Council contractor caught dumping waste

21:08, Jul 23 2014
auckland council,  dumping
CAUGHT IN THE ACT: Pukekohe Citizen and Ratepayers Association member Ganges Singh took this photo of an Auckland Council contractor dumping waste water into a stream near Rowles Rd, Pukekohe on July 15

Auckland Council is investigating after one of its contractors was seen dumping waste water into a Pukekohe stream on at least three occasions within five days.

Two members of the the Pukekohe Citizens and Ratepayers Association photographed the dumping in a stream on Rowles Rd, Pukekohe and reported it to the council.

Member Ganges Singh said he saw the contractor dump the waste in the stream on July 15 at about 11am from a council-marked truck.

''I was just going to a friend up the road and I thought 'Hold on, what is that truck doing there?','' he said. ''I turned back, went there and it was this black stinking stuff [being dumped]

.''I took the camera and said 'What are you doing? You are not allowed to dump here mate'.

''He said, 'We have the right to' and I said 'No, you do not have the right to'.

''Another member of the Pukekohe Citizens and Ratepayers Association, who asked not to be named, confirmed he had also seen and photographed the dumping on two occasions, including on July 11.

An Auckland Council spokesperson confirmed there was an investigation but did not answer Franklin County News' questions in relation to how much had been dumped, the exact location of the dumping and the potential penalties.

''Council is investigating a stormwater contractor for a potential breach of contract conditions in the south. We are unable to comment further until the investigation is complete.''


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