Incoming: Bombs over Auckland

05:19, Jun 25 2014
MK82 bombs
BOMBS AWAY: MK82 bombs are loaded onto an Air Force P-3K2 Orion before a training exercise.

Aucklanders will be treated to more explosions today - though the mystery behind last week's bangs and shudders is no more.

Last week, a series of explosions were reported across west and north Auckland with emergency services and weather experts mystified as to the cause. 

Theories that a meteor had created a sonic boom were quickly discounted by scientists.

MK82 bombs
MK82 Bomb.

The Defence Force then owned up to a series of training exercises using 500 pound explosives.

A routine annual event conducting high explosive aerial bombing training.

The sound had been carried farther than it usually would have because of weather conditions.


The training exercises last two weeks and today more bombs will be dropped and detonated, and with low cloud hanging around, the noise could carry.

Squadron leader Russell Simons said in warfare the bombs would be used to guard against submarine attack and likely used as part of a coalition effort. 

The testing will be carried out this afternoon at the Kaipara bombing range which has been active from June 16. 

Public are warned to stay well clear of the area during the periods of activation.