Tree that survived atomic blast

Hiroshima tree is 390 years old

10:37 PM  Japanese owner of tree gave it to his enemy without a word as to its importance.

Syrian jet crashes

A Syrian jet has crashed near the Turkish border, killing 12.

3 min ago  A Syrian jet fighter has crashed in a market near the Turkish border, killing at least 27.

Tupou: I did not dive

Boxer Bowie Tupou hits back at claims he took a dive in his loss to Joseph Parker.

Barnacles may yield MH370 clues

Barnacles on debris found on Reunion Island may help solve the MH370 mystery.

Third Chinese escalator incident video

A Chinese cleaner's leg was shredded in a Shanghai shopping mall escalator.

Mum, please help me video

Mother of a girl allegedly held by a career criminal says she is beside herself with worry.


Autistic man died in fire

A 20-year-old died in a house fire in 2012 after his support worker left to get food, says report.

A support worker did not take proper care of a 20-year-old autistic man who died in a house fire, says health agency.

Tourist attacks damaging

9:47 PM  "New Zealand has a reputation as a safe place for tourists. This type of offending erodes that reputation."

Mike Zhao-Beckenridge, 11, has been missing since March 13.

Mother files legal action

9:47 PM  The mother of missing schoolboy Mike Zhao-Beckenridge takes legal action over Queenstown house.


Myanmar flood toll to rise

A death toll of 27 from flooding in Myanmar was likely to rise as rescuers try to reach remote areas.


India blocks porn sites

India has sparked a censorship debate by blocking more than 800 pornography websites.

11:10 PM  India has blocked hundreds of adult websites to prevent pornography becoming a social nuisance.

Syrian jet crashes, 27 dead

2 min ago  A Syrian jet fighter has crashed in a market near the Turkish border, killing at least 27.

The aircraft debris that washed up on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean.

Barnacles may yield MH370 clues

Barnacles on debris found on Reunion Island may help solve the MH370 mystery.


Business affairs under probe

Christchurch bankrupt Dave Henderson wants out of bankruptcy but must face a court probe first.

Christchurch bankrupt Dave Henderson wants out of bankruptcy but must face a court probe first.

Fine for contaminated soil 

A Christchurch business has been fined more than $16,000 after dumping contaminated soil.

Accused Suzanne Davies at the start of trial for $1.4 million fraud in  Wellington District Court. The closing arguments were delivered on Monday after the five week trial.

$1.4m fraud was 'repayment'

Employee believed she was entitled to reimburse herself for payments she made using company money.


Say ‘Argh!’ to the cost of dentistry

Prepare for a cash extraction!

Salt away two bucks a day for the dentist. Keeping your chompers in good nick doesn't come cheap.

The 'risk aversion' gene

Absolute returns investor Greg Peacock learnt a lot from his first investment as a student in 1987.

Photographer ripped off online

Doing recruitment Weirdly

small business

Welcoming mums back to work

Welcoming a mother back to the workforce after maternity leave involves communication and flexibility.

Good communication and flexibility are essential for businesses when welcoming women back from maternity leave.

Doing recruitment Weirdly

A software start-up is proving the recruitment process can be fun as well as effective.

English summer sojourn

United Sweets in liquidation


Report: new Apple TV coming

Apple TV is rumoured to be getting a serious upgrade.

A new iPhone might not be the only gadget introduced during the tech giant's big September season.

Chris Pratt's epic photoshops

Star asked fans to come up with a new Facebook image for him and the results were insane.

Mozilla is not happy about the Windows 10 upgrade process.

Edging out other browsers

Mozilla accuses Microsoft of making default application settings "less obvious and more difficult".

life & style

Champ calls out body shamers

Ronda Rousey

"There's not a single muscle on my body that isn't for a purpose," UFC fighter Ronda Rousey tells haters.

When your cats don't get along

Are yours always claws-drawn, or just coldly distant? A celebrity expert shares his top tips.

