Candidates not keen on co-operation over housing

23:03, Aug 12 2014

Housing is a big deal in Auckland, particularly in an election year.

But politicians are dismissing the idea of working together to find a solution to Auckland's housing issues.

A political debate about Auckland housing and health issues was held at the Auckland University of Technology on August 7.

Representatives from National, Labour, ACT, the Maori Party, Green Party and Internet-Mana went head-to-head with their housing policies during the event.

And most of the politicians balked when asked about creating a working group to sort out Auckland's housing woes.

Labour health spokeswoman Annette King says it is an interesting concept but has flaws.


"I think there are things we all have in common with housing policy. I would be interested in us having such a thing but my experience is that they don't work very well or last very long."

National's Maggie Barry agrees: "Cross-party co-ordination is a difficult thing to achieve."

Maori Party candidate Rangi McLean says the party will take part in any discussion about housing, regardless of who is elected.

"The Maori Party needs to be there to get involved in housing. What's good for Maori is good for everyone."

ACT candidate Stephen Berry says affordable housing is an issue for everyone, especially young Aucklanders.

"Affordable housing is a topic I'm especially passionate about and not just because I'm a member of generation rent - never being able to buy my own home."

Internet-Mana Auckland Central candidate Miriam Pierard says the Internet Party does not have a housing policy but has adopted Mana's stance which supports capital gains tax.

Green Party MP Kevin Hague says the party also supports capital gains tax. "I'm not saying it's a solution but it's the obvious way of deflating the housing bubble."

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