Black Caps cricket

NZ clinch win over Sri Lanka gallery video

Black Caps thrill fans by taking the Boxing Day test against Sri Lanka by eight wickets.

Fearing the worst video

A relative of the passengers of AirAsia flight QZ8501 weeps as she waits for the latest news on the missing jetliner.

6:27 PM  AirAsia QZ8051 is probably under the sea. The man behind AirAsia: Tony Fernandes

Two die in boating accident

7:30 PM  Two people are dead after their boat was swamped while crossing the Manukau bar.

Fatal shark attack in Australia

6:39 PM  A man is dead in Australia's Great Southern region after reported shark attack.

Killed man 'in wrong company' video

Motel manager offers sympathies as pathologists try to establish cause of death.

Holiday road toll hits seven

7:06 PM  An elderly woman is dead after an accident  in North Canterbury today.


Facebook dog fights

Facebook has been used in an attempt to organise illegal dog fighting.

The SPCA is investigating after Facebook was used to try to organise illegal dog fighting.

Ammonia leak near Nelson

7:33 PM  Firefighters are investigating a report of an ammonia leak at the Alliance freezing works at Stoke.

This crack formed on the Pahiatua-Pongaroa Rd in the Makuri district near Pahiatua after the January 20 quake.

'Holy, what was that?'

No-one has to tell the residents of Eketahuna that 2014 was a particularly shaky year for the lower North Island.


QZ8501 tragedy

Missing AirAsia plane is likely at the bottom of the ocean, official says.


Harsh recruitment measures

DAMAGE DONE: A damaged car in Raqqa, Syria.

Intense efforts from Syrian regime to boost military numbers after substantial losses.

1 dead, 2 hurt in risky rescue gallery video

Stranded passengers and crew suffer smoke and freezing temperatures after fire breaks out on ferry.

MISSING: Indonesia's vice-president Jusuf Kalla, left, monitors progress in the search for the missing plane.

Aviation's deadly 2014

Experts say the aviation industry's underlying safety record is improving, despite missing planes.


World Cup rules are nuts - Pic

Pic Picot is unhappy
about the stringent
conditions imposed
for selling his product
at the Cricket World
Cup games at Nelson.

Nelson peanut butter baron Pic Picot says the rules around selling food at Cricket World Cup games are "kind of creepy".

NZ buys RetireAustralia

Infratil and the Superannuation Fund will take full ownership of the Australian retirement village operator for A$640 million.

The kiwi reached 95.72 Australian cents over the weekend, its highest level since December 2005.

Kiwi at 9-yr high against Aus

The move comes as weaker commodity prices weigh more heavily on the Australian economy.


Elderly move on to rental ladder

FUTURE RENTERS: The elderly are set to make up a greater proportion of rental tenants.

In just 12 years, a much larger proportion of home owners will be superannuitants and renters will rise by a third, many of them elderly.

Budget time: Break it down

You really only need three basic expenses in your budget: foundation, fun, and future.

Shoppers faint in bargains rush

Aussie dollar may lose battle

small business

Passengers pass up on Picton

Cruise ship passengers who haven’t been whisked away on a winery tour spill on to Picton’s foreshore for the craft market.

Picton stallholders are losing their lifeblood as cruise ship passengers are whisked away on winery tours before they are barely off the boat.

Getting a caffeine hit

Cafes and bars reap the benefits of an influx of Boxing Day bargain-hunters.

Slap on those sunnies

SMEs vulnerable to hackers 


New cyber-defence system for NZ

IAN FLETCHER: "For people who want to steal and break things, it takes a great deal of the risk out of it. The 'barriers to entry' to serious malware are lowering."

Spy boss Ian Fletcher has both hands tied behind his back justifying cyber-security defence system Project Cortex

Meet Lizard Squad

Who exactly are the hackers who took down XBox Live and the PSN? 

A new Apple Watch is seen during an Apple event at the Flint Center in Cupertino, California, September 9, 2014.

