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Live: Prime Minister John Key resigns video

5:32 PM  John Key shocked his National Party colleagues, New Zealand and the world by announcing his resignation today. As the new contenders line up, we crucnh the numbers onKey's 2939 days at the top.



Key, the entertainer

Resignation speech

Key quits jokes

In photos

$60m wealth

Reaction on the street

Market reaction

Christchurch legacy

Party leaders back English video

Is this the country's next Prime Minister? ACT, UnitedFuture and the Maori Party are all backing Bill English for the ...

2 min ago  Bill English is a popular pick for prime minister amongst National's support partners.

How world was shocked too video

The Prime Minister's resignation made headline around the world.

9 min ago  John Key's shock resignation hits global headlines. Here's how the world's media are reporting it.

Key gone: As big as it gets video

Wife Bronagh played a huge part in his decision to step down, says Key.

19 min ago  OPINION: This changes everything. And can Bill English forge the same relationship with Kiwis as John Key?

Next PM: The contenders video

Deputy Prime Minister Bill English is the frontrunner to take over from John Key.

5:12 PM  Finance Minister Bill English is the frontrunner, but others may be lining up for a shot to replace John Key as PM.

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John Key Resigns

A week's notice video

05122016 News Photo Monique Ford / Fairfax NZ
Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key 
announces his resignation at ...

0 min ago  The National Party will meet next Monday to choose John Key's replacement as leader.

John Key: The boy from Bryndwr

4 min ago  OPINION: 10 years ago, John Key promised to improve New Zealand for all New Zealanders. But what is his legacy?

Is this the country's next Prime Minister? ACT, UnitedFuture and the Maori Party are all backing Bill English for the ...

Party leaders backing English video

3 min ago  Bill English is a popular pick for prime minister amongst National's support partners.


    Collins mulling bid to be PM

    National MP Judith Collins may yet put her hat in the ring to be the next prime minister.

    5:31 PM  Judith Collins won't rule out a bid to be prime minister and leader of the National Party.

    Actor on trial

    Prominent actor goes on trial for alleged sexual violation.

    05122016 News Photo Monique Ford / Fairfax NZ
Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key 
announces his resignation at ...

    A week's notice video

    0 min ago  The National Party will meet next Monday to choose John Key's replacement as leader.


    Party leaders backing English

    Bill English is a popular pick for prime minister amongst National's support partners.


    Kangaroo sock: Real or roos? video

    Oh no you don't: The man punches the kangaroo.

    The kangaroo punch is an astonishing snapshot of Aussie outback life. But is it too good to be true?

    Italy's Brexit? PM in trouble

    Italian Prime Minister staked his political future on a referendum. He lost.

    Cheryl Angel offers ceremonial tobacco on Backwater Bridge during a protest against plans to pass the Dakota Access ...

    Standing Rock pipeline stopped

    Construction of controversial Dakota Access Pipeline to take new route.


    Key quits - business reaction video

    Business NZ Kirk Hope praised Key's 'impressive' leadership.

    Bill English is still a safe and experienced pair of hands so minimal disruption expected.

    520 more homes for Orewa

    A major Special Housing Area has been launched in Orewa.

    The New Zealand dollar has fallen since Prime Minister John Key announced his resignation.

    Dollar drops on Key shock video

    5:42 PM  But the effect is not expected to last long.

    NZ Earthquake

    Soft toys for quake children

    The soft toys that are heading to comfort shaken Kaikoura children. Back row, from left: Ron Mark, David Mullany, Carol ...

    17 min ago  Wairarapa community to send more than 600 toys to Kaikoura's children in need.

    End to train delays in sight

    Welcome news for train commuters enduring slow journeys on Wellington's Kapiti train line.

    Fonterra trucks arrive in Kaikoura for the first milk collection since the November 14 earthquake. Pictured are farmer ...

    Milk collection 'like Thanksgiving'

    5:22 PM  Quake-affected Kaikoura dairy farmers celebrate the return of the milk tankers.


    Nokia phones poised for comeback

    The Nokia consumer brand lives on as the badge on cheaper, entry-level "feature phones" sold mainly in Asia, India and ...

    Success will require stealing business from Apple, Samsung and other players in a cut-throat industry.

