April 20 2014, updated 11:11am

Don Brash

New Zealand 'dodged a bullet'

A former colleague of Don Brash has slammed him as a racist and a chauvinist.

Large slip shuts mine

Macraes Goldmine 16 min ago New Zealand's largest gold mine has been shut down after heavy rain caused a massive slip.

Man critical after shooting

A man is in a critical condition after a shooting at an address in Gisborne overnight.

Captain, 2 crew of ferry arrested

Captain of a ferry that sank, leaving more than 300 missing or dead, feared people would get cold if he evacuated them.

More buses set alight

9:52am Suspicious fire destroys three buses at a Wellington depot, just months after a similar attack.

Jet-setting Dan in no hurry

He's jetting here, there and everywhere and Dan Carter is not desperate to get back to work.

NZ winning the war on meningitis

Vaccination child Doctors say meningitis could be almost entirely eliminated in NZ as early as the end of 2015.

Victim's family back cut jail term

A drink driver who caused the death of an Auckland mother has had his prison sentence halved on appeal.

Legend clips pilot's wings

Poof! Bar's name changed in a pop

Easter egg

Dietitians hopping mad

Dietitians warn that bigger is not better when it comes to Easter chocolate.

Separatists refuse to evacuate

ukraine strap A European mediator hopes to persuade pro-Russian separatists to leave seized government buildings.

Firefighting, China-style

A daring fireman in China has taken his job to a new level.

13th body found on Mt Everest

Kiwis mourn Sherpas


Pope baptises faithful at Easter vigil

Pope Francis has baptised 10 people and urged them to bring their faith "to the ends of the Earth".

Minister bursts bubble

Minister Responsible for Novopay Steven Joyce The Government is playing down predictions published by powerful US magazine Forbes that New Zealand is on the path to economic disaster.

Serepisos assets to go

Receivers are selling bankrupt developer Terry Serepisos' waterfront portfolio.

Warehouse more than simply red

More cafes close this Easter

Stressed, anxious man

Stressed at work?

Bosses are legally required to look for stress, and workplace legislation is changing to underline this.

Don't be hooked by debt

Matt Watson From a young age the ITM Fishing Show host Matt Watson knew there was money in fishing.

Insurance: A cautionary tale

Just before last Christmas my insurance company sent a $1250 bill for insuring our house.

KiwiSaver tax rules 'unfair'

Are 362.5 days not enough?

US dollars, money, greenback

Pay me back whenever . . .

The World Bank says family and friends are a popular source of finance for youngsters starting out.

Mt. Gox to be liquidated

A court in Tokyo has rejected bankruptcy proceedings for the bitcoin exchange.

Playstation 4 sales top 7 million

Sony says the sales are double the number the Playstation 4 sold in the same time frame after its launch.

Mt Gox founder won't appear

Vein scanning the next big thing?

Online activists battle paedophiles

As the internet makes it easier to exchange child porn, groups are creating tools to fight it.

My good friend failure

M&Ms Everyone fails, but some do it better than others.

Social triumphs of a plus one

There's no shame in turning up at social events at which you are not on the guest list.

Recipe: Beef it up

Oz Tour: What Kate's Wearing

Ecoya candle

Beauty cabinet covetables

Looking for the latest? Here's a round-up of new trends crossing the fashion desk.

Recipe: Beef it up

beef rendang Unseasonably warm weather plays havoc with meal planning.

Paleo? You should be eating bugs

If you're really going to follow a paleo diet, you ought to be eating bugs, 'lots and lots of bugs'.

Recipe: Hot cross bun pudding

Make your own Easter eggs

Ford unveils tribute Mustang

Special 50th anniversary Ford Mustang coupe pays tribute to 1964 original. Special Ford Mustang coupe pays tribute to 1964 original.

Making road trips with kids OK

How do you make your holiday road trip as safe, comfortable and kid-friendly as possible?

Focus provides Falcon hint

Mercedes drops Benz

Invisible Woman a must-see

The Invisible Woman The Invisible Woman should not be allowed to slip away unseen.

