July 24 2014, updated 9:07am

Reserve Bank raises official interest rate to 3.5%
Maslin children

'We need to live with this every day'

Parents who lost three children on MH17 wouldn't wish their hell on anyone - even the killers.

Boy's eerie MH17 premonition More

Live: Games open

Glasgow 7:56am Those stirring bagpipes! Rockin' Rod! Tartan for 500 miles! It's a festival of Scottishness as the Commonwealth Games open.

Rates up to 3.5 per cent

0 min ago Reserve Bank hikes official interest rates again, to 3.5 per cent, but that is it, for now.

Strangers answer MH17 phones

7:58am Grieving relatives of victims of MH17 disaster receive chilling confirmation of looting at the crash site. | First bodies arrive

Sorry, no women allowed

Rugby Southland has booted 18-year-old April Miller from the presidents grade competition.

West Ham slammed in press

7:29am British media pounce over West Ham's shock 2-1 loss to the Wellington Phoenix.

One dead in fatal crash

Police A person has died in a head-on car crash in the Tararua district overnight.

Change is all around us

NZ in 2014 has more immigrants, fewer smokers, and more lecture halls filled with students.

Happy trails on Ruapehu at last

Man lost eye after assault

Invictus Aaron Soppet

Battling the odds

A 12-strong Kiwi team will take part in the inaugural Invictus Games for injured service men and women.

Kim Dotcom's 'Party party' kicks off

Internet Party founder Kim Dotcom's first "Party party" has kicked off in Auckland.

Voter enrolment rates dip

voting Voter enrolment is declining in almost every electorate, despite the general election being just two months away.

Quake workers paid?

Winston Peters tells Parliament that Earthquake Services boss told his staff not to pay tax.

David Cunliffe's nightmare

Hockey's learning experience

Mike Hosking

TVNZ political standoff

Labour in standoff with TVNZ over plans to use Mike Hosking to moderate leaders' debates.

Plane crash kills dozens

TransAsia crash A plane making a second landing attempt in stormy weather crashes on island, killing 47.

First MH17 bodies arrive

As first bodies of MH17 victims arrive in Netherlands, rebels shoot down two fighter jets in Ukraine.

US pushes for truce

While you were sleeping

Chris and Erena Wilson

Tree death shadows lives

The father of a woman killed by a tree branch opens up as he campaigns to stop it happening again.

Warm June saw power fall

Genesis The warmest June on record led to 12pc fall in power demand from Genesis mass market customers.

'Living wage' on the menu

It's going to cost Lucas Putnam an arm and a leg, but the restaurant owner says paying his staff a living wage is the ethical thing to do.

UK union 'should stop bleating'

Report queries uranium impact


Have Crocs finally croaked?

Maker of clogs everyone loves to hate plans major restructure, including ditching job and some brands.

Banking in the future

Google Glass The next wave of innovation is underway in mobile banking. Here's a glimpse of what's coming.

Migration may stoke housing

Migration boom returns as Kiwis shun Australia and foreigners arrive, and risks reigniting the housing market.

Ethics training for advisers

'Raise retirement age soon'

A taste of cafe culture at school

Wellington college cafe Wellington College students won't be falling asleep, now the school has a coffee shop.

Longer parking limits wanted

Businesses fear a 30-minute parking restriction in Mt Albert is putting customers off.

Store rides the digital revolution

Students' sweet paleo success

Google hit over data-slurping

Search engine in court again to defend their privacy policies.

Clinton praises girls who code

Dropping by Twitter HQ, former secretary of state singles out non-profit organisation Girls Who Code for applause.

Crack down on rumours, porn

Does anyone want more Crash?

EA profit exceeds expectations

Publisher reports better-than-expected profits thanks to Titanfall, as it delays latest Battlefield until next year.

10 things you should know...

Fat About fats. You might just be surprised.

Tem returns to childhood holiday spot

Temuera Morrison caught up with locals in Takapuna to discuss trials and tribulations ahead of new show.

A touch insulting?

The ultimate workout

Nadia Forde

Is this Rory McIlroy's new love?

The British Open champion may have a new lady in his life.

House of the week: Flat Bush

Hotw This couple spent almost a year sourcing design inspiration for their dream home, and the result is impressive.

7 transformations: Laundries

Before and after, these little laundries are what sweet smelling dreams are made of.

Let's live in ... Matamata

Add charm to your garden


Real life reno: The kitchen

On how to get the best bang for your buck in the heart of the home (and the bitchin' our kitchen caused).

