Fortnight of fun looming

And so begins THAT fortnight, the one we have all been waiting for. The start of what I have dubbed "The Time Of Late Nights And Lost Hearing".

Others may have different names, like "Yeah Boi, I Am Stoked To Be Spending All My Pay On Beer At Vector Arena" or "Holy Hell, Flat Shoes Really Are A Good Idea", but the meaning really is the same.

We, Auckland, are in for a fun time. Join me as we examine the diary:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
: OK, this is looking pretty quiet, but I'm pretty sure it's just lulling us into a false sense of security in the form of homemade dinners and Shortland St.

Thursday: Right, here we go - the New Zealand Music Awards. They are always a fun night. I'm going on rumour here because I am usually working hard out the back so don't actually get to see much of it, but that is beside the point. Music fans, get down to the red carpet at Vector and do some celeb spotting. I'll be the one with the microphone, poor cameraman and the green dress.

Friday: Aha! The first dilemma of the week. Silo Theatre's new production Brel (aka Jennifer Ward Leeland, Tama Waipara, Julia Deans and freaking Jon Toogood on stage together), Auckland Theatre Company's Little Shop of Horrors or Mumford and Sons. I'm hoping my boss will make up my mind for me on this one, because I can't pick it.

Saturday: More awards tonight, with the top TV gongs being handed out. Oh yeah, and a little band named The Black Keys playing at Vector. I have never seen these guys live (and may have awkwardly predicted their cancellation of the BDO last year here) so I figure now is the time people. Wish me luck.

Sunday: Hurrah, a night off. Dreamy.

Monday: Aotearoa's favourite brother-from-another-mother, Ben Harper, is back in town tonight for a very special acoustic show. This is a dude who brings it to a live performance. Yes, that does mean he is better than the radio.

Tuesday: Oh hi there Radiohead, welcome to New Zealand. Yip, it's that time already. When we were all scrambling around online desperately hitting "refresh" to get those tickets, it felt like this day would never come. But come it has. The majesty of Thom Yorke and the lads from this legendary band are about to hit us. And yes, that noise you can hear probably is me squealing like a little girl.

Wednesday: Someone up there has taken mercy on us and given us The Day After Radiohead off. Praise the unicorns.

Thursday, Friday: These are pretty quiet too. Phew.

Saturday: Coldplay. Mt Smart Stadium. It's going to be the soft-rock version of the night of the World Cup final. I have no idea what that will look like, but I'm imagining four-wheel drives, mini chardonnay bottles and lots of man hugs. Actually, that sounds exactly like the World Cup final night. I can't wait.

And so, with Chris Martin crooning Yellow to us we endith our busy week. On paper, maybe it doesn't look that flat out, but I think reality will be a bit different. Seriously though, who cares? This is a #firstworldproblem we have been waiting for in Auckland.

I hope we all survive the madness.

Auckland Now