Don't destroy dog, pleas attack victim's mum

23:38, Jul 22 2013

The mother of a teenage boy savaged by a dog in Muriwai does not want to have the animal destroyed because she is an animal lover, police say.

But police plan to issue a warning to muzzle the dog in public after yesterday's attack in the Coast Rd skate park.

The dog, believed to be a bull mastiff, mauled the 16-year-old while he was skating with a friend during the school holidays.

The boy suffered puncture wounds to his left arm, hands and the right side of his face at 2.15pm.

His left upper arm had many deep bites.

He suffered one puncture wound to the right side of the face before managing to push the dog away.

The boy was rushed to a Waimauku doctor.

Police are seeking the owner, who was driving a van.