Kim Dotcom set to mingle at Party party

03:01, Jul 23 2014

Kim Dotcom has pushed rewind on the Internet Party party, after Electoral Commission advice led to the last attempt being canned.

At the internet mogul's second shot at hosting the event concertgoers will pay to see musicians including Sons of Zion, State of Mind, Optimus Gryme, Kamandi, PNC, L.A.B (Laughton and Brad Kora) and have the chance to meet "special guest" Dotcom.

The ill-fated party of January this year was cancelled after the Electoral Commission advised Dotcom free entry meant the purpose of the event could be "misunderstood" and seen as a bid to sway voters. More than 25,000 people had registered.

"Party Party is basically reborn," Dotcom said.

"The last time it didn't happen because the tickets were free and the Electoral Commission warned me that if the event would go ahead, even if I mentioned the Internet Party launch for just for a minute, it might be considered treating," he explains.

After a pow-wow with his lawyers he pulled the plug for the party that had just been moved to the Vector Arena. 

Stu Maxwell, of drum and bass duo State of Mind, said they had agreed to be involved to encourage younger people to vote.


"I don't think either of the two major parties really connect with your younger demographic and I think that's seen in your voter turnout," Maxwell said.

"Anything we can do to help that cause and we're interested, and also we love to play shows - so getting to play more shows and to people we wouldn't usually play to, that's cool for us."

The duo have just released their fourth album on Dutch label Blackout after returning from a five-month tour in America and Europe in April.

They would consider letting Dotcom take the microphone, Maxwell said.

"I think we'd go for that just for the novelty, you know, see what he's got on the mic, give him a turn."

Maxwell would not say whether he personally supported the Internet Party.

"We're not really here to talk about politics you know, we're in the music game ... I agree with some of their policies, but at the end of the day people can vote for who they want to vote for.

"We're here to try and have a good time and if we can connect with young people and help them learn about voting and the importance of voting then we're down for that."

Kim Dotcom's Party Party:

Auckland - July 23, The Studio
Sons of Zion, State of Mind (with MC Woody), Optimus Gryme, Kamandi, PNC, 
L.A.B (Laughton & Brad Kora), plus special guests and host Kim Dotcom

Christchurch - July 24, The Foundry
State of Mind, Optimus Gryme, Kamandi, PNC, Tommy Ill, L.A.B (Laughton & Brad 
Kora) and host Kim Dotcom

Wellington - July 25, James Cabaret
State of Mind (with MC Woody), Optimus Gryme, Kamandi, PNC, Tommy Ill, Beat 
Mob & L.A.B (Laughton & Brad Kora) and host Kim Dotcom

Dunedin - July 26, Sammy's
Sons of Zion, State of Mind (with MC Woody), Team Dynamite, PNC, L.A.B 
(Laughton & Brad Kora) and host Kim Dotcom