ABs splash

Jones: Lions 'mauled' by ABs

10:14 AM  "Warrenball" was used against retreating Lions by the ruthless All Blacks, UK media says.

TNZ: 'Don't panic' video

It wasn't all one-way traffic on race day three of the America's Cup final as Oracle Team USA got up for their first win ...

11:16 AM  Oracle's win may give them a sniff but Team NZ won't make the same mistakes again, coach says.

PM promises tax cuts

7 min ago  Bill English teases treats in a speech to lift party faithful after a horror week.

Wife phones in husband as driver

16 min ago  The car was found upside down in a creek, then the police got a call from Matamata.

McKenzie called into ABs video

18 min ago  Four ABs made eligible to play for Hurricanes against Lions after Ben Smith injury.

Dead US kids 'taught a lesson' video

11:24 AM  They wouldn't get out of the sweltering car when she asked, so she locked them inside.

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Chef to MPI: 'Burger off'

Duke of Marlborough restaurant manager Kelsey Benefield tucks into a Governor's Burger - before it's cut from the menu.

New red tape will kill signature hamburger at NZ's oldest licensed restaurant, says chef.

Family remembers lost son

Mathew Forsyth was just two weeks off his 19th birthday when he crashed into a tree and died.

On Tuesday, Carolyn Diane Alleyne will be sentenced in the Manukau District Court after pleading guilty to six ...

Dad died in hand-me-downs

War veteran, fleeced by daughter, died on Father's Day with only the clothes on his back.


After bad week, PM promises tax cuts

Bill English says a fourth term National Government will further cut taxes and raise incomes, in a speech to lift party faithful after a horror week.


Murder by prescription?

Doctor  Hsiu-Ying "Lisa" Tseng's arrest is part of a new and growing offensive in America's battle against the abusive ...

US doctor the latest to be charged for prescribing "horrifyingly excessive" cocktail of pain meds to patients who then overdosed.

Trapped under house for days

Police don't know why the woman was under the house, but are now investigating.

UK Politicians are unable to access their emails outside the Houses of Parliament in Westminster after the cyber attack.

UK Parliament in cyber attack

The attack has stopped politicians accessing emails outside Westminster.


The missing KiwiSavers

Some believe it's time for a rethink to stop KiwiSaver incentives from flowing to the rich, while the poor miss out.

The holidaymakers, the poorly paid, the self-employed - many KiwiSavers aren't saving.

More play, less work

The secret to having more holidays, tailor your life to work, not the other way round.

Containerisation helped to unleash a new level of globalisation.

Questioning productivity faith

OPINION: We're missing out on one of the great promises of capitalism.


Old rules that explain the internet

Three rules have managed to stay useful. Appropriately, they cover irony, Nazis and porn, writes Abby Ohlheiser.

OPINION: Three rules have managed to stay useful. Appropriately, they cover irony, Nazis and porn.

Review: Sony A6500 camera

This is camera to buy if you want it to last and not be overtaken by tech advances.

The Apple HomePod is due to go on sale later this year.

The round speaker revolution

Round is all the rage - cylinder-shaped sound-makers that fire off good vibrations in all directions.


At my place: Sophie Hambleton

Sophie Hambleton, actor on TV's Westside, pictured at her home in Morningside, Auckland with a few of her favourite things.

Step inside the flat that belongs to Outrageous Fortune's Carol.

The Drents: Part 20

The awesome thing about building your own house is that you get to design it for how you like to live.

Gabrielle Sexton-McDevitt lives in Koutu in the Hokianga.

At home with a Maori healer

Gabrielle Sexton-McDevitt works as a nurse and Maori healer. She lives with with her husband John, three dogs, a cat, a mini horse and 22 chooks.

life & style

How much for a mob watch?

Several artifacts belonging to US mob boss Al Capone were auctioned - including a handwritten musical composition called ...

10:37 AM  Al Capone's blingy timepiece, "So Long" letter from Bonnie and Clyde among gangster artifacts auctioned in the US.

Think curling looks easy?

Spoiler alert: it's much harder than it looks. But here's why you should give curling a try anyway.

A recent Nike campaign featuring plus-size model Paloma Elsesser had the fitness world in a frenzy.

