Ministry steps in to heated zone stoush

20:56, Jul 24 2014
proposed zone
BOUNDARY LINES: The proposed home zone for Selwyn College. The overlap falls between Orakei Rd, Ascot Ave, Green Lane East and Upland Rd.

The Ministry of Education has stepped in to quell the school enrolment zone battle.

The proposed enrolment zones of Selwyn College and One Tree Hill College have been amended so that the boundaries no longer overlap with the enrolment zones of Auckland Grammar and Epsom Girls Grammar.

"The original proposal included an overlap so that parents would have a choice of either a single sex or co-educational school," the ministry's head of sector enablement and support Katrina Casey says.

"However there has been considerable feedback from those families that they do not want that option.

"The strength of the feedback is such that rather than wait for the end of the consultation period, we are amending the proposed zone now in the interests of the schools and their communities."

Selwyn College was advised by the ministry to put an enrolment scheme in place due to rapid roll growth thanks to a turn around in community involvement and achievement results (East & Bays Courier, July 16).


But the original proposal would have overlapped with the Epsom Girls and Auckland Grammar school zones.

An outcry, particularly via social media, from Aucklanders who own houses in the overlapping areas prompted principals from both schools to meet with ministry officials on July 17.

Parents feared that living in the overlap might mean the Ministry would one day exclude their children from the Epsom and Grammar zones.

The Ministry refuted that idea, saying any changes would be up to each school's board.

"Feedback will continue to be received until August 4 on all other aspects of the proposed enrolment schemes," Casey says.

"We will then analyse the feedback and make a decision on the final boundaries of each zone."

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"Any perceived threat to these zones will be met with fierce resistance." Not Gaza, Syria or Ukraine, but Epsom.

"You pay $100,000 more for your house so you can access Epsom Girls Grammar and Auckland Grammar School" #notOK 

"Proposed school zones cause upset" think there are some underlying interests of class, race in there.
Zero sympathy for the Grammar families and excited for the possibly-in-zone One Tree Hill families
Oh no our well off children cannot go to school with child from poor families. #inequality

Pearls clutched over elite school zoning

Got to love snobbery in our ''egalitarian'' society with respect to education. Do we have equitable education? 

I have no idea how anyone believes school zones are progressive 

Have enough confidence in my kids' ability that I don't need to spend $100k so they can go to some toff school 

The "Humans of Remuera" aren't happy. Lol Proposed school zones cause upset nte

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