Man sits in front of Auckland bus after driver won't let him board video

The man sat on a road in front of a bus after the driver refused to open the door.

The man sat on a road in front of a bus after the driver refused to open the door.

An angry passenger has staged a one-man protest after an Auckland bus driver refused to let him board.

The incident happened in rush-hour traffic, about 9am on Tuesday morning, in Symonds St outside the Langham Hotel.

The route 625 bus had already pulled away from the stop when the man rushed up and tried to board.

However, the driver refused to open the door.

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"[The man] banged on the glass, then he ran around and banged on the front window," said Mark Shields, a passenger on the bus.

The man then sat down on the road in front of the bus so it couldn't drive any further.

"Everyone got off and he [the driver] radioed police," Shields said.

Shields said the unexpected drama made him late for work.

A police spokewoman confirmed police had been called to the incident.

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"The person was spoken to by police and no arrests were made," she said.

Auckland Transport spokesman Mark Hannan said the man "put both hands on the bus as if to try and push it backwards".

"The person then sat in front of the bus for a short time before getting up when police arrived.

"The driver says he did not hear the person shout or speak and didn't recognise him as a passenger."

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