July 29 2014, updated 8:45pm

Steven Adams

'If I'm a dick, NZ looks bad'

Kiwi NBA star Steven Adams takes being a role model seriously, knowing he represents his country.

A grand apology

Air NZ 8:45pm Air NZ tries to sweeten raw deal for passengers stranded three days in Hawaii after plane problems.

CAA knew about drugs

Inquest into Carterton balloon crash told that the CAA knew of pilot's alleged drug use and dishonesty.

Boy and Bear reunited

Boy rejoices as missing puppy - a last gift from dying mum - is found after a fortnight.

Curtis denies Mana support

Actor Cliff Curtis denies he is endorsing the Mana Movement this election, saying he remains "absolutely apolitical".

An unlikely $500k win

They never had much luck on the horses before but two mates have won $500k on a rank outsider.

Internet Mana leader to take on Key

Laila Harre Internet Mana leader Laila Harre will take on Prime Minister John Key in the Helensville electorate.

Prolific stalker re-arrested

Notorious stalker breached release conditions 6 times shortly after leaving prison, police allege.

Jailed for scary acts

Rider in hospital

car surfing

Pair charged with 'car surfing'

The pair volunteered themselves to police after footage of the "stupid" stunt was posted on YouTube.

Noel Wogan reunited with puppy Bear

Nine-year-old Noel Wogan has been reunited with his puppy Bear after it went missing more than two weeks ago.

No to 'race separatists'

Winston Peters Winston Peters declares NZ First will sit on the crossbenches before aligning with Maori or Mana.

Pressure eases on rates

Finance Minister admits the housing market is slowing and economic growth is "flattening".

McCully 'back in business'

Smith won't pursue defamation

Laila Harre

Internet Mana leader to take on Key

Internet Mana leader Laila Harre will take on Prime Minister John Key in the Helensville electorate.

World powers divided on Gaza

Gaza air strike Iran's supreme leader has called on the Muslim world to arm Palestinians while US lawmakers seek military aid for Israel.

Ebola doctor in grave condition

Texas-trained doctor says he is "terrified" of the disease progressing further.

Summer camp in North Korea?

Child abuse suspect killed

Guard of honour with coffins of MH17 victims

Victims' journey far from over

It was a journey that started like so many others. It was never meant to end like this.

Farmers face $4b pay cut

milk Fonterra's reduced forecast farm-gate milk payout will "come as a shock to farmers".

Auckland storm proves costly

The violent storm that swept across Auckland in June has cost insurers $30 million so far.

Call for lower tax on savings

Air NZ flies more passengers


Director a 'model prisoner'

Jailed director of Capital + Merchant has been paroled after coping well in prison, Parole Board says.

Rents reaching new highs

house strap Christchurch rents set to reach Auckland levels, yet average Auckland household has $220 a week more.

Fraudster's beach house sells

Days Bay pad previously owned by fraudster David Ross has sold, with money from the sale going to defrauded investors.

Banks pass on cash rate increase

Chasing a fair go

From pinot to pints

Bethel Woods bar Wine is making way for ales, stouts and lagers as craft beer bars continue to spread throughout the capital.

Insurer grinds couple down

Hair salon owners are exhausted and heartbroken after a three-year battle over their insurance.

Tying the knot down in the barn

Sainsbury's fund lamb R&D

Kids consider IT 'a bum subject'

Report shows gradual decline in the proportion of students enrolled in science-related subjects.

PlayStation everything

Sony plans to reposition the console warhorse as a hub for a network of streamed services.

Microsoft in antitrust probe

Amazon opens 3D printing store

Ready for blast off

NZ-made 10-tonne rocket capable of sending satellites into space at a fraction of current costs.

Help! My bum is disappearing

Candice If your glutes aren't pulling their weight, it's time to change your routine.

Goat stuck in a baaad situation

When one goat finds himself stuck in a hole, another tries to help him... but the rescue doesn't quite go to plan.

10 ways to look slimmer, fast

A curse upon thee

Her beauty caused a storm

Her beauty caused a storm

This young woman just wants to play volleyball. Her many, many new online fans won't let that happen.

Let's live in ... Avonhead

avonhead Dotted with the wellsprings of the mighty Avon River, it's a middle-class oasis in Christchurch's northwest.

The home of a hip hop mogul

Basically, it's like something from a music video.

How does Auckland compare?

