The river took a giant of a kid

3:07 PM  I loved my nephew Hazael Mailata as a baby and I loved the man he became.

Boss fans stranded

A cancelled Jetstar flight left some Hawke's Bay concert goers worried they may not get to see him perform in Auckland.

3:15 PM  Hawke's Bay Bruce Springsteen fans' Jetstar flight has been canned - and there's not a rental car in town.

Guilty of beach rape

8 min ago  Jury finds Paraparaumu beach rapist guilty after three hours of deliberations.

A backyard of sewage

3:09 PM  Raw sewage - and sometimes Fonterra waste - regularly floods the Loveridges' back yard.

Teen charged with murder

1:52 PM  The body of Mark Beale, 45, was found at the fishing spot he loved most.

Woman dies in car fall

1:45 PM  A woman has died nearly three weeks after falling from a moving car in Christchurch.

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Woman alleges cop sexts

The woman is adamant she has never said anything to make the officer think she might be interested.

1:49 PM  He allegedly ignored her requests to stop, asking: "Have you had sex in a police car?"

Kuggeleijn not guilty video

1:38 PM  The jury in the rape trial of a cricket star deliberated for less than an hour before coming back with a not guilty verdict.

Police at a cordon on Woodley Ave Remuera.

Schools out of lockdown video

2:49 PM  Armed police operation in Auckland finds no sign of injured woman.


Elderly father 'ripped off' again

 She fleeced $320,000 from her own father but has stopped paying the money back.


Nerve agent killed Jong Nam video

Kim Jong Nam, left, and his half-brother, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

2:46 PM  Dead half-brother of North Korean leader died shortly after two women put nerve agent on his face.

Bannon out for media blood video

1:56 PM  ANALYSIS: Trump's right-hand man doesn't want to change the media - he wants to break it, leave it for dead.

Karen's husband, Borce, and their daugher, Sarah, 21, spoke to media not long after her disappearance last year.

Missing tracker in murder

Australian police tracking the car of a murdered woman's husband were thwarted.


Spark/Netflix tie-up mooted

In 2016, 93 million people worldwide subscribed to Netflix.

1:44 PM  Fresh instalment in TV soap opera possible as book closes on Sky/Vodafone merger.

800 new houses for Porirua

Unlike the nearby Aotea subdivision, the development on the old hospital grounds targets first home buyers.

Workers are encouraged to hit the town. Premium Friday is a government campaign to get the country's chronically ...

Japan's Premium Friday begins

2:07 PM  It's a tough life - Tokyo workers can take free limos and sip champagne while a railway company runs a booze train.


New iPhone may do 3-D selfies

Apple's next smartphone may have a camera that can map your face.

Apple's next smartphone may have a camera that can map your face.

Why Apple TV failed to take off video

Time and again, engineers have been forced to compromise on Apple's vision of revolutionising the living room.


Horizon Zero Dawn: Inside the game

Gerard Campbell catches up with Joel Eschler, producer of the new PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn.

life & style

Parents ban male babysitters

I am determined to do everything I can to make sure my daughter is not a victim of abuse.

2:58 PM  OPINION: My husband and I made a rule: no man would ever babysit our children.

Gwyneth's new book is a doozy

From the woman who introduced the world to vagina steaming and conscious uncoupling.

Jane Fonda shows us how it's done this week while Emma Watson has an almost-hit and model Bo Krsmanovic has a big miss.

Best & worst dressed celebs

This week, Jane Fonda works it, Emma Watson can't make it work and a swimsuit model needs to fire her sister.

well & good

Back pain could kill you early

People aren't aware of the consequences of back pain, researchers said.

Back pain is the leading cause of disability globally.

Smart kids likelier to try pot

Clever and curious teens are twice as likely to drink and smoke cannabis, English study finds.

Scientists estimate about 7.8 million premature deaths worldwide could be potentially prevented every year if people ate ...

10 a day keeps the doctor away

Having 10 servings of fruit and veges a day could well be the secret to living to a ripe old age.

home & property

'90s house renovation wows

This 1990s house, sandwiched between traditional villas in Ponsonby, has undergone a complete restoration by Koia Architects.

Good-bye '90s, hello 2017 – Ponsonby home gets a huge makeover and has never looked better.

Lumbar vs slumber

There's no blanket fix when it comes to choosing a bed.

Dinner's ready - the children are free to role play without interference by adults.

'Let's play house today'

This amazing kindy in Japan takes the idea of "playing house" to a whole new level.

food & wine

Home's poke salad bowl

Poke salad bowl from Home eatery in Christchurch.

We help readers track down a dish from a restaurant or cafe.

Nutritional labels added to beer

As of Friday, local brewers will voluntarily add dietary information.

Top 5 summer delicacies

Pineapple on pizza: yay or nay?

nz farmer

Jury out on fewer farmer deaths

Worksafe programme manager agriculture Al McCone.

The new health and safety laws for farms are a year old and is it a coincidence that farmer deaths are down?

Surge in orders for calf pens

Orders are pouring in for bobby calf holding pens as the deadline to meet new regulations approaches.

Rampant rates anger farmers

Farmer's grass bonanza dream


Rihanna gets Harvard honour

The pop star is being honoured for several philanthropic efforts.

3:12 PM  Singer to receive award for philanthropic efforts to improve cancer treatment in Barbados.

John Legend on celeb activism

2:58 PM  Every artist will have to decide for themselves when the right time is to speak up, says the musician.

U.S. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump attend the 60th Annual Red Cross Gala at Mar-a-Lago club in ...