The best innovations of 2014

It was the year that we landed on a comet, tried to cure Ebola, and rode lots of Ubers.

life & style

Miley's topless photo taken down

TAKEN DOWN: A censored version of Miley Cyrus' Instagram picture, which was removed within minutes.

She's flashed flesh in far more terrifying ways, but her attempt to Free The Nipple didn't make it past the Instagram mods.

'Fabulous' reply to gay slur

When a couple found a gay slur carved into their front door, they had a 'fabulously' sassy response.

PROUD MUM: Ashley Gardner just hours after giving birth to her four babies.

Mum delivers 'miracle' quads

Couple who had struggled to conceive welcome four babies after mum has C-section at 29 weeks.

well & good

Fitness gadgets may hold clues

Devices such as the Fitbit Flex can monitor a user's heart rate, activity and sleep.

Courts grappling about whether to allow data from Fitbits and other devices as evidence in court, especially in personal injury claims.

Tongans tackle weighty issue

Group of women in Marlborough try to change some unhealthy habits of their culture, Biggest Loser-style.

NOT SO RELAXING AFTER ALL? A study on the impacts of using electronic reading devices found readers had a lower quality of sleep compared with reading printed books.

E-books may ruin your sleep

Those who enjoy relaxing with a Kindle over a paperback in bed could be harming their health.

home & property

The many uses of microwaves

HANDY AND HEALTHY: A healthy salmon and veggie dinner can be made using in less than 10 minutes using a microwave.

From bringing condiments back to life to disinfecting sponges, here are 10 handy uses for the appliance.

Reward yourself for progress

Some of us need all the help we can get to start, and finish, a home-improvement project.

Hanging wisteria, surrounded by buxus borders and David Austin ‘Constance Spry’ roses.

A beautiful garden on a budget

This Wairoa marvel is proof that a glorious garden can be made with time, patience and a shoestring budget.

food & wine

Recipe: Whole baked salmon

Whole baked salmon.

This simple whole fish recipe is a show-stopper. Just match the fragrant salmon and rice with a simple salad to feed a crowd easily and healthily.

From explosions to top brew

One of New Zealand's most sought -after beers started life as a university experiment.

Fish and chips take a battering

How to avoid catering disaster

nz farmer

Maori land potential highlighted


Unlocking the potential of Maori agricultural and forestry freehold land could add $3.5 billion to the economy.

Genetic leap offers hope

NZ may export dairy genetics that will enable cattle to tolerate high tropical temperatures - and climate change.

Cow illness mystery remains

Science key to credibility


J-Law is box office gold

NUMBER ONE: Jennifer Lawrence brings in the box office big-bucks.

Jennifer Lawrence has been named the highest-grossing actor in 2014 by Forbes.

Top 5 celebrity diva moments

Bieber's crotch selfie, Kanye's tanty over his wedding photos... bratty behaviour was high in 2014.

Matthew Knowles with his star daughter, Beyonce.

Beyonce's dad sells her stuff

Matthew Knowles isn't the most sentimental dad - he's just offloaded Beyonce merch in a garage sale.


Ibiza not just a party island

Ibiza is not all about raves and parties.

Ibiza, like Bali, suffers from its reputation as a party island where anything goes.

World's best adventure races

There’s a new breed of traveller out there – they’re fit, fast and ready for an adventure.

Ungasan Beach, Karma Kandara, Bali, Indonesia.

Sand-sational beaches

What is it about the humble meeting of sand and sea that seems to enchant us? 

stuff nation

A new Super Rugby champ? stuff nation

BIG PROSPECT: Seta Tamanivalu, here fending off Chiefs team-mate James Lowe in the national provincial premiership final, is set to show his skills in Super Rugby.

When it comes to rugby, the world is at the mercy of New Zealand, writes Cameron Chalmers.

Loved dog 'touched many lives' stuff nation

To have this kind of relationship with a dog was truly incredible, and I'll be forever grateful for it.

