Thieves stole family's dream video

They're trying to renovate their own home to get ahead, but now it's back to square one.

Kiwi's body found

Police did not believe suspicious circumstances led to Sean Mitchell's disappearance.

1:16 AM  Perth police call off search for expat New Zealander Sean Mitchell after body discovered in river.

Making critic 'wish he was Kiwi'

Critic's take on Hunt for the Wilderpeople is a shot in the arm for Kiwi film fans.

Man's $12,000 spree laid bare

Catch Me If You Can-style spending run sees man rack up 31 charges to his name.

Long journey over for Zuri video

After a 12-hour road trip, Zuri the giraffe has arrived at her new home in Wellington.

T plate for tourist drivers?

A group of students have turned the controversy around tourist drivers into a business opportunity.

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Coro gunshots - road reopened

The road is closed and armed police are in the Hikuai area.

Nervous residents hunker down as armed police continue to hunt for gunman who shot at house bus.

'A croc has got me' video

Australian police still searching for Kiwi Cindy Waldron after a crocodile attack in North Queensland.

The roof of the sleepout after the explosion.

Burns 'punishment enough' video

He suffered burns to 37 per cent of his body when he blew up a sleepout while making cannabis oil.


Long journey over for Zuri

After a 12-hour road trip from Auckland, Zuri the giraffe has arrived at her new home in Wellington.


Why Trump could win

A feature of Trump's Republican nomination win was his success in getting out the naive, the ignorant and the simply ...

OPINION: The US is in danger of electing Donald Trump because of how fast a horse could pull a cart 171 years ago.

Snake in bed bites man

Distraught wife invites snake catchers to burn house down - or she's moving to NZ.

Hunt disappeared on a six-month trip around the world with his friend Mitchell Sheppard.

What happened to Rye Hunt?

The Australian, 25, flew into Rio de Janeiro, jumped in a cab, and vanished. Now his loved ones are desperate.


Cupcake shop ditches CBD

The Girl on the Swing owner Anj Jones has decided to leave Hamilton CBD, opting instead for a delivery service.

Having cupcakes delivered to your door was a dream. It will soon be a reality

Airport youth wage U-turn

Catering firm has backed down over controversial youth rates, union says.

HSBC has had to introduce tough new measures on its safety-deposit boxes in Hong Kong.

'Potential for misuse for criminal purposes'

HSBC has had to get tougher on its rules for safety-deposit boxes.


The dark side of live streaming

Periscope, a mobile streaming app owned by Twitter, launched just over a year ago in March 2015.

People are criticising providers for allowing live streaming of suicides and criminal activities.

Microsoft ends dumb passwords

Microsoft is creating a dynamic list of stupid passwords that you're forbidden to use.

The US still uses floppies to control nuclear weapons because the old-school tech is harder to hack.

Floppy disks used for nukes

The US still uses floppies to control nuclear weapons because the old-school tech is harder to hack.

life & style

Making housework fair

Women are more likely to do less enjoyable tasks like scrubbing the toilet.

Men need to be equal housework sharers, and not just helpers.

'Guess who stopped a rape?'

Three women saw a man spiking his date's drink and decided to take action.

Spot the royalty.

Harry photobombs model

When you're fifth in line to the throne behind a pair of toddlers, you've got time to play jokes.

well & good

Bacteria will keep you slim

Gut heath is in the spotlight right now.

The word is out – the gut is officially in.

The right way to run up hills

Running uphill, while it reduces you into a jelly-legged mess, is very good exercise.

Freelee claims to have eaten "more bananas than any other female on the planet".

'Worst person on the internet?' video

Vegan YouTuber Freelee the Banana Girl certainly isn't one to back down from an online scrap.

home & property

Stay at Diana's childhood home

Guests can now stay at Althorp Estate, Princess Diana's childhood home.

Earl Charles Spencer has announced people can now stay at Althorp Estate - for a hefty price.

Hilltop fortress made to last gallery

When the Sullivans lost their hilltop home in the Canterbury quakes, their architect son came up with a solution.

185 Mill Road, Pukekohe Barfoot house for sale 30.5.16

Keen gardeners will love this

Formal topiary and contemporary Ken Crossan architecture put this lifestyle property in a class of its own.

food & wine

Recipe: Potato and kale pizza

Mix up your pizza routine with potato and crispy kale.

In the cooler days of autumn, savoury baking is just as satisfying as the sweet stuff.

Recipe: Gin and tonic cupcakes

Nibble your favourite tipple with these cocktail influenced treats.

Review: Terra Viva Cafe

The hot and cold of food

nz farmer

Dairy farmers to lose thousands

Waimate mayor Craig Rowley says the construction of Fonterra's Studholme plant is a sign of hope.

Some dairy farmers will face deficits of up to $500,000 over two years.

Meet the real bachelors

'I really love Kiwi girls and will do my best to drag one back across the ditch.'

Shake-up for milk market

Sharemilkers feel banking pressure


Game of Thrones recap video (spoiler)

Bran is safe, for now.

WARNING: Big fat spoilers ahead for episode 6 of Game of Thrones.