7 signs your gluten allergy is fake

gluten Here's one: 'Oh, no pizza for me, but extra gravy on the beef please'.

Edible pizza faces

Glasgow chef Domenico Crolla is creating some incredible pizza creations by putting faces of celebrities on his pizzas.

Gluten free? Choc on!

Hazelnut pork with brussels

Seeds rendered worthless

Carrots in flower for seed Some Canterbury farmers are facing big losses after bad weather ruined their seed crops.

Bees knees

Teenage beekeeping brothers Matthew and Daniel Mason have grown their business to 100 hives in five years.

Sharing produces rewards

Take worries away from clifftops

Snoop smoked it at White House

Snoop Dog/YouTube Snoop Dogg says he smoked in the White House bathroom.

TV Guide's top 5 this week

Not sure what's good on TV? The TV Guide has rounded up the five best shows this week.

From Grey's to The 100

Treasure hunter film at NZIFF

Cliff Curtis in Dark Horse.

Challenges and chess

Cliff Curtis and Boy star James Rolleston have reunited for a new film about challenges and chess.

Jaws tourism on the rise

Cape Cpd Despite its reputation as a man-eating predator, the great white shark is luring tourists to Cape Cod.

Trump hotel to be the best

Donald Trump has big plans for the Old Post Office building, a historic structure in downtown Washington.

Should you be scared to fly?

Video: Lost in Indonesia

Les Mis Melbourne

Melbourne's top 10

Melbourne offers plenty for lovers of popular and more classical culture this winter.

Surprised I survived scarfie flat

frozen frost The toilet was outside, the walls crumbled to the touch and my windows regularly froze over... on the inside.

Hope after miscarriage

I remember my son's words, "Mum, I know you are sad about Chotu but aren't you happy you have me?".

Celebrating Glasgow 2014

Endless opportunities in OZ

Out of this winter view

The ski season means amazing days on the slopes, and incredible mountain views like this.

In a league of his own

Whetu Taewa Whetu Taewa blitzed the opposition with pace and power throughout his international league career.

Backing blind

How difficult is it to reverse a blacked-out vehicle? Very difficult, especially when its head-to-head against Kiwi rally star Hayden Paddon.

Electric future fast approaching

New tax hurts diesels

Pinto Stampede

Pintos go from beast to beauty

An often-mocked classic car remains "cute", "unique" and "sexy" to their devoted owners.

NZ Comm Games bid 'likely'

New Zealand Olympic Committee President Mike Stanley attends the New Zealand flag raising ceremony at the Athletes Village New Zealand will host another Commonwealth Games - probably in Auckland or Christchurch.

Boyd's health the only concern

Knights boss describes embattled star as the most introverted player he has ever coached.

So the Glasgow Games begin

Ferns won't hold back

Alejandro Rodriguez

Garden of Eden for Phoenix

West Ham have had their Premier League bags sent packing, stunned 2-1 by the Phoenix.

Cape Cpd

Jaws tourism on the rise

Despite its reputation as a man-eating predator, the great white shark is luring tourists to Cape Cod.

Cliff Curtis in Dark Horse.

Challenges and chess

Cliff Curtis and Boy star James Rolleston have reunited for a new film about challenges and chess.

Child abuse

Three very powerful words

Three of the most powerful words we can say to survivors of violence are, "I believe you".


Oops, did I say that?

I said something sexist in front of my kids - and then they repeated the offending phrase.

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Meditation for fertility

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Blogging about your kids

I feel like I have a wealth of experience and knowledge about my girls, but sometimes I feel like I don't know what the hell I'm doing.


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The places I (don't) get

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Blackcomb, Whistler

Powder day, every day

You get sick of taking photos when everyday is one that you never want to forget.

Cristy Baker

Saving strays

Cristy Baker's love of animals took her to Phuket, Thailand.

Baxter Fitzsimons

The School of Life

Globetrotting with kids is all one big ed-venture for these intrepid families.

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Beetles fell Harrison's tree

George Harrison's memorial tree in Los Angeles' Griffith Park has been killed by bark beetles.

Orange is the New Black

Orange isn't the new black

Prison introduces old school inmate outfits after TV show makes standard issue "orange jumpsuit" iconic.


A bit of gross on the side

Whether it was intentional, as a dare or a barf-making accident, tell us about the grossest thing you've eaten.

Tattoos of Homer on Lee Weir's arm

Simpsons' fan sets tattoo record

Auckland Simpsons' fanatic Lee Weir gave up beer for a year to pay for his world record breaking 41 tattoos of Homer.

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