University of Auckland proposes job cuts

More than 100 jobs at the University of Auckland will be lost under proposed restructuring of administrative services. 

The University employs 1211 full time administrative staff. The proposed new structure will reduce this by 109 full time jobs as the university attempts to reduce costs.

"The University is coming under increasing financial pressure as the income per student declines every year in real terms so we have to look for ways of being more efficient in our administration," said Vice-Chancellor, Professor Stuart McCutcheon.

The restructuring is an attempt to replace a current ad-hoc systems with a more consistent structure and standardised processes, the University said. 

"We are a large complex organisation; we've grown very quickly and administrative services have been developed in the faculties in an ad-hoc way. For example we have over 500 staff involved in some kind of financial transaction yet we only have 6,000 staff in the entire University," said McCutcheon.

The university's union is concerned about the restructuring of capable staff that have expertise supporting students and academic staff with their teaching, learning and research.

The Union is worried that less people will do more work for less pay.

"We are in consultation with management basically expressing our concern that over 100 positions may be lost and a number of positions may be lowered [in seniority], and if these positions are lost what is the workload impact," said Tertiary Education Union Auckland co-president, Nina Mamnani.

The proposal is expected to be finalised in July.

"We have made submissions and we have raised our concerns and we must wait for management to respond to those submissions," said Mamnani.