Sam Hayes debuts at 6pm

Samantha Hayes has debuted as TV3's new 6 o'clock news co-anchor.

It was  'Ross' v Rebel on James Corden's Late, Late Show.

Watch 'Ross' v Rebel v Corden

It's the mic drop battle to end them all: The Rossitron takes on the Rebel on the Late, Late Show.


Time for a maternitymoon?

Kirsty with baby Stevie in France.

Should new parents use the time off to go on holiday? Or does it just seem like too much effort?

Phuket's rich-kid playground

Welcome to Kata Rocks, the five-star luxury resort in Thailand.

A sedated tiger is stretchered as officials start moving tigers from Thailand's controversial Tiger Temple.

Tigers seized from Thai temple

1:34 AM  After claims of animal cruelty at the famous Tiger Temple, wildlife officials start relocating 137 big cats.

stuff nation

Let's talk about mental health stuff nation

We don't talk about mental health often or early enough in our lives.

With 10 Kiwis taking their lives every week, we need to take a long hard look at our attitude toward mental illness.

Married? De facto? What's best for kids stuff nation

Are children better off in families where the parents are married?

We do everything as if we were married and it works for us.

No marriage, no problem stuff nation

'I am in a stable relationship. We have a two-year-old daughter. We are not married. We own our own home.'


Five illegal motoring firsts

Drivers have been speeding since the dawn of the automobile. But the numbers are a bit bigger these days.

Who were the first to do things with cars that they shouldn't have?

Tesla condemns snooze

This is not the recommended driving position of a Tesla, even one with autopilot.

Macan GTS has extra power, more aggressive suspension setup... and lots more black trim than S model.

This Macan really roars

The new GTS is not the fastest Macan, but it might just be the most entertaining and desirable.


Rossi crawls to glory video

Alexander Rossi certainly milked his finish in Indianapolis.

Watch as Alexander Rossi times his finish at Indy 500 to perfection - before he ran out of juice.

One-armed surfer spoils party

She's only got one arm but shark attack victim Bethany Hamilton is upsetting the Aussie favourites in Fiji.

Wellington Saints chairman Justin Toebes (centre) with head coach Kevin Braswell (left) and team manager Phil Hartley ...

'They couldn't help me'

"Distressing" Air NZ incident means dying Wellington Saints chairman will miss NBL finals.

good reads

The elegance of emptiness

The death of a neighbour sparked Helen Faed's rebirth as a minimalist.

A new wave of minimalism is (literally) sweeping the world.

'How I faced my daughter's death' video

Lucy Hone's daughter, Abi, who died in a road accident two years ago.

When Abi was killed in a car crash, Lucy Hone dealt with an ocean of pain the only way she knew.

Cold cases: holding on to hope

Maria Strydom succumbed to altitude sickness while climbing Mt Everest last week with her husband Robert Gropel.

What happens when families wait years for their loved ones to return?

Breaking up doesn’t have to break you

There's no reason to forget every aspect of your relationship to move on.

Do you have to forget it to get over it?

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Friday, May 27

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Oh my spaghetti! video

The German branch of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has gathered in Leipzig for a "noodle worship".

The German branch of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has gathered in Leipzig for a "noodle worship".

Ducks keep vineyard running video

Indian runner ducks don't waddle, they run.

These Indian runner ducks' pest control skills are all they're quacked up to be.

Bird escapes with evidence

Meet Canuck, east Vancouver's most famous crow.

Police all in a flutter when they had to chase a thieving crow as it fled the crime scene.

Man gets pizza delivered to train

DJ Artwork ordered pizza when he got hungry during a train journey from Scotland to England.

He got hungry during a five-hour train ride. So he rang Domino's to deliver to his carriage.


Is there a right way to parent?

Can research tell us the 'right' way to raise a child?

Should you be a tiger or a helicopter parent? We break down the pros and cons of parenting styles.

Mums share 'sleepy selfies'

Erin Kiernan

Two photos of mums have shown the world the physical impact of exhaustion in all its frazzled glory.

Mum's instinct busts protocol

Danni Bett breastfeeding two-month-old Indi Nathan in Christchurch Hospital after being in a car crash.

A car crash left her in a hospital bed, wearing a neck brace but staff were reluctant to let her breastfeed her distressed baby.

Celeb chef's baby lookalike

Ario-Blue bears a striking resemblance to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

New mum sees something a little familiar in her newborn's eyes.

kiwi traveller

Climbing a mountain to save the world

Taupo woman Christine Campbell visits the boy's orphanage she established in Nairobi, Kenya.


5 things to do for the long weekend

Celebrate the Queen's birthday with a beautiful high tea party.

Queen's Birthday is the last long weekend until October, so here's how to make the most of it.

Ask an expert: When to book flights

Miss the peak holiday period by travelling to the UK in June.

When should you book UK flights? Send us your travel questions, and we'll put them to the experts.

From Las Vegas to Christchurch

Samantha Pearson and partner Matt Bourne in Milford Sound.

Samantha Pearson traded the bright lights of Las Vegas for the sky full of stars in Canterbury.