Big acts top off a massive week

Radiohead vs. Coldplay. Coldplay vs. Radiohead. This week was full of major #firstworldproblems. Who is the better band? Who should we/would we be more excited to see? Who's the biggest band in the world?

We don't get a lot of big shows here in an average year. But somehow, in the last week we have had some huge names come say "helloooo New Zealaaaand" in the way only rock stars can. And none more so than these two.  

Arguably, these are the two biggest bands in the world. Although, in the process of writing just these first few sentences I have been berated for A: even considering liking Coldplay ("that is so embarrassing") and B: thinking either of them are the biggest band in the world.

Even if they aren't, they're big enough, and having been lucky enough to see both of them play last week, it's hard to call who came out on top.

I have been a fan of both for almost the same amount of time. I have loved and not loved albums from each of them. It just so happens liking one is totally acceptable, and the other is street-cred suicide.

Obviously, if you are going to play "cool", Radiohead are the clear winners. And they were incredible. Thom Yorke danced like a rubber-man, his ponytail bobbing around the stage (yes, HIS ponytail was cool, just don't try it at home). The band were tight, the set impressive. Sure, they may have only played a couple of songs off their more melodic albums, but no one cared - it was one of those experiences where it doesn't matter what noise is being made on the stage, the very fact you are witnessing it at all is marvellous.

Coldplay on the other hand are very much un-cool (only in certain circles, of course). They are middle of the road, boring, sell-outs. Or you could say they are masterful performers who know exactly how to put on a bloody good stadium show. Fireworks, flashing lights, giant balloons - it was all there, plus songs people knew and were more than happy to sing along to. There were three different stages used, and some good interaction with the crowd, even if it was a bit cheesy at times.

But I think that's what it comes down to: your cheese factor, and how easily you can see through it to appreciate a good show. Personally, I'm not sure I can make a call - cop out, I know. Coldplay made me oooh and ahhh over the "wrapping paper", with emotions coming on cue for certain songs. But with Radiohead, it was just an absolute joy to be in the same room as the band I have loved since I was a moody little 14-year-old who discovered OK Computer.  

OK, so maybe I do know who was better....

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