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23:06, Aug 22 2010

With Vodafone live! you can get all the latest and breaking news, sport and gossip headlines sent to your Vodafone live! mobile - so you'll never be the last to know!

You can have access to:

It is free to have a look around Vodafone live! You only pay for what you download or buy.

You can subscribe to News for just $1.00 per week and get unlimited access to all categories. 
Or you can check out what's happening on any given day for only $0.50 for a full 24 hours - access.

To have a look at what is available and sign up for news alerts simply freeTXT "STUFF" to "LIVE" (5483) and we'll send you more details.

Or you can hit the live! button on your phone, then click on Everyday from the live! homepage.


How to unsubscribe:

To unsubscribe from an alert, simply TXT the word "STOP" in reply.  A notification will be sent shortly to your phone confirming your removal

To unsubscribe from an alert on the SIM 2 service simply open the SIM 2 menu and find the service you are subscribed too. When you click on it you will get an option to unsubscribe.

For more information please go to http://www.vodafone.co.nz/newalerts