A miracle hangover cure is found

23:08, Sep 13 2011

Lotta hangovers going around right now. So today's post, dear sickly ones, is dedicated to you.

Because all this reading may be adding to your queasiness, I'll cut to the chase: there's this awesome drug called Antinaus, and if you're badly hungover, or planning to be, or just like to be prepared, I urge you to go get some.

Antinaus costs about $10 for 10 pills. You can get it online or over the counter in pharmacies, and it is apparently prescribed for things like morning sickness, motion sickness or postnarcotic nausea. (I first discovered it seven years ago, after a trip to Emergency after eight hours of vomiting, thanks to one - ONE! - of those awful 'herbal high' things).

Antinaus stops you throwing up - guys, it stops you even feeling sick. It gets you to that point at which you can put on your pants, venture out for McDonald's, then fall asleep on your couch in front of a Hillary Duff movie.

It's just a very little pill so it won't startle your gag reflex. Also, it works really fast so you don't have to worry about keeping it down. The packet says to take four pills at once, but I've only ever taken one. This is not one of those pre-emptive hangover treatments, this is actual medicine to be used sparingly and carefully, if and when you wake up sick.

Please note that I am not a doctor or a pharmacist, so here's the official rundown.

Also I absolutely do not advocate drinking so much you're sick in the morning. It's gross and dangerous and embarrassing and expensive. It's been two or three years since I was last at that point, or even hungover at all. But the Saturday after the World Cup opened? Yep, let's just say there were a lot of hashbrowns and ginger beer that day. And one blessed, precious Antinaus at 8 in the morning.

On a more wholesome note, I recently paid $3.99 for a broccoli that was about the size of my fist, and this enrages me.

So I have a favour to ask. If you guys see an unusually expensive fruit or vegetable for sale over the next few weeks, would you mind sending me a pic of the sign or receipt, plus details of where and when you saw it? Then I'll run them as a hall of shame and we can vote on the most overpriced item. I'll send the winner a broccoli.

You can email pics to catherine.woulfe@sundaymagazine.co.nz or rant (with as many details as possible please) in the comments.

Catherine Woulfe is the deputy editor for Sunday magazine.