26022015 News. Photo: Ashten Macdonald/Fairfax NZ. 
Wellington commuters faced long journeys home as a result of trains not operating.

Wellington's domino effect video

10 min ago  How did a tree on the train tracks and a crash SH2 back traffic up all the way to the airport?

HIV boy made ward

Gavel, generic court, judge's gavel

4:57 PM  A boy with HIV has been made a ward of the court after his father refused treatment for his son.

Tourist punched

4:26 PM  Tourist driver punched in the face, after being flagged down by a man, who took his keys.

'Everything seemed normal'

Wellington victim of card skimming says he will avoid using ATMs in future.

Rental car in river

4:12 PM  Chinese driver of rental car which plunged into river says there should've been a barrier.

Whangarei homicide couple named

4:36 PM  A man at the centre of a homicide case in Whangarei was a former P addict.


Rate rise 'too much' - Brownlee

Gerry Brownlee says Christchurch City Council should sell more assets to keep down rates.

4:24 PM  Gerry Brownlee says Christchurch's proposed rate rises are 'too much' and the council should cut spending or sell more.

German admits fatal crash

A German tourist who failed to stop at a stop sign has admitted causing the death of a Leeston mother.

SMOKE-FILLED MALL: Henderson's WestCity mall has been evacuated after a van caught fire in the car park and smoke penetrated the building.

Car park fire empties mall video

Smoke lingers in an Auckland shopping mall after a van burst into flames in the mall car park.


Wellington's domino effect

How did a tree on the train tracks and a crash SH2 back traffic up all the way to the airport?


Gunman kills three in Seoul

South Korean police investigate the scene where a gunman killed three people in Sejong City, south of Seoul on February 25.

3:58 PM  A gunman shot and killed three people before he was found dead in the second such incident in two days in South Korea.

Post could jail Miss Turkey

A single Instagram post threatens to put a former beauty queen behind bars for two years.

One New York teen's business plan.

Babysitter earns $500k a year

For most teens, $30 for one night of babysitting a week is enough. Noa Mintz is not most teens.


Solid Energy directors protected

CROWN PROTECTION: Directors of Solid Energy received "limited and specific indemnity" from the Government last year.

3:47 PM  Government confirms it shielded directors of troubled coal miner Solid Energy.

High fliers stung by shaky $1bn loan

Global investment stars involved in $1bn Portugal loan that cost Super Fund $200m. .

MOVING UP: Dave Chambers is now in charge of 113,000 people.

From shelf stacker to big boss

4:17 PM  From his first job stocking shelves, Dave Chambers now looks after 113,000 people.


Skimmers hijack Kiwibank ATMs

NZ dollars, cash, money

Hundreds of customers fall victim to skimming device, with funds and bank details taken.

Small rewards for savers

Term deposit holders actively seeking the best rates get little extra in return.

ABC of insuring your kids

Petrol price probe bid defeated

small business

Stop office stress becoming toxic

In Australia, both parents became more stressed after the birth of a child, but for the mother the effect was three times as big.

Small disputes between staff can become hugely damaging in a small business.

Mystery shopping grows

Steve Howells has a network of informers who gather information.

Bike workshop little slice of heaven

Inspiring youthful ventures


Battle Chasers returns as game

Artist Joe Madureira's first video game will be an adaptation of his long-dormant comic from the 90s.

Artist Joe Madureira's first game will be an adaptation of his long-dormant 90s comic.

Global Mode goes worldwide

Kiwi tech Slingshot and Orcon use to help customers access geo-blocked services itself going global.

10022015. 123rf
Young woman holding a red traffic triangle warning sign in front of her head

exclamation; sign; attention; mask; holding; head; background; concept; stick; warning; danger; mark; triangle; caution; red; hazard; safety; signal; traffic; careful; alert; beware; precaution; care; safe; information; board; showing; hide; hiding; expression; wondering; hold; gesture; gesturing; business; hand; standing; presenting; woman; female; girl; people; casual; adult; attractive; lady; pretty; caucasian; young; person

Online vileness is modern sport

OPINION: I'm wedded to digital technology but there's a dark side of internet life.

life & style

What colour is this dress?

