Petrol tanker strike extends to Auckland

Industrial action backing better wages for petrol tanker drivers spread to Auckland today.

Drivers at Toll Carriers, who are members of the FIRST Union, went on strike on May 1 following more than three months of bargaining with the Australian company for a collective pay agreement.

The FIRST Union claims the company has been unwilling to match industry rates which it says in some cases are $10 an hour more than what the Toll workers are currently paid.

Since May 1, the strike action of six of eight petrol tanker drivers in Northland has affected deliveries to BP and GAS petrol stations in the region.

Today drivers and their supporters moved their protest action to Auckland, picketing outside several BP stations; starting with BP Greenlane at 10am.

''BP Oil is benefiting from the very low wage rates that Toll Carriers pays ... in some cases $10 an hour less than its competitors,'' FIRST Union organiser Jared Abbott said.

''When a customer drives up to any petrol station they will pay a similar price for petrol and other consumables.

''But while other petrol stations engage companies that pay their delivery drivers a fairer wage, BP is happy to sit by and preside over much poorer wages. They need to front up and be part of the solution to pay low wages at Toll Carriers.''

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