Three-year-old Ruth Evelyn meeting her idol, Jessica Cox

Girl with no arms meets hero

This 3-year-old is showing the world that regardless of disability, you can do the same things as everyone else.

well & good

The top five fitness barriers

If your days are packed and the evening hours are just as hectic, get up 30 minutes earlier twice a week to exercise.

Don't have time? Too tired? Bored of it? Here's why these excuses shouldn't stop you.

Two eggs a day keeps doc away?

Cholesterol-heavy things have a bad rap when it comes to health, but researchers now say they're good for you.

Peptides enhance the body's natural responses, but they're not a "magic answer".

Peptides: Too good to be true?

There's one to fix anything, from anxiety to weight loss and ageing, but they're not a "magic answer", doctors say.

home & property

Living room turns into bedroom

Yo!Home comes with a master bed that can be lowered over the sunken living room area.

This smart apartment with a James Bond-style twist proves that a small space can have big potential. 

Eight funky floating homes

Why live by the water when you can live right on it?

Taylor Swift cooks up a storm with model pal Martha Hunt in her New York apartment.

Inside Taylor's glam $30m pad

What we've learnt about the pop star's celebrity-filled apartment from her Instagram posts.

food & wine

Gravity-defying cake takes gold

Ganesh Khedekar with his gold medal winning cake.

Auckland pastry chef wins at Kiwi competition with incredible cake and smoked milk and garlic ice cream.

How to master the frittata

Every cook needs a chubby, big-as-a-plate omelette with a generous amount of add-ins to call their own.

Quick pasta that packs a punch

Great roast beef on a budget

nz farmer

Breakthrough in farm flatulence

Cows could be belching out one-third less methane in five years' time, thanks to a new food additive.

Kiwi scientist helps find feed additive that cuts farm methane emissions.

Rural firms in ComCom's sights

Price fixing by PGG Wrightson and Elders NZ is alleged by the competition watchdog.

Dairy farmer broke cows' tails

Beef+Lamb levies unchanged


Ghostbusters visit marred by trolls

The female cast of the new Ghostbusters film Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon visited sick children over the weekend.

Medical centre patients in got a surprise visit from the new Ghostbusters and the internet isn't happy.

GoT bags a seriously bad guy

Lovejoy and Deadwood star Ian McShane will appear in the next season of Game of Thrones, which is currently in production.

George Clooney has had the snip but is "too scared" to tell his wife.

Gossip mags: It's Cait vs Kris

Caitlin Jenner was accused of stealing Kardashian endorsements.


Classic tramp a pure delight

Walking around Blue Gem Lake - one of the purest in the world.

A lake high in the Nelson Lakes Park area has water quality rated at some of the purest in the world.

'Like TripAdvisor for festivals'

Whether it's music performances or a foodie meet-up, there's always a fest on somewhere in then world.

Lemurs are feed by a caretaker at Antananarivo's Tsimbazaza Zoo Madagascar.

Marooned in Madagascar

The Lemurs' Park is rated a top attractions, but you wouldn't know it from the number of visitors.

stuff nation

Top five dog bite comments stuff nation

Dog muzzled

"We should not be setting dogs up to fail. Dogs are a privilege not a right."

Do you drive a hard bargain? stuff nation

How good are you at haggling? Share your top tips for scoring the best deals.

Kyle Lockwood's flag design

Fern is New Zealand's symbol stuff nation

Like the maple leaf to Canada, the silver fern screams New Zealand. It's time we put it on our flag.


Big waves surfed on a motorbike video

Robbie Maddison surfs on his motorbike in his new video - Pipe Dreams.

Australian stuntman becomes the first person to surf a wave on a motorbike.

Mitsi's all-new Sport SUV

We won't be getting this Mitsubishi until early 2016 and quite where it will fit into the line-up is a moot point.

Subari Impreza

Best $30,000 family cars

Here's our five best new family cars on the New Zealand market for $30,000 or less.


