Cat loses leg after shooting

03:19, Jun 18 2013
Bandit the Cat
THREE-LEGGED: Bandit the cat had his left foreleg amputated after his bone was shattered when shot in the paw.

Bandit the cat has lost a leg after being shot.

The 5-year-old black and white family pet had his left foreleg amputated after being shot in the paw, possibly by a .22 calibre rifle.

"It's hard to tell if it is intentional or an accident," owner Cherie Wyatt of Wellsford says.

Bandit, who lives on Millet Rd with his owners, went missing on May 31. He showed up the next day "dragging his front paw into the house", she says. "The vet X-rayed Bandit's paw because he thought it might have been a pellet bullet lodged in there. But the X-ray showed otherwise, and the bullet had also shattered much of Bandit's bone."

Bandit's operation cost Cherie $600 and she took time off work to care for him.

Cherie has asked around her neighbourhood about the incident and to warn others.

She wants people to be aware of the damage guns can do to animals.


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