September 22 2014, updated 4:32pm

Meghan Heffern

Road Trip star loves NZ

Bubbly Canadian actress relishing role in 'love letter' to New Zealand.

AB 'pays the price'

Aaron Cruden Aaron Cruden keeps quiet after big night out causes him to miss tour and disappoint his coach in the process. | Hansen ruthless

'Not a hate crime'

3:42pm Police officer found guilty of racially abusing taxi driver is discharged without a conviction.

Broke and angry after election

David Cunliffe should "jump in the lake", says candidate who claims he'd be a better leader.

Knifeman on the run

8 min ago A 'dangerous' man with a spider web tattoo is wanted by police after sexual and violent assaults.

Police seek hitch-hiker

8 min ago Police are trying to determine is a hitch-hiker seen near Wanaka was the same man who later died after being run over.

Gales too much for jet

Jet Winds hitting 111kmh make for a hairy ride into the capital's airport as wild weather hits NZ.

Bones found under water tanks

Bones found on Waiheke Island have been identified as pre-European.

Ringtone rumbles thief

Boy leads police chase

Jason Ede

'Black ops' man quits

Jason Ede, the National staffer at the centre of the book Dirty Politics, has resigned after "11 long years".

Cruden stood down after drinking

First-five Aaron Cruden will miss matches against Argentina and South Africa after a late night drinking incident.

Mother hit by bus, saved baby

A woman killed by a schoolbus in Sydney while carrying her baby daughter was caught in the bus's "blind spot", an inquest hears.

Neighbour-bashing victim dies

The alleged victim of a Queensland neighbourhood brawl has died in hospital.

Greenhouse gases at historic high

A 'parent's worst nightmare'

Explorer to probe red planet

NASA is back on Mars after a 700 million kilometre journey that began nearly a year ago.

Hubbard investors recoup losses

allan hubbard The statutory management of late financier's Aorangi Securities ends with investors receiving almost all their money back.

Energy shares in favour

Shares in electricity companies have come back slightly after a big leap this morning following National's election win.

Contract saved tired farmers

NZ gets air ambulance jet

Open purse and money

Consumer confidence off the boil

Interest rate hikes earlier this year might be starting to be felt by households, latest survey shows.

Money complaints on the rise

house insurance Insurance and Savings Ombudsman resolves largest case load in in 16 years with almost $2m paid out to disgruntled customers.

New mortgage brake possible

The Reserve Bank is pushing a new way of restricting mortgage lending.

Bank helps families in debt

Face Value: Mayor on the money

Acoustic guitars sound like success

.Goldbeard Guitars owner Dave Gilberd (right) will receive business advice from former Black Cap and business owner Dion Nash (left), as part of a competition he won Dave Gilberd is a one-man-band as he labours away, now he's getting advice to expand.

Old-school recipe for modern life

A hunter's "waste not, want not" nature has seen him become an expert in home-kill, developing a range of smallgoods.

Billion-dollar hope for 'Death Star' molecules

Firm finds foundations for growth

Larry Ellison steps aside at Oracle

His 37 years at the helm of the business software maker were a colourful reign marked by flamboyant behaviour and outlandish wealth.

iPhone 6 passes 'drop' test

He was the first owner of a new iPhone 6 in Perth. And the first to drop it - right outside the store.

GCSB clarifies 'Project Speargun'

Why I might return my big iPhone 6

More Facebook victims emerge

The number of people scammed through Facebook almost doubles, with fraudsters prowling popular buying and selling groups.

Neither a boy nor girl

agenderstrap Kelsey Beckham, 18, is trying to live life without identifying with any gender at all.

I dated a cocaine dealer

Robyn Windshuttle recalls her long affair with a man who was charming, charismatic ... and a major drug dealer.

At 44, it's finally OK to be ugly

The week in celeb Insta snaps


'Happy hooker' unrepentant

'I'm probably the most boring woman in the world.' This is what this journo-turned-prostitute says of herself.

Beautiful MRIs of the body

Wonderful videos show the body like you've never seen it. Spoiler alert: tongues are kind of amazing. Wonderful videos show the body like you've never seen it. Spoiler alert: tongues kind of look like dolphins.

7 tips to prevent kidney stones

The pain is searing. They come on quickly. They're terrible. Here's how to stop them in their tracks.

