Brothers involved in Dudley brawl

03:32, Aug 08 2014

The two boys who assaulted schoolboy Stephen Dudley before his death were brothers, it can now be revealed.

A suppression order had previously prevented mentioning the boys' relationship but Justice Helen Winkelmann today relaxed that condition.

Dudley, 15, died in West Auckland in June 2013 following an incident after his rugby practice.

He was assaulted by the two brothers, then aged 15 and 17, who were both later discharged without conviction.

The court heard the older 17-year-old saw a fight involving his brother and Dudley and ran over and hit Dudley in the neck with a swinging right hand​. 

He landed a few other blows before being dragged off the unconscious boy.

Dudley died but an initial charge of manslaughter was dropped after a heart condition was discovered in an autopsy. ​

The boy pleaded guilty to assault with intent to injure after a charge of manslaughter was dropped.​ 

Both boys' names remain suppressed.