Longer parking limits wanted

02:40, Jul 23 2014
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MORE TIME: Triniti of Silver cafe employee Rain Wong, owner Estella Rao and Mt Albert Business and Community Groups chairman Richard Herrick, would like to see parking time limits extended around the Mt Albert shops. 

Parking limits are proving bad for business for some in Mt Albert.

Much of the parking in the vicinity of the Mt Albert shops on New North Rd has a 30-minute restriction.

Businesses fear it's putting shoppers off.

"People aren't coming to the restaurants or cafes during the day because they can't park," Mt Albert Business and Community Groups chairman Richard Herrick says.

"There are people coming in for medical appointments and having to go out and move their cars."

There is some two-hour parking near the shops but this is often taken, he says.


Business owners want Mt Albert to be seen as a destination but the parking restrictions breed a "drive-through" mentality for customers, he says.

There is a lot of work going on to bring a community vibe back to Mt Albert, business owner Catherine Goodwin says.

"A parking restriction of 30 minutes is part of the problem. A cafe has had customers particularly comment that it is just easier to park at Stoddard Rd at the supermarket complex."

Businesses made a push in 2011 to have the time restrictions extended.

Auckland Transport undertook a review and consulted with businesses and David Shearer's office, a spokesman says.

The outcome of the review was to extend some of the 30-minute parks to an hour and retain the rest.

Auckland Transport got 34 responses to the changes during the consultation and 30 supported the result.

"Auckland Transport is happy to work with local businesses if they feel that the 30-minute restrictions are no longer appropriate," the spokesman says.

Auckland Transport is in the middle of public consultation on its Auckland Parking Discussion Document.

It summarises the key parking issues affecting Auckland and provides some potential solutions.

Visit at.govt.nz to view the document. Consultation closes on July 31.

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