The mile-high skyscraper

10:21 AM  It will rise from the water, pierce the sky, and be surrounded by disaster-stopping islands.

Man killed by train video

11022016 News Photo KIRK HARGREAVES / FairfaxNZ
A cyclist has been killed after colliding with a train on Fendalton Road

9:44 AM  An ashen-faced train driver put his head out the window and asked: "did I just hit somebody"  witness says.

SkyCity hits jackpot

11:10 AM  Casino operator quickly profits from extra gaming machines under government deal.

How Lydia Ko became No 1

16 min ago  Her rise is built on a ruthless streak and a big improvement in one key area.

'Get me out, he's going to kill us all'

11:07 AM  Naked and bleeding, she ran on to a remote Australian beach screaming for help.

Petrol at new 12-month low

10:00 AM  Petrol prices are at a fresh year low after another drop in the price of oil.

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Cera defends $2.5m PR spend

Cera acting chief executive John Ombler says communications is a core part of what the organisation does.

9:44 AM  Cera has 19 in-house comms staff. So why did it spend $1.6m on hiring PR and media consultants?

Women brawl in driveway

A long-standing feud reignited after a woman found her tyres slashed, then went for revenge.

Canadian man Kris Blair, 22, has not been heard from in three weeks.

'He hasn't answered any calls'

The family of a Canadian tourist are worried after he failed to arrive to start a job in Timaru last week.


A tattoo for Polly

Polly Gillespie's new mystery man has given her quite the Valentines Day gift.


'Year of hell' in a split-second

CCTV footage shows Mark Pearson never took his hands off his bag or his newspaper.

A man brushes past a woman, their shoulders colliding briefly. It ruins his life.

Pregnant woman has Zika

9:46 AM  There have been a number of reports of poor pregnancy outcomes due to the virus.

Some of the victims had previously been reported missing by their parents.

FBI's Super Bowl sex stings

10:16 AM  Children aged between 14 to 17 were victims of sex trafficking during Super Bowl week.


Boost for $300m runway plan

An aerial map of Wellington Airport with the runway extension to the south.

Business backing for Wellington's airport project soars with Singapore Airlines' planned arrival.

Get set for cheaper shopping

Everything from airfares to plastic is set to get cheaper for New Zealand consumers as oil prices keep falling.

Spark boss Simon Moutter is among those hoping Kiwis will take a fresh look at the telco industry's achievements.

NZ should be 'proud' of telcos

9:44 AM  They've long been the butt of grumbles from consumers, but our phone companies insist they're amazing.


Netflix geo-blocking hits PayPal

PayPal refusing to process payments from at least one virtual private network provider.

PayPal is refusing to process payments from at least one virtual private network provider.

How Twitter's new timeline works

Well, Twitter fans. The apocalypse has come. Twitter's reordered timeline is here.

YouTube's Red subscription service began a big push for subscriptions this week.

YouTube wants to be Netflix

YouTube's Red subscription service began a big push for subscriptions this week.

life & style

The woman with four eyebrows

Tyne now has four eyebrows.

14 min ago  Overplucking left her with no eyebrows ... so how did she end up with four?

Cats, dogs and who loves you

10:25 AM  Is it really fair to compare cats and dogs?

What's the matter, Kim? At least you know how to recover.

Kim K's ugly cry products

15 min ago  You're probably familiar with her crying face. Here's how she reins it in.

well & good

13 apps for fitness at home

Barre3 features videos of workouts that you can do at home.

There's a website for your every cardio craving from Pilates to bootcamp.

The benefits of shopping local

Your body will thank you if you go to farmers' markets or local green grocers whenever possible, says Dr Libby.

Thatcher has navigated his way around the Pacific Ocean - from New Zealand to Easter Island and Tahiti.

What it takes to sail a waka

The story of one man’s strength of character and dedication to passing on an age-old craft.

home & property

Home romance not only for V Day

Style at home: Resolve to print your favourite pictures and display them in frames.

Make Valentines Day happen every day with these decorating tips to make your daily life more romantic.

Fish fancier's costly court move

Man whose fishtank overflowed and flooded neighbour's flat ordered to pay $10k legal bill.

Suspended between two towers 100 metres above the ground, the pool at the new Sky Habitat development comes with a great view.

Ready for a sky-high swim?

Scared of heights? These spectacular swimming pools may not be for you.

food & wine

Chopsticks trick blows minds

Think you’ve been using wooden chopsticks right? Well think again.

18 min ago  Think you’ve been using wooden chopsticks right? Think again.

Honey and cardamom cheesecake

Here's a dessert with just an accent of spice to bring out the ingredients.

Crowds pack noodle market video

Uber and Lewis Road team up

nz farmer

Southland dairy applicants dry up

Southland Filipino Society co-ordinator Dorothea Hawkins (in front) in 2013. Behind (from left): Vivian Villanueva, Conchita Escalon, and Editha Villanueva-Peterson.

Fewer Filipinos applying for dairy jobs amid alleged visa scam.

Police hope to bag poachers

Persistent poachers will soon find they're sharing their favourite hunting spots with police.

Environment CEO's challenges

Spirits high at field days gallery video


A tattoo for Polly

Polly Gillespie.

9 min ago  Polly Gillespie's new mystery man has given her quite the Valentines Day gift.

New Harry Potter book coming

Harry Potter fans, this is not a drill, an eighth edition is really happening.

Hilary Barry farewells John Campbell on his last episode of Campbell Live.

