PARIS, FRANCE - MARCH 06:  Kanye West and singer Lorde attend the Christian Dior show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2015/2016 on March 6, 2015 in Paris, France.  (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Is this Kanye's latest muse? gallery

11:01 AM  Lorde joins her new bestie Kanye West at a Paris Fashion Week show in France.

MH370: We'll find it

(FILES)-- A file photo taken on October 19, 2003 shows Malaysian Airlines planes parked at the tarmac of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Malaysia Airlines said on July 17, 2014 that it had "lost contact" with one of its passenger planes whose last known position was over Ukraine. "Malaysia Airlines has lost contact of MH17 from Amsterdam," the airline, still reeling from the disappearance of flight MH370, said on its Twitter account.  AFP PHOTO/ROSLAN RAHMAN

7 min ago  It's a year since the Malaysia Airlines jet vanished, but the man charged with solving the mystery is confident.

Indian mob lynches rape suspect

10:34 AM  Indian prison stormed by angry crowd who dragged away a man accused of rape.

Wash out for West Coast gallery video

9:51 AM  Another burst of heavy rain is hitting an already sodden West Coast.

Stats speak: Williamson a winner video

10:48 AM  Black Cap's Eden Park six was a match-winner - but he's no flash-in-the-pan.

What happened to Putin's koala?

It was last seen in an embrace with Vladimir Putin. Now Russia wants answers.

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Push to close Facebook fight page

Domestic violence

9:57 AM  Police are investigating a Facebook page showing videos of school fights in Auckland.

Alleged killer still on run

Police fail to find Beauen Wallace-Loretz who disappeared after cutting off his electronic monitoring bracelet.

Wellingtonian Jacob Van Hulst, 38, needed surgery after being beaten up on upper Cuba St.

Bashed and bewildered

The last thing Jacob Van Hulst remembers is pondering a post-pub snack, then he was brutally beaten.


A joke that made the world take notice

It was the famous quip that defined David Lange as an international statesman and made Kiwis even prouder to be nuclear-free. But the joke was in fact borrowed from an Australian magazine cartoon.


Bali nine executions in limbo

Australian lawyer Julian McMahon and Australian embassy official Majell Hind.

The executions of 10 drug felons on death row in Indonesia are waiting on the outcomes of legal appeals.

Pride, frustration in Selma video

10:12 AM  50 years after the "Bloody Sunday" march in Selma many lament a failure to capitalise on the hard-fought victory for social progress.

The presumed Democratic Party nominee for the 2016 presidential election faces another controversy.

Hillary Clinton's email mess

16 min ago  Two recent controversies involving the Clintons have reminded many Democrats how much they don't like the family.


Revamp fails to stop profit fall

Woolies has sold its stake in The Warehouse Group for $84.1 million.

Rising online sales and a $90m revamp of its stores have not been enough to help The Warehouse.

Nurofen faces lawsuit

The maker of painkiller Nurofen faces a possible legal headache on both sides of the Tasman over  marketing.

The defendant was not fully named under Germany's strict court reporting rules .

Losing the boardroom battle

Things are getting worse for Kiwi women in the top tier of business. So what's driving them out?


Mortgage debt tops $200 billion

istock image, money, coins, mortgage, home loan, real estate investment, generic

The mountain of property borrowing has doubled in the space of 10 years.

Buyers move to top brands

Shoppers are starting to abandon budget products in favour of famous brands.

Insurance dispute cap to lift

RBNZ targets rental investors 

small business

Firm aims to help CF sufferers


A New Zealand drug company is seeking $500,000 to trial an experimental cystic fibrosis treatment it plans to have produced locally.

Auckland startups win funding

A web business that helps guys get advice from girls on clothes is among the chosen firms.

Memphis Belle pulls through

Bookshop's final chapter


Gaming could help school work

VIDEO GAMES: A new study suggests school students may benefit academically if they play video games.

School students may benefit from some video gaming, a new OECD study suggests.

Rock Band 4 returns

The rumours were true: music game pioneer Harmonix has officially announced Rock Band 4.

The Samsung Powerbot VR9000 robotic vacuum.

