Deaths alarm local businesses

17:00, Jul 22 2014
Ezy Cash
ONGOING INVESTIGATION: Evidence is removed from the Ezy Cash store where two men died on Saturday.

One business is beefing up its security and another has had a worker quit after the violent deaths of two people in Takanini.

But police say the incident was a "one-off" and members of the community need not be alarmed.

Paul Fanning, 69, and Paul Matthews, 47, died on Saturday afternoon at the Ezy Cash pawn shop in Takanini.

Dave Lynch
DON'T PANIC: Counties Manukau police Inspector Dave Lynch says these events are 'usually one-off'.

A 25-year-old man appeared in Papakura District Court on Monday charged with their murders.

He has been granted name suppression pending a High Court appeal.

The man's partner was seen leaving the store with him and she is being treated as a witness by police.


Staff at the nearby secondhand vehicle parts store Nisbits for Nissan were working on the afternoon the men died.

"It's got all of us thinking, definitely. It hits pretty close to home," Nisbits sales representative Jamal Subedar says.

"We're looking to improve our security.

"We've got a new camera system going in and some new lights."

Subedar says Takanini is usually a safe place to live and work and the incident "isn't going to stop us from doing business".

But Dawn Herbert, who manages the Hospice Shop across the road, says one of her workers quit after the deaths.

"She just said that she's not coming in this Saturday and she's not working anymore.

"We've all got those thoughts of, ‘did [the accused and his partner] come into our shop before they went down there?' Everybody's thinking it."

Counties Manukau police detective inspector Dave Lynch says there's no reason for the community to be concerned because such attacks are "usually one-off".

Police understand locals' alarm but they hope the swift arrest will "go some way to alleviating their concerns", he says.

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