Emaciated horse passes away

WhiteHaven Farms director Sally French with neglected horse Atreyu after he was found.

Atreyu was abandoned and starving upon rescue. But despite efforts to nurture him back to health, he has died.

Shoppers' sparrow horror

Katherine Marshall holds one of the stricken sparrows.

The "horrible" sight of poisoned and dying sparrows shocked Auckland shoppers at Westfield Albany.

No charges in stabbing death

David Cunningham died as a result of stab wounds on Ararimu Road in Ramarama.

No one will be charged after a man was stabbed to death in rural south Auckland.

Port court action begins

Ports of Auckland faces High Court action over its plans to extend Bledisloe wharf.

Opponents trying to halt wharf extension face Ports of Auckland in court today.

Killed shopkeeper trial begins video

West Auckland dairy owner Arun Kumar.

The trial of two teens charged over the death of dairy owner Arun Kumar starts at Auckland High Court.

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Local News

Falling tree kills man video

The lighting storm settles in over the Auckland waterfront.

Man killed by a falling tree just before a fierce electrical storm batters Northland and Auckland.

Oratia seeks Chatham Cup victory

Oratia United are through to the third round of the knock-out Chatham Cup.

Pair planned 'to use violence' video

SPORT: City unhappy with Chatham Cup no-show


Oratia seeks Chatham Cup victory

Oratia's Kale Paki on the ball.

Oratia United are through to the third round of the knock-out Chatham Cup.

Wheel Blacks legend on Queen's list

Wheel Black Tim Johnson turned tragedy into success and has been recognised in the Queen's Birthday Honours list.

Teina Rihari, Heemi Rihari and Tana Milton (back); and Kelena Roughan, Jasmine Milton and Uma Robinson are the national representatives aiming for a volleyball revival in Whangarei.

A dig at success

Four cousins are among six Whangarei students selected for national representative volleyball sides.

Auckland Faces

Elderly tourist found

Police are searching for a 71-year-old Chinese woman

Police are searching for a 71-year-old woman missing in Auckland

Mexican mum loves NZ

Living in Auckland is all about keeping her balance for Mexican mother of two Linabel Hadlee.

HAPPY HERE: Fou Alene-Tumataiki says New Zealand has ‘‘open arms’’ for Pacific migrants.

Life off 'The Rock'

When Fou Alene-Tumataiki left Niue she forgot her native language. 40 years later, she's teaching it to kids.

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