Family on the hunt for brother they've never met

Jessica Frewin with her younger half-brother Benjamin Fanning.

Jessica Frewin with her younger half-brother Benjamin Fanning.

For 13 years, Benjamin Fanning believed he didn't have a brother – that was, until last week. 

Benjamin's half-sister, Jessica Frewin, broke the news to him on Wednesday he has an older half-brother. 

But where that brother is, nobody knows. 

Benjamin Fanning, who found out last week he has a long-lost half brother.

Benjamin Fanning, who found out last week he has a long-lost half brother.

Benjamin and his missing brother share the same father, Donald Boulton. Frewin and Benjamin, meanwhile, have the same mother.

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News the older brother existed came when he wrote a letter to Boulton in the early 2000s.

"When my mum was dating Boulton, in 2003, he received a letter from his son whom he had no contact with," Frewin said. 

"The letter asked to meet him, but Boulton never replied." 

At the time, Benjamin was young, and when his mother split from Boulton she decided not to tell her son. 

Boulton failed to keep in touch with Benjamin too, and subsequently moved to Australia. 

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Auckland-based Frewin is now on the hunt for the letter-writer, who is believed to be in his 20s, to tell him he has a 13-year-old brother. 

A post on her Facebook appealing for the unknown brother to come forward had been shared more than 500 times. 

"I thought it would be pretty special if we met him," she said. 

"We know he was based in Auckland when he wrote the letter. He would be in his mid-20s now, and he did not have contact with his father." 

Frewin has only a few details  of the mystery man as the letter was tossed out years ago.

With only a rough age and location, Frewin is hoping he will see her social media posts and recognise his father's name. 

"We have no actual names, [so] it is very difficult. He obviously knows his father's name, so we are hoping he sees that." 

While it was a long shot, Frewin said she and her little brother were hopeful. 

"It breaks all of our hearts Ben does not have a dad. It would be amazing if we could meet his older brother." 

If you, or anyone you know, is the man Frewin is looking for please email

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