Robo-vac roars into action

The Powerbot is something of a game-changer in robo-vacs but it comes at a price.

life & style

Crushing 'crazy cat lady' myth gallery

CHALLENGING GENDER STEREOTYPES: David Williams' Men & Cats series proves felines aren't just a companion for females.

Photographer sets out to prove men can adore their feline companions too - with touching results.

Get out the cricket whites gallery

Take inspiration from uniforms old and new for outfits that knock 'em out of the park.

ALI MAU: " I feel a bit sick for my brave, clever teenaged daughter who'll experience some of this [sexism] soon."

The curse of #casualsexism

9:55 AM  Ali Mau writes a personal account on sexism, and the case against it.

well & good

McDonald's changes stance on chicken

WHAT'S COOKING? McDonald's restaurants across the United States will stop using chicken treated with antibiotics used in human medicine.

McDonald's restaurants across the United States are addressing a hot issue with chicken.

The good news about crying

Don't hold back the tears – crying has been shown to have real health benefits, scientists say.

ALIVE & KICKING: At nearly 90 years of age, regular gym-goer Aase Mayo-Smith urges people to "get moving".

Still rocking the gym at 89 video

Aase Mayo-Smith, a thrice-weekly regular at her local gym, has some advice for her peers - "Get moving... forget you're old".

home & property

Sweet smell of success for breeder

REVERSE OUT: 'Erewhon', one of the new sweet pea cultivars bred by Dr Keith Hammett

A West Auckland plant breeder has been honoured internationally – with a new type of sweet pea bearing his name.

A garden oasis in Kapiti

She has traveled the world over, but Carla van Zon's heart belongs in her veggie garden.

FOR SALE: 165 Camp Bay Rd, Purau, Banks Peninsula.

Harbourside 'jewel' in forced sale

It was built as a high-flying property developer's waterfront estate.

food & wine

The perfect picnic partners

fennel, onion and olive tart

Make the most of the summer's last days with this fennel, onion and olive tart and apricot coconut cake.

Waste not, want not

A new Waikato food rescue service is fighting poverty with surplus fresh produce from local businesses.

Vegemite rubbish $1 coin claim

Recipe: coconut pancakes

nz farmer

Legendary shearer retires

LAST TIME: David Fagan will end his shearing career at the New Zealand Championships in his home-town of Te Kuiti in early April.

David Fagan reckons he's had a pretty good innings. And you can't argue that.

Top of their game

Southland Deer Focus farmers Brian and Kristine Russell are aiming to lift deer production at The Rock.

Tractor connects with rural community

Tough competition for Glammies


Harrison Ford did 'best thing' video

Harrison Ford plane crash

As his plane struggled to stay airborne, actor Harrison Ford risked crash landing into homes and shops.

Homegrown postponed 

Wellington waterfront's Homegrown music festival has been postponed until tomorrow.

Did Iron Man gain some weight? New Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer gives fans more to feast on.

This Avengers trailer is the best video

9:55 AM  The new trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron, officially the third trailer, provides the best glimpse yet into what is coming.


Qantas bans student from flying

"Communication at Qantas needs to be fixed up": Jasmine Pilbrow.

Student Jasmine Pilbrow stood up for what she believed in on flight 838. Qantas deemed this 'unacceptable'.

Turning hell into heaven

Fiji's Castaway Island should have been my idea of hell.

SHARK SWIM: Tom Williams' lifestyle has allowed him to do things such as diving with whale sharks in the Philippines.

World travel on $225 a month

If someone told you they travelled the world on $225 a month, you'd laugh them off as crazy.

stuff nation

River deep, camera high stuff nation video

The Rakaia river road and rail bridges seen from end to end.

A drone's eye view of the mighty Rakaia on a glorious summer evening in the Canterbury Plains.

Memories deep in a drawer stuff nation

There are some things you simply cannot throw away, you never know when you'll need the memory.

LITTLE STAR: Digby Van Winkle as Ewok Dog

Pet of the day: Digby Ewok stuff nation video

Digby turns heads wherever he goes. Why? He's got looks, brains and personality all in a tiny body.