Horwill locked, loaded for ABs

James Horwill watches on during Wallabies training session in Sydney on Monday.

10:17 PM  James Horwill has no qualms about being the Wallabies' lineout caller against the All Blacks.

Tall Blacks get past Venezuela

10:29 PM  The Tall Blacks have made a good start on the final stop of their Olympic qualifying buildup tour.

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - AUGUST 03:  Dan Carter of the All Blacks on the squat rack during a New Zealand All Blacks gym session at Les Mills Gym on August 3, 2015 in Auckland, New Zealand.  (Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images)

Retaining Bledisloe 'huge' video

A motivated All Blacks outfit have no intention of taking for granted their long era of Bledisloe supremacy.

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good reads

Where the kiwis outnumber the Kiwis

It's not uncommon to see kiwi in day light on Stewart Island.

The island where the national bird outnumbers the human population two to one.

Why we actually do like spoilers

Why's everyone busy trying to tease out Jon Snow's fate? (

Our waffling between "no, don't tell me" and "OK, tell me," didn't just materialise with Game of Thrones.

Peters launches into race row

Winston Peters addresses the faithful at the NZ First convention in Rotorua on Saturday.

OPINION: Winston Peters suggests being Polynesian makes Sam Lotu-Iiga qualified to run prisons.

The perks of same-self marriage

Same-self marriage, it seems, is a thing.

"I've decided to get married to myself," said a friend of mine recently - and I think it's quite a beautiful idea.

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A Texan, an armadillo, a bullet

A man was hit by a bullet after it bounced off an armadillo in Texas. Pictured is another armadillo named Norman which could supposedly pick football World Cup winners last year.

A Texan man has been hit by his own bullet after trying to shoot an armadillo.

Cat cafe gets the green light

Would you like some tuna with your tea?

Cat lovers have will soon be able to mix a coffee with a cuddle.

Classic Milo stash for $4000

Shaun Harris is trying to sell a massive stockpile of Milo.

Stockpiling 143 kilos of classic tasting Milo is "money in the bank" for one Opunake man.

No, it's not a UFO

The clouds are commonly mistaken for UFOs.

It's a lenticular - relax, that doesn't mean we can expect little green men. Most likely.


Parenting a picky dresser

Does your child insist on wearing fancy dress outfits seven days a week? You're not alone.

A hilarious new video perfectly illustrates the frustration of having a child who is fussy about their clothing.

Anna Guy: Kids in cafes

Anna Guy.

Five children later, I have experienced a lot of time in cafes and bought a lot of coffees.

Dear firstborn, I'm sorry

I'm so sorry newborn. I didn't know what I was doing.

Being a first-time mum is tough for so many reasons – particularly as you really have no idea what you are doing.

No longer stay-at-home parent

I'm actually filled with pants-wetting terror at the thought of re-entering the workforce. And that's why I have to do it.

After nearly nine years of being a stay-at-home parent, I have to find a job outside the home.

kiwi traveller

Expat Tales: Embracing the melting pot

Debra catching up with fellow Kiwi Jemaine Clement at the Toronto Film Festival.

For Debra Churchill, Toronto offers multicultural living with a wealth of experiences up for grabs.

Readers' travel photos of the week gallery

I think my photo captures my feelings of freedom and bliss at the summit of Mt Fujisan in Japan.

Our travel photo entries this week take us from the summit of Mt Fujisan in Japan to a fish market in Myanmar.

NZ couple touched by kindness

A memory card with 1500 holiday snaps of this couple was found in Wells, England on 21 July. With the help of Stuff readers, the couple has since been identified as Kate and Blu Lang, of Porirua.

Couple on mystery camera memory card grateful to be found.

Found: Couple who lost photos

They were lost but now they're found. They may have lost 1500 holiday snaps in England ... but a British 'sleuth' can now return the priceless memories to Kate and Blu Lang.

It took only 20 minutes to identify 'mystery' Kiwis on holiday in Britain.