Speeding car hits ambulance video

10 min ago  Mt Albert Rd will be closed from Hillsborough Rd through to Buckley Rd until at least 7am.

'My world shattered'

The 17-month-old toddler's name is suppressed.

She wanted her boyfriend's help with childcare - he would kill her son. My ex killed my son CYFs handling probed

Police at kidnapped Kiwi's building

3 min ago  Rio police who allegedly kidnapped Kiwi athlete have turned up at his apartment.

Wild weather sinks home

They renovated a boat to live aboard with their young family. Now that dream is in pieces.

TV anchor dies in waterfall video

Taylor Terrell was celebrating her birthday at a US park when she slipped and fell to her death.

Prince Harry's regret

18 min ago  Prince Harry reveals he didn't talk about Princess Diana's death for years.

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Should we be paid to recycle?

bottles generic

Councils urge Government to adopt national cash-for-bottles scheme.

CYF's $56m funding hole video

The agency charged with protecting vulnerable children is short of the cash it says it needs to meet increased demand.

The quake struck five kilometres north-east of Queenstown.

Earthquake near Queenstown

6:40 AM  A small earthquake has struck near Queenstown.


Speeding car hits ambulance

Mt Albert Rd will be closed from Hillsborough Rd through to Buckley Rd until at least 7am.


Two dead outside Florida club video

Two are reported dead and up to 17 injured after a shooting at a nightclub in Fort Myers, Florida, US.

At least two people have been detained by police in relation to the nightclub shooting in Florida.

Teen arrested after attack

5:30 AM  Sixteen-year-old had been in contact via WhatsApp with gunman who killed nine people in Munich.

An area is secured after an explosion in Ansbach, near Nuremberg, Germany.

IS claims suicide bombing video

Syrian man who blew himself up outside concert recorded video of himself pledging allegiance to IS.


The perils of the no-fail business

Woolworths' troubles have taught us that the food and drinks business is no guarantee of success.

OPINION: Why Countdown is still a formidable player in New Zealand's cosy supermarket duopoly.

Ray White signs Chinese deal

Real estate firm inks a deal with China's largest agency that will see Kiwi properties exposed to 260 million Chinese buyers.

Unison Networks argues that most solar-panel users are not fully off the grid, and are still heavy users of peak-time power.

Burnt by solar power price hike

Electricity firm raises prices for solar-panel users, saying they get unfair benefits.


The VCR is officially dead

The heyday came in the 1980s and and '90s, when VCRs exploded in popularity.

The VCR's demise may come as a shock, mostly because many thought it was already dead.

The man behind Pokemon Go

John Hanke has been called an eccentric genius and compared to Steve Jobs.

Gorilla Glass has been used in 4.5 billion devices since 2007.

Phone screens to get stronger

​Dropping your smartphone mid-selfie may soon be less traumatic with the latest iteration of Gorilla Glass.

life & style

Retirees remake TSwift video video

"It's certainly not what I thought I'd ever be doing in a retirement village." Margaret Gregory is the star of her ...

With an average age of 82, the Julia Wallace Retirement Village have taken on pop star Taylor Swift.

Who has the better ring?

Why Pippa Middleton's ring has more appeal to those in the bridal market than Kate's.

The property manager has claimed the two cubicles on the ground floor are "study pods", not bedrooms.

'They're study pods, not bedrooms'

Property manager defends Wellington loft with makeshift cubicles, which was labelled 'unliveable' by students.

well & good

Hacks to save you kjs

In the study undertaken, for every hour in advance that orders were placed, participants saved 160 kilojoules.

These two tricks can save you the equivalent kjs of a Mars bar every day.

Paleo fail: done in by a donut

She was a devoted follower of the Paleo diet, until trans fats and sprinkles got in the way.

Fats Moke, 43, is a big man with a gang history who has worked with Dr Tom Mulholland to get his diabetes under control.

Mobster 'Fats' wants to be fit video

The Lower Hutt gang member does not want his kids to see him die early from diabetes.

home & property

'They're study pods, not rooms'

The property manager has claimed the two cubicles on the ground floor are "study pods", not bedrooms.

Property manager defends Wellington loft with makeshift cubicles, which was labelled 'unliveable' by students.

Waikato's House of the Year

A mix of materials catch the eyes of Waikato House of the Year judges.

Annandale, owned by Mark and Jacqui Palmer, sits grandly on its Banks Peninsula site beside a new rose garden with ...

Our garden of the week

After 35 years in the US, a Kiwi with farming in his blood returned to rescue a historic property.

food & wine

Would you eat a pimple cupcake?

No candles needed: One baker has taken her appreciation for the art of the pop to a whole new level.

"How can something so pus-like taste so good?" Pimple cupcakes are now a thing - yes, really.

Food stalls get Michelin star

Some dishes cost just $2.50 but these two food stalls were awarded a Michelin star.

Goodies from the good sorts

Raspberry and lime babycakes

nz farmer

Fairy dust dries up on farms

Landscape farmed by Outstandingly Nice Landowners.

Opinion: The fairytale of farming doesn't always have a happy ever after ending.

Disease clips ewe pregnancies

Fewer lambs might be born as a result of facial eczema takes its toll on on ewes.

Hundreds of bee hives stolen

Shanghai Maling deal laid out


TVNZ dumps cult classic

Richard Roxburgh as Cleaver Greene in Rake. The fourth and final season won't air on free TV.

No interest from TVNZ in cult classic Rake starring top Kiwi actors despite ecstatic reviews across the ditch.

Talking tickling on US show

Tickled filmmaker sits down with US talk show host Chelsea Handler.

