Glass shard injures worker's hand

00:49, Jul 22 2014

Auckland Council is warning it will prosecute people who put sharp objects in rubbish bags unwrapped.

Three incidents of rubbish collectors needing stitches after being cut by the objects have occurred.

The council prosecuted one person in the Manukau District Court this year over a broken glass tumbler in rubbish, which caused serious injury to a rubbish collector's hand.

The person was fined $250.

The maximum penalty for future offences of this type would be $20,000.

Two other cases are being prepared after rubbish collectors received cuts to their legs.

The first instance was caused by a broken glass tumbler and the second a broken dinner plate.

"Cuts from sharp items can lead to serious infection, loss of pay for time off work, and impact the ability of those affected to take part in sport and other activities," Auckland Council solid waste manager Ian Stupple said.