Bike fall could have cost his life

9:25 AM  A tumble left Jaden with a sore elbow and knee. Within days he needed emergency surgery.

Rich, rude and loud

The government of Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull takes the view, contrary to all facts and any reason, that ...

14 min ago  OPINION: Australia acts boorishly, doesn't care about its neighbours, and props up the Kiwi dole-bludger myth.

Was she fired for becoming female?

16 min ago  Hairdresser claims she was forced from her job after telling her boss she was transgender.

5000:1 long shot on the verge

8:46 AM  Like Romania winning the Rugby World Cup, a huge sporting upset is about to happen.

'He was crying like a baby'

When Chris Gaither, 11, found an intruder, he pulled out his 9mm and started firing.

Resignation? What resignation? video

8:41 AM  Hilary Barry is back on TV this morning. But there's been no mention of her leaving TV3.


Big bucks for state homes

This state home in Mt Victoria, Wellington, sold for $961,000.

Some state homes are selling for more than $2m - while one unit was snapped up for $2000.

Helicopter victim was new dad

Jaimee Edwards said that the pair had welcomed son Alex just five weeks ago.

Emergency services were called to the blaze on Sunday night.

Fire at Porirua siege property video

9:11 AM  House where police dog Gazza was shot by gunman Pita Tekira gutted by blaze.


Pork Pie filming comes to Invercargill

Filming for the Goodbye Pork Pie remake has come to Invercargill.


Died before proposing video

David Seath was planning to propose to his girlfriend after returning from his next tour of the Middle East.

8:29 AM  Army captain David Seath asked his girlfriend's father for her hand but he never got to propose.

Obama roasts Trump video

"They say he lacks foreign policy experience. But he's been meeting foreign leaders: Miss Sweden, Miss Argentina".

Alex Lowe (left) with Conrad Anker, who was climbing with him and cameraman David Bridges at the time of the October ...

Bodies found after 16 years

Buried in a Himalayan avalanche, two climbers' bodies have been revealed by melting glacier.


Don't put your kid in KiwiSaver

Should you get your kids signed up to KiwiSaver to start saving a house deposit good and early?

Unless you want them to learn a hard lesson about fees and bankers, of course.

NZ firm helps US beer video

If everyone is leaving the bar, sensors can prompt a happy hour thanks to NZ technology.

A scene eerily like the one I witnessed when my sister broke her leg on a Wellington track during her holiday in this ...

Broken leg a big lesson

OPINION: An accident in Wellington shows the value of travel insurance.


Why Apple should buy Tesla

Tesla Motors chief executive Elon has proven to be the greatest visionary of our times.

8:37 AM  Apple needs another Steve Jobs to reinvent itself otherwise it will join the ranks of HP and Compaq.

End of Twitter's best parody account

9:55 AM  For more than four years @ProfJeffJarvis has skewered and satirised the "thinkfluencers" of the web.

Every time Mark Zuckerberg has identified a threat, he has moved to meet it.

Can anyone stop Zuckerberg?

9:10 AM  It's very likely that Facebook will own the future. But it will have to deal with the repercussions.

life & style

Princess Charlotte, style icon

princess charlotte

9:38 AM  The wee style-setter sparks a rush for timeless Spanish childrenswear.

Why do I feel cold all the time?

Dr Libby, New Zealand's favourite wellbeing expert answers readers' questions, about their health.

And they say dogs don't like hugs. Obvious trash.

The week in celeb Instagrams

We've got dog envy, Victoria Beckham shines bright, and there's a starlet in Cuba.

well & good

Butter's back in vogue

The once-maligned spread is enjoying a renaissance. Could butter actually be good for us?

8:29 AM  Butter is enjoying a renaissance. But could it actually be good for us?

Meditation cured my anxiety

Will I ever be free from anxiety? I don't know. But am I getting more sleep? Yes.

"There is time in a long life to try many different things. It's OK to take your time."

The pressures of blooming early

There is time in a long life to try many different things. It's OK to take your time.

home & property

Garden of the week: Waikato gallery

Ann and Graeme Sutton's knot garden in Matangi has 1200 buxus plants creating three individual patterns, with the centre ...

In just seven short years, a couple have created this astounding green space that's full of surprises.

Resisting Marie Kondo's creed

OPINION: "If, as Queen Elizabeth II once said, grief is the price we pay for love, then mess is the price I pay for a family."

Contrasting light colours with dark colours helps make a successful arrangement.

How to get the perfect shelfie gallery

9:31 AM  Family heirlooms, favourite images or junk shop finds - here's how to bring out the best.

food & wine

Arnott's Shapes: taste test video

In a classic taste of new vs old, it drove home the fact some people really don't like change.

There was outrage when Arnott's changed its Shapes biscuits - but how bad are they really?

Lamb with 40 garlic cloves

France's famous 'chicken with 40 garlic cloves' is even better done with lamb.

Creamy chicken soup

When sweet and citrus meet

nz farmer

Feeding 9.3 billion people

Alltech founder Dr Pearse Lyons.  The biotechnology company is doing all it can to help farmers produce enough food to ...

Feeding the global population is no easy feat, especially when it is expected to reach 9.3 billion by 2050.

Wine industry's 'moral' issue

Should overseas vineyard workers be housed four to a room in bunk beds?

Faith in the industry

Our People - Clint Worthington


'PS, my parents love him'

Halkett has moved on from Mauger, having posted a photo of her beau, Frenchman Maxime, on Sunday.

9:57 AM  Storm finds love after The Bachelor NZ, and it seems this one's made the cut to meet the parents.

The Elephants' last dance

8:52 AM  The iconic Ringling Circus elephants are being given a much needed, indefinite retirement.

