Parents 'gamble' over seatbelts

08:11, Jul 23 2014

Parents are "gambling" with their children's lives by not using car seatbelts, police say.

During a four-hour period of restraint checks in Auckland today Counties-Manukau police found 22 children under the age of five and 18 people between the age of eight and 15 weren't properly buckled in. Inspector Neil Fisher said police are shocked that parents were willing to place their children's lives at risk.

During the same time 133 offences were recorded, including 39 licence infringements. 

One car was impounded and two people were arrested. 

"It is disappointing to see some people still don't get the message," Fisher said. 

"We can't emphasis enough that simply wearing your seat belt can be the one thing that prevents a tragedy or saves your life."