Historic homestead for sale

Mt Albert Guest House was built in the 1870s.

2:19 PM  One of Auckland's most historic houses is up for sale.

Roof repairs 'insufficient' gallery

30062015 news photo, 95-113 Greys Ave (aka lower reys ave, HNZ housing. water damage caused by inadequate roofing and down pipes. Photo: Tom Carnegie.

Tenants of Housing New Zealand apartments in Auckland's CBD are fed up with living in water-damaged properties.

Window washers warned

Council look to work with police to address issues with intersection window washers.

Auckland Council is urging people to dob in unwelcome car window washers.

Censured over school slap

An Auckland school principal has been censured after slapping a teenage pupil.

2:39 PM  Auckland principal who slapped a child learned a "salutary lesson" says governing body.

It started with a uterus video

Luck has made anything from waffles with banana, blue berries and maple syrup to a pair of lungs (pictured).

Gypsy Apple Luck was wondering what to make her son for Christmas last year. She settled on crocheted organs.

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Local News

Silverdale RSA expects to overcome its issues

Silverdale RSA president Frank Coggan says members will decide in about September whether to sell some club land to improve its finances and to allow the building of a new club house.

12 min ago  Downhill slides are being arrested at the Silverdale & Districts RSA.

Feedback shapes project decisions

12 min ago  A master plan for Papakura town centre, cycleways and community gardens are among projects that have been given the green light under Auckland Council's Long Term Plan.

Community support for Courtney

Roofer in court on charges


Lacey is back and ready to win

Mick Lacey's got the nickname The Lone Wolf as his son says he always travels by himself to tournaments.

2:33 PM  Mick Lacey is back and ready to take on Super League Darts.

Maramarua bring Tuakau to their knees

It was the thrashing of the season when Maramarua 1 crushed Tuakau 1 by 50 points on Saturday.

Te Kohanga 1's Zoe Ashby feeds to goal shoot Hemoata Rau while Iwi United Kotare players try defend the pass.

Te Kohanga on the rise

Te Kohanga 1 bounced back from their heavy defeat in round three to win the game against Iwi United Kotare at the Pukekohe Netball Centre's premier gold division competition held on Saturday.

Auckland Faces

Elderly tourist found

Police are searching for a 71-year-old Chinese woman

Police are searching for a 71-year-old woman missing in Auckland

Mexican mum loves NZ

Living in Auckland is all about keeping her balance for Mexican mother of two Linabel Hadlee.

HAPPY HERE: Fou Alene-Tumataiki says New Zealand has ‘‘open arms’’ for Pacific migrants.

Life off 'The Rock'

When Fou Alene-Tumataiki left Niue she forgot her native language. 40 years later, she's teaching it to kids.

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