Dylan O'Brien at Comic Con for Teen Wolf.

Maze Runner shoot shut down

9:32 AM  Star Dylan O'Brien needs more time to recover from the serious injuries he suffered on set.


Swimming with sharks video

Microlights - They look like three-wheeled go-karts with a hang glider-esque wing on top and a propeller on the back.

8:36 AM  A unique look at Western Australia's Ningaloo Reef - from the air and in the sea.

Teacher comes to boy's rescue

When she first boarded her flight, Sophie Murphy felt an "awful tension" in the cabin.

Wanaka's famous Mt Roy.

Five hikes in Wanaka

Wanaka walks for people looking for a quieter alternative to Mt Roy.

stuff nation

Warriors haven't let fans down stuff nation

Issac Luke. Vodafone Warriors v St George Dragons, NRL Rugby League. Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand. Sunday 1 ...

9:55 AM  This isn't a club letting fans down, it's a club that's gone to great lengths to address issues preventing its success.

What's your favourite book? stuff nation

3 min ago  What's that one dog-eared, well-loved book that you always return to when you need a good read?


POTD: Give rats a chance

Rats are intelligent, affectionate, clean, social animals that are completely misunderstood, says Sylvia


Forget the tech, just drive it

Forget the hi-tech features: it's on the road where you appreciate the 740d's advances.

BMW set out to make the new 7-series the world's most well-equipped vehicle and they've succeeded. But is all the excess worth it?

Monster price predicted gallery

Deep pockets will be needed if you want this gem from McLaren.

High School students Matthew Post and John Caporaletti talk beluga whales and cars in highlighting the danger of ...

Having a whale of a time video

9:04 AM  If you were driving a beluga whale down the street, would you sneak a peek at your phone?


Dive record 'pretty difficult' video

New Zealander William Trubridge sets a free diving world record with a 122m plunge in the Caribbean.

9:01 AM  A world record plunge to 122m doesn't come off without a hitch, Kiwi diver William Trubridge reveals.

Quiet night for IPL Kiwis video

9:59 AM  Brendon McCullum out for one and NZ pace duo steady without starring in the latest IPL action.

Cyclists competing in the Brooklyn leg of the Red Hook Crit were caught in a massive pileup when a motorbike stalled.

Huge pileup in cycling race video

9:17 AM  What happens when a motorcycle stalls in the middle of a narrow cycling race? Carnage.

good reads

Home ownership with a side of guilt

Political reporter Stacey Kirk has made it onto the property ladder - but it's not all smooth sailing.

OPINION: I recently bought a house, and it feels great. Kind of.

'Life's like a bad dream' stuff nation

She fled home at 14, ending up in Kathmandu's adult sector. Now Kubita says her life feels "worthless".

She fled home at 14, ending up in Nepal's adult sector. Now Kubita says her life feels "worthless".

The Pacific Rim: Five myths

Seismic graphs show the earthquake waves at 8am on Tuesday detected by the northernmost seismographs.

A tragic month of earthquakes along the "Ring of Fire" has kept seismologists busy.

The almost-Kiwis

Niloofar Khamsetabar from Iran despairs about her life in Indonesia and can't wait to come to New Zealand.

When refugees are accepted for resettlement in New Zealand, often their ordeals are far from over.

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Friday, April 29 2015

Dilbert, The Little Things and more.


'When world against you, your cat still loves you' gallery video

Margaret Morgan, of Palmerston North, at the New Zealand Cat Fancy National Cat Show in Palmerston North on Sunday. ...

"No matter what happens, you bring the best cat with you and take the best cat home."

Pop goes a weasel, down goes collider

FILE PHOTO - CERN Restarts Large Hadron Collider In The Search For Dark Matter LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 12:  A visitor ...

One of the physics world's most complex machines has been immobilised - temporarily - by a weasel.

The softest biker in town video

Baxter and owners Jason and Bee Wawatai out for a ride on their Harley-Davidson.

The fluffy maltese-bichon wears a harness and a pair of custom-made "doggles".

Teeth and guitars in lost property

Frontline support officer Janis​ Moore says about half a dozen items are handed into the police station every week.

Missing a ring, a skateboard or your teeth? Have you tried New Plymouth police station?


Mum's helmet warning: 'It was a miracle'

Surgeons said it 'was a miracle' Jaden survived.

Falling off his bike left Jaden with a sore elbow and knee - and a 50/50 chance of survival.

Rock-a-bye baby?

Just for a moment, put yourself in your baby's booties and consider how overwhelming the physical and sensory changes ...

My six-week-old baby will only sleep in my arms. Help!

'Daddy will break his legs' video

Four-year-old Grace wants a boyfriend but her dad won't hear of it.

Four-year-old Grace wants a boyfriend but her dad won't hear of it.

Tweens, teens and screens

Miranda Harcourt with daughter Thomasin McKenzie, 15.

With tensions rising as parents try to rein in kids' techno habits.

kiwi traveller

From Montreal to Auckland

Emilie Scrase and Zack Rath enjoy waterskiing at Lake Tarawera's Hot Water Beach.

Zack Rath and his wife Emilie Scrase have embraced Auckland's beaches, hiking trails... and fish and chips.

5 things you can't miss in May

Bluff's infamous oyster season has officially begun.

A new month brings plenty of events you won't want to miss.

Where to go in Canada

The resort town of Banff in Canada's Alberta province is known for its stunning views of the Rocky Mountains.

Heading off on an overseas adventure? Send us your questions and we'll put them to the experts.

Logan Dodds is not a good choice

Kiwi plumber Logan Dodds is back with another holiday video. Hurrah!

OPINION: His latest video is 4.27 minutes of brow-furrowingly cliched footage that somehow, we can't get enough of.