Finally admitting my Auckland love affair

Last updated 05:00 12/07/2012

Just struck me yesterday, really. An epiphany if you like. Almost bowled me over, come to think of it. Which isn't a bad effort for a thought. We were standing on a balcony when it happened, gazing out over a stunning Auckland vista made even more perfect by the late afternoon sun. The message? Auckland, not Dunedin, was home. There; I've said it. After the best part of 15 years pining for a return to the deep south, I realise I no longer want to leave.

Yes, it's taken some time, but that's no great surprise. Feelings of antipathy towards Auckland had been well honed by the time we shifted here in 1998. Can still remember covering sports events for the Otago Daily Times not long before the move, when the locals' favourite jokes invariably involved Auckland's water shortages or power shortages, anything that set a cat amongst the jafas. No greater sense of schadenfreude ever existed.

There were kids, too. They had to be coaxed north with bribes of swimming pools and promises of temperatures in excess of 15degC. To suggest they were reluctant is to wildly understate the circumstances. Now? They consider themselves true blue Aucklanders. Swear by the place. They still harbour a soft spot for dear old Dunners but Auckland has completely seduced them. Wild horses could hardly drag them up here. Now wild horses couldn't drag them away.

And I can understand their point. Auckland is a wonderful place to call home. Certainly, it was no surprise this month to hear it ranked in the world's top 10 most liveable cities by the London-based Monocle magazine. From the diverse and spectacularly contrasting west and east coast beaches to the proliferation of reserves, commons, trees and wide berms, Aucklanders must be the luckiest people in the country. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

Fine, outsiders like to poke fun at it; scoffing at a perceived superiority complex and an inflated sense of entitlement when it comes to the Government coffers. Some resent the attention it gets from media; others like to deride it on the basis of its traffic congestion and seasonal rainfall. Minor complaints, really, and most of them undeserved (apart from the traffic and the rain). But compared with what Auckland offers, they hardly appear on the radar.

Why do I love Auckland? Let me count the ways. It's small enough to retain a sense of community. Green and spacious enough to give an air of recreation and leisure. Big enough to attract diverse commercial and industrial interests, and events that might otherwise never be seen in New Zealand. And that's not even mentioning the coastline, the leeward bays, the surf beaches, the boating, the fishing. Auckland's not so big that you can't throw out a hook and catch your dinner.

I love Auckland for its ethnic diversity. Its cosmopolitan-ness. Its melting pot. I love that the team list from my son's cricket team used to read like a United Nations XI. That my daughter's school photos show her beaming beside classmates of Chinese, Korean, Pacific Island and Maori backgrounds. I love how politically aware the city is; how it stands up for the rights of minorities, how it embraces change and difference. How it's full of opportunity.

So anyway, there we were, standing on this balcony. Auckland was in its full winter pomp, graced by some of the clearest, and by definition most perfect days in recorded history. Friends were up from Dunners and I was in my element, pointing out and indentifying every volcanic cone in sight. And that's when it came to me, this most unexpected visitation. It was, well - it was almost like pride. Finally had to admit, even to myself: I loved that I could call Auckland home.

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Dave Booth   #1   11:41 am Jul 12 2012

Sorry Richard, but I am afraid we are still going to treat you as an outsider as Auckland Council does not want you and your family to visit and camp by the beach in the middle of Auckland....​local-news/7251858/​Takapuna-camp-ground-forced​-to-close

Proud Jafa   #2   12:00 pm Jul 12 2012

Dave - Not sure what the closing of Takapuna campground has to do with this unless of course you think it's the only place in town that visitors are allowed to stay at? Weird connection... Anyway, Auckland has certainly put on its best dress in recent days and it is a gorgeous spot even in July. Nice to read that someone originally from outside of Auckland can admit to actually enjoying their time here.

Olly   #3   04:35 pm Jul 12 2012

Go back to Dunedin

Paul   #4   05:07 pm Jul 12 2012

I was born in South Auckland and, apart from a few years in the winterless north, this has been my home and my family's home forever. I don't mind the Auckland bashing, the jokes, the resentment (remember that little kid and his sign at the rugby game in Christchurch some years ago) - because I get to live in Auckland.

My friends in Sydney and Melbourne keep telling me that I can earn more over there but, as I explain to them, I still would not be able to maintain the same life quality.

richardb   #5   05:14 pm Jul 12 2012

olly #3 golly olly, have you forgotten to take your happy pills again?

Martin   #6   08:09 pm Jul 12 2012

Know the feeling Richard! Dragged north from Welly in 1991 and there has not really been a backward glance. NZ's only proper city, warts and all, happily the good far outways the not so good. Drag yourselves away from the desk and 30 mins later you can be doing whatever you want. Love it.

Deirdre D   #7   08:57 pm Jul 12 2012

Does this mean the farm up North is off the agenda? I'm really glad to hear that

Andy   #8   01:10 pm Jul 13 2012

Over 14 years living here after what was meant to be a 2 year visit and I can't ever see myself leaving. Plenty have told me I should move for better money, but I earn plenty for the lifestyle I want in this beautiful city.

richardb   #9   02:59 pm Jul 13 2012

#7 Deidre D: are we still allowed to have a bach?

minnie   #10   06:49 pm Jul 13 2012

ha, so you can take the boy out of dunners eh? still took you 15 years thats a lot of resistance!

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