October 25 2014, updated 4:14pm

High school shooter's final tweets

'It won't last...It'll never last....' The homecoming prince who shot four of his classmates.

Chocolate milk fakes

In the ultimate proof of its popularity, Lewis Rd choc milk has spawned a 'black market'.

Malaysian diplomat faces court

Muhammad Rizalman remains in police custody after facing charges over assault with intent to rape.

Squeezed out of seat

Woman forced to spend most of trans-Tasman flight standing after obese man made it impossible to sit.

Buller fall at final hurdle

3:49pm Buller's fairytale run in the Heartland Championship was ended by Mid Canterbury in the final at Westport today.

NZ Kurds march against ISIS

4:14pm Members of New Zealand's Kurdish community staged a peaceful protest through Auckland to raise awareness of ISIS threat.

Where is my father?

Do Trieu’s daughter Hanh Xuan Trieu In August 2008 Vietnamese man Do Trieu went on holiday with his girlfriend. His mystified family has never seen him again.

Prizegivings a minefield

Are school prizegivings just? A researcher says it can depend on who you know but schools disagree.

Knife robber still at large

Thin blue line: crimes unsolved

Suzee McEwan

Questions after daughter's death

A mother harnesses anger she feels over daughter's death to drive change in health sector.

Dream for a builder now a nightmare

Barry and Shirley Tilling live in a caravan after paying $56,000 for a house that was never built.

Ebola nurse meets Obama

Texas nurse who caught Ebola released from hospital, free of the virus, meets President Barack Obama at White House.

Queen sends her first tweet

Queen Elizabeth II has sent her first tweet - though she kept things traditional, signing off with 'Elizabeth R'.

Free Syria fighters join Kurds

US: Two police deputies shot dead

'We did not start this': Putin shifts blame

Accuses the US of endangering global security by imposing a "unilateral diktat" on the rest of the world.

Boozy truth about spending

Wine glasses New spending figures reveal hidden truths about how we spend our money.

Expansion may post challenge

Fonterra's proposed new Studholme expansion could provide a challenge to recruit for 250 positions.

Tiling business heading back to US

Menus for cows?

Barry and Shirley Tilling

Retirees left homeless

Elderly couple living in a borrowed caravan and 80-year-old left without a roof after building firm goes under.

Owners caught short

Adrienne Jonas-Gooch Underinsured properties nationwide could leave homeowners facing a hefty bill after disaster.

Retirees left homeless

Elderly couple living in a borrowed caravan and 80-year-old left without a roof after building firm goes under.

Help the parents, not just the kids

Boozy truth about spending

Your dinner? It's in the bag

thumbnail A food-delivery business with roots in Sweden has scooped 10,000 customers in its first 18 months.

Tiling business heading back to US

An Auckland tiling company is preparing to expand into the United States with the lifting of a three year non-compete period.

Cheers to another award

Anger over Cantina comments

Facebook anonymous app

Wraps come off new app for iOS called Rooms that brings people together around their interests.

Fresh, but bare, formula

Civilization: Beyond Earth makes for a promising start, but isn't as fleshed out as predecessors.

Sky goes on-demand with Neon

True blue Borderlands

Battery life sets Sony apart

Sony claims its batteries will last two days meaning users can finally say goodbye to night charging.

Amal is "perfect" for George

Clooney's best friend describes why the Lebanese lawyer is the actor's perfect match.

Leggings - not just for the gym

Has it become socially acceptable to wear sporty bottoms shopping on the weekend or to a club as well as while working out?

Did a Kiwi win Project Runway?

Kid out-dances pop stars

Wearing the hijab: 'It's a choice'

"Are you hiding bombs in your skirts?" a stranger yelled as Radiya Ali walked down a NZ street in the mid-2000s.

Four treadmill don'ts

Runners seem to be embarrassed by these pieces of running machinery, but they shouldn't be.

The importance of a good lunch

Even though fast food might seem more appealing when our energy is lagging, we pay with poor performance.

12 natural dandruff remedies

Home is where the health is

Happy meals, the ethical way

Breatharians unite, let's SAVE THE SALAD, because the ethics of eating plants have been called into question.

