More homes for south Auckland video

Housing Minister Nick Smith and developer Charles Ma view the Drury site where 1000 new homes will be built.

New developments at Drury and by Glenbrook steel mill will provide hundreds more homes, government says.

Gold trader sentenced to prison

Gold trader Kairuaiti Tangata Oropai Robert Kairua has been sentenced to nearly four years behind bars

An Auckland gold trader has been sentenced to nearly four years prison for stealing from clients.

Dog starved on diet of noodles

An Auckland dog found almost starved to death had to be put down.

7:16 PM  An Auckland man has been found guilty of animal abuse after his dog was found almost starved to death on a diet of noodles.

Woman thrown from carĀ 

The scene of the crash in Whitford as captured by the Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter.

Woman seriously hurt after police chase in Auckland ends in crash.

Auckland homes sold quickly

Research by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment found that the number of homes in Auckland bought and sold within two years has been rising since 2009.

More than one in five properties in Auckland are sold within two years of purchase, a government analysis has found.

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Local News

Coming to a screen near you

Film-maker Rebecca Tansley used the Emily Place Reserve as a set in her film Crossing Rachmaninoff.

Film-making is a stressful, time consuming gig but for Rebecca Tansley it has been worth the effort.

From Westside to Shakespeare

Actor goes from playing a young Wolf West in Westside to the Globe Theatre.

Dancing in the Dark

Charges for smuggling kereru


Young rugby player heads to Japan

Anastasia Sekene, right, holds the national trophy with former Auckland Women's Seven coach Peter Walters and team member Tysha Ikenasio.

High school student Anastasia Sekene says playing rugby with older women is a tough ask.

The transformation of Renes Bashota

Renes Bashota is showing up able-bodied gym buffs with his against-the-odds change.

Schoolchildren display a huge banner at Eden Park in support of the All Blacks. Jerome Kaino, Andy Ellis and Hika Elliot attended the event.

Massive ABs banner unveiled video

An All Blacks fan banner as long as a Boeing 777-300 aircraft has been unveiled at Eden Park.

Auckland Faces

Elderly tourist found

Police are searching for a 71-year-old Chinese woman

Police are searching for a 71-year-old woman missing in Auckland

Mexican mum loves NZ

Living in Auckland is all about keeping her balance for Mexican mother of two Linabel Hadlee.

HAPPY HERE: Fou Alene-Tumataiki says New Zealand has ‘‘open arms’’ for Pacific migrants.

Life off 'The Rock'

When Fou Alene-Tumataiki left Niue she forgot her native language. 40 years later, she's teaching it to kids.

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