Rates hike to get Auckland moving

Mayor Brown wants a new levy to help pay for transport improvements such as busways

12:29 PM  Auckland Council votes overwhelmingly in favour of a $99-a-year extra transport levy.

Boy 'shocked' at teacher's act

Court generic NZ

12:48 PM  A schoolboy who saw his maths teacher masturbating in a classroom said he was "shocked" by what he saw.

Who owns this kayak?

The kayak found on Rangitoto Island.

12:08 PM  Auckland police are searching for the owner of a kayak and survival equipment that was left on Rangitoto Island.

Vandals wreck state house

The police have apprehended four youths in relation to the damage.

Four teens allegedly threw paint, smeared excrement and damaged walls with graffiti in a vacant Auckland state house.

Planes to producers for hangars

Brendan Donovan and his crew on the set of The Hopes and Dreams of Gazza Snell which was filmed at the Hobsonville Point hangars.

Film-makers applaud an idea to turn old Auckland Air Force hangars into film studio space.

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Concerns over Karekare walkway

Two large macrocarpa trees have been cut down to realign a track on the southern side of the stream at Karekare. One of the trees was planted by early settlers.

12:28 PM  Karekare residents are concerned that a walkway comes at a high environmental and archaeological price.

Steam room repairs to cost $38,000

12:19 PM  A new generator is needed to get the West Wave steam room up and running again after being closed six months ago.

Auckland queer community set to have a stronger voice.

New mental health unit coming


Eden hockey hoping for improvement

Eden's Manesh Patel fights for the ball against a Southern defender.

Although they haven't won a game this season, there are plenty of positives coming out of Eden's premier men's hockey squad.

Playing with heart and soul

Losing a dozen players at the beginning of a season is incredibly tough for any football team to rebuild from.

Westerrn Springs College rugby league coach Peter McIntyre, captain Conrad Collins and assistant coach Dion Griffiths are keen to tackle the new season head on.

Tackling the new season

Giant killers Western Springs College know they beat anyone on a good day, the key is keep up that consistency.

Auckland Faces

Life off 'The Rock'

HAPPY HERE: Fou Alene-Tumataiki says New Zealand has ‘‘open arms’’ for Pacific migrants.

When Fou Alene-Tumataiki left Niue she forgot her native language. 40 years later, she's teaching it to kids.

'Make a life for yourself'

Better job opportunities and a better education were Elaine Iorive’s goals when she came to New Zealand.

BALANCING CULTURES: Linabel Hadlee with her husband Simon and children Mateo, 2, and Jessica, 6, celebrate a family occasion.

Mexican mum loves NZ

Living in Auckland is all about keeping her balance for Mexican mother of two Linabel Hadlee.

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