Pregnant ewe caught in gin trap

09:31, Aug 12 2014

A pregnant ewe was caught in a gin trap in Auckland's Cornwall Park on Sunday night and the SPCA is calling on the government to ban the traps.

An SPCA inspector was called to the park around 10pm to investigate the incident. 

He discovered the ewe caught in a leg trap, which had been set in a small paddock that contained approximately 50 ewes, all of which were pregnant with twin lambs.

A search found no more traps in the surrounding area. The sheep has received veterinary treatment and is expected to make a full recovery.

''We believe this is a deliberate, cruel, and cowardly attack on a flock of defenceless sheep. It underscores why SPCA Auckland has repeatedly called for a complete ban on the possession, sale, and use of gin traps and leg hold traps,'' said Bob Kerridge, executive director, SPCA Auckland.

The SPCA deals with a number of cases every year of family pets caught in gin traps despite it being illegal to use the traps in an area where they are likely to catch a pet or injure a child.


Last year the SPCA had to amputate the leg of a cat named Thumper was caught in a gin trap.

"We believe it is only a matter of luck that a child has not been caught in a gin trap in our region," said Kerridge.

The SPCA has called for an outright ban on the traps in their submission on the Animal Welfare Act review.

''Now we are calling on the relevant ministers and local government officials to ‘man up’ and ban these devices asap,'' said Kerridge.