    1.8m teens read books by text

    There are about 200 writers who create stories specifically for the app, and includes a range of genres.

    Apple Watch Nike+ costs the same as the Apple Watch Series 2: 38 mm at NZ$599 and 42mm at NZ$649.

    Review: Apple Watch Nike+

    The new Apple Watch Nike+ is trying to do something other fitness trackers aren't: be your buddy.

    life & style

    In praise of 'oopsie' 4th baby

    "How are you going to cope with four kids under five?"

    What happens when you go for baby number three – and get a bonus fourth?

    'A cheap wedding ring is better'

    "My wedding ring cost 50 euros". Why inexpensive rings may make for a better marriage.

    "As a bald man, I'm very proud of my 2-month-old's hair," Alexandra's dad wrote.

    Latest baby giving us hair envy

    Some are calling her "Zoolander" while others have labelled her the "cutest troll".

    well & good

    What to eat instead of bacon

    There's a disconnect between our appetite for processed meats like ham and bacon and the evidence that too much can be ...

    Why it matters that you eat less processed meat - and what you can eat instead.

    Love him, but love sleep more

    When it's a choice between good sleep and good sex, it is time for separate beds?

    "I'd rather be rude and healthy than compliant and obese."

    Cunning trick for staying fit

    When others inadvertently sabotage your weight loss process, here's one man's approach.

    home & property

    Mega yacht interior astounds gallery

    Mega yacht Ability interior by Designer Touches 5.12.16

    Just wait till you see the 'lavish, yet tasteful' interior. Warning - there's leopard skin and furs.

    10 Christmas mantelpiece ideas

    Our gallery of great ideas for decking out your Christmas mantelpiece.

    The multilayered garden guiding visitors to the front door of the Waymouth family’s gracious Herne Bay villa is an ...

    Garden of the week: Herne Bay

    A textured, layered garden with a touch of whimsy, anchored by grand old trees.

    food & wine

    Sweet KFC smell in candle form

    Scented candles are all the rage, and KFC's released their own.

    One person will get the sweet smell of the famous 11 herbs and spices at home.

    Best and worst food trends

    From pulled pork for everyone to K-pop's rapid rise, 2016 threw up a mixed bag of fave food trends.

    What's inside a fruit mince pie?

    Domino's cans reindeer idea video

    nz farmer

    Livestock staff fined $105,000

    A farmer scans cattle tagged for lifetime traceability through NAIT.

    Livestock company employees are made to pay $105,000 for price fixing roles.

    Richie vs Greenpeace ads

    Dairy farmers are putting their best foot forward in the McCaw advertising campaign while others believe dairying ruins rivers.

    Horticulture industry booming

    Good stats key for ram buyers


    Farewell to a born entertainer

    John Key the leader of the national Party waves ot he faithful as he arrives to deliver his finance policy going into ...

    4:32 PM  From breakfast TV to Talk radio, John Key provided us with some pretty entertaining times.

    Bertolucci, Brando stained

    Opinion: That butter scene is no longer shocking, titillating or erotic. It is utterly rancid.

    Corkery first tried her hand at politics during the 1995 Auckland mayoralty race, running as an independent candidate.

    Political TV personalities video

    From Paul Henry to Tamati Coffey, Hayley Holt isn't the first familiar face to take a stand.


    Elephant Rock loses trunk video

    Elephant Rock was becoming a world-renowned, natural attraction for Taranaki.

    An elephant never forgets and we'll never forget the Elephant (rock).

    Pompeii wheelchair access video

    New paved passageways make the world-famous archaeological ruins disabled friendly.

    Sounds Air ground operations manager Sophie Macdonald at Marlborough Airport.

    Extra Christmas flights added

    South Island travellers look skyward to save themselves time on the long inland bypass.


    Our Top Green Car of 2016 video

    There's very little to identify the hybrid version of the Corolla from the outside. That's kind of the point.

    We count down the best cars of 2016, culminating in our Top Car on December 16.

    Coolest AMG cars ever made

    Mercedes' AMG arm has ticked up quite a number of seriously good performance cars over the past 45 years.

    A McLaren F1 crashed on the Queenstown-Glenorchy Rd at Closeburn on Saturday December 3.

