I'll cry if I want to

20:27, Mar 29 2012

We do it during every single Nicholas Sparks’ movie; we do it when Meredith loses yet another patient or fights with McDreamy, we do it when we read about Elizabeth and Mr Darcy’s tricky road to love.

But what about crying over music? Why does that feel less “normal”, or in a slightly more positive tone of writing (sort of), more creepy?

The idea of a grown woman weeping over a song is right up there with bunny boiling and air-drumming in your PJs. Or a moody teen locked in their room, cursing mum, dad, and even that same bunny.

Music and crying only go together in times of complete sadness or hormonal-messiness, apparently.

We’ve all got songs that take us right back to that guy who broke our heart, or when the world didn’t understand us the way the Manic Street Preachers did.

But there are times when music can make you well up with joy too. Literally. I know - I did it on Wednesday night in a room full of strangers.


And it’s not the first time. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here or not, but if this whole 2012-we-are-all-going-to-die thing comes through, I can go happily*.

At about 11.43pm on November 7, I will have completed three of my life goals in less than 12 months. The musical Holy Trinity, if you will.  Ryan Adams – check.  Elbow – check. Radiohead – almost check.

Once I have seen all three, then I have witnessed all my favourite bands play live. And I have/will sniffle quietly in the corner at every single one of them.

Adams made me teary with this song. And Wednesday? Well Elbow was always going to have an effect on me because they write the best love songs in the world and Guy Garvey is my dream older brother. And an effect was surely had. Especially when the girl in front of me got proposed to – it was so corny, but so lovely. And the tears!

What about Radiohead? Well with them, its nostalgia, their obvious brilliance and the fact I managed to actually get tickets**.

And I am not alone. Of course there were the adorable, tear-stained girls at Taylor Swift, but I have friends who have cried at all sorts of shows - Death Cab for Cutie, Kelly Clarkson, The National. 

In fact one had to fight back tears at the Trailer Park Boys last week***. Yeah, that one had me slightly puzzled as well, but it proves my point – crying with joy is something that just happens sometimes, and there is no point in trying to fight it, no matter who might be watching. 

Very rarely would anyone have a happy-cry in their lounge listening to an album (or watching a comedy DVD) but when you are confronted with the sensory-overload in person, hell sometimes it just gets a bit too much.

So send your tissue boxes this way – I’d better get my stocks up before November because the tears will no doubt be a-flowing.

*That’s probably a lie. I will most likely be shoving you all out of the way to get to Jason Kerrison’s ark first.

** Without pulling any strings. Fastest fingers in Auckland right here people.

***I know, not music, but it works with this narrative!

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