Kim Dotcom plays Santa's lovechild

02:03, Dec 13 2012
Kim Dotcom in MegaChristmas
Kim Dotcom wears his version of a Santa suit in MegaChristmas at Auckland's Basement Theatre.
Kim Dotcom in MegaChristmas
Kim Dotcom and the cast of MegaChristmas on stage at the Basement Theatre.
Kim Dotcom in MegaChristmas
Kim Dotcom gets into character in MegaChristmas.

Larger than life headline maker Kim Dotcom has swapped Megaupload for MegaChristmas, treading the boards in the end of year fundraiser for Auckland's Basement Theatre.

After being chased for months by the play's writers and producers, Dotcom made a special live appearance as Santa Dotcom in the production's opening night on Wednesday.

In his role, the internet tycoon appears via a Skype call that has been pre-recorded at his Coatesville mansion.  

However, to mark the play's first performance, Dotcom followed up his scripted role with an in-person performance, handing out "unlimited downloads" to the crowd, which included some members of his legal team.

MegaChristmas follows a drug-addicted Rudolf, played by the play's co-writer Nic Sampson, an ancient, Dutch elf Rutgar (Mick Innes) and Chantelle, the self-proclaimed most beautiful girl in all of the North Pole (Kimberley Crossman) as they criss-cross the globe looking for a lost Santa.

Dotcom is named as Santa's replacement after it is revealed he is the lovechild of the man in red.


"You know that song I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus? Well it turns out that was my mommy and they weren't just kissing," Dotcom said in the recorded message.

But Dotcom told the audience if he was going to be Santa, he was going to do Christmas his way.

"No more travelling around the world in one night, that just seems totally exhausting. From now on, we'll do everything online, from the comfort of our homes.  I'm setting up a brand new fibre optic Christmas mega network that covers the entire globe. From this we will be able to download 5,000 teddy bears a second."

Dressed in his own version of a Santa suit, Dotcom even showed off his impressive singing voice, serenading the crowd with his version of I Wish You A Merry Christmas.

The German national was joined by some familiar faces on stage, including ex-Shortland St stars Oliver Driver, Shane Cortese and Harry McNaughton.

MegaChristmas is the fourth annual fundraising production for the Basement Theatre. This year, the inner-city venue is raising money to soundproof the theatre. It recently raised $22,000 on crowd funding website Pledge Me to renovate the venue's foyer.

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