    McLaren had crashed before video

    The driver of a McLaren supercar that crashed on a NZ road was not at court on Monday.

    stuff nation

    'Life is better by bike'

    05122016 - Heather Knox - Foot It submission to win a free scooter. Photo of her son Joshua on a ...

    Unless there is heavy rain or stupidly strong Palmy winds, Joshua bikes to school.

    Capturing the moment

    When he took the photo, he knew it was the one. It captured the beautiful Wellington evening.

    Canela grew quickly and began sleeping in strange positions on her back with half her body in one direction, half in the ...

    Canela the contortionist

    Canela grew quickly and began sleeping in strange positions on her back.


    Time was right for exit video

    Ernie Merrick waves to the crowd as he leaves the Westpac Stadium for the field for what would be the final time as ...

    5:48 PM  OPINION: Timing of Ernie Merrick's resignation a shock but he always had the club's best interests at heart.

    Black Caps must rebound

    4:28 PM  Coach Mike Hesson lauds Martin Guptill, demands improvement in run chases.

    Stephen Fleming brings his Melbourne Stars team to Wellington for a match against the Firebirds on Wednesday.

    Flippancy leads to success

    4:58 PM  Stephen Fleming says the secret to his success as a Twenty20 coach is simple - "I don't really care".

    good reads

    House prices only go up, right? video

    People who bought just before the last market peak were particularly affected by the 2008 downturn.

    Wrong. Have we forgotten the pain of 2008 already?

    'Twisted' scheme's NZ leader

    Soreya James says gifting circles transform lives.

    Women are losing thousands to so-called women's gifting circles that offer friendship and spiritual guidance.

    Spiritually transmitted disease video

    For Halford, Circle was supposed to be about spending more time with like-minded women.

    Here’s a secret. You can make tens of thousands of dollars by joining an exclusive women's circle. Too good to be true?

    Can Trump play diplomacy game? video

    Trump's controversial conversation with Taiwan's leader broke nearly four decades of protocol.

    Will Trump's unusual take on diplomacy be a hinderance or a help to international relations?

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    Dancing the Taranaki way

    John Key got involved in filming for Step Up Taranaki

    What began as a small idea 18 months ago has grown into something global.

    Elephant Rock loses trunk

    There are reports that Elephant Rock in Tongaporutu has collapsed.

    The ever-changing Taranaki coastline might have claimed a new victim.

    Man socks kangaroo to save dog

    Oh no you don't: The man punches the kangaroo.

    In the Australian outback: A kangaroo kicks a man's dog in front of him - the man was having none of it.

    Egyptian man grows 'Beard of Bees'

    Mohamed Hagras, 31, performs the 'Beard of Bee' before the upcoming Egyptian Agricultural Carnival of Beekeeping in his ...

    Mohamed Hagras stands barechested as dozens of honeybees congregate around his face.


    2016's trending baby names

    Names made popular on the big screen are starting to creep onto the list.

    The old favourites are still holding strong, but there are some new - and unusual - contenders 

    Jamie Oliver birth controversy

    "Only strange people found it odd we let our kids watch the birth."

    "Only strange people found it odd we let our kids watch the birth."

    Oops! I did it again - mum

    When mum slips up...

    What happens when your child copies your more 'inappropriate' mannerisms or sayings?

    Picked the right name?

    "Hi my name is Dweezil"

    Buddy Bear might seem like a sweet name now, but what about when that kid gets in to trouble?

    kiwi traveller

    Kiwi couple spend 10 years travelling

    The Indie Travel Podcast founders Linda and Craig Martin.

    Craig and Linda Martin embarked on their OE in 2006 and have been on the road ever since.

    Living the Dunedin dream

    Denise and her partner, Vince, both from England, have bought a section in Dunedin.

    Denise Burnham quit England to build her dream home on a steep hill section in Dunedin overlooking the sea.

    My first big adventure

    Contiki and Top Deck tours are a great option for young travellers.

    Need help planning your Big OE? Send us your travel questions, and we'll put them to the experts.

    When disaster strikes on holiday video

    What do you do if your next holiday destination is plastered all across the 6pm news? Bail or go?

    What do you do if your next holiday destination is plastered all across the 6pm news? Bail or go?

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