Fairfax New Zealand Limited's online news archive service

01:11, Sep 30 2014

Welcome to the Fairfax Archives, Stuff’s entry point to Fairfax New Zealand Limited’s online news archive service. The archives contain stories from Fairfax New Zealand Limited’s metropolitan, provincial and Sunday newspapers going back more than seven years.

Currently there are more than one million stories in the database with more than 15,000 new articles being added each month – in short Archivestuff is New Zealand’s most extensive online archive of quality news stories.

Please note some articles published within Fairfax New Zealand Limited’s newspapers or website – Stuff.co.nz originate from non-Fairfax New Zealand Limited sources i.e. NZPA, Reuters or syndicated stories from overseas publications and freelance journalists. In these circumstances we are unable to provide copyright clearance/licenses for use of these articles.

Archived Fairfax New Zealand Limited Newspapers available: