Homicide investigation underway

NZ Police Tape

10:16 PM  A man has been taken into custody as police investigate a woman's death in Papatoetoe.

Piha rescue for stranded tramper

Piha beach/Lion rock.

A tramper stranded on the rocks near Piha beach overnight was rescued Sunday morning.

"Death wish" police chase

An "idiot with a death wish'' drove the wrong way down a motorway at high speed in Auckland on Saturday night.

It is miracle no one was killed when a man drove at high speed the wrong way on the motorway, police say.

Stuck passengers weren't angry

The Cathay Pacific aircraft at Ohakea on Saturday that was diverted to the air base for seven hours because of bad weather in Auckland.

Seven-hour diversion to Ohakea not an ordeal for the more than 250 onboard.

Pedestrian killed in Auckland

A woman has died after being hit by a car in Auckland

An elderly woman has died after being hit by a car.

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Dead pedestrian was near home

st john ambulance nz generic

An elderly Auckland woman who died after being struck by a car on Saturday night was on her way home from housie.

Stuck passenger: We weren't angry

Seven hours on the tarmac in Ohakea wasn't an ordeal for 266 people onboard, says passenger.

'An idiot with a death wish'

Brave rescue recognised


Duffin returns to win GT2 video

A high-speed crash was not enough to stop Buckland's Andy Duffin from returning to the track to claim the 2014/15 GT2 title.

A high-speed crash was not enough to stop Andy Duffin from returning to claim the 2014/15 GT2 title.

Indiana rules in the 200m

Indiana Singer-Denton is a speed demon making a name for herself in the world of athletics.

Kiwi NBA star Steven Adams could be set to help the Tall Blacks' Olympics campaign.

Adams could Thunder into Tall Blacks side at last

NZ basketball in talks with Oklahoma City team after early exit from the NBA could free up star Kiwi centre.

Auckland Faces

Life off 'The Rock'

HAPPY HERE: Fou Alene-Tumataiki says New Zealand has ‘‘open arms’’ for Pacific migrants.

When Fou Alene-Tumataiki left Niue she forgot her native language. 40 years later, she's teaching it to kids.

'Make a life for yourself'

Better job opportunities and a better education were Elaine Iorive’s goals when she came to New Zealand.

BALANCING CULTURES: Linabel Hadlee with her husband Simon and children Mateo, 2, and Jessica, 6, celebrate a family occasion.

Mexican mum loves NZ

Living in Auckland is all about keeping her balance for Mexican mother of two Linabel Hadlee.

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