ACT puts up centrist candidate for Botany

00:54, Feb 04 2011
prebble and lyn
INTO WIN: Sir Roger Douglas and ACT party's Botany candidate Lyn Murphy.

The Act Party's intentions are clear for the Botany by-election.

Business lecturer Lyn Murphy has won the party's candidate nomination and she intends to win.

Mrs Murphy says the Act Party is taking the March 5 vote ``very seriously''.

``If National candidate Jami-Lee Ross gets in he's going to toe the party line.

``He's going to have no power whatsoever. But if Botany puts an Act candidate in there who's allowed to vote how they want to, then that candidate can vote in the interest of Botany.''

Politically, she puts herself to the left of Mr Ross and to the right of Labour's Michael Wood.

``I am the person for the central voter,'' she says.

Public spending and the economy will form the basis of her campaign.

``It's very much looking to the future saying how can we set the economy right now so there will be a future for our children and grandchildren.

``I believe that we have got to take a very close look at government spending.''

Mrs Murphy says the fact she's a local with ``broad knowledge and experience'' will appeal to voters.

``That's what I've got against my opponents who have not had the business or industry experience - they're basically politicians.''

The 51-year-old is well educated.

The former occupational therapist has a bachelor degree in psychology, a masters in business majoring in management communication and she's now putting the final touches on a PhD in accounting and finance with the University of Tasmania.

She also has practical experience running ``successful'' businesses with her husband and is a member of the Counties Manukau District Health Board.

She plans to door knock, hold public meetings and meet residents at malls.

``We're going to have every Act MP come down from parliament to spend time visiting the people of Botany. We believe we can win. This is the turning point for Act.''


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