshing words about her post-baby body has other mums applauding her honesty.

Being too busy is bad for you

Constantly stressed and too busy to keep up? You might have productivity obsession.

Is there anything better than having a good venting session with friends who 'get it'?

Why real mates bond over hate

9:58 AM  Forget shared interests - if you want real connection, you need to establish pet peeves in common.

well & good

Half marathon in wheechair video

Walsh and her modified wheelchair compete in the Round the Bays half marathon in Wellington.

10:23 AM  Diagnosed with terminal cancer, Vicki Walsh thought her racing days were over. But her friend had other ideas.

5 plastic things to ditch now

Straws, bags, water bottles - take charge of your own consumption.

Ann Maree Mulders isn't willing to waste a moment with her husband Christian.

Fighting the 'forgotten' disease

Annie woke feeling unwell - and her life was about to change forever.

home & property

House of the week: Hawkes Bay gallery

The guest room is also home to a set of drawers from Redcurrent and a lamp topped with a shade that Tina made herself, ...

A city-dweller turned to a sleepy seaside settlement looking for a home-grown version of Eat, Pray, Love.

For sale after 135 years video

The Central Hawke's Bay house comes with a grand foyer, a library, a museum and kauri staircase.

This beach house at Laguna Beach, CA is owned by Warren Buffett, who is selling it for $15.3 million.

Warren Buffett sells the bach

After 50 years, the owner of this house is selling up - but he's already worth more than $100 billion.

food & wine

Lunches your workmates will envy

Brown rice salad with beans, tomatoes and feta, and edamame bean salad with avocado, broccoli and sesame dressing.

You'll be the envy of your workmates with these tasty salads at your desk.

Madam Woo opens in Chch

The popular, highly-acclaimed Malaysian restaurant Madam Woo has opened in Christchurch.

Four ways with smoothies

How to save time in the kitchen

nz farmer

More milk, lower prices

Tight global supply has been a key factor holding up world dairy prices.

Improved weather will slightly boost milk production but hold back prices.

Young farmers watch farm burn

Black pastures are all that's left after the Port Hills fires swept through land leased by a young farming couple.

PGGW posts $16m profit

Sweet as? Not for Comvita


Lohan 'racially profiled'? video

Actress Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been exploring Islam in recent years.

10:31 AM  Lindsay Lohan claims her headscarf's the reason she was stopped by security at London's Heathrow.

A night to remember

REVIEW: Bruce Springsteen gives Christchurch a musical memory to be cherished by those who were there.

Milo Yiannopoulos has stepped down from his role as technology editor and write at ultra conservative site Breitbart in ...

Yiannopoulos quits Breitbart

9:44 AM  "When your friends have done right by you, you do right by them," says the self-styled agent provocateur. 


Pod of orca delights jet-skiers video

One of a large pod of orca which visited Kaikoura last week.

Seeing one or two orca in the wild is pretty special, but how about 30?

The real reasons Japan is hot

Here are 10 reasons why everyone's going crazy for Japan...

Sun sets over the Nile.

Sailing the Nile stuff nation

9:21 AM  No trip to Egypt is complete without a cruise. On the Nile, life never stops.


Minister rejects drive offer video

A "tourist" driver on the wrong side of the road on the Crown Range in January 26.

8 min ago  Simon Bridges won't come and ride with Queenstown cameraman who filmed a wayward "tourist" driver.

The red, white and 'oohs' video

The 10th anniversary of a classic car event will "make New Plymouth America, again".

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Edition.

F1-inspired Astons gallery video

10:39 AM  British sports car maker unveils limiited edition variants of its ageing Vantage coupe.

stuff nation

We're failing our dyslexic kids

12022015. Photo:
Backs of schoolkids with colorful rucksacks moving in the street

people; person; children; ...

9:19 AM  Thinking outside of the box creates an opportunity for change but NZ's education system is letting our kids down.

The best way to train your dog

Positive reinforcement is the most effective way to teach dogs how to behave.

Pet of the day: Dot and Boss

Pet of the day: Pooch pals Boss and Dot 

Two buddies that make a lot of mischief together. So much fun, energy and personality.


Parker 'strong, athletic, durable'

Joseph Parker on the attack against Andy Ruiz and on his way to winning the WBO heavyweight title.

18 min ago  "It's a square ring. It doesn't matter where it is," Fury trainer says of Kiwi champ's home advantage.

Black Caps unchanged for ODI

10:50 AM  Same XI who lost in Hamilton to line up for NZ in the second ODI against South Africa, in Christchurch.

Kieran Foran says he needed to get out of Sydney and has been thrilled by his welcome at the Warriors.

Warriors 'fresh air' for Foran video

10:42 AM  "It's been great to get out of Sydney," Warriors recruit says as he settles in at his new NRL home.

good reads

Cannibalism 'perfectly natural'

Cannibalism: It is more common than we realise and not black and white.

Siblings eat siblings, strangers eat strangers, children eat parents and mates eat mates. Science can explain it.

Reason: Cult of silence kills

Dan Vickerman, pictured in 2011, died on Saturday night.

OPINION: After the death of Dan Vickerman we need to talk about the problems that are killing our young men.

Greeks sink into poverty video

Retired teacher and volunteer Eva Agkisalaki clears tables at a soup kitchen.

After seven years of bailouts, most Greeks struggle to cover costs and many rely on soup kitchens.

Seven wonders of travel world

The amazing Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park.

From train trips to a bubbling supervolcano, this is the modern-day ultimate travel experience.

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Closure for cat lover

Jane Chapman, with her kitten Artimus, was overwhelmed the council had her dead cat, Rupert's body so she could farewell it.

She got the chance to say goodbye to her moggy because the pound still had it in the freezer.

Astronomical poo problem solved

Hugh McCarroll was thrilled to have his design acknowledged.

The dark side of the moon walk needed a solution and Hugh McCarroll had one.

Home's suspicious gnomes video

The "gnominator" was among the recovered garden ornaments.

Huge haul of garden gnomes found in Hawke's Bay home has been linked to meth dealing.

Man or magpie?

Derek Andrews keeps almost every man made object he finds on Mt Taranaki.

He's climbed Mt Taranaki 743 times and collected a bag full of junk on each trip.


I am a terrible mother

Charlie, Henry and Tommy in their red wagon.

OPINION: I bribe them with chocolate, don't make them wear a hat and always leave the TV on.

I gave my tween a smartphone

One mum worried about giving her 12-year-old a smartphone – but found surprising benefits.

One mum worried about giving her 12-year-old a smartphone – but found surprising benefits.

Why the 'ban' on formula info?

Finding information and support for bottle feeding mums can be difficult.

Is New Zealand's pro-breastfeeding Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative also mum friendly?

Pregnant after 452 needles

After 452 needles, two rounds of IVF and three failed transfers, the Walkers are welcoming twins.

US couple expecting twins shares a photo representing their arduous IVF journey.

kiwi traveller

Men are better at packing suitcases video

The world is divided into premature packers and procrastinating packers with few practical packers in between.

They procrastinate and are unorganised. But then they don't bring as much junk. What's better?

What cabin crew know that you don't video

Veteran globetrotters reveal secrets to a more attentive service (or to avoid getting kicked off your flight).

Veteran globetrotters reveal secrets to a more attentive service (or to avoid getting kicked off your flight).

Seven wonders of travel world

The amazing Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park.

From train trips to a bubbling supervolcano, this is the modern-day ultimate travel experience.

Wanderluster: Kiwis' life in Scandinavia

Matthew and Chelsea are big fans of the nomadic lifestyle.

After 10 years on the road, an intrepid couple share their advice on travelling Northern Europe.

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