Positive plus-size models effect

'There is a clear psychological advantage when the media shows more realistic body types than the traditional thin model...'

well & good

Mad science of human lab rats

Scientist Kyong-Sup Yoon needed head lice for his research - so he attached a plastic container to his leg, seeded it ...

True stories of scientists who took their research to extremes are stranger - and bloodier - than fiction.

Cynic trials gratitude diary

Why you should literally 'count your blessings'.

Rice is the perfect addition to numerous dishes. But which one is the healthiest variety?

Which rice is better for you?

White long grain, basmati or brown? We put three popular rice varieties to the test.

food & wine

In defence of mince

Mince -- you can't beat it.

OPINION: We may be buying more and more chicken these days, but foodies still love their mince.

Kiwi craft chocolate wins gold

Nelson chocolatiers Hogarth won top prize at the global chocolate awards in London.

Irish people taste Kiwi snacks

Sam Mannering's polenta chips

nz farmer

Teen's possum fur phone cover

Maggie Gibson with her possum fur phone cover.

Maggie Gibson made the most Kiwi smartphone accessory from a possum she shot at the family farm.

Lions led by donkeys: Peters

Winston Peters pushed all the right buttons in his play for the rural vote.

Future of farming pure fantasy

Dairy farm best in business


Glastonbury's unlikely headline act

UK opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn isn't the first person you'd associate with the famed Glastonbury music ...

UK Labour leader enters festival stage to a rock star welcome as crowd chants his name.

Meet The Block's Aaron Dolbel

Love it or hate it, the latest Season of The Block NZ kicks off tonight. Series producer Aaron Dolbel answers today's questions.

Actor Johnny Depp joked about assassinating US President Donald Trump. The president's family doesn't find it funny.

Trump family lashes Depp video

Actor joked about assassinating US president. No-one found it funny.


Here comes the sun

Rarotonga enjoys temperatures of about 28C during July and August.

For a good, reasonably priced dose of rest, recreation and vitamin D, head to one of these sunny destinations this winter.

When you're not into snow

We've put together a list of non-ski, non-snow activity wintery goodness.

The architecture, the outdoors and world-class attractions make Chicago a great city to live and work in.

Chicago's vibrant vibe

Living in Chicago, Daniel Thomas has come to see it as the most American of all cities.


Jaguar worth $1.76m home in NZ

Essentially a D-Type racer for the road, XKSS is one of the world's rarest cars. But a little less rare now.

Rebooted XKSS in Auckland is the first to be completed of a run of just nine cars.

Biker kick starts crash video

Camera captures US motorcyclist kicking a car into a chain-reaction smash.

KLR650 has given US military and adventurers 30 years of service; new seat and revised suspension this year.

Kawasaki parties like it's 1989

The KLR650 proves they really do make 'em like they used to.

stuff nation

My family fell through the cracks stuff nation

My mother wanted to get better, she wanted to be there for her five daughters - but in the end, alcohol won.

My mother wanted to get better, she wanted to be there for her five daughters - but in the end, alcohol won.

Maori prisons an oxymoron stuff nation

There is no mana in prisons. The idea of Maori-run prisons is neither creative nor tika.

The refugees I've met are hungry for an opportunity to give back to their new countries; they want to be seen as human ...

Kiwis friendly? Not to refugees stuff nation

Dennis from accounts sits behind his keyboard asking “Why don’t they stay in their countries and fight?”. Why don't you try being a refugee, Dennis?


Keeper meets 'Ronaldo and friends'

Stefan Marinovic was kept busy against Portugal at the Confederations Cup.

11:05 AM  All Whites keeper reflects on a tough day out against the might of Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal.

Mixed emotions for All Whites

All Whites coach laments mistakes but says signs positive for future after 4-0 loss to Portugal.

Peter Burling.

Burling: Oracle win my mistake video

Tactical calls and sloppy sailing let Team USA get on the scoreboard, Team NZ helmsman says.


Sure, tell that racist joke...

Guy Williams: so you ever heard the one about...

OPINION: They can be funny, but you'd better be prepared for the comebacks if you tell them.

