The Ridges: do we really care?

Mum, Dad, strangers of Auckland, I have news. I hope you are sitting down, because it's kinda huge.

Here goes... I am in The Ridges.

That's right, I'm going to be on TV with Sally and Jaime and all their amazing hair.

I had a sneaky look at some of the first episode late last week and what do you know, there in the now infamous SPQR lunch scene (can you call reality TV shots "scenes"?) was the back of my very ginger head.

That's right, on the day of shooting, I was accidently there (it's not my usual haunt, don't worry). Now you will all get to see me and my lunch date try ever so casually to eavesdrop on the pearls of lunch-time wisdom being dished out by our two lovely leading ladies. For the record, we failed miserably - the sound of champagne being poured was far too loud.

But surely this means I have made it, right?

So what is the show like? Well it's all bathed in secrecy until Wednesday, but I have to say from what I saw it looks good. There are some shiny titles and a catchy theme song and the production value looks pretty nice.

Of course there have been the typical pre-show dramas: a couple of Sally's babies' daddies (apparently) getting lawyers to stop the other Ridge/Parore kids' involvement in the show, and the very first TV commercial highlighting just how bad Jaime's relationship is with her dad Matthew. In case you haven't seen it, he crosses to the other side of Ponsonby Rd as the girls are having THAT leisurely lunch at SPQR.

Jaime says they don't really talk any more.

But will the story keep us all hooked past day one? Will we care about these two blonde mother-daughter besties after Wednesday night?

Can the hype hold? Will this be the start of a Kardashian-like powerhouse, or a GC-style flash-in-the-pan?

And while The Ridges is about to be birthed, it really is sad news about The Almighty Johnsons. If the rumours are true, the show about Kiwi gods (no, not the All Blacks) won't be returning for a third season, although TV3 say talks are still on-going. 

Whatever the current state of affairs, I hope someone steps in and brings it back - at least for the tele-movie idea that's being floated around - because there are some seriously talented folk involved in the show and it would be such a shame to see it end like this. Sign the petition to bring it back - or beware the wrath of The Gods.

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