A love letter to ... Kingsland

Kingsland - villas, cool bars, and honesty boxes.
Sybille Hetet

Kingsland - villas, cool bars, and honesty boxes.

Maybe it was the scent of fine roasted coffee which filled the main street that won me over.

Or perhaps it was the upbeat bars and charming restaurants which caught my attention.

Whatever it was, Kingsland excited me.

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It's legit a cool place to live. 

My flatmates and I consider ourselves lucky to live in the trendy central Auckland suburb.

The many great little pubs are just a stumble from each other which are neighboured by delicious restaurants of a number of flavours.

There's even a chinese BYO joint for good measure.

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It's not too close to the hustle and bustle of the city but not far enough to warrant lengthy travel.

We didn't mean to fall in love with the place. It just happened.

But for me, the sweetheart of Kingsland sits at a rusty old barbecue on the intersection of New North Rd and Kingsland Ave.

It's a stand which sells very cute baby succulents like hot cakes. Locals know it well.

It has an honesty pot. Another tick on why I admire Kingsland as a place.

Admittedly, it's sparked my succulent obsession and I've carted home more than I could carry on more than one occasion.

As a young woman coming from the Waikato I wasn't expecting to live in - let alone love - a central Auckland suburb.

But when you find something special you hold onto it for as long as you can, right? Or until the lease runs out.

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