Police concerned over fights in Auckland CBD video

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Inspector Ross Barnaby is calling for any information or footage that the public may have in regards to a number of fights in the Auckland CBD on Saturday night. (Graphic Content)

Police are investigating a horrific brawl in Auckland's CBD on Sunday morning, captured on camera by a passer-by.

The footage shows a violent brawl involving several people on Fort Street.

Several males appear to the be primary participants, and at one point a female appears to be thrown to the ground.

The fight was one of several in Auckland city overnight.

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Police were called to incidents outside the Ferry terminal in Quay Street, the McDonalds Britomart in Queen Street and the intersection of Quay and Queen Streets, in addition to the large brawl captured on camera in Fort St.

Two men aged 18 and 24 remained in hospital on Sunday evening as a result of the fight outside the McDonalds Britomart.

Inspector Ross Barnaby of the Auckland City Police said the footage captured of the Fort St incident painted a "poor" picture of what took place.

"Yet again, alcohol is right in the middle of this," he said.

"The alcohol-fuelled bravado depicted in the footage we have seen is utterly appalling.

"We have two men in hospital and anyone who sees that video will probably agree that we are lucky there are not more people seriously injured".

Police detectives were working with CCTV footage as well as mobile phone footage to build a picture of those involved.

Barnaby said the number of fights police were called out to was "very unusual".

"We don't know if it's two factions fighting and moving through the streets, or if they were actually isolated incidents."

Barnaby could not say whether the brawlers had attended the Auckland City Limits concert on Saturday night in Western Springs.

"What I can say from my experience is if we have an event in one part of town, a per cent of those individuals that go to those events do come into town."

A witness to the Fort St incident, who wished to remain anonymous, had finished work around 4am and was walking to his car when he saw some men "letting the liquor get the better of them".

He had noticed two of the men having an argument before another man came along and "started throwing punches".

"It escalated from there," he said.

"The trouble maker really had no business getting involved with the original argument."

The spectator said he was "rather disgusted" by what he had witnessed.

"It's generally a well-kept area... it's been quite good lately just this circus this morning was too good not to film."

Barnaby said police would be looking to identify where and when people had been drinking - including licensed premises.

"Any licensed premises who have been serving intoxicated patrons could be prosecuted," he said.

Police were appealing to anyone who may have filmed the brawls to contact  the enquiry team on 09 302 6557, or private message the videos to the Auckland Police Facebook page.

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The brawl that spilled onto Queen St in the early hours of Sunday March 20.

A person is thrown to the ground during one of several brawls in Auckland overnight on Saturday.

A person is thrown to the ground during one of several brawls in Auckland overnight on Saturday.

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