Developer achieves a first

RACY: Tracy Gough with his new i8 BMW.

Property developer Tracy Gough could barely wait for reveal of his latest car purchase, the first BMW i8 sold here.

Block rocked by Focus RS

Rally ace and YouTube phenomenon makes a bold statement about upcoming performance hatch.

Seen better days: The $400,000 Bentley Continental GT V8S used by Top Gear during a recent episode in Australia.

Top Gear repair work needed

16 min ago  Three motoring journalists, $1 million in exotic cars and the Australian Top End. What could go wrong?


Desperation nets Breakers win

CHEERS: NZ Breakers import Ekene Ibekwe leads team applause for fans supporting them in Cairns.

9 min ago  Basketballers bathe in ice, not spotlight, as they reflect on the hunger that has them a win from ANBL glory.

Paddon crashes in Mexico

11:16 AM  Kiwi driver could only sit and watch as he slid into a rock on a slippery slope in El Chocolate.

DANGER MAN: South African captain AB de Villiers has been on fire with the bat so far in the World Cup.

'Phenomenal' de Villers in focus

10:19 AM  South Africa hoping for third consecutive 400+ score in must-win CWC match for Pakistan today.

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good reads

YouTube echoes Spock's line

REBOOTED: Leonard Nimoy, Mr Spock of Star Trek, once hated his character.

OPINION: Spock's classic quote was "live long and prosper". Will the new subscription service on YouTube do that?

Changing China

real estate

OPINION: Snatching keys from a car's ignition used to be something you did to stop a drunk driver.

Memories found deep in a drawer stuff nation

LINK TO THE PAST: A classic briar tobacco pipe brought memories of childhood flooding back to Kaushiki Roy.

There are some things you simply cannot throw away, you never know when you'll need the memory.

Turning hell into heaven

Private island pleasures: Castaway Island in Fiji.

Fiji's Castaway Island should have been my idea of hell.

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What do the stars have in store for you today?



Test your mind with our puzzles



Dilbert, Tom Scott and more


'You'll never be as good as me'

Nowadays teenagers know more than I do about too many things. I need their help with my iPhone.

The years of claustrophobic motherhood that left me feeling exhausted have been replaced with me feeling a bit silly.

Parenting a stubborn child

Stubborn: Independence in children is a good thing even though it is challenging.

How to create a balance of choice and boundaries while giving your child room to grow in their independence.

Unspoken fantasies of mums 

Mums live in a fantasy world at times.

Sometimes, as a mum, you just stare into space and think. You descend into one of those mum fantasies, that everyone has but nobody discusses aloud…. Until now.

Gender discrimination 

Different perspective: How our children view gender discrimination.

Explaining to my son why girls and women don't have the same rights as boys and men is hard, since I don't fully understand it myself.

kiwi traveller

The mistakes travellers keep making

TRAVEL MISTAKES: One in five need help on holidays, according to one insurer.

If you're getting stupidly drunk or riding around on a moped, you may wish to check the fine print.

Incredible history in Paris

Patrick Whatman at Disneyland in Paris.

Patrick Whatman moved from Wellington all the way to Paris' 11th Arrondissement.

Adventure capital of the world video

Carmen Roberts

Kiwi Carmen Roberts is bringing the world back home with her, for a bit of adventure.

Kiwis are taking flight more often

INTREPID TRAVELLER: Kiwis are packing their bags and seeing the world more often than they did before.

New Zealanders took almost 134,000 overseas trips in January, up 5 per cent on the same month a year ago


Man gets drunk on chips


Chowing down on a box of chips sends one British man into a drunken, vulgar state.

Pens galore for collector video

Winton man Dennis Hamilton has a collection of around 50,000 pens.

Dennis Hamilton never has to worry about never finding a pen - he has 50,000.

#WeaselPecker becomes online sensation


It looks like a scene from a Disney movie - but is this photo too good to be true?

Snapchat 'priest' offers confession

Snapchat, which makes a mobile application for sending photos and videos that disappear within seconds, wants to raise as much as $500 million.

A mysterious San Antonio 'priest' is offering to absolve sins digitally - by taking confessions using Snapchat.