Pet of the day Nom Nom

Pet of the day: Bored with sudoku stuff nation

Nom Nom is a big cat who can often be found sitting in strange positions. Oh, and trying his paw at sudoku.


Old pistons now knobs gallery

Aston Martin Works 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Vanquish.

Aston Martin seems to have rummaged through its old parts bin to engineer a way creating six bespoke models.

Lexus bares its V8 soul

What's this? A Lexus that's capable of shrieking out high-revving V8 soul music?

RETURNED: A screen grab of the 1967 Ford Mustang that has been returned to its owner after being stolen in 1986.

Returned after 28 years

Some gifts shouldn't wait for Christmas - just ask Lynda Alsip about her Mustang that was stolen in 1986.


Rutherford gets another go

MUST DO BETTER: Hamish Rutherford batting for NZ on day one of the first test in Christchurch.

6:19 PM  Out of form NZ opener Hamish Rutherford will play in the second test against Sri Lanka.

Pitman brings up 1500 NZ wins

Southern Sav win in Timaru gives trainer Michael Pitman his 1500th winner in New Zealand.

NO PANIC YET: Steven Adams' Oklahoma City Thunder still have plenty time to make the NBA playoffs,

Adams solid but Durant missed

Solid Steven Adams performance can't prevent the Thunder falling to a the Dallas Mavericks.

good reads

Bank tellers become caregivers

GROWING PROBLEM: A customer counts her money after making a withdrawal at a Japan Post branch in Hachioji, Japan.

Nowhere is the problem of dementia more acute than in Japan.

New cyber-defence system for NZ

IAN FLETCHER: "For people who want to steal and break things, it takes a great deal of the risk out of it. The 'barriers to entry' to serious malware are lowering."

Spy boss Ian Fletcher has both hands tied behind his back justifying cyber-security defence system Project Cortex

Carbon credits not the answer

Carbon emissions from the power sector are back on the way up.

Are PM John Key and Climate Change Minister Tim Groser climate change sceptics deep down?

Quakes unite neighbours

GOOD TO KNOW YOU: Neighbours Peter Leversedge, left, and John Patterson, in their Parklands street.

Before the earthquakes Peter Leversedge knew just a handful of his neighbours. Today he knows all 66.

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kiwi traveller

Tourists get in early for seaside fun

Eight year
old Emma,
left, and her
Kinsella on
holiday from
at Kaiteriteri

Thousands of beach lovers are embracing golden sand and sunshine at Kaiteriteri Beach.

Expat tales: In the heart of Europe

WATER WONDERLAND: Allanah Faherty recommends taking an inflatable boat for a trip down the canals.

Allanah Faherty has found her dream job and location in Berlin, Germany.

A bad moon rising gallery

Shayla Gibbons

When Shayla Gibbons left NZ her OE, she never thought she'd end up in a Thai clinic, fearing for her friend's lives.

Kiwis are Christmas Scrooges

BAH HUMBUG: Kiwis are happy to snub their family this holiday season.

Kiwis are a bunch of Scrooges with 50 per cent wanting to leave family members behind this Christmas.


Drunken crash into ex-husband's home

US police

Woman crashes car through estranged husband's front door after an argument.

Circus passes off puppies as pandas

PANDA POWER: The offender caught in the act of impersonating a panda.

Remember when a zoo tried to pass off a dog as a lion? Now it's puppies pulling the fur over our eyes.

Carols by Chester video

Chester the Cairn terrier, loves the festive season and shares in the Christmas spirit by singing a carol.

Meet Chester - Canterbury Medical Officer of Health Alistair Humphrey's carol-singing dog-about-town.

Meet the 'puppy' shark stuff nation video

JUST LOOKING: Jared Simcox got up close with the "puppy dog" of the ocean.

Kiwi diver Jared Simcox got up close and eye-balled by a three-metre grey nurse shark in Sydney.