Sex-score student cleared of rape

1:46 PM  Teen who tried to sleep with as many girls as possible still faces 11 years in jail.

Children set on fire

A man has been arrested after three children were set on fire in Australia.

1 min ago  Girl seriously injured after she and two other children were set on fire in Australia.

Survivor recounts on-air shooting

2:21 PM  As Vester Flanagan crept up on their interview, Vicki Gardner was oblivious, blinded by the camera's light. Then gunfire erupted.

Woman in custody after stabbing

2:45 PM  A woman is in custody after a 54-year-old man was stabbed near a bridge in Hamilton.

Bieber's comeback song leaks online

2:27 PM  Singers's big solo comeback single is put on the internet hours before its radio premiere.

Catch of the century that never was

1 min ago  Things just couldn't really get worse for Tampa Rays oufielder Kevin Kiermaier.

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Wet weekend ahead

Saturday's rain radar shows heavy rain hotspots on the western side of the country

Severe weather warnings are in place for parts of the north and the South Island.

Woman injured in car park assault

Human blood outside a Hamilton church has been linked to a woman seriously injured in an assault. 

Emergency services responded when a car crashed in to a grit truck in Cromwell on Friday night.

Car smashed into grit truck

A man was airlifted to Dunedin Hospital after smashing in to a parked grit truck in Cromwell.


Catch of the century that never was

Spare a thought for Tampa Rays oufielder Kevin Kiermaier. 


Train brawl caught on film video

A male passenger tries to stop a brawl between teenage girls on a Sydney train.

Teenage girls brawl on Sydney train following NRL clash.

Four arrested over corpses

The migrant crisis that is overwhelming Europe is deepening and throwing up new tragedies.

A year will be a long time to spend in dome in barren part of Hawaii.

Just like Mars, but in Hawaii

Nasa recruits to spend a year in dome in barren part of Hawaii to simulate life on Mars.


Fighting off cyber crime

Cyber criminals seem to be everywhere now and taking cyber security seriously could mean the difference between business success and failure.

Attacks on critical business information are increasing but there are things SMEs can do to protect themselves, even with minimal resources.

Releasing growth pressures

OPINION: Getting a business to the next stage of growth requires planning and calculated change.

Bookme founder Nick Reekie

Mentors key for entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Nick Reekie cites mentors as an important part of his career path.


Power shop and save

Power companies are competing fiercely for their share of the market.

Fancy a month’s free power? Or would you rather know the price you pay for electricity for the next year?

Time for action on truck shops

Mobile shops are taking advantage of some of NZ's poorest shoppers, Commerce Commission crackdown shows.

Top appliances revealed

A big salary is no dream

small business

On a right royal roll

Co-owners of Cambridge catering company Gourmet Delicious, Kim Lee and Ali Foers.

A year after feeding the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Gourmet Delicious is still on a high.

A quilter's haven

Hazel Wolff sold her home in Hamilton to set up Grandmother's Garden.

How to get start-up respect

NZ firm in Chinese TV show


Ashley Madison CEO quits

Stepped down as CEO ... Ashley Madison founder Noel Biderman poses with a poster during an interview at a hotel in Hong Kong in August.

Chief executive of infidelity website Ashley Madison's parent company Avid Life Media has resigned.

Giant robot gears up to battle video

One arm is a missile launcher and the other a cannon. And it's headed for Japan.

Tim Schafer and Cookie Monster

Kickstart your game right

The best way to ensure your campaign's success is probably to get Tim Schafer onboard.

life & style

Going bald as a woman sucks

My baldness turned into an obsession. I couldn't think about anything except for going bald.

It happened suddenly. One day I got out of the shower, and handfuls of hair were falling out.

Hang on, that's not a dog... video

"If she didn't have the dogs as little buddies she'd be pretty lonely."

Taking care of yourself is not about vanity; it's about self-respect.

The power of self-pamper

Self-care is not just an indulgence; it's an investment in your wellbeing.

well & good

Suffering from memory loss

Memory loss can be worrying especially if it starts to happen often.

Taking aerobic exercise every day helps because it increases blood flow, sending more oxygen to the brain.

How 'friend therapy' helps

Young and old both find surprising benefits from 'hanging out' together.

Lola Kirke and Greta Gerwig in 'Mistress America' -- a film about a close female friendship.

How many close friends do we truly need?

We're only comfortable calling or texting between four to seven people if we're ever in trouble, says study.

home & property

How to grow... parsley

Curly-leafed parsley - virtually indistinguishable in taste from flat-leafed parsley, and much easier to chop.

Parsley is useful is so many dishes - here 's a quick guide to growing and cooking with it.

Brad Pitt builds 109 homes

This Saturday marks 10 years since the devastating event and no celebrity is more in sync than Brad Pitt.

Drip-drip irrigation works well for watercress.

3 gardening tasks for the weekend

It's time to start sowing - and growing - those spring crops.

food & wine

NZ's best chardonnays video

Chardonnay Tasting

Can you guess which winery makes Cuisine magazine's top chardonnay pick?

Why dessert can be good for you

Desserts need not strain your system – in fact they can benefit gut bacteria.

Three ways with... stale bread

Recipe: Nadia’s crispy salmon

nz farmer

Bike death makes tragic point

Police investigate a quad bike death on a Puketaha farm, near Hamilton

A quad bike tragedy has ripped a hole in hard-working farming family.

Surprise! It's quadruplets video

Southdown lambs aren't usually born in sets of four, but a Manawatu ewe has given birth to her own flock

Fonterra helping fight fires

Depiction ignores ag history


New Adele album excites

Award-winning singer Adele.

Anticipation is building ahead of the release of Adele's new album.

Key GoT character not dead (spoiler)

Did you see a body? It only counts if you saw a body.