6 cleaning non-negotiables

Hanging around home this long weekend? It'd pay to put these on your to-do list.

Caught short: NZ underinsured

Properties nationwide are underinsured and could leave homeowners facing a hefty bill after a disaster.

Inside an $89m apartment

Heartache to happiness

John Legend's Zen home

It's certain no 'ordinary people' could afford a house like this: but we can still dream, right?

Victoria sponge with a saucy twist

Sponge cake With limoncello and balsamic strawberries, this new take on the classic Victoria sponge is bound to knock your socks off.

Italian classic with vegan twist

It's vegetarian awareness month, so try something new.

Coconut oil 'a health hazard'

Double Down supercharged

Menus for cows?

Dairy cow A trial under way in South Taranaki is looking at whether it's worth giving measured amounts of feed to individual cows.

Expansion may post challenge

Fonterra's proposed new Studholme expansion could provide a challenge to recruit for 250 positions.

Water storage feasibility study

Chilean prickly pest threatening farms

Russell Brand's 9/11 controversy

'I'm trying to take you seriously,' says BBC presenter in odd TV interview with comedian.

Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs

Christian Bale as Steve Jobs? Sure, we can see it.

Kiwi star's anchorman role

Quiz: You think you know TV?

Odom 'won't sign divorce docs'

Lamar Odom has not yet signed divorce documents filed by Khloe Kardashian, according to a new report.

A pioneering concept

There's no other accommodation option in London like this one.

Boston is beautiful

We're not bored of timelapses but layer-lapse videos are an extremely impressive form of the craft.

Vandal defaces US landscapes

A girl, a boat, a dream

The anti-tourist traveller

You can be a visitor but still keep a little somethin' somethin' for yourself.

Southampton to strike again?

Graziano Pelle After a week of incredible football and amazing results, see how round nine of the EPL is shaping up.

Top five reader comments

From flagons of port to burgers washed down with chocolate milk, our readers' health is questionable.

This pup will eat anything

A traveller’s fate

On a red cloud nine

This beautiful photo series from Alice Fong captures dramatic red clouds seen from Nelson's yacht marina.

Keep calm and drive on

Red road stripes confuse Aucklanders. Red stripes appear on Auckland's roads, alarming locals. But what are they for?

Take it easy plea

Motorists are being urged to take it easy on the roads over Labour weekend, as thousands of New Zealanders hit the highways.

Holden hunts first owner

Record price for fake?

Japan builds real Transformer

Your dream of a sports car that transforms into a real robot just inched closer to reality.

NZ wrap up Davis Cup tie

Marcus Daniell New Zealand clinch victory in Davis Cup tie against Chinese Taipei in Christchurch with a day to spare after doubles win.

Breakthrough for Paddon

Kiwi rally ace Hayden Paddon has won his first WRC stage on an otherwise frustrating day at Rally Espana.

PGA boss fired for 'lil girl' jibe

Luke: Supporting Kiwis side


Kiwis have a chance despite form

The Kiwis have a tantalising opportunity to secure a rare victory over the world-champion Kangaroos.

Halle Berry

'Cougars' biologically driven

Breeding, not lust, is what drives "cougars" to hunt down younger partners, new research shows.

mike o'donnell MOD

Time for TV to be freed

What's really made it tough for television broadcasters is social media.


Health funding "root of evil"

How can we make a saved life the best it can be with an under-funded and inefficient health system?

Australia's fantasy island

This is a jewel in Australia's crown, where you can relax as the rich and famous might.

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Rafting in action

Regulations target tourism industry

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Dwarf stripper gets bride pregnant

Spanish bride-to-be confesses to cheating with a dwarf stripper on her hens night after she gave birth to a baby with dwarfism.

chimney rescue

Woman rescued from chimney

US firefighters have rescued a woman from a chimney after she became stuck while allegedly breaking into the home of a man she met online.

Adam Page

Weird beard makes magical music

Facial hair is not naturally regarded as an instrument, but for musician Adam Page his beard is the most natural instrument of all.

The spider of your nightmares

Here's something to keep you awake at night - imagine coming across an arachnid the size of a puppy. Piotr Naskrecki did just that.

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