Cookies are talk of the town

Last updated 05:00 17/09/2012

Milk and cookies; it's a pretty American idea. Surely the Kiwi term should be biscuits and Milo?

Anyway, semantics aside, the combination is something rather delightful. And so news of a milk and cookie bar opening here in the city is enough to make any sweet-toothed local do a little dance of excitement.

And when it has a name like Moustache, well then folks, it gets a thousand times better.

This place is real. Nestled away by my old bus stop on Wellesley St (why did I have to move?), it may be small in size, but it promises to be big on the old taste buds.  Salted caramel milkshakes, Oreo marshmallow cookies, and everything in between - deliciousness all round, really.

And what's even better - the shop is open late (well, until 10pm) on the weekends.  

You see, I'm not sure if you have noticed, but it's actually quite difficult to find somewhere to grab a coffee or sneaky sweet treat after about 5pm in the city.  And sometimes, all you want after a movie is that exact thing.

To have a go-to spot that will meet all those late-night munchie needs is something to get enthusiastic about.  And apparently I'm not the only one jumping up and down.  

It seems, if we take social media as a barometer of popularity (and that's the 2012 way, right?) then these guys are on to a winner.

More than 3,000 people have hit that "Like" button in the past few weeks and the number of people talking about Moustache is something I haven't seen in a very long time - maybe not since Topshop opened its glorious doors over on the Shore.

So what is it that has captured the imagination - and stomachs - of the masses?

If you want my two cents, I reckon it's the novelty; the combination of two simple things thrown together with great force and magic. Of course, you could nibble and dribble on a Tim Tam and a glass of So Good at home, but sometimes it's nice for a bit of pomp and ceremony.

It does get you thinking though - what other opportunities are we overlooking here? Is there a really simple pairing we are sorely lacking in Auckland?

Come on guys, if we rack our brains, this could be our ticket to making millions. My vote goes to a chips-and-dip shop. Yup, I can hear the cash registers ringing from here.

- Auckland Now

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