Sisters desperate to find their late mother's cat

20:28, Aug 05 2014
Ashleigh Joy, 21 and sister Paige Joy
MISSING MOO: Ashleigh Joy, 21, and sister Paige Joy, 18, are distraught after losing their mum to cancer. Now their mother’s cat Moo has gone missing.

Judy Joy's dying wish was that her beloved cat Moo be looked after.

But the five-year-old feline that stuck by her throughout her illness has gone missing from his new home in Flat Bush.

"He was her closest companion when she was sick. He never left her side," daughter Ashleigh Joy says.

Judy and Moo
JUDY'S BOY: Judy Joy and her cat Moo who was by her side throughout her illness.

Judy died after a battle with cancer at the end of June and her last wish was to find a special home for Moo.

Ashleigh and younger sister Paige Joy believe the cat might be trying to find his way back to the family home in Howick.

The cat disappeared from Flat Bush last Monday and the sisters say they will do anything to find and bring him home.


SPECIAL PET: Moo went missing last Monday in the Flat Bush area.

"When we found out he had gone missing we couldn't have felt any worse" Paige says.

"We had just lost our mum and he was the last remaining part of her and then we lost him, we are left feeling empty."

Judy worked at the Sommerville Veterinary Centre running the cattery before she fell ill. Moo spent three weeks there after the death and bonded with two cats whose owners were happy to adopt him.

But he went missing a few days after moving in to his new home.

"We just need to get him back, mum's last words in hospital were ‘Moo is special', it would be everything to know he is safe," Ashleigh says.

Sommerville Veterinary Centre spokeswoman Fiona Loveridge says losing Moo is very upsetting.

"We can't have that happen again, when he is found he will come back to the cattery and live with us, he was really happy here and the girls can then see him anytime."

"Moo was Judy's special boy and he has her green eyes too."

Phone Angela at the Sommerville Veterinary Centre on 09 537 0111 between 8am and 5pm or Raewyn on 021 154 8040 with information if you find Moo.

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