'We both could have done better'

Her son with Down syndrome was the only one excluded from a birthday party. But it's OK.

Hertz crash a mystery

A sonar image showing the wreckage of the light plane lying 56 metres below the surface.

5:43 PM  Plane that killed 2degrees boss and his wife went into "unrecoverable spin". But why?

Why not to pay for gym upfront

5:40 PM  Paying a lump-sum is often better for the bank account - but what happens if it shuts?

'Rare, but nasty' disease warning

5:38 PM  "Even when you get people into hospital it can be too late" with Meningococcal disease.

Street ripped, relaid - 24 times video

5:58 PM  Sydney street is going to be ripped up and relaid every weekend for half the year. Why?

NZ hosts fat studies conference

4:50 PM  Did you know you can study fatness? World's only conference set for Palmerston North.

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Beach drug bust: another arrest

Bags of meth seized by Northland police in New Zealand's biggest ever drug bust.

5:28 PM  A seventh person has been arrested in connection with the country's largest ever meth bust.

'I thought I was gone'

5:20 PM  Stabbed in the back in Thailand, Kiwi Chris Smith thought he wouldn't survive the tuk-tuk ride to the clinic.

A man has denied the sexual violation of a 13-year-old and assaulting her brother and sister.

Rape 'became her reality'

Man abused two young people - then did the same again after prison, Crown claims.


Brexit: What happens now?

Brexit has destabilised the political order of the globe. But will it even happen?


Brexit: What happens now? video

An anti-Brexit protest.

1 min ago  Brexit has destabilised the political order of the globe. But will it even happen?

'I thought I was gone'

5:20 PM  Stabbed in the back, Kiwi Chris Smith thought he wouldn't survive the tuk-tuk ride to the Thai clinic.

Napier man Campbell Paterson, who was killed near Cairns in November, 2014.

Stabbed, stuffed in chilly bin

"We both reached for something at the same time and he was slower than I was, I guess."


The Brexit effect on investment

With the relationship between the European Union and the UK ripped apart, now is not the time to be making rash ...

There's no need to get whipped up into a frenzy, but it'd be wise not to make sudden investment moves.

Look to GC, Auckland told

Lack of skyscrapers in wealthy Auckland waterfront suburbs is surprising, economist says.

The van belonging to Milovan "Michael" Stankovic, who lives behind Coles Kellyville in Sydney, Australia.

Homeless man banned

5:23 PM  He was living in a supermarket carpark and the owners argued he was overstaying the parking limit.


iPhone jack kerfuffle continues

The 3.5mm headphone plug, left, is hindering the iPhone from being thinner.

The furore continues over reports that Apple is doing away with its standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

What's next for WhatsApp 

The voice-calling feature launched more than a year ago, so is video calling next?

YouTube still rules the video universe, but Facebook is spending mega-bucks to close the gap.

The online video wars are on

YouTube still rules the video universe, but Facebook is spending mega-bucks to close the gap.

life & style

Local legend's dark wisdom

Pete Ridsdale happily fishing in Fiordland.

"He was insistent - it's hard to say no to a dying man - so here they are, his words."

Meet the Thor of football

Young Brad Pitt, or Norse god? Either way, it's Icelandic footballer Birkir Bjarnason.

One teacher came up with a clever way to show students what happens when you bully others.

Teacher's clever bullying lesson

"It had a very powerful impact. Children got it and children understood."

well & good

Anxiety made me go bald

I have trichotillomania (TTM), the uncontrollable urge to pull out hair strand by strand, causing baldness in extreme cases.

Since I was three, I've had the uncontrollable urge to pull hair out strand by strand.

Why itchier bites are worse

It seems those super-itchy mosquito bites are more likely to make you sick than the not-so-itchy ones.

Is sweating through 'hot cardio' the way to go?

Is hot exercise a smart idea?

Is there evidence to back the new "hot cardio" trend – or can too much heat ruin a good workout?

home & property

Easy fix-up or reno nightmare?

What might look like an easy fix could end up costing you more than you think.

Watch out for these 10 signs that your new house may not be the renovation dream you thought it would be.

Would you live with George?

George Calombaris of MasterChef Australia reckons he'd be a lousy flatmate - because he's too tidy.

One homeowner says quotes for putting a simple kitchen into their bach ranged from $14,000 to $20,000.

Why do tradie quotes vary?

Sure, tradies are busy right now, but why can quotes vary by as much as 100 per cent?

food & wine

Avoiding the superfood trap

The average price of "super" berries such as acai is tens of times higher than humble blackberries or apples.

The word "superfood" instantly makes me suspicious.

Game of Rhones returns

With Game of Thrones' sixth season wrapped up, fans still have wine and dress-ups to enjoy.

It's cold out there video

Recipe: homemade pasta

nz farmer

SFF investor still willing

Shanghai Maling head of investment Henry Wu talks to a group of Silver Ferns Farms farmer shareholders.

Shanghai Maling still committed to Silver Fern Farms investment, despite rumours.

Falcons thrive in pine forest

Logging firms have had to make allowances for falcons, which find plenty of food in pine forests.

Farmer confidence boost

Bobby calf probe continues


Waititi tight-lipped on Hulk

"I didn't even really want to be a filmmaker, so that I've lasted this long is a miracle," said Taika Waititi.

6:15 PM  Mark Ruffalo may have spilled the beans over Thor, but Kiwi director Taika is keeping mum.

