Cure Kids song recipe for success

23:37, Aug 26 2012

"You make the whole world smile with your little button nose..." The classic New Zealand charity ditty. It's catchy, simple and totally relevant for the cause it was attached to - Red Nose Day.

Overseas, it is the same thing. Do They Know It's Christmas was an all-star, festive fundraiser for Ethiopia; We Are The World spoke to USA for Africa's efforts in the same region (nowhere exists outside of the States, okay); the 2010 remake of Everybody Hurts for Haiti, and the remake of What's Going On in 2001 by Artists Against AIDS (which donated a portion of funds raised to the American Red Cross' September 11th fund).  

But times have changed.  

As the Flight of the Conchords proved well and truly on Friday night, relevance is for chumps.  

That's no slight on their Cure Kids anthem, Feel Inside (And Other Stuff). Quite the opposite in fact.

The song is brilliant, and without a doubt it helped immensely to bring in that $1.3 million in donations the Comedy For Cure Kids fundraiser raised.  

But they did the deed with a smile, rather than a gigantic tug on the tear ducts. I mean really, with Brooke Fraser's opening line of: "There are children that are so unwell they have to live their lives in hospitals. They're feeling lospital, mmmospital", what other tone could there be?

In a stroke of typical FOTC genius, the lads tapped into actual children for ideas on what money does, where it comes from, how you can get more of it and just what it means to be sick.

Not only did the filmed interviews produce some of the funnier moments of the whole show, but it made what could have been a truly horrible celeb-filled warble into something more.  I mean, of course the celebs were all still there - Dave Dobbyn, Savage, the guy from Zed - but they looked like they were enjoying the process rather than earnestly enduring it.

It was funny, sweet and kind of endearing, and that, it turns out, is the perfect recipe to encourage folks to dig deep, rather than scoff in cynicism.

Apparently, according to the youth of today (as sung by Jermaine himself), the perfect amount to raise would be "a million and a hundred ten and twenty-one dollars".  And it turns out, they weren't far off.

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