Trump too busy for Oscars

1:38 PM  Donald Trump wanted to make the Oscars great again. But the presidency has gotten in the way.


DoC's $60 park fee idea video

DoC is considering entry fees for national parks including Aoraki Mount Cook.

3:01 PM  Could NZ follow South America's example of charging locals to access tracks and double hut fees for tourists?

Over-the-top luxury amenities

After your butler-drawn bath, ask the room service robot for keys to the Porsche... and don't forget the GoPro.

A girl holds a candle lit paper lantern as she floats it on the river during 71st anniversary activities, commemorating ...

Hiroshima's children of atom video

Your society demonised, culture usurped, city wiped out... it's little wonder there's an identity crisis.


Peaks and troughs video

Billy Marshall of Salt Lake City is in town to join in the festivities.

Americarna is well-oiled machine, but it's had its ups and downs over the years.  

Tesla's Auckland key party video

First eight buyers of facelifted Model S were the stars of Tesla NZ's launch party.

A cyclist pulls a wheelie in front of a car in Staten Island, New York.

Brazen cyclists spark concern video

1:52 PM  Helmet-less wheelie-popping cyclists are irritating residents and motorists in a New York suburb.

stuff nation

Edmund the  mini schnauzer


Edmund the exploring mini schnauzer is a big fan of exploring New Zealand. Catch him around Auckland.

Do you do any of these?

These are the most common things that contribute to New Zealand's road issues.

23022017 - Stuff Nation - Weather photo of the week - Wellington waves

Wild Wellington waves

James McKelvie captured these photos of waves splashing on the rocks near Wellington airport.


The hoodoo haunting Crusaders video

Crusaders halfback Bryn Hall, pictured scoring a try against the Hurricanes in the semifinal of the Brisbane Global Tens ...

2:47 PM  The Crusaders haven't won a Super Rugby round-one game in Christchurch in seven years.

Ben Cousins in trouble again

6 min ago  The fallen former AFL star allegedly caught with meth in Perth.


Oracle grinder's miracle escape video

Perils of high-speed America's Cup catamarans showcased in dramatic fall past razor-like foils.

good reads

Akaroa Harbour: Beauty and darkness

Mum and baby Hector's dolphins swim up to a Black Cat catamaran to check out the tourists.

It's always been a harbour worth fighting over, protecting, celebrating and enjoying. There's nowhere else like it.

Protesters berate Republicans

A woman shouts during a town hall meeting for Republican US Senator Bill Cassidy in Metairie, Louisiana.

Spurred by the chaos of Trump's first month, they came in their hundreds, in cities and towns, to heckle, plead and badger.

Good days, bad days and 'meltdowns'

The Sim family, from left, Cathy Kiely, her son Jesse Sim, and Philip Sim.

Mum sometimes cries and wonders "why me?". But then her autistic son Jesse brings a flower and says, "mum, love".

A Kiwi's farewell to Saudi Arabia stuff nation

Walking past Chop Chop Square on the way to Diera Souk.

It's deprivation. No movies, no theatre, no music, no art. It's contradictions and experiences like none other.

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Setting sail for school video

Luca Beihenert, 12, lives on a yacht in the harbour, and takes a dingy, then cycles to Nelson Intermediate School every day.

One Nelson student's daily journey to school is a little bit different to the usual bus, bike or car trip.

A cruise in a hearse

Derek Hampstead, daughter Jazz and sister Catherine Kahukiwa, took part in the annual Rest Home Run in a funeral car.

"Might as well take a ride while you're alive."

Lake's portal to another dimension video

Lake Berryessa in California has a 21 metre diameter hole in it to help when water gets too high.

Heavy rains in US trigger giant whirlpool, as 7.5 million litres of water a minute disappear.

More than "conventional antiques"

Ray says west Aucklanders are an imaginative people and it takes unique things to impress them.

Keeping it unique is the name of the game says antique shop owner Ray.


Do mums prefer sleep or sex?

A survey of behaviour in the bedroom reveals what Aussie mothers prefer between the sheets.

A survey of behaviour in the bedroom reveals what mothers prefer between the sheets.

Ordinary day with autistic son

The Sim family, from left, Cathy Kiely, her son Jesse Sim, and Philip Sim.

Mum sometimes cries and wonders "why me?". But then her autistic son Jesse brings a flower and says, "mum, love".

Motherhood isn't worth fuss?

Hey, they don't call her Queen Bey for nothing.

OPINION: Yes it is. Motherhood may be a common experience, but that doesn't make it any less extraordinary.

Baby sees mum for first time

At four months old, baby Emil receives glasses - and his reaction is priceless.

At four months old, baby Emil receives glasses - and his reaction is priceless.

kiwi traveller

Unspoken etiquette of air travel

Shoes on or off? It depends on the odour, says an expert.

Is it ok to hold a conversation over someone in a middle seat? Whose armrest is it, anyway?

Surviving the world's longest flight video

Don't wake up for breakfast: Airplane breakfasts are almost always disappointing. Get the extra rest instead.

Use in-flight magazines for footrests and bring sinus spray to avoid getting clogged up.

Why you should bin luggage tags

Those stickers that check-in staff put on your bags? Take them off before your next flight.

Those stickers that check-in staff put on your bags? Take them off before your next flight.

Kiwi in France: Wintering in Pyrenees stuff nation

When the snow finally blankets the nearby hills, there is plenty of choice of slopes for tobogganing and snow fights.

Behind closed shutters and boarded houses the community hums with life.

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