One month in: Bootcamp ladies

5 foods that boost your body

 most people have aesthetic reasons for seeking out a personal trainer and previously this fitted right in with what I did. In the past, I've helped people lose weight and do it fast, get fit, tone up, find their abs, calorie restrict and calorie count, over-exercise and 'push through it'.  But recently, after what you might call an epiphany, I've been thinking a lot about the bigger picture.

The three key aspects of fitness

Yes there are aesthetic reasons for getting in shape, but we need to look at the big picture to achieve wellness.

A block with style

strap What The Block lacks in drama, it certainly makes up for it with style over the last two seasons.

Inside Kirsten Dunst's NY home

Kirsten Dunst is renting out her chic NY apartment and it could be all yours for just NZ$15,000 a month!

New varieties for spring

Life in a new subdivision

Dave Mitchell

This party's on the house

A Christchurch street has hosted a unique party - for a house that's 150 years old.

We try BK's black burger

burger Its distinctive onyx-coloured buns and tarry black cheese have people talking. So what does it taste like?

Ricotta gnocchi pasta bake

Like a warm Italian hug, this vegetarian ricotta and silverbeet dish is a family favourite.

Retro pleasure on a plate

This beer has your number

Payout cut looms

Fonterra Dairy prices have stabilised but not enough to prevent Fonterra having to cut its milk price forecast, economists say.

Contract saved tired farmers

A farmer believes her family was targeted by a new employee trying to bait them into a summary dismissal.

Farmer's hand minced in machine

Synlait Milk profit right on target

Watson: Men - take a stand

emma watson Emma Watson is calling for men to take a stand for gender equality at the launch of the HeForShe campaign.

What the gossip mags say

Coupling, potential uncoupling, more coupling, and a wedding feature in the gossip mags this week.

Freddie feat. MJ

Star Wars 'anti-Vietnam War'

colin farrell

Farrell joins True Detective

Colin Farrell has been confirmed in one of the leading roles in the second season of True Detective.

What it feels like to have a private plane

I once said I'd prefer to own a helicopter over a private jet. I take it back.

Unfriendly skies

Maybe it's because we come into brief contact with so many people. They come, they go. Anonymity brings out the worst in people.

Drunken antics divert flight

Plane aborts landing

Guardians of Lanai

There's place where the paths of two men intersect, where, in different centuries, both had a vision.

Top five reader comments

Aaron Cruden Whether it's public perception or physical beauty, appearance is key for today's top comments.

Flag change debate 'stupid'

Changing the flag for the sake of it is silly. If we need anything it's unifying, not further fragmentation.

This is why I didn't vote

Setting sail for happiness

Vibrant Milky Way awaits

Light pollution proved no obstacle to Jaxon Lane in capturing a crystal clear Milky Way under a new moon.

A steeper learning curve

Yamaha XJ6 The new XJ6-N is a not-so-gentle little LAMS bike.

Top-performing diesels

While increased road user charges are starting to stifle the benefits of diesel cars in NZ, such cars are still worth buying for the way they drive.

Pocket Audi rocket

Like driving a double bed

The Lamborghini Murcielago was a write-off.

Brand new supercar in smash

He had just bought his dream machine when this happened. And he wasn't even driving it.

One out of left-field

Kane Williamson New Zealand cricketer Kane Williamson is reportedly switching arms to try to overcome his bowling ban.

Taylor called in to All Blacks

Canterbury first five gets another shot with the ABs after Aaron Cruden was left out of the team after alcohol incident.

Nana hug not allowed

Hansen ruthless over Cruden

Aaron Cruden

AB 'pays the price'

Aaron Cruden keeps quiet after big night out causes him to miss tour and disappoint his coach in the process. | Hansen ruthless


Neither a boy nor girl

Kelsey Beckham, 18, is trying to live life without identifying with any gender at all.

Guardians of Lanai

There's place where the paths of two men intersect, where, in different centuries, both had a vision.

Hone Harawira

Death throes, low blows

Everyone could have used some pseudoephedrine on election night.

Octavia Spencer

Octavia Spencer shines on

The expectations for Spencer since her Oscar win in 2012 are higher.

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What do you make of the call to leave Aaron Cruden in NZ?

It's too harsh. He should have caught the next flight.

He should meet the ABs in South Africa.

It's a fitting punishment. The team comes first.

It doesn't go far enough in my opinion.

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