Shame about the script

The Other Woman is a female-strong, but not quite feminist, take on infidelity.

Cruel punishment

Fast and furious

Reginald D Hunter

Comedian's southern discomfort

Reginald D Hunter says as long as NZ isn't full of sensitive white people, his show will go down a treat.

Get more of the mountain

Ski Skiers in search of season-pass bargains need to act quickly.

Eat your way through Nashville

If you come here to eat first and line-dance second, you won't be the first.

On the fast track

Ride the rails

Peter Kuravita

Son of a gun

When chef Peter Kuravita travelled across Mexico, he got more than he bargained for.

It's not all golden in Australia

Surfers Paradise Gold Coast offers great lifestyle for living in the now, but a move to Australia may not be so good in the long run.

Cycling from Bluff to Cape Reinga

Ken Guest and Rob Waterhouse flew in to Queenstown from the United Kingdom on 19 February.

A vote for our future

Pink hues over Paihia


Trimming my waistline

After noticing belly fat was accumulating suddenly, I tried giving up all foods with added sugar.

Warning on pollen test

Bees A British food scientist says NZ may be taking a wrong step in the battle against fake manuka honey makers.

First time sale

Bendrose Station, a large pastoral property near Twizel is for sale for the first time in its 94-year history.

Wool prices firm

Couple milk house colour scheme

Minister bursts bubble

Minister Responsible for Novopay Steven Joyce The Government is playing down predictions published by powerful US magazine Forbes that New Zealand is on the path to economic disaster.

Shop around for new law

NZ's shop trading laws are one of the last bastions of religious tradition, union strong-arming and pork-barrel politics.

Sales a case of opportunity lost

Dunne: No conflict in son's job

Benji may be dropped

Benji Marshall Benji Marshall's unexpected audition at first five-eighth was further proof that he is struggling to adapt.

Warriors' woe continues

The Warriors can now lay the reluctant claim to the longest current losing streak to a rival NRL club.

Call for retirement 'ridiculous'

Owen Glenn's threat 'unhelpful'

Nemani Nadolo

Crusaders charge back

Back from Africa, back in form and back in championship contention, the Crusaders made a big statement in Hamilton.

Retired Supreme Court Judge Bill Wilson

Spoiling for a fight

Top judge Bill Wilson quit after misconduct allegations.He tells Steve Kilgallon how he rebuilt his life.


In search of a fallen soldier

Julie Orr Wilson hunts down a missing war memorial.

Auckland Nines

'More than a game'

The NZRL has a catchline of "More than a Game" and it is a catchline they are delivering on.

mike o'donnell MOD

The importance of traction

A private equity mate talks about the six "Ps" of pitching - prior planning prevents piss-poor performance.

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Getting your kids stuck into their Lego stash these holidays could pay off.

Carmen Baldwin

When should you pierce?

So what is it that shapes our opinions on what’s an appropriate age for our children to get their ears pierced?

Jessica Simpson

High flyer

Throwing the kids around and long walks on the beach, that is what happens in the Simpson household and it had a few Instagram followers worried.

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My Two Heavens by Jo Crabb

Between two worlds

Kiwi couple Jo Crabb and Stephen Allwood live in rural France, and in Martinborough.


Auckland's best breweries

They say beer should be drunk within the shadow of the brewery.

Expat: Ecuador

In the middle of the world

True love took Wellingtonian Scotty Donaldson to Ecuador.


The Raro party kicks off

After having a blast there on a family holiday, I went back with a friend and it was even better.

Burning bottle

Firefighting, China-style

A daring fireman in China has taken his job to a new level.

bear claw

Tot found in Claw machine

Customers stunned when they find missing 3-year-old "having a heyday" in a Bear Claw game.

kim strap

Kim's bad hair day

Kim Jong Un's "bad hair day" riles North Korean officials.

Lada v tank

Lada v tank: Lada wins

Pro-Russian separatists are using any means necessary to fight Ukrainian forces - including a yellow Lada.

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