Another cat shot on North Shore

17:00, May 12 2014
ANIMAL CRUELTY: Afu the cat was shot for the third time outside his Albany home on May 5.

Another cat shooting on Auckland's North Shore has drawn swift condemnation from SPCA executive director Bob Kerridge.

Afu the cat was shot with what his owner believes was an air soft gun on May 5.

The animal has been targeted three times on separate occasions since February and the latest incident left it with a wound in its side.

Kerridge is appalled by the case and wants the offender caught and prosecuted.

"Being cruel to an animal is despicable in any shape or form," he says.

Afu's owner, Zheng Man, lives at Lismore Way in Albany on the North Shore and believes the cat was shot with an airsoft gun.


He originally thought the animal might have been bitten by the family german shepherd dog Seven.

But all the wounds are identical and he can't believe anyone would shoot a cat saying "it's ruthless, whoever is doing that."

Another cat was shot in a separate incident at the suburb of Forrest Hill earlier this month.

Owner Tom Wyles plans to move house after his cat Hossman was shot with a slug gun on April 14.

Animal advocacy group Paw Justice offered to pay most of the vet bill, which was almost $2000.

Hossman may have been put down without the organisation's help.

Senior Sergeant Scott Cunningham, acting youth and communities prevention manager, says shooting a firearm in a residential area is dangerous and illegal.

Kerridge agrees: "It's a very dangerous thing to be doing under any circumstances."

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