Harbour splash

Harbour into premiership video

10:27 PM  Heartbreak for Otago as last-gasp dropped goal hands North Harbour NPC championship title.

Dad left penniless video

Thomson, 85, is one of 25,000 older people in New Zealand who have been the victim of elder abuse.

Ray Thomson trusted his daughter with everything - even his life savings. She robbed her dad of it all.

Lotto: those who blew it

9:33 PM  Bad investments, divorce, addiction: money didn't bring these people happiness.

Hotel booking busted open

Intervention means you may be better off booking a room direct rather than on a booking site.

Dreamworld may 'never recover'

9:37 PM  Tragedy likely to "destroy" theme park's future despite plans to reopen.

Sandwich bag saves baby

Unlikely item saves a baby girl's life after she was born three months premature.

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Messages sparked investigation

In 2013 Shane Casbolt started the Nelson Animal Rescue.

A former stripper who launched a free street hospital in Christchurch has an array of convictions.

The art of war on P

Some say Tribal Huk boss Jamie Pink faked his damaged eye. But this town's war on drugs is as real as it gets.

A researcher is calling for an investigation into medical students at Otago University practicing procedures on themselves.

Student docs under their own knife

Five per cent of would-be doctors admit performing procedures on own or students' bodies.


Park investigation 'complex'

Determining how the fatal crash occurred will take time, says Queensland Police Commissioner.


Park investigation 'complex'

Flowers at Dreamworld, on Australia's Gold Coast, where four people were killed following an accident on the Thunder ...

10:37 PM  Determining how the fatal crash occurred will take time, says Queensland Police Commissioner.

Australian bus driver set on fire video

Passenger who threw an incendiary device killing Manmeet Alisher is now in police custody for the "senseless and confronting act."

Stacey Payton talks to media about her how her son feared for his life when schoolmates put a noose around his neck.

Noose a life-scarring event

10:22 PM  In a school locker room, a noose was put around her son's neck and pulled tight.


Migrants 'put up in hotels'

Countdown Queenstown is having to bring in staff from Invercargill as it struggles to attract people to work in the resort.

Queenstown Countdown reportedly housing migrant workers in hotels.

The first sod: 1350 new homes

New 85-hectare housing development in Auckland will be ready by 2018.

Pumpkin Patch receivers will close seven New Zealand stores in the next week, which will see 57 job losses.

Pumpkin Patch stores to go

Seven of the troubled child clothing stores will close in the next two weeks, with 57 staff to lose their jobs.


Apple adds touch bar to new Macs

Apple chief executive Tim Cook speaks at the Apple media event in Cupertino, California.

Apple is announcing long-awaited updates to its Mac computers, including a new way to add emojis.

Hands-on: Microsoft HoloLens

I've read countless articles on Microsoft's HoloLens but nothing prepared me for my first encounter. 

Twitter acquired Vine, which lets you share short video clips, in 2012 before the service had even launched. It debuted ...

'RIP VINE: #GoneTooSoon'

Download your Vine vids - Twitter is shutting down video-sharing service "in the coming months".

life & style

'He virtually rubbed my chest'

Is a sexual assault of a woman in cyberspace still a crime of sexual assault?

Is a sexual assault of a woman in cyberspace still a crime of sexual assault?

Kids of LGBT parents thrive

Children from LGBT families are well-adjusted in early childhood, new research has found.

Black, lacey and comfy? According to Rose & Thorne, this is a Kiwi woman's favourite.

NZ women's favourite bras

We're likely to reach for only five of the 12 bras a typical Kiwi woman owns, a survey says.

well & good

10 ways we damage our brains

Are you unknowingly doing things that compromise your brain's ability to work properly?

Common things we unknowingly do things that compromise our brain's ability to work properly.

Foods exceeding sugar limit video

Everyday foods that will max out the recommended sugar limit.

You've made the effort to go to the gym, so get off your phone and make the most of it.

13 common fitness mistakes

We all make mistakes. But your trainer really wishes you'd stop making these ones.

home & property

Top honours for great builds gallery video

Cymon Allfrey Architect??? s other winning project ??? Gleneagles Terrace???  by Craig South ADNZ 28.10.16

11:00 PM  ADNZ | Resene Architectural Design winners include an outstanding marae project and exceptional new homes.

Extra bedroom or home office?

A good work-from-home space might add more value to your home than another bedroom.

Built in 1912, Wellington's historic St James Theatre has sparked plenty of ghost stories.

NZ's spookiest spots video

From old hotels and theatres to hospitals and prisons, New Zealand's spookiest spots are not for the faint of heart.

food & wine

The food nobody wants to use

Jade Austin tucks into some frozen banana and mango "ice cream" at Spotswood College.

Katy Roach works wonders with squishy bananas and surplus sausages. 

Best Melbourne Cup venues 

We've compiled some of the best places around NZ to get amongst Melbourne Cup festivities.

NZ chefs win silver, bronze

Top $10 meals around NZ gallery

nz farmer

$36,000 fine for river change

Southland man Adolf Puis Hardegger, 52, had earlier pleaded guilty to a charge of excavating or disturbing the bed of ...

Critically endangered birds call this Southland river home. It didn't stop a farmer from bringing earth-movers in.

On the road day and night video

NZ's 1500 tanker drivers collect from 10,300 farmers. This is the peak milk highway.

Bobby calf deaths down

Big fall in spring milk


Kiwi celeb Halloween costumes

The Real Housewives of Auckland know a thing or two about picking a memorable costume.

