Diesel-oil spill closes roads

01:27, Jun 25 2014
Druce Rd Oil Spill
CLEAN UP: Work is being done to clear an oil spill in South Auckland.

A large oil spill is causing havoc for traffic in South Auckland.

Police and fire rescue workers are at the scene of a diesel spill which has affected up to six roads in the area.

Traffic has been diverted on the corner of Wiri Sation Rd and Druces Rd as Incident Support Unit workers spread absorbents on the street to clean up the slick.

Druce Rd Oil Spill
SPILL SCENE: Police at scene of oil spill in South Auckland.

Sergeant Brian Gasson was at the scene and said a test drive vehicle from a Manukau yard was responsible for the mess.

"There's been a fuel leak and the driver didn't realise until he got back to the yard...The diesel's made it quite treacherous for vehicles in the area," he said.

Police were alerted to the incident around 10:20am and workers have been busy for more than two hours clearing the road.

Lambie Drive, Druces Rd, Kerrs Rd, Ash Rd, Wiri Sation Rd and Langley Rd have all been affected.

Wiri Sation Rd is closed eastbound and Druces Rd southbound until further notice.