New generation finds its Roots video

Star Trek's LeVar Burton crosses another generation gap in the slavery epic, Roots.

The contestants hit a wall during guest bedroom week.

RECAP: Zeros on The Block

5:00 PM  "In my guestimation, it's been quite a week." That it has Mark Richardson, that it has.


Lost in translation

Lost in translation - but don't disturb the tiny grass.

Take a look at these signs which have all suffered translation problems.

Photos not welcome

Discover the ten places where taking photos may upset the locals.

Make sure you check with your doctor before booking a holiday.

Travelling while pregnant?

Read these top five tips to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

stuff nation

The best type of heating stuff nation

home heating

I have experienced almost every kind of heating - open fires, pot belly stoves, gas heaters, heat pump.

Dear public pool, thank you stuff nation

It started with swimming lesson. Later, it was going to the pool with a group of friends. You were always there.

Sophie isn't exactly "average". But her story is based on what we know about growing up in New Zealand.

Your stories: Growing up Kiwi stuff nation

We want to hear your stories about what it was like growing up and going to school in NZ.


Sports-racers light up Goodwood gallery

A 1980 Lancia Beta Montecarlo races at the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Some of the world's most extraordinary sports-racing cars light up the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Plug and play in BMW's new X5

BMW's plug-in X5 and 2-series models are about to arrive in New Zealand. We unplug and play during a preview drive in Germany.

Olly Clark on his way to winning the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed shootout in his Subaru Impreza.

Subaru fastest up Goodwood video

If you've driven Goodwood on Gran Turismo then you'll appreciate Olly Clark's 46.29sec real-life effort.


Rennie won't start all ABs

Chiefs coach Dave Rennie, right, says his All Blacks, including Aaron Cruden, may not all start against the Crusaders in ...

3 min ago  Despite it being a crucial game for the Chiefs against the Crusaders in Fiji, coach Dave Rennie won't be starting all of his All Blacks.

Messi misses for Argentina video

A title with Argentina has once again eluded Lionel Messi in the final of Copa America.

Lydia Ko walks toward the green on the 17th hole wearing an Arkansas Razorbacks hat.

Ko goes Hog wild with win video

Kiwi golfer claims her third LPGA title of 2016 with a three shot win in the $2.8m NW Arkansas Championship.

good reads

Growing up Kiwi

Sophie isn't exactly "average". But her story is based on what we know about growing up in New Zealand.

From her first day at school, to her first phone, first boyfriend and first anxiety attack - this is Sophie.

'Modelling enabled my depression'

Former model Ainsley McWha, 38, now has a much happier life in Idaho.

The life of a model may sound glamorous but it left one woman stuck in a cycle of crippling darkness.

Why leave the EU?

Leaving the EU was never about behaving rationally, Chris Trotter says.

Leaving the EU was never about behaving rationally, Chris Trotter says.

What's in the Beehive basement? video

David Coetzee, national controller of the National Crisis Management Centre, on the stairway down to the emergency ...

Beds, a stocked kitchen and some serious emergency gear lie under the Beehive.

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Tom Scott carton June 14 2016

Dilbert, The Little Things and more.


Bunnies bring the crowds out gallery

Ronan Redwood-Jones, 5, of Sanson with his rabbit Flopsy Big, a Flemish Giant breed.

Giant rabbits, dwarf rabbits, floppy-eared rabbits and fluffy rabbits have featured in the North Island's biggest-ever bunny show.

'Walking on coal will change your life'

"I'm not sure I could do it again, because now I have this massive fear of fire," said one follower.

Some 30 people in the US have been treated for burns after attending a motivational seminar.

Beware NZ's weird laws

More than 400 people were charged with excreting in public in recent years.

NZ has some strange crimes, such as bill sticking, peeping and peering, and excreting in public.

Adorable cherry cat will steal your heart

Cherry cat has been delighting the internet with its soft paws.

Things cats love: Mice, balls of yarn... and cherries?


Smartphones: lifelines to mums

Most mothers regard this lifeline as a dirty little secret.

Looking at my phone for a few minutes offers a respite from taking care of two toddlers.

When to let your kid stay home

Keep them at home if the fever is 38°C or higher, which is the temperature at which an infection is beginning to take hold.

The common dilemma: Your child is borderline OK, and you need to decide if they should go to school.

Teacher's clever bullying lesson

One teacher came up with a clever way to show students what happens when you bully others.

"It had a very powerful impact. Children got it and children understood."

The Disney princess trap

Engagement with Disney Princess culture can make preschoolers more susceptible to potentially damaging and limiting ...

Disney princess culture isn't as innocent as it seems.

kiwi traveller

5 things to do for non-skiers

Snow-tubing offers a wild ride - without the skill of skiing.

Does the thought of hitting the slopes leave you feeling cold? Try these winter activities instead.

When should we visit Disneyland?

Disneyland is the happiest place on earth all year round.

Heading off on an overseas adventure? Send us your questions, and we'll put them to the experts.

Travelling with the wrong crowd

It's a bit crowded in Venice.

Avoiding the hordes is a challenge for even the most seasoned traveller.

From the UK to Christchurch

Paul and Sara Thornton, with the view from the Christchurch Gondola.

Sara and Paul Thornton have fallen in love with our coffee, Christchurch, and the Kiwi way of life.