The homepage of the Ashley Madison website is displayed on an iPad.

An Ashley Madison TV show?

The Ashley Madison hacking scandal would make a great TV show. Don't worry, someone's on it.


50 shades of clay 

Parque del Amor in Miraflores, Lima.

They say sex sells. But sometimes it just gets you into trouble, if the attendant following me is anything to go by.

A trail of perilous sinkholes

The Dead Sea, a top spot for tourists, is shrinking at a rather alarming rate.

Tika t'akaqkuna, the emperor's chosen women, scattering flowers ahead of his arrival.

The Inca Festival of the Sun

One of the busiest days in Cusco's tourist calendar is a jostling mass of humanity and a riot of colour and pageantry.

stuff nation

Foxes are on the prowl in EPL stuff nation

LEICESTER, ENGLAND - AUGUST 22:  Riyad Mahrez of Leicester City celebrates scoring his team's first goal  during the Barclays Premier League match between Leicester City and Tottenham Hotspur at The King Power Stadium on August 22, 2015 in Leicester, England.  (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

Mark Kessell shares his latest EPL match predictions and why Leicester City are a team to watch.

A mantra that changed my life stuff nation

Loving and being loved is very powerful when it comes to personal happiness, writes Dan Crozier.

Stuff Nation submission for giving unwanted pets a new forever home. 

Marama Mayrick and her adopted cat Alan.

Abandoned Alan's happy ending stuff nation

With a broken leg and waiting to be adopted, Alan seemed so sad. Then Marama Mayrick came along.


Drool Britannia

On the open road is where the new 'baby Jag' with oodles of balance, poise and grip.

Jaguar introduces the car it has promised and we've lusted after since the late 60s.

The Auckland petrol discount

A 50 litre tank can be as much as $15 dollars cheaper in Auckland than the regions.

The Speed Triple might be an old-school streetbike by current standards, but it doesn't look like a ten-year old, nor behave like one.

Triumph shows Triple benefits

Triumph's Speed Triple is still a treat, but you pay more for it.


Robson: Dagg, Jane out of ABs

Injury has meant Chiefs halfback Tawera Kerr-Barlow has played limited rugby in 2015.

OPINION: Lima Sopoaga and Tawera Kerr-Barlow deserve RWC berths, writes Toby Robson.

Rio full house a possibility

New Zealand's best rowers are primed for a profitable world champs in France.

Australian Simon Whitlock caused an upset with victory over Stephen Bunting in the first round of the Auckland Darts Masters.

Big names win in style video

World's best avoid upset in front of 4000 partying Kiwis at Auckland Darts Masters.

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good reads

50 shades of clay at erotic museum

Parque del Amor in Miraflores, Lima.

They say sex sells. But sometimes it just gets you into trouble.

Sharing is caring, or is it?

Beck Eleven says caring is sharing, but will her boyfriend listen?

My boyfriend may not believe in sharing.

Radio studios burn in mystery arson gallery

Radio host Doreen Kelso, right, interviews Margaret David for her programme Person To Person at Broadcasting House in August 1976.

Wellington's world-class Broadcasting House radio studio met a grim end - first bowled, then burned.

Kiwi fashion pioneer dies

Peppertree Fashions founder Peter Nola is pictured in this undated photo with models wearing some of his designs.

The man who joyfully brought hot pants and flares to a generation of fashion-hungry New Zealanders has died.

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What do the stars have in store for you today?



Test your mind with our puzzles


The Little Things

Dilbert, The Little Things and more.


Hipster house creeps out UK media video

This so-called "ghost" might actually just be a hipster.

An eerie-looking hipster house for sale in Sydney has UK media in a spin.

Monk relaxes atop wind turbine

Brother Joseph Byron like the view from this turbine in Rhode Island.

A Benedictine monk tired to find solitude on top of a wind turbine.

D.Dog for president

Bailey the dog shows he's got what it takes to be President of the United State, with owner Jacob Rubin, 14.

Running for president of the free world is so easy, even a dog can do it.

Most beautiful city, best loo

The beauty of Hastings is surely evident to every casual observer.

Hastings won NZ's most beautiful city, as well as best toilet - which had more entries.


Good things come in threes

Shelley King's 9-month-old triplets Dylan, left, Indie and Ryder King-Mather.

As an older first-time mum, Shelley King wanted a pregnancy scan for reassurance. Instead she got a shock.

Missing child scores try

Laiken had made his way onto the field during a charity match between Queensland and New South Wales in Toowoomba earlier this month.

Turn your back for five seconds and who knows what your child will get up to.

Kim K may have hysterectomy

For her first post-pregnancy-announcement appearance, Kim Kardashian plumped for this latex dress.

Kim Kardashian reveals complications means she might have to have a hysterectomy.

How not to name twins


Why you shouldn’t name your twins Dwayne and Shane or Ken and Barbie.

kiwi traveller

Lost and found in Italy

Passport, credit card, phone, the Holy Trinity of travel.

Travel is full of heart-stopping moments, not all of which are about ogling scenic wonders.

The reality of London life stuff nation

Living and working in London is challenging and exhausting, but it's also one of the most enriching experiences you can have, says Amelia.

There are heaps of opportunities in London, writes Amelia Abplanalp. You just have to be patient, network like crazy and work damn hard.

Misinformed by Bridget Jones stuff nation

Abigail and friends recreate the famous Beatles cover at Abbey Road in London.

Bridget Jones gave Abigail Drane a rose-tinted image of living and working in London. The reality was very different.

How Kiwis stand out in UK stuff nation

Kate's advice for fellow Kiwis planning to live and work in London? "Get over here and remember to make the most of the attitude you grew up with."

Don't think you'll be the only person applying for a job in London and that you'll get it because your CV says you're a Kiwi.