WHAT COLOUR IS THIS DRESS: White and gold, or blue and black? The Internet just can't decide.

5:19 PM  Seriously, is it white and gold or black and blue? The Internet just cannot make up its mind.

Stolen: Her $200k Oscar dress

Every actress on the red carpet is hoping to steal the show. But the LAPD is now asking who stole the dress?

SINCE APOLOGISED: Fashion magazine Cover this week published an image of a 16-year-old underweight model.

Backlash over underweight teen

Danish magazine forced to apologise after using image of model that spawned a social media storm.

well & good

Man sees wife through bionic eye video

SEEING THE LIGHT: A 'bionic eye' helps Allen Zderad see his wife Carmen for the first time in a decade.

For the first time in 10 years Allen Zderad can 'see' his wife: 'She's the most beautiful one in the room'.

Have you got hurry sickness?

Are you addicted to activity? It might be time to slow down and simplify your life.

NO LIMITS: All of the hard work training on a cycle will be put to the test for Nic Brockelbank who is riding in the REV Cycle Race in Cambridge.

Cycling to confidence video

Nic Brockelbank, who has MD, has ditched his wheelchair and climbed on a bike.

home & property

How to get the country chic look

Bring elements of this warm, welcoming look into your home.

Four ways to bring warm, welcoming elements into your home - even if you're in the city.

Easy-to-grow grapes

Grapes are one of the simplest fruit plants to grow, and are a must for every Kiwi backyard.

ORDER FROM CHAOS: Rachel Ward's Forest Lake property in Hamilton is mid-transformation.

Nuts and bolts of renovating

Knowing the value is the key to renovating and selling, says full-time property trader Rachel Ward.

food & wine

KFC launches edible coffee cup

THE SCOFF-EE CUP: KFC's biscuit and white chocolate creation is set to be trialled in the UK later this year.

Biscuit lined with white chocolate and laced with the smell of freshly cut grass ... Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas any more.

When not to eat off the floor

The five second rule may not be a total myth, but here’s four times you definitely shouldn't eat that dropped toast.

Recipe: banana & rum cake

This is a beer lover's dream

nz farmer

Filipino residency struggle

Filipino Dairy Workers in New Zealand chairwoman Maiden Saba.

Residency decisions are locking Mid and South Canterbury's Filipino dairy workers into wage jobs and out of careers, advocates say.

Fruit fly No 8 found

An eighth fruit fly has been found in Auckland, but MPI say it remains confident the outbreak can be contained.

Drought dampens interest

Trial 'helping nature along'


Mary Poppins goes death metal video

YouTube Andy Rehfeldt has made a death metal version of Mary Poppins.

It seems Mary Poppins has joined forces with the dark overload in this death metal version of classic Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Kardashians 'sign record-breaking deal' video

3:56 PM  The Kardashians have reportedly signed the highest deal in TV history for a reality programme.

REALLY? Kanye West has apologised to Beck?

Has hell frozen over?

Kanye West says sorry to Beck on Twitter after his impertinent and widely mocked 'intervention' at the Grammy Awards.


Auckland's Lantern Festival video

Richard and Sharon Jones from Mt Roskill pose for a photo in front of the fountain. 2014 Lantern Festival, Albert Park Auckland, Friday 14th February 2014. Photo: Shane Wenzlick / Phototek.co.nz

Auckland's Chinese Lantern Festival kicks off in Albert Park tonight, with organisers promising a bigger and better show.

Find the cheapest day to fly

Some swear by Tuesdays, but the best way to find a cheap day to fly is to use this unknown site.

SIN CITY: A new campaign is appealing to a crowd of likely Las Vegas Strip visitors that's less keen on nightclub bottle service or high-priced fine-dining.

Las Vegas Strip, too snooty?

Tear down your red velvet ropes, Las Vegas.

stuff nation

Chch now 'occupied territory' stuff nation

STILL WAITING: 'There are places the population of a region might care about more deeply than non-residents, for example, Cathedral Square, Cave Rock in Sumner, the New Brighton pier, or the Bridal Path.'

For me, the post-disaster Christchurch is more comparable to post-WW2 occupied Berlin.

