Old bones unearthed in Gulf Harbour

03:34, Aug 28 2014
old bones gulf
DISCOVERY: Work is underway to identify the skeleton at the building site.

Three archaeologists working at a site in Gulf Harbour have excavated a skeleton believed to be more than 100 years old.

Police CIB were called to the Fairway Bay development site on The Anchorage at 7pm on Wednesday night after the skeleton was discovered.

Fairway Bay development consultant Michael Webb-Speight said they were clearing a midden site when the human remains were found.

''It's absolutely fascinating,'' Webb-Speight said.

The site had previously been identified as having historical significance.

Webb-Speight said it looks like the remains date back to the 18 century.

''Because we are using a historic places trust authority we are in close contact with them and iwi groups. We've fenced part of the property off until local kaumatua arrive. They will do some sort of blessing and we will decide what to do next."

Webb-Speight said the person appears to have been buried in a traditional crouched position.

''It's quite vertical. We can see a skull, jawbone, teeth, and his arms are forward in what we understand to be a traditional pose and obviously in a place with a very nice view.'' 


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