Larvae found in orange drink

00:41, Jul 22 2014
bugs in juice
UNWELCOME CREATURES: The bugs that were found in a bottle of Keri orange juice.

Muni Gurunadan felt sick just seconds after taking a sip of his favourite drink.

Moments later he was vomiting.

Then he saw one possible reason. Floating in the one-litre bottle of Keri Pulpy Orange Juice were two grey bugs that looked like insect larvae, he says.

Muni Gurunadan
SICK DAY: Muni Gurunadan was sick after drinking from a bottle of juice that he says had bugs floating in it.

The Clendon resident bought the drink at the Lincoln Rd Pak 'n Save in Henderson on his way back from visiting a friend on July 12.

"On Monday I hadn't touched it and I was thirsty so I took a sip. Then I took another and my stomach started to feel strange.

"I vomited twice and then I looked at the bottle and saw the bugs. That made me throw up again."


The welder is now well but worried something similar could happen to someone else.

"I went to see a doctor. He gave me antibiotics and told me to go straight to the hospital's emergency department if it got worse."

Gurunadan has complained to the Keri Juice Company, which is owned by Coca-Cola Amatil.

"I got an apology on the phone when I first called Coca-Cola but that's not good enough, I have had to pay to see a doctor and pay for the medicine. They offered me an 18-pack of Coke."

A Coca-Cola spokesperson says all complaints are treated seriously by the company and it is now investigating the incident and liaising with Gurunadan.

"Based on a review of our production records and retention samples this appears to be a unique incident," the spokesperson says.

"We are urgently investigating the possible causes of this complaint.

"The company follows rigorous quality and food safety specifications when producing all of its beverages, including Keri Juice Pulpy Orange."

Foodstuffs New Zealand, the owner of the Pak 'n Save store, is also investigating as part of its own food safety programme, group communications director Antoinette Shallue says.

"This includes reviewing the product on sale and displays of the product, and working with the supplier. If necessary, Foodstuffs will withdraw it from sale."

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