Garner: It was Winston's week

There's only winner this week – the smiling travelling salesman, Winston Peters, writes Duncan Garner.

OPINION: There's only one winner this week – the smiling travelling salesman, Winston Peters.

Party politics: Is that a draw?

Doh! Andrew Little and Bill English both had a Homer Simpson week

OPINION: A plague on all their houses is how voters might feel after a week from hell for both major party leaders.

Internet's three golden rules

Three rules have managed to stay useful. Appropriately, they cover irony, Nazis and porn, writes Abby Ohlheiser.

OPINION: Three rules have stayed useful since the dawn of the digital age. Appropriately, they cover irony, Nazis and porn.

good reads

Mad science of self-experimentation

Scientist Kyong-Sup Yoon needed head lice for his research - so he attached a plastic container to his leg, seeded it ...

True stories of scientists who took their research to extremes are stranger - and bloodier - than fiction.

Oldest US prisoner freed at 100

John "Sonny" Franzese, centre, was sentenced to 50 years' prison in 1967 for bank robbery.

US man was serving a 50-year sentence and had been paroled at least six times before release.

US democracy on his shoulders

The US Supreme Court's swing vote, Justice Anthony Kennedy.

ANALYSIS: More than 320 million people live in the US, but democracy seems to rest with one man.

Murky politics in the deep south video

Tony Wilson, mechanic at Dipton Engineering, said many of the locals in the valley didn't bother themselves with ...

To most Kiwis, Southland's a mysterious, far-flung province. Even more obscure is its political system, which aided Todd Barclay's rise.

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Sunday, February 12: Uh-oh

Dilbert, The Little Things and more.


ABs or Lions? Penguins predict video

A team of Gentoo penguins (or rugbius predictus in Latin) have picked the All Blacks as Saturday night's test winners. ...

Spoiler alert: These penguins, proud in their AB colours, may have been biased ahead of the Lions game.

A running mower on his chin video

Ashrita Furman attempts to set the Guinness World Record for the farthest distance walked while balancing a powered ...

Turn the lawnmower on, balance it on your chin and walk for 71 metres. If Ashrita Furman can, so can you.

Make your own fidget spinner video

Get crafty making your own spinning gadget for hours of fun.

Embrace the spinning craze by making your own.

Chapeau, Queen Elizabeth video

You can leave your hat on, ma'am.

Top trolling, ma'am. Queen opens UK parliament with hat resembling EU flag.


Mummy wars mask funding lack

A shocking lack of early childhood funding makes it harder for everyone.

OPINION: A shocking lack of early childhood funding makes it harder for everyone.

'You can breastfeed here'

Amie Durham was touched by the kindness a staffer at the Rolleston Warehouse showed her and her baby.

Worried she'd be hassled for breastfeeding in a store, a new mum was blown away by a worker's kindness.

When grown ups are naughty

Former All Blacks rugby player Alexander "Ali" Williams, a hero to many young people, was charged with purchasing ...

Todd Barclay tells porkies, Donald Trump bullies, Ali Williams is caught with cocaine... what kids make of high-profile bad behaviour.

More than a 'yummy mummy' video

Journalist Cat Rodie, with her children, says labels like yummy mummy and scummy mummy don't really tell you anything ...

OPINION: Whether "yummy" or "scummy", mums have had enough of being labelled.

kiwi traveller

Malaysia with the family

Take in a panoramic view of the city from the top of the Petronas Twin Towers.

Combining sightseeing, amusement parks and shopping on a stopover in Kuala Lumpur.

Readers' best travel photos

My first trip down South with a few flying mates led us to our last stop at Milford Sounds before we flew back to ...

Do you have a holiday snap that you'd like to share with the world? Send it to us and be in to win a Fujifilm camera!

Why travel boosts your job prospects

Travel doesn't just expand your horizons, it also makes you more employable, according to a new study.

OPINION: It's hard to determine your place in the world and what you want to do with your time until you have seen a fair portion of it.

Tackling the Te Araroa trail video

Matt said the most emotional part of the journey was getting his first glimpse of Bluff and the ocean beyond on Bald Hill.

Matt Dowdle ditched a traditional OE to walk over 2800km of New Zealand.

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