Hilary, Campbell love is strong video

17 min ago  The former colleagues are all about the smooches as John Campbell celebrates his birthday.


Do the Maldives on a budget

A tourist takes a dive from a dhoni boat.

18 min ago  Discover the best (and cheapest) way to explore the watery world of the Maldives.

Wartime sweethearts reunite video

9:45 AM  They were apart for 70 years - until a free Air NZ flight brought these old flames back together.

An undated artist's rendering of the proposed cruise ship Titanic II.

Titanic II set for maiden voyage video

9:42 AM  Date given for when replica of the Titanic will take to the seas.

stuff nation

'Student debt is a silent killer' stuff nation

Student debt

10:42 AM  No-one's disputing students should pay their loans back. The problem is the amount of debt we're taking on.

Thank you, Forlongs stuff nation

Forlongs took a gamble on a young, independent woman in an era when that was not the norm.


Reasons to be happily single stuff nation

I planned a Tinder date with a seemingly sensitive  chap. Then he text to say he wanted kids. 


Spike in kids, pets locked in cars

AA rescued more than 1500 pets or kids locked in cars last year, with 210 rescues in December and January alone.

Nearly 1500 emergency callouts to AA were made last year because a child or animal was locked in a car.

Honda teases new Civic

10:28 AM  Honda is set to unveil a new Civic hatchback concept at the Geneva Motor Show.

Warning, camera in view: Mad Mike assumes the position at Leadfoot Festival.

Mad Mike: less of a leadfoot

Top Kiwi drifter opens up about going sideways, getting respect - and the best moment of his career.


Jones in doubt for Phoenix 

Phoenix replacement striker Alex Jones has not had clearance from Fifa for his loan to the A-League club.

10 min ago  Fifa clearance not obtained in time for Jones to play this weekend.

Waugh: NZ crowds hardest

Aussie great warns current side not to be goaded by Kiwi crowds who "get personal".

Martin Guptill was Josh Hazlewood's bunny in the tests in Australia this summer and the pace bowler wants to continue that run in Wellington and Christchurch.

Guptill a liability, Aussies say

Fast bowler Josh Hazlewood makes it clear Black Caps opener is a liability in tests.

good reads

Story behind the fairytale

There is not a spare bed in town and the Craddock Park boundary is expected to be packed with spectators, marquees and temporary viewing positions

For the first time in their 106-year history, little-known Buller achieved something no-one thought possible.

You're not 'hardwired' to stare

Organisers of the Free the Nipple Picnic, Amanda Haworth and Zoe Buckley Lennox.

Breasts have not always been regarded as irresistibly attractive.

Rape's a serious crime, not a joke

Steven Joyce was addressing media at Waitangi when a sex toy was hurled at him by a protester.

OPINION: Invoking rape when people annoy us undermines the serious criminality of the real thing, writes Rosemary McLeod.

Mother's shock at teeth discovery

At first Erica, who was born in 2006, seemed much like her older brother and two sisters, her mother recalled.

Deanna was searching for the subject that had become a preoccupation. One article stopped her cold.

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Friday, February 4 2016

Dilbert, The Little Things and more.


Police seize t-shirt launcher video

The Townsville Crocodiles mascot fires a T-shirt in to the crowd at a home game.

Australian basketball team forced to surrender homemade t-shirt cannon to police, after it was deemed a category B weapon.

What the cabbie sees video

New Plymouth's Energy City Cabs operations manager Josh Reeves says the company is set to start filming their second season of Through the Eyes of a Cabbie.

Ever wanted to know what taxi drivers have to put up with? Well, this firm has you sorted.

Cool runnings for seven

Seven-seat bobsleigh pays tribute to seven-seat X-Trail. The car's the one on the right, by the way.

Nissan markets X-Trail crossover by creating a seven-seat bobsleigh. Nobody's sure why.

This is the face of the sea thing

The face of the mystery creature.

Intriguing remains of a sea creature found bobbing in surf have been identified.


'Not OK for boys to dress like girls'

Austin Lacey was asked to remove his Princess Elsa costume after his school principal told him it was too distracting.

US teen has a bit of fun with an Elsa costume for his school's spirit day but his principal wasn't amused.

When dad misses the moment

There are lots of ways dads can be involved in newborn care if they missed out on the big moment.

No-one wants their partner to miss the baby’s birth, but it can happen. Here’s how to handle it.

Blog: Things that make me cry

My wonder girls just after birth.

Being a mum has turned me into a soppy softy. Will it ever stop?

Childbirth videos? No thanks

When it comes to giving birth, the line between being informed and creating unnecessary anxiety is a fine and very personal one.

Not keen to watch graphic birthing videos to prepare for labour? You shouldn't have to.

kiwi traveller

15 pointless travel items

Pretty woman photographer taking photograph using dslr camera......Image ID : 15617354...Image Type : Stock Photo...Model Released : Yes...Copyright : Bevan Goldswain

Paper maps, rolls of film and money belts have joined travellers cheques as things of the past.

UK hits NZ with health charge

Kiwis wanting to spend more than six months in the UK on their OE will soon have to pay up.

Kiwis wanting to spend more than six months in the UK on their OE will soon have to pay up.

Exploring the Great Wall

Wear layers when visiting the Great Wall - it can be chilly.

Heading off on an overseas adventure? Send your travel questions to us.

An endless Indian summer

The de Souza family made the move to Goa, India seeking a change of pace from their busy city lives.

Chloe and Francisco de Souza live in Goa, India, with their six-year-old twin daughters, Lily and Sabina.