Police quick to nab thief

04:20, Aug 26 2014

The quick work of police saw officers return stolen property to a woman before she even realised it had been taken.

The woman left her Northcote home at 8.15am yesterday and an hour later a man was seen acting suspiciously around her house.

At 9.50am police were called about a suspicious vehicle in the area.

The Eagle helicopter and dog units were called in to help frontline police locate the car, which was found abandoned on Eskdale Rd in Birkdale.

After a 40-minute hunt the man was found hiding under a house several streets away from where the car was dumped.

Police discovered stolen property in the car and were able to trace it back to the victim's house in Northcote.

They visited later in the day and returned the items, before the woman even knew they were gone.

A 33-year-old man was arrested and charged with burglary and unlawfully being on a property.

He is due to appear in the North Shore District Court today.