Kiwis embrace high-rise living

Jo and Damo

Meet the new The Block teams

Here are the pairs you'll be rooting for or complaining about over the next few months.

Tiny, yummy doughnuts

doughnut The secret of these irresistible little balls of delicious is ricotta cheese, which gives them a springy texture.

Jumbo a piece of cake

It was the elephant in the room that everyone wanted to talk about.

Bright and tasty beetroot risotto

Move over kale

Farmers face $4b pay cut

milk Fonterra's reduced forecast farm-gate milk payout will "come as a shock to farmers".

Experience needed

New survey of farmers suggests a shortage of skilled workers affects all sectors of agriculture.

Payout cut expected

Judge's order stopped milking

Tiger Lily to inherit 'very little'

Tiger Lily On her 18th birthday here was no sign of much inheritance from Tiger Lily's late father Michael Hutchence.

Hashtag prompts death threats

Zayn Malik had 13 million followers and usually tweets music. Then he tweeted one of the most controversial hashtags.

'Most unprofessional dude'

Why Queen refused Iron Throne

Naked and Afraid

Naked TV a new trend

Reality television's newest trend: Nudity is hot and no longer confined to late-night premium cable.

Toddler's travel troubles

Delta Airlines Passengers rage as a family allowed their child to defecate on his seat during a flight from Beijing to Detroit.

There's an app for that

Want to choose your hotel room? Check in? Or unlock your room door?

'Settle down Captain Happy'

Beware that hotel wi-fi

Point Yamu by Como

From here to infinity

A new luxury resort in Phuket departs from tradition.

Learning Maori in Petone

maori strap Students of Sacred Heart School celebrate Maori Language Week with songs, sports and videos.

Chocolate coconut squares

These gluten-free treats fill the gap of guilty pleasure, sans the sinful side.

This is it: cats or dogs?

Eight key future All Blacks

gaza strap

Top five reader comments

Readers have their say on the war in Gaza, redundancies, television nudity, and getting stuck in Hawaii.

Gully link gets green

Transmission Gully The cost of Wellington's Transmission Gully motorway is $25m less than expected.

Jaguar buys huge collection

Jaguar has probably parted with nearly NZ$200m for the world's largest-known privately owned collection of British classic cars.

The last Aussie Territory

P1 track teaser

Ford's 2015 Mustang F-35 Lightning II Edition

One-of-a-kind Mustang

Ford has unveiled its latest one-of-a-kind US Air Force-inspired Mustang.

Cheika not playing mind games

Michael Cheika Waratahs coach doubts the Crusaders are stressed by not winning Super Rugby since 2008.

Warriors key names back

Shaun Johnson and Feleti Mateo to return from injury in otherwise unchanged side for away clash against Raiders.

Tahs stick with proven 15

Tall Blacks beaten

Richie McCaw

Even Richie gets nervous

Despite 127 test caps, ABs skipper says anxiety of preparing for big games never goes away.

Pop screamers

Pop's hysterical howlers

Screaming female pop fans have more in common with male sports fans than you may think.

Moata Tamaira

A curse upon thee

A selection of curses I hereby wish upon the miscreant who made off with our wheels...

Lily Collins

Have we hit 'peak brow'?

After meticulously crafting hairy caterpillars onto our face, the trend is about to do a 180.


Strange captivity in Ukraine

After pointless questioning, amateur militants gave me a bizarre glimpse of their world.

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Teens moving out

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Monkey see, monkey do

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A pilgrim in Wellington

Kaushiki Roy has travelled far, but a walk up Mt Victoria is its own kind of pilgrimage.

Reptile surprise in curry

Chefs serve up a special take on the traditional chicken curry to workers on Fiji's Malolo island.


The simple life for us

Running an eco lodge in the Andes is a great family lifestyle.

American flag

An alien in my homeland

I grew up in the US but it wasn't until I came to New Zealand that I finally felt at home.


What was Veldette?

For decades a council believed a dog was buried in a human grave - only it was a horse.

fart strap

Giant bum farts at France

An idiosyncratic British inventor has off a flatulent noise across the English channel.

Lizards courtesy tom_adams / Flickr

Lizard sex satellite adrift in space

Mission control has lost contact with a satellite full of geckos who may (or may not) be copulating.

LeBron James

LeBron's cupcake apology

NBA star sends community 800 cupcakes to apologise for a media circus.

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