Political billboard limitations proposed

Auckland Transport wants to limit the number of roadside political billboards allowed in election campaigns.

The transport authority of the country's biggest city has also suggested limiting their display to nine weeks prior to the election date.

With the general election in September, Auckland Transport said it wanted to see greater regulation of the advertising.

In a proposed amendment to the election bylaw it today outlined a list of changes "to provide certainty for candidates, political parties and the public".

It said its plan was to ensure safety and amenity values were considered.

Among the key amendments proposed are:

• To limit the number of signs promoting election and referenda issues

• Reduce the time signs can be displayed on private property

• No signs to be attached to any other election sign, building, tree, litter bin, street furniture, traffic control device, bus shelter, public toilet, power pole, light pole or telephone pole, post or other structure.

• Minimum size of signs - no smaller than 0.25 square metres

• No election signs at public sites assessed by Auckland Transport as "temporarily unsuitable"

• Signs must not be internally or externally illuminated

• All signs must provide legible contact details of the person responsible for the sign

More information on the proposals can be found on the Auckland Transport site

Public feedback on the proposals can be emailed or posted to Bylaw Submission, Regulations and Standards - Road Corridor Operations Auckland Transport, Private Bag 92250, Auckland, 1142.

Submissions close on June 3 and require contact details and an indication of whether the submitter wished to make additional comments as an oral submission.