Dove Love and Angel Benjamin, the main protagonists of the TV2 documentary Gloriavale: A Woman's Place.

Woman's Place in Gloriavale video

Men and women are treated differently at the Christian commune, but they are both happy says doco maker.


What happens if you catch 'em all?

Nick Johnson is the world's first "Pokemon Go Master".

A hotel company is sponsoring a Pokemon Go player to travel the world and catch the regionally-based creatures.

Tour de France diary: Final leg

Jon Bridges navigates to the "Queenstown of France" and catches last glimpse of George Bennett.

Solar Impulse 2 flies of the pyramids of Giza.

Solar plane homeward bound

Solar Impulse 2 is expected to complete the first round-the-world trip after setting off 18 months ago.

stuff nation

'Penalised for stepping in early' stuff nation

"We care for our beautiful grandson as we didn't want him to become a statistic, but we don't get any support as we ...

We took our grandson so he didn't become a statistic, but we get no support as nothing bad had yet happened.

The pain we inflict on animals stuff nation

A cat was lucky to survive after a nail gun shot, but other animals are hurt similarly - and on purpose.

"I'm only 13 and I'm already aware of the crisis that is our rising uni tuition costs. It is in NZ’s best interests to ...

Rising fees 'may be fatal for NZ' stuff nation

I'm only 13 and I'm already aware of the crisis that is our rising uni fees. It is in NZ’s best interests to take action.


Road test: Holden Spark LT

New Spark is one of the smallest models in the segment, but cleverly adopts a big-car stance.

Holden's new city car aims to deliver budget motoring without skimping on technology. 

Dodgy on-screen car salesmen

These guys will make you want to take the bus.

Waikato roading police manager Inspector Freda Grace believes Kiwi attitudes towards driving needs an overhaul.

Kiwis 'inconsiderate' drivers video

You can't break the law, but how do you get past that idiot who only speeds up for the passing lanes?


England claim big victory

England's James Anderson celebrates taking the wicket of Pakistan's Azhar Ali during second innings.

6:15 AM  Three wickets apiece for trio as England complete a thumping 330-run win over Pakistan.

Howler ends Souths season

Tom Trbojevic and another bunker howler have officially put South Sydney's finals hopes to bed.

Brock Lesnar was too big and too strong for Mark Hunt in their UFC heavyweight clash.

UFC won't fine Lesnar

16 min ago  Kiwi Mark Hunt gets backing for compensation as buck passed on WWE star's double doping violation.

good reads

The Mystery of the Weeping Woman

A photo from Neil Holland's examination of the returned Picasso painting Weeping Woman on August 20, 1986.

It was one of the most daring art heists in history - a priceless Picasso snatched in the dead of night, only to be returned a week later.

Killed by 'neglect and betrayal'

Agnes Ali'iva'a was 12 when she was found drowned in a ditch in the Auckland suburb of Mount Roskill.

Agnes Ali'iva'a was 12 when she drowned in a ditch - but marks on her body revealed a sinister twist.

Like nowhere on Earth

Patagonia is a land of spectacle.

A jaded traveller once said to me, "everywhere begins to look like somewhere else". He's wrong. I've never seen anything like this.

Getting the bad news

A hand is painted in preparation for a palm-reading.

I braved Myanmar's infamous fortune tellers, and here's what they had to tell me.

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Tuesday July 19: Best in Show

Dilbert, The Little Things and more.


Labour leader 'Stuart' Little?

Labour Leader Andrew Little's sign outside his New Plymouth office has been creatively vandalised into well-dressed ...

 The new face of the Labour Party leadership is small, furry and named Stuart.

Body found in back of truck

The Alaskan woman used ice to keep her dead husband's body cold.

She'd been driving around with her husband on ice for days. But she didn't break any laws, US police say.

Larry's a lucky lobster

Most caught lobsters end up as food.

Larry is a huge, extremely old lobster. But he won't be spending the rest of his days as someone's dinner.

Double Down disappointment

Rachel Morgan was left bitterly disappointed when her KFC Double Down burger measured up to be the same size as her ...

KFC Double Down burger the size of a child's toy car leaves woman with bad taste in her mouth.


Why fashion matters to teens

Our clothes are how we show the world who we are, especially when we're still figuring that out.

Clothes are both their armour against critical peers and their mode of expression.

Sex after kids? What's that?

It's so important to find time without the kids with your partner.

Parents share how they make time for sex: a funny must-read for every parent.

5 ways to stay sane as a parent

It's important to find time for yourself in each day - even more so when you have children.

Being a parent can be exhausting. That's why it's vital to take care of yourself.

'If it's not for you, don't look'

It seems celebrities also get shamed for breastfeeding in public - just ask Mila Kunis.

Mila Kunis opens up about being shamed by strangers for breastfeeding in public.

kiwi traveller

Iraq to Atiamuri is the BeezNeez

Sisters Pauline and Helen Naylor are excited about the opportunities of the BeezNeez Lodge in Atiamuri.

Nurses think of how they can help the wider community as they make changes at a South Waikato lodge.

Wanderluster of the week

Sarah throws a coin into the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

Sarah Kennerley wanted her own space on the internet to document her adventures around the world.

5 things to do in Otorohanga

Visit a kiwi at the Otorohanga Kiwi House & Native Bird Park.

It's a great base for exploring the Waitomo Caves, but this King Country town has some of its own must-see attractions.

False scents of security

Bangkok street life comes with its share of challenges, not least the heady aromas.

 Even the ripest of big city smells can act like a security blanket when your travel essentials go awol.