Toddler dies after being run over by roller

21:12, Jun 07 2014
TRAGIC: The steam roller that hit a toddler is removed from the North Shore property where the incident took place.

A toddler has died today after being run over in his own home's driveway by a 1.5 tonne roller.

The roller was being used to compact loose shingle on the driveway at the home in Lucas Heights, Paremoremo, north of Auckland.

The two year old was struck as the man driving the roller reversed at 1.45pm today.

The child was rushed to Starship Hospital but died soon after.

It is not clear if the child was a boy or girl and police have not said what the relationship between the child and the man was - saying only that he was a relative.

"What I can say is that he's absolutely distraught," said Constable Paul Hayward, Waitemata Serious Crash Unit.


A Police Serious Crash Unit investigation wa now under way.

"We're looking into how this tragedy occurred," said Haward.

He said the roller driver and the rest of the child's family were being supported by Victim Support.

It is too soon as this stage to say whether the driver will be charged and any decision on this will not be made for at least several weeks, Hayward said.

The name of the child is not expected to be released today and no further details will be released tonight.