Violent abuse sentence upheld

06:55, Aug 14 2014

An Auckland man who assaulted his stepchildren with a boot, a spoon and a metal bar, has failed to have his sentence reduced.

Teilauea Teilauea was convicted of eight counts of violent offending against his four stepchildren in August and sentenced to two years and three months imprisonment at Manukau District Court.

He challenged the sentence in the Court of Appeal on the grounds that the judge made incorrect assessments of fact and the end sentence was excessive.

He argued that a steel-cap boot he threw at his stepdaughter hit her arm not her face, and the wooden spoon used to hit another step daughter did not break against the child.

However, the Court of Appeal found that there was evidence to support the findings made by the judge and the challenge failed.

Teilauea argued the sentence should not have been more than two years’ imprisonment, thereby making him eligible for a sentence of home detention. 

But the Court of Appeal found the starting point of two years three months imprisonment could not be faulted.

“The Judge correctly identified factors aggravating the offending as being the multiple incidents of violence, the fact there were four very young victims and that some of the offending was with weapons,” said Justice Lynton Stevens.

The appeal against sentence was dismissed.