Sport the winner on the day

00:05, Jun 17 2014

Sports-mad teens have won-out in Auckland Council's latest funding rounds - from cash for basketball courts to new artificial fields.

A $20,000 study to counter a lack of basketball courts in the city is being planned, alongside $25,000 being granted to Pitt St's YMCA.

Auckland has 24 indoor courts and demand is set to see this number rise to 41 by 2031.

Board member, Greg Moyle, says the money granted to the YMCA will go hand-in-hand with the basket-ball study as the YMCA is "clearly the sensible venue for basketball."

Meanwhile, the Central Facility Partnership Committee decided Auckland Grammar School would get $350,000 to develop an artificial turf with lights, in a bid to stop pressure on existing grass at the college.

Auckland has the fourth highest ratio of people per basketball court (29,000) compared to New Zealand's national average (23,000).


The council has recognised basketball's status as the country's largest indoor sport, taking on recommendations of the Auckland Basketball Services Limited (ABSL).

ABSL have recently witnessed a large increase in players aged 6-15 among the 39,000 participants in their area.

The Auckland Regional Football Facility Plan 2011-2021 also cites a need for an additional 19 artificial turfs to meet demand by 2021 and Auckland Grammar is set to kick off these developments.

The cost of decking out Auckland Grammar's fields with artificial turf is an estimated $1.6 million.

The school will be contributing $150,000 and plan on securing an additional $600,000 loan, while the New Zealand Community Trust has donated $150,000 towards the project.

The Albert-Eden area was identified as having the least playing field space in Central Auckland.

Members of the community would be able to use the turf 30-35 hours a week with Auckland Grammar seeking exclusive use between 7-8.30am and 3-4pm on weekdays.

Other funding recipients include:

Auckland Rowing Association Inc. $400,000

Ellerslie Sports Club $340,000

Three Kings United Football Club $340,000

Remuera Bowling Club Inc. $25,000

YMCA, Pitt Street, $25,000