There's no need to dress up as Wonder Woman for the fifth year running. Consider these local celebrity ideas instead.

Taika's Thor farewell clip video

WATCH: Taika Waititi and Chris Hemsworth treat followers to behind-the-scenes action on the last day of production.

Kristen Stewart and St Vincent make their public debut as a couple at a Vogue party.

KStew and St Vincent are on

Actor Kristen Stewart and musician St Vincent go public with their new romance.


Thailand in full (moon) swing video

The famous full moon party on the southern island of Koh Phangan reportedly went ahead on October 17, with the next one ...

Tourists are being offered free entry to attractions and the famous beach parties are going head.

World's highest base jump  video

An extreme athlete has claimed a world record for the second time after leaping off a 8000-metre mountain.

Kathryn Beck starring in Canberra film The Locks of Love.

Love locks 'unsightly litter'

State officials in Hawaii have become the latest to demand their removal.

stuff nation

Having children is a public good stuff nation


Starting a family is important and isn't environmentally unfriendly or selfish. Let me list several reasons why.

We're indifferent to depression stuff nation

Depression's isolating, scary and dark - it's no place you want to go. As we struggle to empathise with it.

Singer Elton John performs in Foxboro, Massachusetts September 9, 2004 prior to the NFL season opening game between the ...

Elton John's Peachtree Road stuff nation

Bruce Cushen reviews Elton albums during cancer treatment. This week there's no has-been.


Dashcam busts towie's joyride

A Nissan GT-R.

A tow truck driver found a $154,000 sports car just too tempting and decided to give it a spin after towing it.

Truck drags car for 25km video

Truckie drives on for 25km unaware he was dragging a car that had crashed into his trailer.

The new Toyota HiLux failed a Swedish "moose test" of its dynamic ability.

Hilux fails Swedish moose test

Test drivers suggest "something is seriously wrong" with popular pick-up.


Parker unfazed by funding fight

It's business as usual for Kevin Barry and Joseph Parker as they wait to see where the WBO heavyweight title fight will ...

Heavyweight's handlers says he has been unaffected by divisive battle to stage world title bout in NZ.

Live: Melbourne City v Adelaide Utd

9:45 PM  Adelaide Utd go in search of their first win of the season as they head to Melbourne to face City.

All Blacks captain Kieran Read (centre) models the new jersey with team-mates Ben Smith, Israel Dagg, Dane Coles and Sam ...

'Chassis' drives new ABs jersey video

Richie will be happy with the new All Blacks jersey since it's still "black with a fern".

good reads

'He started to virtually rub my chest'

Is a sexual assault of a woman in cyberspace still a crime of sexual assault?

Is a sexual assault of a woman in cyberspace still a crime of sexual assault?

On the road day and night video

Fonterra planning and dispatch manager Malcolm Bailey and his team plot the route for every tanker in its fleet every day.

NZ's 1500 tanker drivers collect from 10,300 farmers. This is the peak milk highway.

The last untouched paradise video

New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully said the nations have agreed to a US and New Zealand proposal to ...

New Zealand and US finally get nod to create world's largest marine reserve but what lies beneath?

Who is Hanna?

The woman at the centre of it all.

A NZ teenager, bullied and abused men, international headlines, and a bizarre world most of us know nothing about.

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'Fatbergs' take over UK sewers

A staggering 21 tonnes of condoms, wipes and sanitary towels, were found blocking toilets in Lincoln in East England.

'Fatbergs', masses of condoms, sanitary napkins, and other items, are blocking sewers in England.

'You couldn't move' for bees video

The swarm is roughly the size of a basketball.

A swarm of honey bees the size of a basketball is spotted north of Auckland.

Lego lodged in ear for years

Etua Raki couldn't be more thankful to the mobile health clinic giving him back his hearing. In this photo is Etua, ...

Etua Raki failed a hearing test. So the public health nurse checked his ears - but didn't expect to find toy bricks.

Chickens at centre of feud

Abdul Lateef, right, at the property before he culled the number of chickens there.

In the quiet country village of Pukemiro, a war is brewing. At the centre of the spat is an enormous clutch of chickens.


Kids of LGBT parents thrive

New research has found children adopted into LGBT families are well-adjusted.

Children from LGBT families are well-adjusted in early childhood, new research has found.

Megan Fox shares baby's pics

The 30-year-old actress gave birth to Journey River in August.

After a two-month wait, we finally get to see her baby boy - and yes, he's a cutie.

Mum holds son for first time

Nicole McDonald holds Jadon for the first time.

After a successful surgery to separate conjoined twins, US mum finally gets a chance to hold her baby.

Dad cries foul over dreadlocks

One father in the UK has taken umbrage at a school's decision to send his dreadlocked daughter home from school.

UK dad accuses school of double standards after his 13-year-old daughter gets sent home for having dreads.

kiwi traveller

Do hotel stars really matter?

As a general rule, the higher the number of stars, the higher the price.

Is there really a difference between a three-star and four-star hotel? We put your travel questions to the experts.

World's under and overrated cities

A woman poses for a photo with two people dressed up as the Statue of Liberty in Times Square New York, U.S.

There are certain places that aren't worth the hype while other destinations are sure to surprise.

Higher baggage fees improve trip

The study found that flights with higher baggage fees are more likely to leave on time.

If you pay more to check in your luggage, you're more likely to arrive on time.

A walk on the wild side stuff nation

Sarla in the morning sunshine at Silver Pass.

Aeroplanes tracked across the sky while down below I followed my trail happily through canyons and meadows.

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