Black Power member jailed

05:16, Aug 11 2014

A senior Auckland Black Power member has been sentenced to 12 years' jail after he admitted giving a drug dealer "the magic" – meaning to shoot him – as he fled a robbery.

Samson Opetaia was sentenced in the High Court in Auckland today for wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, aggravated robbery, receiving stolen goods, conspiring to import drugs, supply and possession of methamphetamine and driving while disqualified.

Court documents said Opetaia was the sergeant-at-arms of the Mangu Kaha Auckland chapter of the Black Power gang.

On December 19, 2012, Opetaia and an unknown associate went to a multimillion-dollar house in Auckland's St Marys Bay where a couple known to be involved in the methamphetamine trade lived.

On Opetaia's instruction, the associate shot the male at the address as he fled through a window.

Located later by police, the shot man did not co-operate "nor was he forthcoming with any information concerning the reason he was shot", a police summary said.


Police said Opetaia supplied methamphetamine on several occasions in 2013. When he was arrested in August he had two bags of methamphetamine on him, the larger of which was thought to be 1 gram.

Police could not be sure of the weight though as Opetaia snatched the bigger bag back from police and swallowed it.

The receiving stolen property charge related to property seized by the gang in a drug standover.

Police said in July 2013 Black Power members raided a motel room in Greenlane where two women involved in the meth trade were staying.

Along with drugs they took mobile phones, hard drives and watches and the women's Volvo and Audi cars.

Opetaia received the electronics and cars and was later intercepted planning to sell the cars and electronics back to the women for an ounce (28 grams) of methamphetamine – valued at about $12,000.

Opetaia was also intercepted discussing selling "iPods" – the codename for the methamphetamine precursor chemical iodine and – and importing a kilogram of the drug ephedrine from someone named Joe in Fiji.

Justice Mark Cooper sentenced Opetaia to 12 years in prison with a minimum period of five years, 10 months.