August 22 2014, updated 10:32am


Video contradicts Key

New doubts over PM's claim the SIS did not brief him personally on release of files to a blogger.

Fined for sacking son

Court 9:14am A father is ordered to pay his son $17,000 for wrongly firing him from the family earthmoving firm after a heated argument.

BBC warns Clarkson

10:32am Jeremy Clarkson doesn't see a problem with his perceived racist outbursts but his bosses are warning he is not "untouchable''.

Beehive Live: Tuhoe apology

Beehive Live is in Taneatua where the Tuhoe iwi is gathering for a Crown apology.

Boks great issues ice challenge

10:28am There's extra pressure on the All Blacks and Wallabies ahead of Saturday's Bledisloe Cup test.

Black Power leader dies

9:46am Ardie Te Aroha Beazley, Black Power's South Island president, has died.

Car crash kills two

Police car Two people are dead and four injured after crash in the Manawatu. | Auckland hit and run

Cold but fine for most

It'll be a fine, chilly day for most today - unless you're in Wellington.

Hunt for driver after hit and run

A tattoo and a tipple

Rokas Karpavicius

'Large scale' drug importer jailed

Lithuanian man who imported 28kg of ecstasy hidden in granite is sentenced to 11 years in prison.

Tuhoe apology long-time coming

Tuhoe will receive an official apology from the Crown as part of their Treaty settlement.

Lesson No 4: Don't hug a corpse

pattrick smellie Communications advisers watching the fallout from Nicky Hager's Dirty Politics will be trying to decide what to learn from it.

Crown sorry for Tuhoe treatment

Thousands are expected to turn out today to hear the Crown apologise to Tuhoe for land confiscations and the execution of children.

Teacher's rejection 'disappointing'

Housing payout for MPs

Left to right, David Seymour of ACT, Michael Wood of Labour, Paul Goldsmith of National

Epsom shows appetite

Yelling, accusations of dirty politics, finger-pointing - and that's just the Epsom candidates.

'Making progress' in Ferguson

22ferg Missouri's governor orders National Guard to start withdrawing after two nights of relative calm.

US Ebola victims recover

"I am thrilled to be alive," says one of two US aid workers cured of deadly haemorrhagic disease.

$158m ransom wanted

Guangzhou knife attack

Hamas funeral

Israel kills three Hamas leaders

Israeli strike kills three Hamas commanders, a clear sign of its intention to hit the group's armed leadership.

Spark's profit comes to life

simon moutter The telco formerly known as Telecom nearly doubles its annual net profit to $458 million.

Healthy profit increase for Sky TV

The pay-tv broadcaster posts a higher annual profit as its subscriber base hits an all-time high.

Vector's annual profit dips

Truckie dispute leads to payout

parking sensors

Trial technology for car parks

New sensors could do away with tickets and offer a convenient car park.

'The money will come'

piggy bank, savings Favour earning money over acquiring status. Status involves spending money, working involves earning it.

Eftpos online flaws to be fixed

Some aspects of how online eftpos would work have yet to be resolved, Paymark says.

More bank fee suits filed

Money tips for my younger self

Overpayment puzzling for woman

toddler tantrums A childcare centre owner on trial for fraud says she doesn't know why she was overpaid.

Anti-corruption 101

New training courses aim to give Kiwi firms the tools for trading in markets where corrupt practices are common.

Optimism vital for success

Well-crafted move to cans

Vine ripens and grows

How a quirky little app that lets users share six-second videos found fans, fame and (possibly) a fortune.

Kim Dotcom assets still frozen

Crown succeeds in keeping Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom from his millions of dollars, cars, artwork and property.

Twitter intrudes into your timeline

Get the news on social media

Beervana app serves up brews

Beer and programming are seen as male-dominated industries, but two women are breaking the stereotype.

What do dietitians snack on?

Snack Three dietitians reveal which foods they tuck into between meals - and their blacklisted snacks.

Introducing Josh & Liz

Set in rural Timaru, this wedding was a riot of laughter, tears and interesting dance moves.

Well this is incredible...

'I'm not afraid of the fanny pack'

best worst

The week in celebrity fashion

Rita Ora's tin foil disaster will haunt us, while Chloe Grace Moretz keeps it cool and classy.

The dangers of DIY

strap Put down your tools and read this before embarking on that home improvement.

Fears for historic Grafton

A looming development spells the end for historic Grafton, residents say.

It's time to revitalise!

Life in a mid-reno' home can suck


Cloaked in greenery

A "living" building at Auckland Airport is in line to win a top architecture award.

Wellington ladies who lunch

dine Keen to try a Welly on a Plate lunch? We tried five of the best so you can choose the lunch that will suit you.

Exports may see locals miss out

A booming wine export sector sees annual sales reach a record $1.3 billion but NZ fans are missing out.

Gothic skull takes the cake

A tattoo and a tipple

Farm sales still rankle

Farm sales A 2012 farm sale to an overseas buyer still rankles with some farmers who wished to buy the properties themselves.

Life is busy

New baby, new job, new awards. Life is busy and challenging for one of New Zealand's top sharemilkers.

Effluent dumping bid opposed

Calves raising revenue stream

Miley's NZ dream

Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus revealed she would move to New Zealand in an interview with Seven Sharp.

Brooding over success

Caleb Nott, of Kiwi music sensation Broods, is not sure he could deal with the same level of fame as compatriot Lorde.

What's good at the movies?

Potter's role in politics


MTV VMA's best moments ever

Kanye's "Ima let you finish" quip, Madonna's tongue and Lady Gaga's beef - a look at the MTV VMA's best moments ever.

How old is too old?

I'm clearly the tour's token creepy old man. Every tour has one, just the way every hostel dorm has one.

Would you sleep at IKEA?

Need a place to stay? Why not spend a night at IKEA for free.

Winter is back!

BluesFest with the kids

Where to get lucky at the snow

Chairlift dating, free drinks and week-long parties. World's best resorts for singles.

Going bump in the night

Scared of the dark What started as a childhood prank years ago has left me with a lifetime fear of the dark.

Weather photos of the week

Marble-sized hail struck Wellington's south coast and strong winds whipped up lots of sea spray.

Extreme body measures

Unusual animal encounters

Pretty little things

Melissa Macpherson found these magnificent macro moments at Matarangi.

Fraudster's Rolls being auctioned

1922 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost A 1922 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost linked to convicted fraudster Michael Swann is up for auction.

Turbo Trax blows in

Holden has addressed the one issue surrounding its small SUV the Trax - lack of power.

Standing landing from rear-ender

Back on the beat... sort of

Chevrolet Impala 2014

Commodore replacements?

Holden's confirmation that it will continue to sell a large car and wagon after the Commodore's demise came out of the blue.

McGlinchey saga far from over

Michael McGlinchey A war of words has erupted following Thursday night's developments in the Michael McGlinchey contract saga.

Streaky Danny Lee hits form

Danny Lee has done his chances of retaining his PGA Tour card the world of good with a well-timed four-under.

Anderson out, Vettori in for ND

Walsh wins silver in Stockholm

Steve Hansen

An ABs camp full of resolve

Frustrated with their Sydney failings, the All Blacks are seemingly primed to deliver the required Bledisloe response at Eden Park tomorrow.

BluesFest with the kids

This outstanding festival takes place when most of us at home are huddled by the fire.

James Foley

In deep

Executed journalist James Foley just had to chase stories from conflict zones.


The dangers of DIY

Put down your tools and read this before embarking on that home improvement.

Harry Potter

Potter's role in politics

How has the boy-who-lived influenced political values and perspective of a generation?

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