Your epic driving test fails stuff nation

About 45 per cent of drivers didn't pass their restricted licence test last year. That's a lot of fails, folks.

ON THE LOOSE: The two llama evade police at the height of the pursuit.

The greatest animal escapes stuff nation

Two llamas daring to dream of a life of freedom unleashed our sense of liberty. We want more.


Aston Martin's track-only supercar

Aston Martin has unveiled the Vulcan - its ultimate track car.

Track-only supercar offers Le Mans-bred performance.

20,000 failed driving test

Taranaki and Auckland drivers struggle to pass restricted licence test while Otago-Southland drivers find success.

Inside a customised car.

Pimp My Ride secrets revealed

Broken cars, features removed after filming and fabricated background stories are just some of the Pimp My Ride horror stories revealed this week.


Southee fit, Black Caps unchanged

READY TO BOWL: Tim Southee has overcome a blow to the shoulder to be fit to face Australia in the Pool A World Cup showdown at Eden Park.

Pace bowler Tim Southee has been cleared to play Cricket World Cup match against Australia.

Barker: Dalton's not my 'mate'

Dean Barker talks about relationship with TNZ boss as the fallout from dumping continues.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 22: AB de Villiers of South Africa bats during the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup match between South Africa and India at Melbourne Cricket Ground on February 22, 2015 in Melbourne, Australia.  (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

Live: South Africa vs Windies

4:15 PM  Live coverage of South Africa taking on West Indies at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

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Clinton to run as a feminist

LIKELY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Hillary Clinton, seen at an event in December, will emphasize her gender more than she did in 2008.

When Hillary Clinton ran for US president in 2008, her advisers told her not to play up being a woman. Times have changed.

On the trail of Van Gogh

An 1881 drawing by Vincent Van Gogh of labourers, The Bearers of the Burden.

The artist's experiences during his stay here affected him so profoundly that he would decide to devote his life to art.

Shearing legend to hang up clippers

World famous shearer David Fagan, who is planning on retiring this year, aged 53, competes in the Open heats of Gore's Southern Shears 50th anniversary event.

After more than 30 years of competition David Fagan has decided to hang up the handpiece.

Try the Dutch approach to dairy

HOUSE THEM IN BARNS: These orange cows in the Netherlands, marking a royal coronation in 2013, aren't affected by weather but real-life ones are.

OPINION: The future for the NZ dairy industry should see more cows housed in sheds.

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The Little Things, Dilbert and Trace Hodgson

kiwi traveller

Adventure capital of the world video

Carmen Roberts

Kiwi Carmen Roberts is bringing the world back home with her, for a bit of adventure.

Kiwis are taking flight more often

INTREPID TRAVELLER: Kiwis are packing their bags and seeing the world more often than they did before.

New Zealanders took almost 134,000 overseas trips in January, up 5 per cent on the same month a year ago

Travel tips: How to access money

TRAVEL DILEMMA: Sometimes ATMs, carrying cash, and prepaid cards aren't enough. How do you ensure you're not fussing with money on your holiday?

There are so many different cards, and so many different fees. So where do you start?

The tip of the iceberg stuff nation

Blake Hornblow (left) and Zac Penman (right) on the 'Monkey Island' in Terra Nova Bay.

First-year science students Zach and Blake are on the adventure of a lifetime in Antarctica.


Llama pursuit, sadly, comes to an end video

ON THE LOOSE: The two llama evade police at the height of the pursuit.

Two llama on the "llam" have won hearts around the globe this morning in their bid for freedom.

Octopus vs crab battle video

Octopus vs crab.

Australian seafood assistant captures epic octopus versus crab battle on video that takes off online.

'Priest' claims God a woman

Alanis Morissette as God alongside Silent Bob in Kevin Smith's Dogma.

Supposed priest claimed to have seen God as a 'Holy Mother' when he died for almost an hour.

'Michelangelo of buttocks injections'

'MICHELANGELO': Padge Victoria Windslowe fatally filled a woman's buttocks with industrial-grade silicone and Krazy Glue.

Woman who fatally filled woman's buttocks with industrial-grade silicone and Krazy Glue brags at her murder trial.