Down with dodgy downloaders

You wouldn't steal a handbag, sure. But if you look at the stats, there's a pretty good chance you have effectively stolen something.

Whether it's music, movies or telly shows, us Kiwis apparently have some fairly loose morals when it comes to pirating, streaming and downloading.

A study released earlier this month by Musicmetric revealed we are 49th worst music pirates in the world.  But that's just based on total downloads, not adjusted for population - we would be a lot higher up the list if those numbers were crunched.  That's right; we have downloaded almost 950,000 music files in the first half of this year.

And you know what, it's not really surprising. I'm not, by any means, saying it's OK. Particularly in the case of music, I think if there is the chance to pay for it, then you should. Even joining something like Spotify or LastFM, where music is available for a small fee takes away that illegal element of enjoying new tunes.

But it's not just music. Of course there are On Demand services from the TV networks, which are great if you have missed something, but more often than not, people nicking shows online are targeting programmes that haven't even screened here yet, and some that may be a while off doing so.

So to see channels like Four implement their new initiative of Fast Four, where a handful of popular titles are screening here the same week they are shown in the States, is pretty bloody smart.

Now, as long as we have the patience to wait a day or two, fans of Glee, How I Met Your Mother, Survivor, New Girl, Simpsons and Family Guy can save all that extra broadband use and watch their favourite shows the way the law makers would like us to.

And then TV3 have taken things one step further and have promised to show the flippin amazing Homeland on the same day it airs in the US. Not only does it mean it is safe to be on the internet without risking spoilers, but it also makes it feel quite so much like New Zealand isn't a tiny island at the bottom of the world. Oh, and it's nice to see the people who can, use the technology the rest of us have been harnessing for a while now.

If only some others would follow suit, then surely this whole downloading business might not be quite as powerful.

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