Alleged thief took building supplies

05:37, Aug 26 2014

A man alleged to have stolen thousands of dollars of building supplies from construction sites across Auckland has been arrested today.

A 32-year-old man is alleged to have broken into construction sites and homes near completion around Auckland, particularly in the eastern suburbs. 

He targeted kitchen and bathroom taps and whiteware as well as builders’ property and tools, police said.

The man has been charged with six burglaries and appeared in the Manukau District Court today. 

Police said at least 14 other burglaries had been identified and more were expected to follow.

The stolen supplies were recovered by Counties Manukau police.

Police are working to identify the owners of the recovered goods including spray-painting equipment, lawn mowers, and internal and external doors.  Anyone who knows they have had items like this go missing from a construction site is asked to contact police.

Detective Sergeant Warrick Adkin said construction site workers needed to secure equipment and have materials delivered ‘‘just in time’’.

He also advised etching all tools with an identifiable marker and to report suspicious activity to police.