Banks mud-slinger appears in court

03:33, Aug 21 2014

The bucket of manure thrown on John Banks was an act of revenge, 22 years in the making, the mud-slinger has told a court​.

Veteran protester Castislav "Sam" Bracanov, 78, represented himself in the Auckland District Court today charged with common assault.

He admitted throwing a bucket of mud and horse manure over Banks, the former ACT Party leader, as the politician was approaching the High Court in Auckland for the first day of his trial on charges of knowingly transmitting a false electoral return.

However, Bracanov, told the court he was not guilty as what he did was "right" and was a deserved act of "squaring up".

Judge Grant Fraser said Bracanov had been charged with assault.

"It's not insult, it's revenge," Bracanov said, mishearing the judge.

He said Banks did him an unidentified wrong while working as a talk-back host on Radio Pacific 22 years ago and then again five years after that.

"I've been waiting 22 years for revenge," Bracanov said.

Bracanov told the judge he wouldn't do it again.

"I'm not after him. I like the man."

He would, however, continue to throw manure at royalty as they were the ones "doing wrong to you and me".

Bracanov said respect had to be "earned, not passed on". The royals had not used their brains to get where they were so Bracanov wanted to use what came from their bodies - manure - to insult them.

He had called Banks 22 years ago to talk about "the smell" - his word for royalty - and something Banks said must have upset him.

Judge Fraser said it was clear they were not going to progress the case today and set a defended hearing for December 1.

Bracanov made his name protesting royalty rather than politicians.

He was fined for spraying air freshener at Prince Charles on a visit in 1994 and police apprehended him with a bucket of manure ​in 2012 as he was preparing to protest the visit of Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

​He told reporters: "Royalty smells, so what difference does it make if I hit them?"'